Transparent Matrix is closing down Nov 29, 2021.

PAID CUSTOMERS: Your charts and purchases will be transferred to Human Archetypes by November 29. Everything stays the same except the website URL. If you are someone who saves their log in data in your browser or in a password manager, you can do that already now by logging in to Human Archetypes with your existing account data. If you want to change your username and transfer your purchases and charts to a different account, or if you want to move them before November 29, you can use the transfer tool. For those of you who already have an account with the same email on Human Archetypes (an account on both sites), your login data for each website stayed the same.

Free accounts: If you want to transfer your charts and places over to Human Archetypes, you can sign up a free account at Human Archetypes and use the transfer tool, also after Nov 29. I don't want to tease you, I just set it up this way because I don't want to transfer thousands of inactive accounts and years of dead data. If you are using yours, you are more than welcome to come with me!

The weekly newsletter: For the last couple of weeks, I already have been sending out the weekly newsletter from the Human Archetypes URL. If you've been subscribed to the newsletter, but received no emails, please check your spam folder, your "Promotions"-Tab in your Gmail inbox, or other places where it could have ended up.

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