launched Transparent Matrix. She writes the transit reports, the courses and she does personal analyses for you - Juli loves doing whatever helps heightening global awareness and bringing you as an individual into your full power. She has helped all kinds of different people crossing turbulent waters and overcoming deep issues and she intends to bring the knowledge to the world.
Juli is an intuitive Transmuter (Ra named it splenic manifestor) by blueprint and aura type , she has strong plutonic (scorpio) components. She is here to build gateways for others, to be of service through impact and to drive change and transformation. She is built to see what we need from each other. Her highest purpose (Incarnation Cross) is bringing mutation through sharing knowledge, through gathering together and educating those who are likeminded.


loves to program. She programmed the blueprint calculator and she keeps on working on further additions whenever it fits. She has a day job and does the programming for Transparent Matrix in her free time because she likes doing something useful with her skills and she likes to learn new things. Because of Conny's career in a conservative tech field, we can mention her by first name only, but Juli wants to give a big shoutout to her nontheless. Without Conny Transparent Matrix would never have become what it is. Thank you so much for your priceless contribution, Conny! 🙂 ♡

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More About Juli

There is an incredible amount of knowledge out there, and there are a lot of people who master one discipline. But very rarely do they see different disciplines of knowledge in interconnection. I see my role in this game of life to do exactly this. My interest is piecing the many puzzle pieces together to one. I'm on a constant quest for the bigger picture and for more in depth understanding. Then I share it in a way that can be easily understood and applied.
If you appreciate what I do and if my transits reports or analysis already helped you, please share Transparent Matrix with your friends and recommend me 🙂 I can only suppport you and others as long as I am supported.

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." - Albert Camus

I studied illustration (art) and different psychologic perspectives and systems such as the ennegram. Then the fates moved me to Berlin, Germany where I explored a lot. I was introduced to psychedelics and right on my birthday I was introduced to human design and to my own blueprint. It freed me in the sense that it showed me that I was supposed to be exactly who I was and that there was nothing flawed with me.
I haven't encountered anything more accurate than this system. After I was introduced to it, I studied it. I knew that I was supposed to work with it and to have an impact on a broader scale, but I didn't know how to get there and I wanted a partner. Also, I had to educate and heal myself from lyme's disease and autoimmune diseases and my body was still recovering from chronic illness. That's when I met someone I am divinely connected to, who was supposed to go through a massive internal transformation. He split up, but we stood energetically connected and I felt his energy, pain and mental pressure heavily for two years until it got better. It prevented me from exploring other temporary financial options because I was simply not able to function, so I focused fully on Transparent Matrix. Through experiencing that, I was forced into even deeper research. Especially after I had experienced clairvoyant dreams, and received visits in dream space, I looked into distinguishing who brings what kind of waking energy and sleep energy (dreams) to the table and what to make of it. I experienced patterns, studied them and deepened my observation. That whole process guided me to my right Saturn Return environment, the environment that marks my second life stage from 30 on. It lead me to the right people so that I could make proper use of what I had learned and share it. I'm now working with the knowledge and pass it on to those who seek it. Mainly I do natal chart analysis, but on request I do all sorts of other reports for returning clients. Since 2017, I've been writing free weekly transit reports.
I'm here to impact, to transform, to educate, to work with knowledge and to build gateways for others through discovering new techniques. That's my auratype and life purpose. In the long run I'd like to build a database and user friendly self-study-website that combines the system of Human Design and classic astrology (at the minimum) - in order to increase the range of impact by making the combined knowledge more readily available.

Juli's Story

Not knowing where to fit in careerwise, I studied illustration and thought that was a good compromise between work and life. But I was never that happy with working for other people, painting mostly nonsense without a message.

Then my chronic illness finally caught me, years after I had imported an unknown infection from China at a time where Pluto wandered over my Saturn and transformed my immune system by challenging it. I was so ruined that I could not even follow the illustration career. Judging from my current position that was a gift, but back then it was pure horror, I had trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Not only that my body broke down, I also was heavily depressed. No doctor would and could help me, most of them even looked at my labs and told me I was healthy. So I began my own research of how we can heal ourselves. It took me years to stitch the puzzle together, but thanks to the scientists, science conference organisers, doctors, nutritionists and other people who don't restrict their thinking and share their findings, I was able to learn and I was able to rid myself of my chronic lyme disease, hashimoto's and adrenal fatigue (burnout), eating disorder, depression, psoriasis arthritis and other conditions. Along the way there was one doctor, a lyme specialist, who really helped me diagnosing the lyme and prescribed the first round of treatment. However, that treatment approach was incredibly ineffective with heavy side effects, so I was forced to do the work myself. Knowing what the problem was it had become possible, all it needed was research and dedication. With all that knowledge and trial and error experience that I collected, I shudder when I look around the medical landscape. It is slowly getting better, but generally people who really want to heal are prescribed drugs that only mask the symptoms and often make the underlying condition worse. They are not told what can truly and sustainably help them, in fact, often they are told there is nothing that can help them. This is not true.

I haven't studied and integrated
the Mayan KIN yet, but if you are
educated in it - this is mine

On a sidenote, if you are troubled by lyme disease and if you need help with it, let us have a session. I do not focus on spreading knowledge about health right now, but I know what can work and what doesn't. I know what is efficient, so I can give you some impulses. Most importantly: LYME CAN BE HEALED! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. The tools are out there, it's all a matter of having the necessary knowledge.

Today, I have long ditched the illustration plan and now I'm doing what I thought was "too much to ask for" and what I was afraid of. I'm spreading mechanic knowledge about the matrix we live in and about our individual blueprints.

Juli's Vision

I want to help as many people as possible to liberate themselves by showing them their own unique blueprint to navigate this life, to find self acceptance and to see and transform where they stand in their own way.

At some point dependant on how it goes, I might want to share health knowledge and help people to sustainably get better and stay better. These chronic illnesses out there are here for us to learn how to take proper care of ourselves. They are not a death sentence and they can be overcome. Health is not a priority of mine since the expertise is already out there, so I focus on what is missing the most and where I'm not replacable: human design. Both of these areas and subjects are interwoven, though.

Do you feel that this message is worth spreading? Do you want to support me? You can do that by sharing Transparent Matrix with your friends or via your social network account. Thousand thanks, it means A LOT! ♥ No man is an island

In the long run I want to build a community where everyone can be himself, yet work towards common goals and interest for the higher good.
There are many communities who focus mainly on being financially safe and independant, being ecological, being political, etc. In my view this is not thought far enough. Of what kind of fullfillment is that outer safety and artificially constructed group identity when there is no inner safety for the individal because people around you are not at peace with themselves. How content can one be if not everyone in the community can and wants to find, live and love themselves and find their own unique true fulfilment? There is no point in having a community for runaways from their own life. I'd like to have a community for people who are fully immersed in their own experience, who are ready to grow authentically into their own aura, frequency and life purpose instead of trying to fit into some foreign pattern forced upon them.
To far, it's just an idea and everything is still missing, especially the funds. It might take a long time to get there. If you would like to contribute anything (ideas, experiences, tactics and strategies, connections, interest or donations) please get in touch!

a snippet of one of Juli's artworks - I Ching Hexagram 45 Line 2

What does Juli's blueprint say about her?

Transmuter aura

Many things, enough to fill a novel 🙂 If you have received a personal analysis from me, you know how true that is and how much info there is to find in a blueprint. Here is some freestyle text:
I'm a Transmuter (Manifestor), that's my aura type. I'm here to deeply impact and bring transformation. I'm not a small talker and I'm most interested in the one thing that will bring beneficial change and turn everything around. People cannot read my Transmuter aura, they cannot automatically feel what's in there and what's going on with me. Because of that I have to let them know and inform them. So do they have to inform me. Verbal communication is vital to me on many layers.
For really tough times, I have access to a strong will and doer-energy that my former flatmate who experienced me during the worst phase of my illness described as me being "the last man standing on earth". But underneath my strong aura, I can be extremely vulnerable.
I will fight for my people until the bitter end. I'm neither much interested in working only for myself, nor am I interested in working only for the joy and for the process of working. The people near to me motivate and inspire me to keep going and my perspective and determination is to act after what is needed. I'm interested in the results and in being a gamechanger. If that's not wanted, I mostly prefer to stay in my own bubble and acquire knowledge and new understanding. I need a lot of alone time going about my own business and I can be very detached. I'm a hermit and I LOVE to study. By blueprint, that's where I feel comfortable, establishing depth. I live off knowledge and ideas and my ideal environment gives me new input, my ideal environment is one where transmutation happens!
I do not have a constant working energy, my energy works in bursts. I impact, retreat, reload. Impact, retreat, reload. And I have to reload in order to impact. That's why it's important that the impact is a game changer, because the energy to impact is limited and rest is needed inbetween sprints.

One of my strongest conditioning was that of my undefined emotional center. It means that I don't have a constant emotional wave, I can be pretty neutral and functional. But because I am emotionally undefined, I am so open to the emotional waves of other people and I amplify them, that for a long time I believed their emotions to be mine and that caused a lot of suffering. Basically, I am an empath and I am extremely sensitive. It brings me the possibility to learn and to become wise about all the different emotionalities out there, how everyone emotes and feels so very differently.

For a long time of my life, I had a lot of trouble learning expression of feelings and words. I had to learn to inform people instead of just doing my hidden thing. Since I have this strong uncontrollable aura, from the very beginning I was provoking suspicion and subconscious fear reaction in others, reactions of trying to control me. I hid and evaded it when possible, but all the time I wasn't really aware of my power. I grew up with very limiting beliefs and I grew up not mentally trusting my instinct and intuition, which is the one thing that I can trust, contrary to my emotions and to my mind. Despite that, with the big and important decisions, I always followed my intuitive knowing. But I often felt extremely out of place doing it.

My blueprint even indicates that my health would be a total trial and error process until I was 29 (2016), which it was. It was trial and error in order to discover what works and what doesn't, so others won't do the same mistakes and can learn from mine.

On the material plane the characteristic that will bring me success is having a deep and innocent compassion and love for every being. My material path is doing something that involves connecting to a broad audience and reaching many people, leading them back to themselves. Healing and being healed. Surprise, surprise, that's exactly what I'm doing here! I'm discovering new techniques (my Sun and purpose). Doing that, I'm building a career upon my experience.
If I'm with people who can't let me be who I am, I have to retreat in order to maintain my integrity and well-being.
Not everyone is for me and I'm not for everyone. I can be pretty extreme in all terms and I can be very provocative. I enjoy physically idleness a lot, but input-wise it is quite a ride most of the time. It's turbulent, mutative and productive not only for people who are deeply involved and open to it, but also for me myself.

When I live who I am and when I fully trust where my instinct leads me, I will attract who is right for me and share ressources with them, mainly in form of knowledge and techniques that will be beneficial for them and others.

There is also an individualist- and artist-component in my design, but behind the sharing-component there is more innate power and drive.
I'm basically here to rule my own life and my own body, not more, not less. And I can tell you about the tools that I use so that you can apply them - in the way that suits you individually.

There is so much more to say but I will end the introduction here.

Are you interested in what your design says about you or your loved ones? Could your life situation feel more at ease? Do you need a new direction? I'm happy to work on that together with you! Click here to book an analysis

About the System

No one is you and that is your power!

Juli synthesizes together Human Design, different interpretations that derive from it and established approaches to astrology. She attempts to weed out some wide-spread and major misconceptions and low frequency interpretations of the old paradigm in Human Design that we can happily leave behind. It all describes the same Maya (Illusion) that we live in from a technical viewpoint, and when used together the different approaches increase depth and accuracy. A blueprint (design/natal chart) synthesizes astrology, the ancient Chinese Yijing (I'Ching) and the Kabbala (Tree of Life). It describes who we are and who we are not with incredible detail.

Working with your design in depth completely changes your life experience. It takes out a lot of the stressors you previously experienced. It gives you practical tools to optimize yourself and your body in complementary ways that biohacking never can. It clearly shows you where you are standing in your own way and where you are your own worst enemy, in other words: it is like a manual for shadow work and for finding yourself. It let's you see that there is nothing wrong with you and that you are exactly as you are meant to be, no matter how much of a freak and outsider you might be. In case you did things you aren't comfortable with, it shows you the underlying patterns that caused you to do it, so that you can recognize them clearly, accept them, forgive yourself and learn from that experience to act differently out of more awareness the next time. It offers true understanding of your own patterns, of the patterns of those around you and of the interaction between people. It also offers a reliable way to meet your decisions. It can show you why you are as you are and that you are alright this way. It shows you the potential, the wonder and the awe in what you thought was wrong with you.

I could tell you that it works and my observation and experience is that it so does! But after all, I can tell you nothing. Only by being open enough and by experimenting with it, you can find out if this is for you. It's all an experiment. In order for it to make a difference, you have to be willing to not only think about it, but to apply what you learnt and to try it out. Also be noted that this kind of transformation is a long process, it takes time to truly understand and perceive. Profound inner change always takes time.

What can my blueprint say about me?

It can tell you where you are fixed and where you have no defined way of being. It can tell you your superpower and it can tell you your vulnerable points. It can tell you where your fulfillment lies. Most important: it can tell you that you are alright the way you are, that you are perfect, that there is nothing wrong with you, that there is nothing to fix. It can tell that in enourmeous depth, there are no two people the same and every individual being has a role to play on this plane.