launched Transparent Matrix. She writes the transit reports, the library content and further additions to the calculator. She is here to build gateways for others and to drive change and transformation. She is built to see what we need from each other. Her life purpose (Incarnation Cross) is to develop beneficial techniques to evaluate common ground and interest (to see whether someone is a fit), to empower social mutation through sharing knowledge, through gathering together and to educate those who are likeminded.


loves to code. She programmed the initial first Transparent Matrix chart calculator in her free time. Because of Conny's career in a conservative tech field, we can mention her by first name only, but Juli wants to give a big shoutout to her nontheless. Without Conny, Transparent Matrix would never have become what it is. Thank you so much for your priceless contribution, Conny! 🙂 ♡