Holistic Analysis: Personal Compass

X-Ray of and User Manual for your Soul's Essence

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Hey fellow traveller. I'm Juli and I am eager to help you find true fulfilment in your journey through life. Through a long and painful physical and emotional healing story I was called to this mission. I am designed to impact, to trigger transformation and to create gateways for others to go through. Let us create the right one for you!

The systems I work with synthesize and combine Astrology, the chakra system, the Kabbala and the ancient Chinese I Ching with it's 64 hexagrams and 384 lines being laid out in the zodiac wheel. These segments can be further divided and differentiated, which gives great additional depth and detail to the 12 zodiac signs. That makes it possible to describe every tiny place and planetary placement in the wheel in distinction.

You will be sent your written report as a pdf for download, as well as your natal blueprint and your related advanced blueprints as an image-file. If you have any open questions after you read your report, let's have a voice call, video chat or written message exchange to answer these, it's included in the price.

What a Personal Analysis Does for You

You will receive a deep exploration of your unique blueprint, a detailed explanation of your natal chart.
• it will show you how you are different than anybody else, where you fit in and where you don't. It describes your uniqueness and can give you a true understanding of how perfect you are as a human being, although you might have never looked at yourself that way.
• it shows you what you are here to learn in this life
• it shows you your shadow aspects, a way to deal with them, as well as your individual strengths and gifts
• it gives you a decision making strategy that you can trust and that will align you to your authentic trajectory and purpose in this life
• I have a very practical approach and I am designed to see what is needed. That means I'll include those things that are usually only given in additional analyses and that I find to be important nonetheless: perspective, motivation, food, major cycle charts (Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, Chiron Return) if you are heading towards one or if you are in the midst of it. In some cases I'll include the dream body.

Each analysis looks different, but here you
can see the basic structure of my approach
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Before you book an analysis, please make sure that you know your accurate birth data! If you aren't sure about the accuracy of your data, please get in touch with me via the contact form at the bottom of the page before you book.
After your purchase you will be redirected to a page where you can send me your data and any specific questions that you might have.

If you book now, you will receive your analysis within 6 weeks.

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300 €

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What Others Say

"your partner analysis has answered so many questions for me, entire strings of lights dawned on me... and they still do [Remark: 4 months after the analysis] ...so much input one must first process ❤ It has helped me incredibly to better understand this often difficult path! Many thanks again for your wonderful work Juli!! ❤" - Asimenia

"I think what you do, your gifts are incredible." - Caroline

"Wow Juli, this is so incredibly moving. It bring an inkling of hope to my being.I am so so intimidated by the information you shared with me last week. The intimidation comes strictly from the amount of newness and the importance and impact of all of this newness. I got into Human Design in December and it has been quite the learning experience. There are many suppressed memories and skills from my early past making everything so shaky. I was thinking to write to you about 20 min ago, to express my gratitude.It is an incredible body of work that you have given to me, so much attention to detail and effort on you part! You have a friend in me for sure, you are always welcome to stay in my home should you even find yourself in the --------- area. You have given me much to think about and have continued to reach out and provide support.
You definitely do analysis differently from what I have seen. No effort spared by you, you are generous with your kindness and time. I am glad you just let me have it all rather than leaving info out to spare me. I am always ready for a challenge" Lina

Lina one year later:
"I found Juli at a very pivotal time, in fact just a bit over a year ago. I gathered up the courage and reached out to her one day, looking for extra guidance from someone who turned out to be a fellow manifestor. Someone incredibly well versed in Human Design. She gave me just what I came to her for. Really, it translated into a total life-change...but that is how it began anyway.

It had become increasingly clear to me that the life I was living simply wasn’t mine. I had begun dipping my feet into various research topics a few months prior to connecting with Juli and reached a point of having learned a lot, yet having trouble applying what I learned to my life, in a practical way. Juli, a fellow Manifestor is well versed in Human Design and the 60 page manual she produced specifically for me effortlessly guided me to the next step. It pushed me on a brand new trajectory. The manual is something I still re-read often. Always finding something brand new.

Immediately (like a week) after reading the manual in its entirety for the first time, I found myself doing something I would never have dreamt of. It was as if I took an imaginary sword and proceeded to quickly and resolutely chop way every dysfunctional and inauthentic thing about my life. I even hacked away at my cushy career without a moment’s hesitation. I remember waking up the next day, feeling liberated rather than fearful and began a vast new journey that I had no concept of at the time. I can’t explain how but I just knew exactly what that was to be. Not consciously, but the knowing was there. I had just lacked the courage to see it before. Before I knew it, I was in Graduate school, after being offered a spot, literally overnight. Another mysterious phone call later, I had a job offer as an Educator, something I never had the courage to pursue. It is as if, after my old life crumbled, this concealed door opened as if by a gust of wind. After walking through its threshold a year ago, I am happy to report that there are no regrets, nothing missing. Life, aligned effortlessly.

Being ready as well as open to receive this analysis instantly set certain events into motion causing my life as I knew it to crumble and eventually re-emerge anew. The sort of life that belonged to me from it’s very new beginning. As you are watching this, the notion of having one’s life upended might seem like more than what you are searching for here. Trust your knowing and in what is there to be had for you, do not fret, it aligns itself just as it should. For me, through the upheaval, fear never even entered the equation, neither did anxiety. This brand new me that I had just met knew exactly what she was doing and precisely where she is going, had I stopped to even wonder where this is going! I didn’t, I just lived as I should. She is fearless, wild and gritty. She is patient, waiting for life to unfold as it will, knowing it will, in due time." - Lina

"Thank you for the incredible knowledge and sharing. I will read it a few times.
It resonates very powerfully and I feel the strength in it can in turn permeate through me, to support me to remain sure and patient." Linda on the analysis of her Sacred Union (Twin Flame relationship analysis)

"Juli's keen mind, heartfelt knowledge and understanding of people lends much light to gaining awareness of one's self. Without judgement and with gentleness she is endlessly patient and deeply intuitive about the workings of this vast knowledge. I highly recommend anyone looking to understand more about themselves to reach out to Juli! She is wonderful and her understanding will leave you with a sense of truth, liberation and inner abundance!" Stephanie

"Juli's knowledge of the mechanics and the way she explains the meaning of a blueprint helped me through quite some confusing times. She not only managed to break it down plain and simple, but even showed me how this strange unusual system, when used in everyday life, can show remarkable results." and "Of course I'm doing my own investgation but you can't be replaced by Google ;)" Jan

"Friends, for all of you who are interested in getting to know about their blueprint, today I had an amazing one hour session with beautiful and talented Juliane Hahn! [remark: we met local in Berlin, Germany]
It helped so much to understand my dynamics and gave me many inputs about my life and my being and my strategies. If you want to give yourself a nice present, just feel free to contact her!
Thank you dear Juli for the amazing evening together ♥" Cristina

YES, get an analysis!

300 €

(~$340 USD)