This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

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The Lunar Eclipse falls into the middle of a huge reorientation period, moving on into a new cycle. Our perspective, the way we look at life surrounding us is undergoing changes. Things that no longer serve us fall away. Be it mental restrictions, friendships that limit us or approaches to finances and the material plane. Especially on the material plane life moves rubbery like chewing gum and this current slowness and stringiness forces us to look at what does not serve us any longer and to reconsider our approaches.

Eclipses are like doorways that open up, we can take them – or not.

These doorways stay active for several months after an eclipse. During the Eclipse itself, we benefit most when we don't indulge ourselves in action. It is beneficial to center ourselves and take time for relaxing. The more relaxed and attuned we are, the more we can benefit from the eclipse energies, from new information sinking in and old information stored deep in our tissues popping out. The latter can trigger huge anxiety, fear, confusion, doubt, blame, anger, desperation and emotional pain. It almost forces us to rest and focus on healing. If you find yourself in this position, know that everything passes. These energies need to move through you in order to be resolved. If you don't try to work against them, but if you let them move through without identifying with them they will resolve themselves.

We have to keep in mind where we are going. We are going into a new reality and everything that no longer serves us needs to be left behind. We can't force that and we don't need to force that. In fact, we don't need to do anything but watch! Through letting the storm blow through, it will take with it what has served it's purpose in our lives and what we no longer need. It will blow away what hinders us in our progress and it will make space for the life that is waiting for us.
This Eclipse time is not a time to rush into action but instead to sit back, observe the changes in our inner reality, tune into ourselves and prepare for the shift that might happen in our outer reality. What does our soul truly desire? We are being reoriented towards it.

During this lunar eclipse both, the Sun and the Moon, are transiting the 13th hexagram of the I Ching, the 13.3 to be exact. This is all about listening and the question: who and what is really worth listening to? In the beginning of the Lunar Eclipse the Moon's energy is about narrowing down our approach to listening, being more selective. Almost noone is worth listening to. In the center of the Eclipse the Moon is transiting the 13.3, that is open to listen to something new but at the same time very pessimistic about the outcome and about finding something worthwhile to listen to.

What does this mean on a collective level?

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1) We are closing down to all the homogenized blabla we might have been caught up in and we are opening up to the input that is truly enriching us individually. We are shutting down our willingness to listen to things and people who bring us away from our authentic selves and to listening to everyone's opinion about what we should do and how things should be. We are moving away from being influenced so heavily by the outside, we are becoming more picky and selective about where we give our attention to and about what truly serves us individually.

2) But what serves us individually? There will be many who don't know, it is a process. We are being opened up to consider sources of input and experience that up until now we would not have considered valuable or worth a try. We are being opened up to a experimental search. Most importantly: we are collectively shifted towards searching true evidence in what we hear. This means only believing what survives bug-testing it. Searching evidence for what we are being told. This shift is HUGE.

Where will this lead to?

To the 7.3 in the sun, the anarchist: the rejection of any institutionalized order. Being sceptic, trying out many roles, a trial and error process to what can influence and what is a valuable influence.
The nodes of the moon support us in this, they bring revolution and transformation to our environment and they move us towards searching the logical understanding and answers that really suit the bigger picture and lead us into a secure future – and having patience with the process while finding those answers instead of just jumping onto any fast conclusions. In our highest expression the Lunar Nodes are currently moving us towards TRUTH. Uranus going retrograde supports this movement.

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Another influence in this Lunar Eclipse is the Moon's Trine to Jupiter. Jupiter is about Laws and Expansion and he is currently expanding our instinctive and intuitive awareness by transiting the 57. This is the expanding awareness of what we need in order to survive, in order to perfect our form and in order to find our place in the world. And we are being pretty fixed on that awareness, trying to get to the basics.

This Lunar Eclipse triggers huge changes in our inner perspective and reality on a massive global scale. Things start to look differently, we look at life from a different angle, we are being oriented more towards our soul mission.
From August on we can expect many, many people to newly open up to the spiritual path, looking for further orientation and new input to make sense of what is happening to them and to attune to their new perspective. The best thing we can do for them is to share our experiences and knowledge and then let them judge themselves and find their own conclusions. This process of opening up and adjusting has taken time for those who already went through it and it will take time for those who are now entering it. We need to have patience with them and not get stuck in old neptunian patterns of “I know how it works and what is best for you.” We are all in this together, but each one of us has their unique approach and path. It is time for everyone of us to be and become our own authority and to claim a right to our own unique reality. This Eclipse is one step within that huge global movement.


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