This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
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Last week with the lunar eclipse we started the eradication process of finding out what is really worth listening to.
This week, the sun is already moving us into finding answers to fill the void, it is bringing us opportunities for getting to new answers (4.1-4.6), but they are still being veiled. Transit wise there are a lot of shifts and activations happening within our heads, but little in our bodies. It is a very reflective week.
Many of us are already mentally worn out by the long period of doubt that Neptune brings, so it might be especially tempting to jump onto fast conclusions and incoming answers, regardless of how quirky they might be. The Sun-Earth axis is in conjunction with the Nodes, so the energy of revolution and searching for answers that has prevailed in our environment for the last three weeks is being strengthened and brought to the foreground during this week. What to do? Where to go? What are the patterns that we can trust in?

For those of us who are not perfectly in tune with our body and not anchored in our blueprint, but trapped in wrapping our mind around coming up with decisions, this will be a most wonderful opportunity to be totally misguided. Not everything can go right the first attempt, some things take multiple approaches, right? I like to see it as the joke that it is and I hope you can do so as well when this happens to you or to people in your environment.


What you can do for yourself and for your own process is to keep calm and not jump to fast conclusions or mentally induced action.

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Not every answer that we come up with is supposed to ultimately make sense.
In fact, many answers and concepts might not ever make sense, but instead be entertaining and simply interesting to look at. This week's energy is simply about finding a potential answer to a question, it is about finding a concept that can lead us into a good future. Every new answer needs to be structured, evaluated and tested, though, and that's not yet what this week is about. In the end it is not about which answer sounds the most promising, but about which answer can stand the test of time and will not crumble when we apply it. We don't need to be overly certain because the answer we came up with calms our anxiety of what the future might bring. We can just accept it as a nice and interesting possibility and keep in mind that even if it turned out to be wrong, it will be replaced with a new answer for us to enjoy.

Truth will come up sooner or later, we don't need to be overly rigid and in a hurry with finding it.

Also, choosing which answers to apply is not a mental choice and not a fear-based choice, it comes from our bodies. Trust your body! It only makes sense to practically approach those answers that we resonate to in our bodies.

As if this answer-energy was not odd enough already, Mercury goes retrograde during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Good luck transmitting our answers to others! Mercury retrograde hampers communication and forward movement. It might be good though, who knows, not many answers and so called solutions floating around in the collective this week might be worth being transmitted or put into action. During Mercury retrograde we are more error prone and our judgment might be a little impaired. Generally speaking: if you are not sure that you really want to follow through with something that you came up with, it's likely better to not act upon it until you are sure or until you come up with the actual thing to follow through. We might be prone to over-confidentially react to some weird stuff we just came up with, just to regret it later.

Especially so in regards to love since Pluto in the 54.3 opposes Venus in the 53.3 on the 15th of August. It can bring a hunger and longing for intense and all-penetrating connection. Pluto-Venus is one of the most extreme planetary aspects and a catalyst in the wheel and what this catalyses is the pressure to remove conflict in order to grow or the pressure to provoke conflict, maybe even in order to move into something new. This is likely to reveal the truth about who we want to go into a next cycle with and what person and what kind of (false) truths we need to let go of. Where might that lead to? To realizing that judging ourselves and beating ourselves up for how we might have behaved in the past does not lead anywhere; and it might lead to to the assumption that this time things might work out just fine and the new experiment is worth starting (which might turn out to be true or not). Jupiter's law that might help us in this process: paying close attention to what is being said and intuitive reevaluation (57.5). What might the restraints be? Not understanding how the other operates and how the other is so different from ourselves and thus ending up in old manipulative patterns or not being able to talk things out. Not being able to transmit to and to truly reach the other. (Saturn in 26.5)

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Be aware that all of this is us playing out the transits. As soon as we are in our own unique power, as soon as we truly live our unique blueprint, which most people don't, then we do not blindly follow the transits. They still influence us, but we don't blindly fall prey to them any longer. Then we only take action when it truly is correct for us and not when the transits dictate it.
We don't have inner “work” to do, none of us has, it is no “work”. There is nothing wrong with any of us. The single thing that we need to do is to consciously look at our own inner life and paying attention as best as we can, not being in neglect. As soon as we truly understand, things will automatically start to loose their grip upon us. And that's where the planetary transits, knowing and living our blueprint and seeing how the transits effect us individually comes into play.
Awareness and understanding in itself resolves most of the resistance that we face in life. And if you change one point of a system (yourself), the other points change, too (your environment).

The August eclipse season effects those the strongest who need a wake-up call, who are not living their full potential of who they truly are.

It forces those to wake up who need to wake up. If you are among those who are heavily effected, please know that as uncomfortable as it might feel and have felt, this is NOT the end. This is only the beginning, it is the beginning of your journey to your essence. It is through pain that we are being woken up and cracked open to grow like a germ that cracks open the shell that surrounds it. That is because if we didn't suffer, we would not search and we might simply refuse to take a closer look at things. Often times they have to be banged right into our faces for us to realize. Pain provides us the opportunities to outgrow our old costume and it will provide us these opportunities as long as we refuse to search and to see. It is up to us what we make of it.


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