This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

Franz Stuck - Angel With The Flaming Sword

The solar last week was about inaction and triggered a major awakening process of the masculine energies. This solar week is about tension. It is about provocation, teasing and fighting for purpose versus blind aggression. It is about the search for the right spirit in others that is free enough to not be provoked by meaningless nonsense. The moon wanders through the Solar Plexus gates, so this week will feel more emotional than usual for many.

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Chiron, the wounded healer, will go retrograde in the gate of the shaman and the line of the shaman, and he will send us on a quest for healing. If you are in your Chiron Return right now, if you have gate 25 and especially the 25.5 in one of your two Chiron imprintings, you are called to step into your healing power and shamanic roots. That can only happen by first stepping into yourself and freeing yourself of what is not you and what saps you of your innocence. This gate is the first of the four gates of the godhead of Archangel Michael. The coming years, as Chiron is moving through those gates and triggering Chiron Returns, A LOT of people who are supposed to be of true service to humanity will fully step into their life purpose. Most of the people I have worked with so far are in their Chiron Return and it totally excites me to be able to see this generation fully step into their power!!!

The Chiron Retrograde might not feel pleasant, maybe we have to be hurt first in order to realize when we need to stay away from certain people, but it will also be very healing and purgatory. This is about finding paradise within, finding ourselves. Only if we are who we are can we love what we are, which releases the need for external validation. We can't love what we are not and what we falsely identify with.

The same applies regarding the awakening of the masculine energy in dignity, which started last week. It might be calmer for many who have already gone through the worst and are now exploring. But for some others, the process might not feel as if there was dignity to it, for some it might be really difficult and harsh. Especially if a lot of regret and previously denied neediness comes up to be let go of. If that's you, even if you might have a hard time admitting it - know that at some point you will come out at the other end strengthened when you have seen what you are supposed to see. At some point life will become calmer again and then you can reap the rewards, whatever that will be. It's all just a matter of time. Sometimes, we just need to look at what comes up WITHOUT DISTRACTING OURSELVES and endure it. What is false needs to be destroyed before what is real can be built. If that step is being skipped and we do not transmute the negative energies first, but if we carry it over into the new, the newly emerging order is going to be unstable and tainted. If you experience regret, it's important to feel it, but to not get hung upon drowning yourself in a loop of "I am to blame". Just feel it. And then let it go. It's alright. We all make mistakes. Now we are here and we gotta work with what we have got in the NOW and make the best of it for the future.

SCHUMANN R. 25-30. June

Both energies, the masculine and especially the feminine energy are withdrawn and detached, which gives both sides the opportunity to really listen into ourselves without being bombarded with stuff that isn't ours. It's not a total disconnect, just a detachment. That empty space might not necessarily feel safe for everyone, but it's a sign of progress and being moved one step further.

Last week, the Schumann Resonance has not only spiked as usual, but the spikes have been extraordinarily long, especially the first spike, and they have been repeating in a more regular pattern. Also, what I find interesting is the correlation with the day that stationary Mars went stationary retrograde. If last week you were feeling spaced out and as if you are floating through your days, yet pretty much in the Now - that's the global change in frequency, pushing us into a higher consciousness. If you are sensitive, you experience that especially strong.

Uranus in gate 27: Finding Care and Authentic Investedness

Two hours before this week started, Uranus moved into gate 27. He will help us recognize what and who we truly care and yearn for and who truly cares and yearns for us. That recognition will change our way of caring and of dealing with our own resources and belongings. This is supposed to lead us to relationships that are mutual beneficial instead of depleting one party involved for the sole benefit of the other party. Like other current transits, this is about finding forgiveness, learning about our needs and contemplating in stillness how and what we can and want to invest in the situation that we care for. This is also about exploring our emotions, especially hotheadedness and anger. What does it teach us when someone can trigger us so strongly? In certain situations, could it maybe tell us that we are more emotionally invested than we'd like to think and that we really care about them?

1 Jul 2018 9:14 UTC: Start of the new week (Gate 39)

1 Jul 2018 11:59 UTC

    Venus in (20°17' Leo) exactly quincunx Pluto retrograde in (20°17' Capricorn)

In 2018, everything hovers around finding answers and forgiveness. This aspect describes that pretty well and it looks like a major step on that way: Forgiving that the other can't or could not understand, that the other might not have been ready, that they did not care, that they didn't know what love it because they hated themselves, that they were after the money, that they thought they knew it all, that they were on a different page of life than we were, blah blah. This is about realizing that we can't always understand each other and that that is okay and it does not have to damage our self-worth, neither does it have to damage our relationship.
This is about acceptance and selectivity. Once we can mutually accept each other for what we are and for our own and their limitations, we open up the possibility for a bond of higher nature. At the same time, not everyone might be suited for that kind of alliance with us and it's also about accepting that. Only through acceptance can we resolve problems and craft a bond that lasts and that is of mutual benefit.

Before forgiveness happens, there could come up a lot of anger, rage and hurt within us, especially with the tension energies this week. There is no need to act upon it, except maybe, if you feel like going into the woods and screaming it all out or something like that. Sometimes it's best to just take ourselves back from social contact and to let the anger and hurt rush through our system until we are feeling more free again, and until we can have a conversation without getting lost in constantly blaming each other.

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1-2 July: emotional days

1 Jul 2018 19:01 UTC - 3 Jul 5:04 UTC: Three emotional channels are being activated one after another for around 11 hours each, bringing us a global emotional conditioning pattern (channel of synthesis, channel of recognition, channel of moodiness). This is all about recognizing the other, and also about the female energies recognizing the male energies. Especially the first 11 hours it can bring heightened sensitivity

2 Jul 2018 23:48 UTC

    Mercury in (5°28' Leo) exactly quincunx Saturn retrograde in (5°28' Capricorn)

We cannot please everybody. We need to go after what is right for us individually and what really calls us out to do it, as freaky and polarizing it might be. That opens up the possibility to be recognized by the right people for what we can contribute and what we enjoy to do. Only if we enjoy to do it, it can be sustainable.

3 Jul 2018 9:43 UTC

    Mercury exactly conjunct North Node direct in (6°01' Leo)
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Gaining clear sight onto the path forward.
Understanding our path, understanding where we are heading, understanding what is uniquely correct for us. Only if we make sure that our own needs are met, can we in turn have a selfless influence on others.
This can also bring recognition as a leader. In that case, the question will be: are we being authentically recognized for what we can do for others, or are they just asking us to feed their expectations that do not match with our talents and with what we are supposed to do?

5 Jul 2018 4:46 UTC - Chiron R

    CHIRON GOES RETROGRADE in gate (2°25' Aries House 9) – 4/1 Cross of PROVOCATION

Intense Transformation and Finding Paradise Within
Starting us on a quest for harmony between body and soul
There is nothing standing inbetween divinity and you. No pope, no guru, no prophet, no spiritual teacher. You have your very own and unique connection to the whole. This transit is another step in the decomposition process of belief systems.

This brings into motion a HUGE healing process of shame and of feeling unworthy. Chiron is conjunct the Moon. The Solar Plexus is totally open with three root pressure gates pointing towards it. On the other side of the Root, three pressure gates are pointing towards the Spleen, potentially facing us with existential survival pressure, but the main theme are emotions and empathy.
For many, the period of the Chiron retrograde will be emotionally very intense and rough, forcing us to explore stored wounds and our own emotional landscape and reactions. This especially applies to people in their Saturn Return – and there are LOADS of people in the midst of their Saturn Return right now, who carry the energy for higher soul connections.
It will be a period of great emotional triggering and emotional intensity. For many men (Mars retrograde) this can bring up early conflicts with the mother, feeling abandoned, feeling oppressed, feeling controlled, and especially being shamed. It will bring up the deeply ingrained belief that some carry, that no female is trustworthy. That will come to the surface in order to be healed. With such a belief there is no heartfelt connection possible and we push away the very love that we crave for. We can allow that belief to fade away. We can survive being triggered and having to face old and extremely deep routed wounds by being fixed on the purpose of why we are going through this and the grail that could be waiting at the other end: self-love, fulfilling relationships and more emotional balance.

For others, it will bring a sense of calmness and connectedness on a whole new level. Acting from that frequency they can help others heal. Those who have stepped out of the rat cage can now guide and provide concepts and inspiration for those who are freshly in the process of discovery. Many of you, who will help people out, have been fighting the struggle, that others will be going through now, for the past year or years, and life has prepared you to be in this position where you now can guide, impact, assist and comfort others in that struggle. It does not matter the scale, it matters the satisfaction you derive from doing what you do and/or the shared feeling of progress and of having made a difference for someone.

Those who are living in authenticity are often provocative to those who are not, helping them grow their spirit through challenging them with difference 🙂 Look at that packed root chakra, that's massive tension and pressure to evolve and no fixed answer on how to deal with it yet. It's about learning how to deal with that pressure.

By the way, I have the gate of provocation three times in Mercury, Mars and Black Moon Lilith, all out of bounds, so I have some experience with it. In addition, I also have the channel of surrender and black splenic humor, so there is more to my taste for trolling, but let's focus on the gate of provocation. I make a really good troll. By definition, a troll is someone who goes somewhere on the internet and writes something for the purpose of provoking people emotionally. This can be someone who joins a Christian web forum (or who joins a forum discussion in real life), writes a short comment about the old testament and ends that post with “as-salamu alaikum” - which is such a beautiful statement and wish! But you can bet, that someone in that christian forum will feel deeply offended for nothing. Then you watch them explode and you wonder what the actual problem was. That moment you know, that they do not have the right spirit (yet), they have a deeply skewed perspective.

Auguste Levêque. It's around 100 years old and must
have been a good provocation back then 🙂

That's what I suspect how the coming Chiron Retrograde will be like. Harrharr 🙂 ♡
It will not be easy, but knowing what this energy is, maybe we can mostly take it with humor, as we know humor makes everything easier. When was the last time that you laughed about yourself?
Before you throw up your hands in horror – it really is a huge opportunity for growth and this is a major step toward the coming mutation, the awakening of the sleeping phoenix and the emerging of spirit consciousness and group consciousness. There will be those who crack themselves up and those who are being cracked open. Most likely, everyone will experience a good portion of both crackerages.
Ideally, when we feel provoked, it leads to a reevaluation of our perspective through questioning why we are triggered and if that is really such a problem, or if it doesn't make much of a difference.

The dark place that we are supposed to accept and that is supposed to free us: our inbuilt limitations - we can't be what we are not. And especially so, we can't be at another point in our personal evolution. We are were we are and we will go from where are now and learn. When we are meant to provoke someone or to step onto someone's toes at some point in time, what to do, shit happens. When we are meant to loose it throw a temper tantrum at someone, what to do, shit happens. When we are unable to express our feelings at this point in time, what to do. The future holds enough space to learn it, and maybe that's exactly the greatest challenge and task that we are here to master, so it would be strange if it would be easy!

Transit-wise, there is a tendency to attract transformative partners and intense relationships during this Chiron Retrograde – which I guess is no news for most of you reading this, since it has been all over town for a very long time that during summer and fall a lot of Twin Flame unions will take place or start rolling.

If you feel stressed out, you might want to try listening to this. I think they can be wonderfully calming, especially after an emotional crisis and purge:

1 Rain Sounds

2 Womb Sounds
Yes, womb sounds, I'm not kidding you, I just discovered this. To me, the sounds/music when the veil is thin and especially the bubbling sound in ayahuasca ceremonies when the nurturing presence is there sound similar to this.

The next two might even be great for DURING a purge, for immersing in whatever comes up and letting yourself fall into it without feeling disconnected and cut off from the healing energy and presence. Certain sounds can twist the rough pain a little and bring in the melancholy that is healing. We all respond to different sounds, but it might be worth a try 🙂

3 Calm – Shamanic Flow Meditation

4 Calm – Shamanic Drum Trance

5 Jul 2018

    11:04 UTC: Sun in (13°23' Cancer) exactly trine Jupiter retrograde in (13°23' Scorpio)
    11:48 UTC: Mercury in (8°45' Leo) exactly opposite Mars retrograde in (8°45' Aquarius)

Retreat, reflection and potentially huge aha-moments resulting out of it. Being undisturbed in our own creative process.


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