This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

Last week was about the potential for manifesting progress and change. This week brings a potential for manifestation, as well. It brings us the potential for attracting and finding the right people, our tribe. It also brings a focus on what we have and don't have and onto education and transmitting knowledge. Mercury is further moving through the gates of manifestation. Mars is conjuncting with the South Node in the 6th line of gate 41, our main genetic start codon. This is not about starting something random, this energy is selective, it is about the big dream.

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7 Jun 2018 19:38 UTC: The new week starts (Gate 45)

8 Jun 2018

    4:43 UTC: for around 10 hours the throat chakra is being activated through the channel of acceptance.
    5:10 UTC: Mars in (7°09' Aquarius) exactly opposite North Node in (7°09' Leo)
    12:22 UTC: Mars in (7°13' Aquarius) exactly semi-sextile Saturn retrograde in (7°13' Capricorn)

This is Mars in conjunction with the South Node, that I previously mentioned. It's about fantazising and approaching the big dream. Especially for the masculine principle (Mars), it's another step to leave behind the hunger for experience that in the long run always left us empty – and to open up emotionally and to internally approach a real soul connection instead. The big dream, something that honors our individual sensitivities and that feels like home for both. Something where we can be ourselves and something where we can step on a journey of mystical and spiritual exploration – each on their own and through their own filter of perception, yet growing together. A relationship that can be a role model for others and that can lead others through living in authenticity.

We are not there yet collectively. There are always exceptions, but for many this is like another starting point that will lead to manifestation in late summer.

Last week, the day before and the night where the fates stepped in with the channel of recognition, I gained a strong clarity and understanding on what exactly I'm supposed to do. Usually it doesn't necessarily mean that I will do it that way, since I can be pretty spontaneous and the time for action is still further away in time, many things can change. But this feels really definite in terms of "being instructed". I basically gained clarity on the correct timing, timing is everything in this Maya (Matrix/Illusion). Gate 26.5-insights learned the hard way.

    8 Jun 2018 13:32 UTC: Mercury in (20°47' Gemini) exactly quincunx Pluto retrograde in (20°47' Capricorn)
    8 Jun 2018 15:11 UTC: for around 11 hours the throat chakra is being activated through the channel of materialism (gold line).

Alfons Mucha - The Bulgarian Tsar Simeon: The Morning Star of Slavonic Literature
(funnily enough Simeon initiated "Zlatostruj" (“Golden Stream”),
a compilation of scriptures that had lasting educational impact back then)

Innovative leadership, a potential to weave higher knowing into the way we express leadership and to “level up” the manner in which we organize a group and educate others. Especially for those in leading positions this can bring new and deep understanding. Teachers, company principals, and especially “spiritual” leaders can become more spiritual and move beyond amusement-park--spiritualism.
On the more problematic side of the coin, this can bring power struggles into our environment and drive people to interfere with each other in things that are none of their business.

Pluto back in Gate 54

    17:20:25 UTC: Pluto enters Gate 54 the 3rd time, retrograding! (Sun

One more time, we are revisiting the energies connected to the relationship-reset from January. Where before people might not have been so ambitious, this brings a global drive to be integrated and to be included into a process. This can lead to more material drive and to doing everything that's necessary to be included in a social process, especially so in a material process. A big question that we are revisiting with this transit is: Where is it correct for us to adapt, and where shouldn't we adapt?

This kind of energy will be with us until January, then it leaves and we will finally close that chapter, so that we can fully face the next chapter: from 2019 on, the quest for higher knowledge and waking up to our inner truth will really set off, its a global wake-up call. What we experienced so far was a pre-taste. My mum for example had a clairvoyant dream under these transits and it seemed to have shifted her faith in some things that before might have appeared odd to her. Maybe you have had similar experiences yourself or you have heard it from the people in your environment. This has only been the beginning. From 2019 on, globally, people's perception of the world will shift a lot. But before that, for the next 7 months, we will be revisiting and adjusting our ambition and the way we relate to others.

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11 Jun 2018 17:14 UTC

    Sun in (20°44' Gemini) exactly quincunx Pluto retrograde in (20°44' Capricorn)

This is a fun one. Do we lead, do we follow, or both? (obviously I'm speaking from my own perspective, but this reminds me of the 17.6, the Bodhisattva: perfected following, one with and the same as perfected leading). Do we lead ourselves in our own ambition or do we let our potential seep away.
If our material approach is not authentic, if it is not for the higher good or for our own higher good, this might bring us challenges that are supposed to point us in the right direction.
Do we have knowledge and goods, or do we have the drive to rise up? It's a challenge to integrate the bottom with the top, to find a place either for ourselves of for the people we are working with. For some people, we might not find a place at all.

If we are stuck in a relationship or in casual contacts that are sapping us of our strength, but giving us nothing to little in return, yet we stay because we think that at some point they will learn and understand? Then this transit brings us the energy to reconsider and to approach the higher principles and the people who are capable of and interested in integrating those higher principles.
Do we still have relationships that do not serve our ambition and that keep us from reaching our highest potential and purpose? Especially, this points to relationships that are materially keeping us stuck and that prevent us from living a life where our material path serves our spiritual path.

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11 Jun 2018 21:47 UTC

for around 9 hours the throat chakra and five of it's gates are being activated through the channel of inspiration. This invites us to authentically express our uniqueness and creative direction, even if we have to step beyond our comfort zone. It invites us to appreciate who we truly are, even if it goes against everything that we have been taught and conditioned to believe.

12 Jun 2018 20:00 UTC: Mercury enters Cancer ( +)

Next week is about caution and not succumbing to temptation. Doing nothing can be better than doing the wrong thing. It is about retreating (or not-retreating) from our social contacts in order to finish a huge internal change.
By all means, this doesn't mean we all should retreat next week. It's just about not engaging in meaningless socialness. If the mood is correct, if it is authentic for us, or if it can lead to change, then it can be exactly the right time to be social.


Juli (Transparent Matrix)

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