This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

On 6. March 2018 at 14:44 UTC, Pluto entered gate 61 and started a new 4 year cycle. These coming years will destroy and rebuild what we see as our inner truth. They will destroy and rebuild our connection to the cosmos and to the hidden realms of perception and of knowledge.
Over the course of 2018 and 2019 Pluto wandered back into gate 54 to transform the way we relate to each other. By the end of October 2019 she ended her final transit through gate 54 and entered back into gate 61. With full force, we are now entering into the quest of seeking for what is unknown.

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Looking back: Pluto in Gate 54
For the last couple of years Pluto in gate 54 has brought a change in our ambition and reset the way we connect to others. Everything that did not work fell away, making space for new principles upon which relationships can be properly build upon. Mainly this was a process of trying out, falling flat on the face and then rejecting what didn't turn out to be successful. The pivotal problems in many of our connections might have been constant interference with who we are and with what we were going to do, not pulling the rope on the same end, being closed to what the other says and behaving disgracefully. It might have lead to more discernment of what is practical and applicable and what is trivial and meaninglessness. It might have taught us to see what truly matters in relationships and in fulfilling our unique role. We might have realized that we can't be fulfilled with partners that have their focus on what we perceive to be unimportant and that gets us nowhere, even keeping us stuck in the old loops. Which relationships brought us success, which ones were just constant interference? It was all about becoming truly authentic in our ambition, in social interaction and in relationships – and thus more selective.
We might have learned that everyone needs to take responsibility in cooperation, we might have learned to respect our limits and to integrate on the material plane in only those ways that truly serve our highest purpose. It brought a whole lot of chaos, interference and problems.

Pluto in gate 61

Pluto in gate 61 - the only way to truth is through surrender. Surrendering to life, learning our karmic lessons, accepting the judgment of others and relinquishing from what never was for us for the greater good

The chart for Pluto in gate 61 looks a little less brutal, but turbulent nonetheless. It has a completely open Solar Plexus and a main truth that is being investigated and uncovered is the truth, as well as the deceptiveness of emotions.
The coming years give us the drive and focus to dive into occult mysteries and to find out how the maia works. It is the energy to explore our body and emotions, but also the energy to rise above into an augmented perspective. It brings the drive to lead through creative endevors and to implement, yet at the same time things might misfire a few times despite all good intentions. No matter how correct we are, there can always come a blowup and not all of our expectations might be fulfilled. Mistakes are there not to discourage us, but for us to learn from them and to recognize that there must be another and often a better way. When experience meets occult knowledge, new understanding and new techniques emerge and we can truly learn the lessons of history. If we can't see the lesson in our mistakes yet, we might feel worthless and life might seem like a single never-ending struggle - which it is not, neither are we unworthy. We are not seeing the whole picture yet and we are not seeing yet why we had to go through what we had to go through. It is about learning to see the irony in what didn't work and to not get stuck anywhere, but to just let people walk their path, move on to new territory and to find our soul tribe. During the coming years our extrasensory perception is going to be lifted and we are going to be plugged into the consciousness field. It has already started.
If you are experiencing head-pressure, more noise or subliminal ringing in the ears, influx of input and random stuff dropping into your head, racing mind, feeling minimally drugged/DMT-ed - this is Pluto in gate 61 seeding the background frequency of inner mutation.
(Note from October 2019: In 2018 when Pluto first shifted into gate 61, the spiritual forums were plastered with people reporting ringing in the ears and even helicopter-like noise. Now after the first mental growth spurt, a lot of this seems to have gone for most. If we are experiencing these symptoms instead of silence or a calm white noise, then most likely this is an indication that we might have a tendency to get stuck in mind fuck and mental compulsiveness. Seeking professional assistance to talk things through, to transform mental hangups and to anchor our consciousness more into the body can be truly beneficial and relieving.)

Pluto in gate 61 is not only about becoming authentic, it's about carrying a message into the world, carrying the occult (hidden knowledge) into the world and making it seen. It is about finding new approaches and techniques to make the unseen seen and understandable. It is about leadership and listening, but most of all it's about leading oneself. Trusting one's own connection to the cosmos more than trusting the leadership of others. At the same time it brings us deeper into the doubt or deeper into our mental trust and truth.

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Neptune and Pluto tell us that the coming years have a focus on mental pressure and on transforming the way that our inspiration works, ideally moving from oppressing and psychosis to mental enrichment and profound insights, getting to the mysteries of life. Helping us find our individual and natural direction in life while being immersed and dedicated in the Now. As I said before, gate 61 seems to be connected to natural DMT production, and this can either wake people up and let them receive the call, connecting them to their divine guidance – or it can drive them mad, dependant on the state that they are in and the energies that surround them.

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During Pluto transiting gate 54 we were shocked into universal love and into our higher self, into authenticity, often by relationships that brought up shame, rejection and other wounds. We had to face commitment issues on a global scale.
During Pluto in gate 61 it looks as if we will have gotten much closer to the right relationships. But the expectation that it might make everything peaceful might not necessarily be fulfilled. We might be growing more THROUGH and WITHIN our commitments, but still through friction. The conflict might be most focused around (flat) ideas, beliefs, insights and projects. Blurting out thoughtless things and expecting others to hop on board. It won't work that way. The mental process has to go inwards before anything fruitful can blossom from it, and that is a big learning topic of this Pluto transit. Becoming naturally attuned to higher insight that is valuable, becoming selective and far-sighted.
At the same time it's about sharing one's insight and sharing one's growth with the collective. Learning through feedback. Likely it's a process with some errors on the way.

From 2018, looking back:
If you want to take into consideration the second chart from January 2019 when Pluto re-enters gate 61, you'd have to guess that the quest for or the finding of inner truth will lead to a lot of opposition and fighting, as well as cellular mutation and a change in the life pattern (channel 60-3 + gate 5 on the 6/3 cross of Individualism) – which is pretty interesting considering that gate 61 is an alternate start codon in the human mitrochondria, and it is the only individual and mutative start codon. 2018 was a smaller transition period towards the big transition period.
That's also indicated by Uranus who has left the energy of closing cycles through inner growth in 2018. From 2018 to 2019 he transited the gate of finding a new order and difficulties in the beginning. New cycles opened and continue to open. From 2018-2022, Chiron, the wounded healer, is transiting the gate of innocence. The last time Chiron was transiting it was in 1967 throughout 1968, when the the peace-movement and revolts peaked.

Happy deep-diving! 🙂

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