This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

Last week was about sexual energies and getting to the root of our emotions. This week brings us the energies of innocence and motivelessness, universal love, the essence of the Self and initiation towards individuality and uniqueness. It's about finding the courage to take a leap towards the unfolding Self, or/and towards the unknown if the direction is not yet clear – if it's truly authentic and if it doesn't come from fears and external pressure, but from an authentic place within. You can find out more about that by clicking on the blue human to the right to calculate your aura type. This week also brings the learning topics of knowing our place, self-love versus self-hatred and the love (or the hate) of the body as a temple. Only when we know who we individually are can we know our place and love ourself and our place in the world. We can't love ourselves for what we are not.
This week is my favorite week of the year, the universal love energy just feels so good and otherworldly, even in it's melancholy - the alpha and omega 🙂

Chiron entered Gate 25

Chiron entering Gate 25

He will stay there for most of the year.
This brings the initiation energy that can reconnect us to our Self and that resolves last week's new moon question of what is truly worth fighting for. Chiron is the wounded healer, the shaman briging the shadow world with the light. He twists the knife in the wound of humanities lack of innocence, lack of acceptance and love, lack of connection to our own essence and to spirit. Over the coming months, he will pull up a lot of distortion and inauthenticity in order to straighten it out. As I previously mentioned in another report, the last time Chiron transited gate 25 was in 1967 throughout 1968 when the peace revolts peaked and when Martin Luther King was shot. What was that civil disobedience and social justice about? The universal love of gate 25 describes it pretty well: we all are unique and we all are sacred. Universal love is the love of everything, the love of a chair, the love of snow, the love of nature. Under this Chiron-transit the first Greenpeace meetings took place.

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On 18. March 2018 when Chiron entered gate 25, Mercury was sitting at the other end of the channel, the channel of initiation. Also Chiron was and is closely conjunct the Sun. This is a promise for a global shockwave which rattles everything that lacks innocence and love, bringing mystical initiation over the following months and years. It brings liberation from traditions, norms and standards. It will shock us away from established morals, which can never be innocent because they are normed and blind, into building and living our very own moral. It will shock humanity into acceptance and universal love through crisis and suffering. Collectively, it will confront us with a lot of wounds and shadows.
Chiron works together with Pluto in gate 61, bringing us into our inner truth, bringing us into connection to the whole, mentally as well as aligning our movement through life.
In December, I've already mentioned that I find it likely for this transit to reform the health system, explicitely in the mental health sector. Likely, the nonsensicalness of it will be exposed and in the long run it will lead us away from healing with what does not work, what suppresses the initiation-crisis and keeps people stuck and isolated. It won't work anymore on a broad scale to lead people further away from their nature through drugging them and in the long run sustainable ways of treatment probably will gain broad acceptance and application.

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Hypothetically, it might well be that through gate 61 triggering an increased release of DMT in everyone whose body is equipped, it might well be that the body starts to cleanse itself. I don't know if this is well studied yet, but DMT seems to kill parasites such as toxoplasmosis (depression) that are extremely wide-spread. After being some days into the 61-transit, looking at how it feels for me, this could well be true. This is only an assumption or idea, though.
What seems to be “real” and what a lot of people experience is noise and subliminal or very present ringing in the ears. That's the background noise that opens us up for the possibility of mutation. Someone even said it sounds like a helicopter. Also, you might experience an influx of input and random insight spontaneously dropping into your head, a racing mind – or feeling minimally drugged/DMT-ed over the next couple of months. Excluding the physical causes – the more inner peace you find, the less likely it is for the ringing to be disturbing and the less likely you will be experiencing silence with random insights dropping in on occasion.

Chiron in gate 25 also impacts the way we use and relate to objects and the material plane. It might potentially bring huge global progress regarding identification through status and material wealth that many peope live out. It might wake a lot of people up from material greed, overindulgence, or just the way they use matter: without any higher purpose. On our fractal it leads to a more materially accepting, peaceful and considerate approach.
Pluto in gate 61 might transform the way we approach and use money and the guilt and blame associated with money since Pluto will transit the Chiron placement of the first printed paper money.

All in all this is the global wakeup-call to find OURSELVES. The planet of the shaman is transiting the gate of the shaman. This is huge.

Carl Spitzweg - The Butterfly Hunter

18 Mar 2018 22:01 UTC: The new week started (Gate 25)

18 Mar 2018 23:15 UTC

    Sun exactly conjunct Chiron in (fixed by Mercury, 28°18' Pisces), forming the channel of initiation with Mercury and the Moon in 51.1.

CONJUNCTION: Sun & Chiron - Moon & Mercury

This is a very strong initiative energy. It's about higher consciousness and finding our path in life. It's about seeing clearly our identity, but not in traditional labels like “I'm a dentist”, but instead seeing our humanness, seeing our individual character traits and seeing where life can be leading us when we are in our highest expression.

20 Mar 2018 4:03 UTC

    Mercury exactly conjunct Venus in (16°22' Aries) → manifested relationship reset

CONJUNCTION: Mercury - Venus

In January, the Sun, Venus and Pluto joined in gate 54, which is the current evolutionary step that we are bringing to a closure, and transformed the energies of gate 54. That triggered a transformation of the way we bond and a transformation in our worldly and mystical ambition. After that the energies brought us a digestion-period with a lot of hermit-energies to let the transformation sink and settle in. Now Mercury and Venus, who carries that new energy and the new standard, join in gate 51, the gate of shock and of the spiritual warrior. It's thunder above thunder, which can be courage or folly, blind risk-taking and devastation or destroying all ignorance. Mercury and Venus join to have us initiated to the Sun and Chiron at the other and of the channel: towards universal love and the naturally authentic eternal child - the spirit of the self.
This might not seem like a big thing, it might seem like a dash on a paper, but this is actually a living life force and it's a very strong life force bringing us initiation on a global scale. It's initiating us towards ourselves. Only as ourselves can we have the right relationships, and only the right relationships can bring us initiation instead of devastation. Again: this is huge! 🙂 ♡


    20 Mar 2018 14:33 UTC: Moon and Pluto form the channel of awareness for around 10 hours - sudden inspiration-alarm
    20 Mar 2018 16:15 UTC: Spring Equinox, Sun enters Aries (^ ff)
    21 Mar 2018 10:13 UTC: Moon and Jupiter retrograde form the channel of structuring for around 10 hours, structuring any sudden inspiration and giving it a verbal form
    22 Mar 2018 5:43 UTC: Moon and Mars form the channel of awakening for around 10 hours, giving a voice to the mystical initiation. For 10 hours, the upper second half of the mystical way is activated, from the Ego upwards to the Throat. If you follow the order in which the channels are being activated you'll notice that the energy wanders from the higher input in the Crown downwards to expression in the Throat, and the big willpower from the Ego initiates the alignment to authentic direction which then wanders upwards as the expression of awareness in the Throat. This is a double initiation, one mental and the other one physical.
    22 Mar 2018 23:19 UTC: Mercury goes retrograde on (16°54' Aries)

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23 Mar 2018 18:23 UTC

    Sun in (3°4' Aries) exactly quintile Pluto in (21°4' Capricorn)

QUINTILE: Sun - Pluto
Shadow work. Diving into the shadows, understanding where we are not innocent.

23 Mar 2018 23:17 UTC

    Venus in (21°04' Aries) exactly square Pluto in (21°04' Capricorn)

SQUARE: Venus - Pluto
This is about understanding our past commitments and understanding what it is really authentic to commit to – likely not as many things as we might have previously said yes to.
This can bring intensity and the fear that we can't have both: love and intensity, or the fear that the intensity will consume us and that we thus should only be involved in shallow experiences that are emotionally “safe” because they don't touch us to the bone.
This is about breaking out of old patterns and trying something new that expresses our individual truth.

Next week is about opinions, organization and correction!

Not that it's necessary as we are soaked in love this week, but I'm sending you love nonetheless 🙂

Juli (Transparent Matrix)
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