This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Always trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
breaking silence
Giovanni Segantini - Lebensengel

For the last 5 months, the lunar nodes have been wandering through gate 31 and 41. Yesterday (21. October 2018) when the moon was in gate 22, they shifted into gate 56 and 60. This means that the South Node (the past / foundation) in gate 60 (the old / the foundation for the new) will form the channel of mutation with Uranus (innovation) who is moving retrograde through gate 3 (the new / finding a new order). For most, this will be the last time in our lifetimes where Uranus transits gate 3. It is the last time in our lives that the planet that rules us as human beings in our current state of evolution brings us a new order. He is bringing us that new order through a longer transit in which Ketu activates the whole channel of mutation.

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The next time this happens will be around 2102 when Uranus will have traveled another cycle around the wheel. That time, for 6 days only the North Node (not the South Node!) in gate 60 will form the channel of mutation together with Uranus in gate 3.

However, the current constellation with Uranus and the Nodes brings profound change. It brings out the full potential of the channel of mutation, especially considering that our bodies are of uranian nature.

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We are moving away from focusing our energy on our dreams and on fantasizing what we can do within the limitation that we are given (41-31 Nodes) right into the limitation – in order to work with it, to transcend it and to overcome it. We are moving from initiating a new direction and preparing for the following transition right into the transition itself and into looking at the old, in order to weed out what worldviews we are going to take with us and what we will leave behind.
The following months, we might hear a lot of stories about how it used to be. Uranus brings the transition: the past comes up in order for us to closely look at it, to take only what resonates with us, to leave behind what doesn't, to dismantle what was false and to find a new order in the Now and for the future. We are transitioning through looking at what we do not want and what we do not want to repeat in our personal lives and in human history in general. Based on that, we are collectively moving ahead onto new territory.
This is more of an inner transition that manifests as outer change, not the other way around. In average it looks way more calm than the shock and the emotional turbulences of the last years that served as initiation. Yet, unexpectedly turning one's back to certain relationships might destabilize those who are not authentic or some who deal with people who are not authentic. The main “dangers” are to let other people's opinions and unreflected conditioning influence us way too much and to abandon and replace people out of mental agendas and out of the attempt to escape the limitation of a particular relationship by replacing them with someone else, which often might turn out to be even more limiting.

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The fourth spot in this nodal square with Uranus in gate 3 is the Sun in gate 50 (values). It will have a lot to do with standing up for our values and to stop to refuse to be bended, to duck away and to be silent. Through being determined to maintain our values, society changes. In the beginning it is just one little spark that is needed to ignite a fire. Some of those sparks might be you. In social justice movements, this spark are the ones who raise their voice and demand for the most basic rights to be respected. It is about leaving outdated rules, laws and norms behind (e.g. death sentence, introducing same sex marriage or Saudi women being allowed to drive) and thus also with honing collective intelligence.
We need to be attentive, though, that we do not force our set of values onto others. At the moment, a very prevalent theme is to assume that others are confused and need our input. Maybe it is the case, but maybe it is not. It might be best to just ask them for their perspective and their needs, otherwise we might end up doing what we don't want to be done to us. I'd assume we might experience a lot of opposition and interference the following months and the challenge for all of us might be to not allow others to drive us deeper into confusion, but instead to just stick with what feels natural to us and with what does feel right instead of feeling forced and artificial.

This transit illuminates our natural values and asks us to be faithful to our very OWN and unique moral. It can bring us a process of figuring out with who we can maintain them and with who we can not. It can bring a pessimism that leads us to break bonds with people who are actually right for us – out of the frying pan into the fire. On the other hand it is about learning to deal with difficult and limiting situations, learning to be open and listen, or to even overcome pessimism and to stick with the people who are right for us regardless of temptation and second options that there might be.

If we are not clear what we want and who the right allies are, we might figure it out soon. Venus (values, standards and disposal) will move retrograde through gate 50 next week and confront us with our (false) morality and with what we truly care about. The Sun also moves into Scorpio this week, the zodiac sign that brings intense transformation. In two weeks, we move into the yearly quarter of mutation. I might have already mentioned it in the Venus retrograde report: the place in the wheel where Venus goes direct in mid November (32.5) points to changing times, as well. Energetically, we are in times of PROFOUND change. Everything shifts.

transition in consciousness

This means that collectively and individually we are leaving the old behind and there is no going back. This deeply changes our values, thus our perspective and our mental potential. This can suddenly bring a lot of people to enter a process of stripping away what no longer serves them, especially since these transits can activate kundalini, which is all about internal cleansing, stripping away what is untrue and unblocking our energetic field. Above all, it leads to having the boldness to take responsibility and to stand up for our own values despite other people's critique and condemnation. You could probably call that “mass transition in consciousness”, “mass awakening”, “global rise in awareness frequency and authenticity” or something like that. And I don't want to exaggerate or to fool you into thinking it means that everyone will experience big shifts. Many might not. But many will and we might experience the trickling down and spreading of the impact on a larger and larger scale the more time passes.

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This is what it looks like to me from my perspective. I'm not intending to use these words as that empty mantra of believing that is so often used without anything else behind it and with totally improper timing. I'm not intending to put it in a framework that would classify as both a religion and a conspiracy theory to distract you into a fairy tale and numb you down with the same phrases over and over again.
From my logical window onto the world, the transits point to a larger scale shift in consciousness, not through shock (yet), but through mental intelligence, through recognition of values and false morals. Technically, this means that the shadow aspects of humanity (the detriments) might undergo big changes. Let's just watch and see what happens and what doesn't – ultimately no one knows 🙂
How are we moving forward? Through the mutative cofactor of grace, of listening attentively and of tuning into the other person's emotional field.

Open Sacral
(marked red)

Where are we moving towards? The Dragon's Head is in gate 56: telling our stories, seeking stimulation and stimulating others.
One way in which this might show up, that you are probably already aware and prepared for and which is a good example, is the me-too and anti-rape-culture movement continuing to have impact. Me-Too started one year ago under a transit of Mercury in gate 50.2 and Jupiter in gate 50.6. That will continue to show as victims of abuse standing their ground, demanding fairness and they might also force us to look at our corrupted legal systems, other dirty corners of society and of our own minds.
It might not mean that everyone who now stands up for their values has honorable intentions. It could also mean that misanthropic voices get louder and that all of that clashes and is fought out in public.

Uranus and the South Node activate the channel of mutation. The defined sacral chakra and the adrenaline pump from the root chakra will stay with us until February 2019 when the nodes shift and if you have an open sacral chakra (white), you'll really feel the difference in your energy level. It brings an increase in stamina. Apply it wisely and listen within before you get going and act upon the pressure. Enjoy an energetically loaded time 🙂
If your root chakra (the center below the sacral at the very bottom of the bodygraph) is open (white), you will feel increased pressure and restlessness. This adrenaline energy can help you to get things done if they are really, really important and urgent, but you need to be very careful to not be pressured into activities or even relationships that are not correct for you and that burn you out.


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