This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report

Yo. I'm trying to make this report short, but I already sense I will not be successful at it. I'm pretty tired today, so if there are mistakes and sentence that are difficult to understand, please bear with me!

Last week was about organizing and finding one's place.

This week we are experiencing the cross of tension. The name says it all. It can be destructive tension, it can be holding back when we better spoke up - or it can be tackling problems and imbalances head on and offering solutions.

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Fighting over who is right and who is wrong. Power abuse or understanding power abuse. Overcoming addictions. Hidden motives. Cutting out toxic relationships. Leaving old patterns behind that keep us back. Finding back strength.

On the other hand: furthering our understanding and developing solutions, often times in interaction with others. Driven to serve., Giving up control and the need to control life or other people's thoughts and actions. Taking control where we gave our power away. Also letting go of trying to steer into a certain direction against divine will. You cant escape your life path. Life will make itself and its disagreement known.

Putting in effort to work. Transforming our material path, in some cases through breakdown, crash and instability. Financial losses in order to make people look inwards and to set them on the right path.
This week can bring up a lot of anxiety of not being prepared enough and of not having enough depth and experience to do the work that we would love to do. It can bring up a lot of survival fears. It can help us to overcome that. In many cases, we might even be forced to overcome that fear through being thrown into a chaos situation that we stayed stuck in despite better knowledge, because we were afraid to do what really calls us.

Letting go of relationships or inner things. Temporarily letting go to die and be reborn. Pattern transformation, especially transformation of old mental patterns. Letting go of fake stuff that we entered into from ulterior or generally shitty motives, in some cases this will be relationships.

Cutting off leeches who don't make any effort and are only in for the money. Being fired, turmoil at work, etc. Chaos! Or not.

If you are in a situation like this, this is not the end. It feels horrible, but ultimately when you have made it through the other end and found or build something successful for yourself, you will be happy that you persisted. No one can find your purpose but yourself and sometimes it takes a lot to get there.
Don't resist the change. It's natural to be afraid, but fear is nothing to act upon and to keep you away from purpose.

30 March 2019 12:06 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 21)

31 March 2019 6:12 UTC: Mars enters Gemini (

Modesty and Accepting a Back Seat

    2 April 2019 9:36 UTC: Mercury conjunct Neptune in (Pisces)
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Being modest, socially considerate and accepting a back seat – or not.
This is about letting others go and talk first. It is about empowering attentiveness and listening to each other.
Without listening to each other there is no mutation and change in perspective.
It ties in to the greater picture of Neptune in gate 22: Refinement of opinions, correction and relationship-therapy can only take place if we are being open to listen. Otherwise it will just be a mess.
Closedness might empower delusional thinking and keep us stuck right where we are (stuck in the mind). Openness might empower the refinement and seeing of a greater reality.
The potential is to dive deep into the occult and to refine our understanding of the mysteries of life. It can also bring sudden shifts and healing of the mind.

If you have done a lot for others without getting any recognition, not even from those who you helped, maybe because they didn't even notice or don't even know, this is a transit for you. It is for you to understand that without your effort, there would be no change. Yet, being seen and recognized for it is a whole other story. In a just world you would be acknowledged, but the world isn't just. Sometimes there is nothing to do than to accept your place and to know that you did the right thing and acted in integrity. This is especially for the people who carry gate 22. (Nonetheless, this is not an invitation to tolerate crap, let me be very clear on this)

Healing of the Masculine and Birth of the Sacred Warrior

    4 April 2019 3:39 UTC: Mars in (Gemini) sextile Chiron in (Aries)

Healing the masculine archetypal energies. Men (and also some women) finding into their power by understanding who they truly are and who they are not. Finding true understanding. Awakening of the sacred masculine (in the midst of all the chaos... sometimes it takes a good fight and struggle to push through)

Pluto conjunct the South Node. Problems over Problems - or Maturing, Learning from Mistakes and Adaptation

4 April 2019 19:16 UTC: Pluto conjunct South Node in gate (Capricorn) square Eris in 42.3.6

Astrology Report

Eris is the goddess of discord, quarrel, strife and hatred.

I recommend to read upon the Eris myth, which lead to the Trojan war.
Basically, at a wedding celebration Eris threw an apple into the crowd. The apple had written “”for the most beautiful one” on it. It lead to 3 goddesses competing over … an apple. They all wanted to be the most beautiful one. They bribed the judge and upon claiming his price, the Trojan war was started.
It is a nice illustration of how a little quarrel, vanity and misplaced pride can trigger an avalanche that sucks whole countries into darkness. I'm not intending to creep you out and I'm not trying to be a 2nd Nostradamus, not all all. All I'm saying is: it is interesting to look at the shitstorm, turmoil and suffering that can be caused by too much pride, craving for recognition and needing to be the center of attention. Applied to today's world and the current transits we can replace the apple on which was written “for the most beautiful one” with an apple that states “my knowing is the only true knowing” or “my path is the only true path”. Summed up: a lack of tolerance.
Shallowness in knowing and superficiality in solutions will lead to chaos. A lust for power will lead to chaos as well. Truth can always stand by itself. Those who are ready to hear it will recognize it.

Many of you will have solutions that you'd like to express and to get out there, but you are not necessarily being recognized for it yet.

At least I think so, because often times that's the kind of people I attract, it is my life environment. It takes time to develop something really good. It simply takes time. But when you go through that process and when you allow it to take place, when you stick with it, your solution will be way more advanced than what else is out there.
Content must always be more important than marketing and social media. If you are building a business or starting as a coach and you are focused more on marketing yourself and on running after people, than on the actual value of your contribution, watch this: (12 minutes, simply and easy to follow) (24 minutes, a bit expanded)
It's a video from a few days ago on social slavery, on having too many irons in the fire and on focusing too much on marketing via multiple platforms, so that the actual product, goal and impact suffers. Initially you'll have to find and set up a social media posting-structure that works for you, but you can make it as easy as possible by making lists, bookmarks, etc, and then focus on work and refining your work.
It doesn't mean to not be social when you enjoy it. It simply means to not focus on it too much because that's not where the money comes from and that's not where the impact and change for people comes from. If you send out a newsletter to many it does more for them than if you spend your time in social media groups explaining things that only a handful of people will ever read – if at all.
Your solutions can bring real change, be careful where you place them and where you place your energy.

The best marketing is when your product and solution is top quality and when your clients are happy. The best word of mouth is when the message that you try to spread is deep. In order for it to be deep you have to do the work and to look at the details and data of whatever it is that you are doing. That's the current nodal evolution that we are going through: refinement.
In the long run quality wins over quantity. It will become less easy to fool people.

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Back to the quarrel and Eris:

To me, Eris is a lot like the cross of tension, especially gate 39/38. If people had the right spirit, no one would be bothered by her provocation and by her attempt to get people fighting. No one would want to be involved in that kind of useless quarrel. It's not productive. People would be more self-contained yet open and fight for something greater.
This is a lesson for us in our private and professional relationships.

In some way, Mercury and Neptune in gate 22 is in total contrast to Pluto conjunct the South Node in gate 61. It really can go two ways: mutation and finding higher knowing through openness, or being a relationship blowup through being closed, needing to be right and to be the center of attention. In the latter case, mystery remains mystery, but we might not even realize that because we think we already know it all! Some might be standing in the way to our own success. If we constantly run against resistance, it is worth investigating where we might be too fixed on an idea.

Eris is in gate 42.3, which is about growing through trial and error. Mistakes are a natural part of the way and they are there for us to learn from them. Eris is squaring the Nodes and Pluto, she is the essential step that we take in order to move along our path. Mistakes should not lead to standstill and for growth to stop. It is all about adaptation. Mistakes tell us what does not work, so that we can try a new approach and figure out what does not work. Many people's business and career approaches might not have worked. It's not a matter of giving up, it's a matter of changing one's ways and looking at how we might have been inauthentic in what we were going for.
This is a transit that is a lot about the material plane, money and structures. It triggers a LOT of survival fears. Sometimes they are there for a reason, to let you know that you went into the wrong direction and need to adapt to something that truly feels authentic. Sometimes the fears might not make any sense and you just need to push through them and claim your rightful place in the world. When we are on the right path, things have a habit of magically falling into place and a lot of the resistance falls away (provided we follow through with all that is necessary and don't drop out against better knowing).

On a larger global scale, structures crumble and some of them might need to be rebuild.

Some of that damage might be able to circumvented through adapting, but a lot of it will simply lead to chaos.
Big transformation on the world stage. But let's not make a fuss about it, let's just watch and see what happens.
This is all about the material plane and finding structures that serve a greater purpose. Yet, private relationships are not immune to this aspect either.

Pluto conjunct the South Node is a transit that can bring out power struggles, abuse, violence and all sort of shadow patterns.

It can be that the knight in shining armor turns into a cruel tyrant. Pay attention to the red flags and don't ignore them if you spot them. Investigate them carefully and maintain good boundaries.
This is even more emphasized as the Gate 61 pressures gate 24 and its shadow of addiction. Addiction is one of the illnesses where violence is increased. Think about what that means together with thinking everyone else's truth is wrong and everyone else is too stupid to understand. I'm not even talking about suicide bombing, I'm just talking about what it can bring out in everyday private life. It brings up a lot of deep rooted shadows to be transformed, one of them being violence, another one of them being patterns that come with what is commonly called “antisocial personality disorder” (Wikipedia explanation :a long term pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others. A low moral sense or conscience is often apparent, as well as a history of crime, legal problems, or impulsive and aggressive behavior) This is a deeply karmic time with many wolves coming into town.

Some days ago a lot of posts from narcissist recovery groups popped up in my facebook feed. Usually they don't, so I don't know what's usually going on in these groups, but those recent posts were quite interesting and concerning. Many were posting about their manipulative ex coming back, asking for advice although they knew they were cruel and heartless. Some also posted that it already didn't work out.
There is an insecure codependent and blocked energy in the feminine collective, that prevent many to see their right path. You have every right to feel shitty and emotional over the betrayal and abuse. Loneliness and emotions of deep loss are valid. But do not open yourself up to more abuse!!! No one deserves that shit. You are worth so much more! You deserve to be treated with respect. The feminine energy is breaking free and rejecting values that don't serve a higher good and that are not right. These don't always have to be women, there also are many men carrying a feminine energy at heart. Obviously, not everyone will be abusive, but those who have abusive tendencies are releasing them right now in order to purge. It's better to stay away from that. Don't let it be you to be the target. Examine carefully, many will be fooled. Don't let that be you. Don't tolerate any shit! Take your proper time to decide if a commitment is for you or not.
if you are tolerating abusive patterns of others, you are empowering the abusers and those patterns. You do your part in blocking change and transformation. The more people stop tolerating it, stop looking away and find into their power to challenge such behavior, the less supply are abusive people going to find and the more they meet difficult situations which make it more difficult to run from themselves.
Rant over, I just needed to make it very clear.

It does not have to go this way and lead into problems. When both people are mature, it can be a beautiful relationship even under difficult transits. Some relationships that are coming together this month can be very beautiful. But statistically, there is a high likelihood of problems and abuse, lets put it that way.

This transit can also reveal past secrets, help us understand some truths and adapt accordingly.
It can also bring a wonderful collaboration with others of penetrating to the core of the past, of higher knowing and especially to sharing of hidden knowledge.

In the highest expression, this brings us a transits of getting to the truth or to our own inner truth through teaming up and investigating together with those we feel are our spiritual family.

This week brings a reset of old structures and potential chaos when the material direction is not authentic (Brexit). If you remember the chapter on Mars in gate 21.6 in the 2019 report - this is a major turning point and chaos point. It is a breaking point and a pivotal moment that brings massive change. First comes the destruction and chaos, then the new order can emerge out of the ashes of the old. That will take time though and a while of having to deal with the chaos. In 4 weeks on April 30th, Saturn conjuncts the South Node on the 3/5 cross of the four ways, which can lead to taking different paths because we realize that the other person's ego is too big, too distorted to deal with and too selfish and only interested in personal gain in disregard of others.
It can also bring a danger to be taken down the wrong path where we get stuck in a lot of trouble.

Do not let someone pull you into something that does not feel right and that creates a lot of resistance in your body!

This is another big turning point and the new ways to discover might be much more mature and responsible than the old ways. Many of those lessons will be learned through things falling apart as we move into April. It is a time of recognizing what truly, truly does not work, so that we can adapt and find a better approach. The next weeks and months can really help us to wake up to reality and to initiate or be initiated into BIG CHANGES AND TRANSITIONS. Leaving the past behind and closing certain chapters. Leaving behind people, addictions and other things that have robbed us of our stability.
Just make sure that the new path is right for you. Make sure that others do not lure you onto a path that is wrong for you and only lead to more chaos and being stuck. Check in with your inner authority when you meet your decisions. Do not risk your own safety for someone else's idea.

Tension is in the air, everywhere I look around
Tension is in the air, every sight and every sound

Ok, this was a long one. Looks like I wrote myself into a flow.
The next week will be about shock and initiation.


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