This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Always trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report

Last week was about the unexpected, aligning with protective forces, evaluating the right risks and figuring out caring. The Pluto retrograde started a deep search for occult knowledge and inner truth. It is a search for hidden knowledge together with others or through the help of others.
This week leads us further down the rabbit hole. It is about choosing the path of knowing. It is about revisiting and overcoming old patterns, mindsets and addictions. In many cases we might do that through interaction with others, be it talking to a friend or getting professional counseling. Often, there might (have been) a mediator to get people on the right path and to figure out how to approach that path or the person we wish to be with.
Looking out to others for secret knowledge will be a big theme during the coming months. It also has been a major theme during the current moon cycle and in the relationships that have been (re)established during this moon cycle.

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More and more we are being autonomous and standing in our power, especially the masculine collective that is in transition after having experienced a big wake up call. The feminine collective it being more free and even detached.

A quick observation on the whistleblower transit from two weeks ago before we go into this week's transit (LINK)
I don't know what's going on with the Mueller report and I haven't looked into all the data confusion about it. Apparently Trump is still in business, so it can't be that bad. But like Edward Snowden, Robert Mueller has the whistle blower aspect, too: he has Chiron conjunct Mercury.
When the report was published in March, Mercury was in the gate of crisis, moving into conjunction with Chiron, but still 3-4° away.
By the middle of April, one day before the Mercury Chiron conjunction was exact attorney William Barr released a censored version of the Mueller report to the public. At least I think so - I'm not really understanding the political procedure, so you'll have to bear with me if I got that wrong. I'm just giving you the astrological data in case you enjoy to watch and compare, because many of you are probably following this with amusement and curiosity. William Barr (whose Chiron is in the 26.4 “censorship” and who has a few other placements like this if he is born in the evening) is now under fire for releasing a censored version and because he might have presented things differently than they might have been - the theme of the Chiron-Mercury conjunction was “false innocence”.

The moon is wandering through the emotional gates and can bring stronger emotional ups and downs than usual.
The channel of awareness is active throughout the whole week (Pluto 61-24 Sun). The gold line is active through the whole week as well. By the end of last week Mars in gate 45 and Mercury in gate 21 activated it. By the beginning of this week Mercury moves into the next gate and Venus moves in gate 21. Venus in gate 21 is meeting Mars in gate 45. Interesting, isn't it? Venus, the feminine archetype, is in the position of controlling, serving, organizing and fending of interference. Mars as the masculine archetype says “I have”, but Mars is not in control this week. He might try to claim control and get in the way of Venus though, trying to get his hands on business that is not his. Quite a few shadow fixings of gate 45 are activated through Mars. It might show as the typical power struggle that can take place when the roles are not defined clearly in an electromagnetic connection of the 21-45. It clearly shows the gender conflict that is coming to the surface after the 25.6-female emancipation transit, which was symbolically accompanied by the nice and tamed lady of Notre Dame burning down and releasing the untamed wild feminine energy, the Lilith archetype (LINK). Trying to control women is a typical male sickness - not exclusively, but it is more prevalent in men than in women. Many women don't put up with it anymore.
Black Moon Lilith is in gate 30.6 this week: “the discipline to maintain right action.” It is about recognizing that we can't tolerate negative forces, be it feelings, people or generally experiences and roads to take. In the high expression it is “the assertiveness to purge the inferior while accepting to lead the weak. The strength to eliminate negative feelings.”
“Discipline” is a keyword of gate 21, which will be defined by the feminine archetype of Venus during this week. Venus shows her executioner side and is fending off control attempts and deliberate interference.
Ain't that nice! I'm loving these emancipation transits and finally seeing fellow women no longer caving in. Some long overdue cleanup seems to be happening this week, even if at first there might be power struggles and an unnecessary over-competitiveness (Mercury is in 51). All the people with an open Ego and with open mental chakras, which translates into the majority of the planet, are getting amped up by that and might try to prove that their knowing is right. It can bring out a lot of aggressive education and proselytism.
Later in the week Mercury and the north node are activating the channel of maturation, which helps us to grow out of old cycles, to learn from our mistakes, to admit them and to start out anew.

28 April 2019 4:44 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 24)

Saturn Retrograde – Leaving One-Sided Relationships. Being Excluded Due to Hindering Others

    30 April 2019 0:55 UTC: SATURN RETROGRADE in^ (Capricorn) opposite the North Node square Mercury, Mars in 45.3v, Venus in 21.2^, Mercury in 51.4v, fully open G
Astrology Report

Fending off people who try to interfere with us and who try to control us. Some of it might be misunderstanding, some of it might be deliberate. From the other side of the fence:
Being humbled through exclusion because we might have interfered too much with what wasn't our business, or because we might have amassed resources at the cost of others. Having difficulties in meeting the shock of that, facing disorientation and trying to find a new direction. In the process of that, ideally we might learn to take responsibility for how our actions effect others. It can also bring out a lot of envy, especially on the side of those who are being excluded. If people might have worked together without getting in each other's way and being overly controlling or selfish, the relationship might have been mutually beneficial and the exclusion would not have happened in the first place. Thus, there would have been no (logical) reason for envy.
The learning theme is to overcome unhealthy selfishness and to put service over self-enrichment.

Yet, the Saturn retrograde is about understanding that you can't instill in other people what they are lacking. Either they already bring certain characteristics with them, or they learn them because they are open to outgrow their unhealthy patterns. If they are not open to change and to do the inner work, it's futile and they will only hold us back from reaching our fullest potential. It is about understanding that certain relationships might not be in our best interest. Especially relationships with people who are the not-self kings and who make one mental or emotionally impulsive decision after the other rarely do work.
For some, this conflict of interest might have come out of an inauthentic decision that the feminine energy took despite better knowing when Venus and Mercury conjuncted Chiron in gate 25.6.
This Saturn retrograde is all about finding the proper balance within relationships. When Pluto will go direct in 5 months, he will go direct in this place. He will bring the truth within our relationships to light. This Saturn retrograde is about the potential recognition of being in the wrong place, that hinders our evolution, and making an effort to change that.

As I previously said, we have overcome many of the most fundamental problems of not accepting the other as they are. Now there is a basic level of acceptance, that leads to being able to properly relate to each other where in many cases it wasn't possible before. That allows us to work on the need to be right, on selfishness and on the balance within relationships on a way deeper level. Alternatively, those who missed the boat previously might now being shaken up by other people's selfishness and learn to set better boundaries. This is strongly connected to the spirit consciousness that is supposed to emerge in 2027. The path towards it is through the shadow of the 55.6, which is an ego-based emotionally clouded unhealthy level of selfishness, that is so self-obsessed that it doesn't see the bigger picture and the needs of others. It is mainly the masculine archetype undergoing this transformation and mutation.

Learning Social Selectivity. Karmic Restriction or Karmic Payoff and Reward for Endurance. A Heavy Load on the Wrong Track or Finally Overcoming Old Patterns and Seeing a Better Path Ahead

    30 April 2019 20:22 UTC: Saturn R conjunct South Node #1 of 3 in gate^ (Capricorn)
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This aspect is happening on the cross of the 4 ways, and what is needed is the taking of the only way that is healthy: the way of survival and of being able to recognize the potential interference in others (44 earth). None of this really comes as a surprise, we are in times that are deeply defined by saturnian themes of discipline, material ambition, inner truth and putting in the work.
Generally this is a deeply karmic time with many wolves around – basically people who adapt to your ways of being for selfish reasons and milking money, a career or fame out of the relationship.

We have been experiencing transits that can bring high functioning sociopaths into action. Just continue to keep an eye open and guard yourself against abuse and leaching if you intuitively sense that something really feels off. If you smell a rat, trust it at least to the degree that you are very careful and do not risk your own security. Do not allow people to take you down a route that is not healthy for you. Newly formed relationships, who were formed with hidden agendas and ulterior motives, will not survive this. For example if someone wanted a career opportunity only, but put on a mask, approached it as an intimate relationship and love bombed the target, the current months transits are likely to have put an end to it.
Many might generally find themselves in the wrong place, that hinders their evolution. They might be driven to make an effort to change that. People might either feel nurtured or feel heavy and restricted by laws, parents and older people – by people who don't really get us and who aren't pulling the rope into the same direction than we do. Sometimes the shocks and chaos that people might have been facing earlier this month and year might have put them into material dependency on people who don't get them. Now, there are big challenges and obligations for many to face, that might require a lot of effort to overcome or to get through.

If we can put in the effort, or if we already put in the effort to resolve our deep rooted family issues and otherwise restrictive situations, this transit can bring the breakthrough that allows us to make a huge step forward and to leave old patterns behind, into which we previously have been fallen back. Finally we do get it and a new way can open up. It might still take some time to get to the end of the road, but a new beginning and path can show itself. On the other hand, it can also happen that people take us down a path that isn't meant for us. A path on which we find initiation and shock that is utterly devastating and destabilizing, but that we could be sucked into so strongly, that it is going to be extremely difficult to let go of it and to separate from it further down the road. Carefully listen within if something resonates with you before you follow people down a path of no return and before you take what they handed you. We don't have to try out everything that is being offered to us. Especially not if it has to do with drugs or risks where we could be at loss of a solid material foundation. Initiation only leads you somewhere useful if you survive the shock of it in body AND spirit.

These transits can also lead us to take different paths than we wanted to and to discover new ways. This is another big turning point and the new ways to discover might be much more mature and responsible than the old ways. Many of those lessons will be learned through relationships falling apart. It is a time of recognizing what truly, truly does not work, so that we can adapt and find a better approach. The next weeks and months can really help us to wake up to reality and to initiate or be initiated into big changes and transitions. They can helps us to find inner truth and real understanding through exploring the details. They can help us to leave the past behind and to close certain life chapters by leaving behind people, addictions and other things that have robbed us of our stability.
Again, I can't emphasize this enough: Just make sure that the new path is right for you. Make sure that others do not lure you onto a path that is wrong for you and only lead to more chaos and being stuck. Check in with your inner authority when you meet your decisions.
Not every sacrifice is worth making it.

Separation, Delays & Potentially Difficult Karma. Taking Different Paths due to One-Sidedness and Self-Centeredness

    1 May 2019 6:36 UTC: Mercury in (Aries) sextile Mars in (Gemini)
    1 Mary 2019 7:50 UTC: Mercury in (Aries) square North Node (Cancer)
    1 May 2019 8:49 UTC: Mercury in (Aries) square Saturn R in^ (Capricorn)
    1 May 2019 12:16 UTC: Mars in (Gemini) quincunx Saturn R in^ (Capricorn)
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Ending work investments, career paths, contracts and professional relationships, but also private relationships. Walking away and separating from what does no longer work for us, especially due to one party being too self-absorbed and trying to influence the group direction solely to their own benefit.
It can be the masculine energy walking away from things that didn't work out or it can be people walking away from the masculine energy who is too selfish. Unhealthy selfishness is in the way to balanced and mutually beneficial relationships. It's all a question of proper balance. It's going to take some time to resolve these issues... maybe until after the eclipses in summer when many people will be gaining a better self-understanding, or even longer.
People might simply take a timeout to grow separately from each other and to discover their right path. They might explore how to stand alone.

Oddly enough, separating and distancing oneself does lead to the new beginnings. Either it leads to reconciliation after a time of being apart, or in many cases it leads to beginnings with new people with who it can be more balanced and mutually invested.
Everything might feel delayed. During the Saturn retrograde there is going to be lots of time to evaluate with who it can be mutually beneficial.

Learning From Past Mistakes

    2 May 2019 21:51 UTC: Mercury in^ (Aries) square Pluto R in (Capricorn)

Growing out of cycles by the help of others, or dropping out of cycles due to thinking one knows it better than everyone else. (I really love the German equivalent of “know it all”: “to have guzzled the wisdom with spoons.”, which bypasses the mind and thus it bypasses actual understanding if you think of it)

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Most importantly: realizing that we might have made those mistakes previously. Realizing where we thought we know it better and gave up relationships that would have been really nurturing on many levels, just in order to be right and to not have our opinions challenged. Recognizing and mistakes that we might have made in the past and learning from them – often times through talking our past stuff through with others. Being able to (out)grow old patterns through finding insights and understanding on our past.

Ideally, if we can overcome unhealthy egotism, this leads to being able to admit past mistakes and to start with a clean slate.

Growth Through Mediation

    3 May 2019 3:58 UTC: Mercury in^ (Aries) trine Jupiter R in (Sagittarius), Moon in 42.1

Growth and a better understanding through mediation and consulting someone who is not directly involved. Or mediating new beginnings.

Next week brings a new moon that is all about direction, the proper vision and timing.


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