This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Frederic Cayley Robinson - Day

Last week was about emancipation, recognizing the right relationships/projects and recognizing where thing weren't balanced. This week starts the cleanup. Not every wrapping up of old cycles is easy and peaceful, though. Such as last week it can bring out malicious action, as well, especially in women – toxic femininity. It might well be that some of the men who recently woke up from their toxic masculinity are now facing some kind of difficulties that demonstrate them how their behavior looked due to toxic behavior from women in their life. In the first place though, it is about balancing out caring. What do we care for and how much? Many are wrapping up things that don't belong in their life any longer, and are closing the door on what didn't work. Especially this is about the masculine collective getting shaken up and moving towards their actual path.

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22 April 2019 10:07 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 27) – channel of acceptance (Mercury 17-62 North Node)

"Doing Me"

    22 April 2019 23:06 UTC: Sun conjunct Uranus in^ (Taurus)

Doing one's own thing and caring about oneself first. This goes hand in hand with last's week emancipation transits. Retreating from relationships that don't work in order to heal.

Forgiving Yourself.
Female Emancipation and Self-Sufficiency – or Toxic Femininity, Sucking Someone Empty and War of the Roses

    23 April 2019 16:54 UTC: Venus conjunct Chiron in (Aries)

Forgiving yourself.
Nourishing each other, especially with ideas, understanding and hidden knowledge. The feminine energy is emancipating themselves, the masculine energy might support it through progressive communication, even though there might be a feeling of having sacrificed personal progress and not getting what one wanted. It's a necessary transition.

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On the extremely unhealthy end of the spectrum, this is about toxic femininity. It can be that the feminine energy tries to suck the masculine energy empty out of revenge, envy, anger, greed, spitefulness or other questionable motives. In the shadow, they will not have a feeling for healthy boundaries and for the right balance. It can be a forced one-sided charity where the male energy will feel depleted without getting anything in return for their sacrifice. They can feel really backstabbed, maybe through losing a lot of money over a divorce, theft, losing business shares, having to pay immense amounts of tuition for a child or having to pay unplanned and unwanted child alimony while losing the rights to see the child (although let's be honest, if one risked making a baby with someone and gave someone so unhealthy that kind of control not only in the moment, but over one's future and over fucking it up, it should not come as a surprise if they do).
If you are dealing with unaware and imbalanced people, this transit can bring out extreme nastiness and struggling yourself free from it. This can bring out the revenge and the will to rip someone off and to shredder them, just because one didn't get what one wanted. These kind of things. In the collective many women are emancipating themselves and finding their power right now. Yet, toxic femininity is rampant as well.
There also might be a tendency to give, just in order to get rid of the whole thing and to move on. It is important to know your limits and to respect them. If you are dealing with an obnoxious hyena it might be better to set things as straight as possible now, even when it is really uncomfortable to go through it, than do live with the consequences of half-hearted compromise later on.

Nodes in 54/53: Ambitious New Beginnings, Sometimes Hidden Beginnings and/or Secret Interaction

    24 April 2019 13:23 UTC: the lunar nodes shift from 61 and 62 into 54 and 53 (Cross of the Unexpected, Fully open G). They will be in these gates for 5 months.
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Unexpected new beginnings based on mutual benefit and the drive to be successful. Often these will be beginnings that are being evaluated carefully. This will be beginnings where the parties involved are not overly dependent on each other because each one cares for himself first. Yet, there is an enormous drive to succeed on the material plane and to find deeper knowing and understanding. We are finding new ways to care and we are exploring where life leads us. There is a lot of pressure on controlling the direction and the resources, though, that can bring interference and difficulties - even when each one cares for themselves first. Greed, hunger for power and the desire to have more (of what the other person has) can come in the way, and it will important to set good boundaries and enforce respect. The feminine energy seems to have gotten better at that and might not let anyone tell them what to do – it could even bring a certain degree of narrow-mindedness. The masculine energy has found altruism and makes a sacrifice for the shared new beginning or for the general progress. Many might want to give something back because they recognized how imbalanced it previously has been. Potentially that sacrifice can also be the compliance to the fixedness of the feminine energy and her opinion on how things have to be. Things are unlikely to move fast and it can take time to explore the direction and where things are heading. That in itself can feel like a sacrifice already. We are still dealing with limitation as an underlying energy.

Pluto Retrograde in 61.3 – Mutation Through Occult Knowledge & Finding Inner Truth

    24 April 2019 18:49 UTC: Pluto retrograde in

Working Things Out and Exploring Hidden Knowledge Together - or Opinion Clashes, Struggles and the Breaking of Bonds out of a Need to Be right

Astrology Report
Edwin Landseer - The Monkey Who Had Seen The World

The Pluto retrograde can bring a struggle over opinions and overly rigid correction, that either leads to working things out and finding a deeper understanding together, or to a breaking of bonds.

Ideally, the retrograde brings us relationships that nurture us mentally, that can help us to learn and to dive deeper into occult knowledge.

In the shadow frequency though, it can bring out spiritual arrogance: "my way is the only way". Yet, last week many just learned that spirituality is as diverse as there are people in the world!
In the shadow, there is the potential for opinion struggles, though. If you decide that you need to go vegan from one day to the other, that's fine and it might be very correct for you to be rigid with it and to throw everything out your kitchen that isn't vegan, so that there are no temptations left. If you lure others with you who are not in such a hurry of who don't even want to, that's problematic. Especially the masculine energy might be tempted to do that. It also might be tempting to act out of a lust for an experience that brings in more than sex and projected crush-feelings, but an experience that brings in either money or knowledge. An experience that leads to something that stays, even when the experience might have gone. The masculine energy wants an experience that truly leaves them with something of value, but the way they go about it might not necessary be the most sensitive. The way we deny everything that doesn't offer value might not be the most sensitive either. That's something to pay attention to. It is essential to have recognized the value or lack of value in something. But if we don't deal with it in sensitive ways, it can cause a lot of damage. If we decide that we need to be with someone, but we force progress and are very severe in how we approach it, the other person might simply say “no thank you, bye”.

Trying to Convince and to Force Compliance

    27 April 2019 13:03 UTC: Mars in (Gemini) square Neptune in (Pisces)

Not being able to take a back seat and to listen to what the other person has to say. Aggressively educating others in order to sell them something. Not being patient with the process of building something on the material plane, but rather being overly focused on money rather than being of service and educating properly. Trying to convince others in overly dominant ways with hidden agendas, which achieves the opposite and alienates people rather than gathering their support. The result: chaos and power struggles.

Chiron in Gate 17: Leaving the Existential Crisis & Hurt. Struggling Over Opinions & Manifestation

    27 April 2019 15:05 UTC: Chiron enters gate 17 on the 6/2 cross of alignment.

For the coming 5 months we are moving out of the times where we are wounded by hidden agendas and by not being allowed to be who we are. We are moving out of the times where we are initiated and pushed to find out who we truly are.
Throughout the coming 5 months the struggle will be about organization, opinions, mindsets and the need to be right. It can bring a lot of mental disagreements, yet it looks like a very nurturing and caring time ahead. Selective caring for what is truly important only.
There is a need to accept the material path of others and to not get stuck in thinking we know what is best for them. If we manage to convince them to go against their better own knowing, the result will be chaos and destabilization. I tried to do that once when I was young and stupid, but luckily I wasn't very convincing. Don't do that to someone or let it be done to you. Only you can know what is best for yourself and you have the right to decide freely. Everyone else has this right, as well.
The gold line is activated in this chart (21-45) and brings the potential for manifestation and proper distribution on the material place. Right in time! In May we are going to move into the quarter of civilization which is about manifesting and bringing things into form.

Next week Saturn will conjunct the South Node.


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