This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Sir Edwin Landseer - The Noble Beast

Last week was about closing out old cycles, growing out of the old and unlocking the vision of the self. This week is about emancipation of the individual, finding a new order and recognizing what truly is meant to be for us. It is about empowering the unique self. The underlying energies of this week are the energies of the new year. This is the week where we are finding a new order for 2019 and where we are realistically evaluating the fantasy that we had and recognizing what and how it can come into form and how it can't. This week many things can shift by stepping into the New, or at least recognizing the New but not yet manifesting it.

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On a side note, some of the things, that will have failed and crumbled recently or that are crumbling right now, might have come from mental decisions that were planted into people's minds from the current nodal theme of light infiltration during dream state starting in mid February [LINK]. Mostly these might have been mental decisions that were made in the hopes of filling us up emotionally or materially. Mental decisions in order to find success or using others for one's own success – which is a paradox because mental decisions can't lead to success. Mental decisions based on greed, unhealthy selfishness, lust, power, self-enrichment and addictions. These are all thematics that have been and are coming up to be cleared. There might be a learning topic, to not trust any external spirit guides or ideas if something feels off. Even your own mind can fool you. If something about your ideas just doesn't feel right, it is not the right thing. The learning lesson in this is to stick to your inner authority and knowing of a higher value [LINK]. For most people, the inner authority is based on a lot of time and waiting. So if you have emotional authority, you suddenly woke up in March and decided to do something based on this kind of epiphany or dream, but it crumbled two weeks later, this is a learning opportunity for you to learn to feel into your emotions and to wait for clarity. Clarity comes out of calmness when there is no nervousness and questioning left to the decision.
The light force programming is still around until April 24th. By the middle of next week it will be gone.

Currently, we could dream about the secrets of yearning (who is yearning for who and for what). At the same time, personally I wouldn't necessarily trust all of it with all this light field programming and attempted distortion going on at the same time. It can distort the dream message a lot, especially it can distort the transmission into waking consciousness and the dream interpretation, thus the memory of the dream and the conclusions we come to. In addition dreams can get really weird, unpractical and nonsensical around full moons, of which we are having one this week. It can be difficult to filter out the dreams that make sense from the nonsense – especially in the beginning of the day when we still carry the energetic distortion of the dream with us. Many dreams these days are not means to act upon them, they are just making you crazy if you try to make sense of them too badly.
Personally, I've been dreaming about doing all kind of things recently, that I would never ever do in waking consciousness. I'm dreaming about being in situations that I would usually just remove myself from. I'm with people I either don't know or I'm not interested in and it is simply plain weird. I'm watching myself being there and doing the most weird and nonsensical things in the dream, and at the same time I'm thinking “wtf am I doing, how did this happen”, but at the same time I can't control it. Most of it is a totally random creation of facepalm situations.

16 April 2019 15:53 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 3) – channel of preservation (Earth 50.1-27.1 Uranus)

    17 April 2019 6:00 UTC: Mercury enters Aries

Full Moon of Reorientation. Adapting to Others and Recognizing the Right Relationships.

    19 April 2019 11:12 UTC: FULL MOON in^ (Libra), Sun in, almost conjunct Uranus in 27.1.3v, squaring the Nodes. Mercury in 25.5.6^ // Cross: 3/6 Cross of Laws
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous corresponding new moon: 30.3.3 (Aquarius)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS full moon: 30.5.1 (Aquarius)
Astrology Report
Full Moon

The full moon is in the last degree of Libra and so it brings the recognition of what can be successful, what can help us to survive and what can survive. It brings the recognition of what can take us to the road to heaven instead of the road to hell, or at least what can bring us the right balance of both. First and foremost it is about finally taking responsibility and realizing what we care about. It is also about the recognition where the scales are at: are they too imbalanced because we mostly took or mostly gave, or are they in balance?

The full moon brings the recognition of the right intimate partner. It brings the recognition of the right work project. It brings the recognition of the right professional partnerships. Especially the masculine energies are undergoing some sort of transformation since the awakening of the masculine archetype some weeks ago. The feminine energies are separating. They are cutting off one-sidedness, speaking up, standing firm in their power and focusing on surviving alone. Some of those masculine energies, that were stuck in the mind, have found their inner guidance and vision. They are reorienting themselves, feeling within and trying to figure out what needs to be done to get themselves on the right authentic track.

The full moon brings the recognition of the right partnerships, collaborations and relationships, yet, we are still dealing with limitation. But now that we recognize the way, it's easier to accept some of the restraints that might be necessary in order to get there. Life invites us to sit with the situation and to follow through with what is necessary instead of blindly rushing ahead without tuning into ourselves first. Knowing what is right doesn't yet mean that we immediately need to act on it (unless that's what we sense we need to do). We have the strength to heal and to be healed and to take our alone time for recovery instead flunging from one thing to the next without ever recovering. Ideally, we can see the irony in it and recognize that despite the difficult situations that we might be facing and despite all the mistakes of the past, we are still further ahead than we previously were, we are still making progress and we learn.

This week will be a week of recognizing the right decisions. Jealousy will be high in the collective, especially the jealousy of those who are being left behind in order for the right things to fall together, but also the envy of those who wish they had something that someone else will create or receive, be it a business or a love confession. Again, there is no reason to be jealous, especially if someone it not putting in the effort and not contributing a whole lot to reaching their own goals. For relationships, if we don't put in effort there is little to be expected in return. It wouldn't be a surprise if someone left for someone else with whom it can actually be mutual.
It's the same for the new beginnings and shifts of this week. Caring for oneself first – yes, but not one-sided charity. Some might recognize what they truly care for, but they might be working on gaining their balance first before they start to put things into action.

Whatever we attempt to do, there is no promise that it will work perfectly right away. Maybe there need to be two or even three attempts to get it right – but ideally we are having these attempts with the right partner or project.

This week can guide it towards the right relationships. At the same time, it can lead us away from them. It can bring the denial to see what can work and the refusal to align to what is right for us. It can bring the alignment with people that might not be the right ones. This might be stemming from “head-over-heart”-decision that leads nowhere once again. Do you follow your soul's vision or do you follow your shadow patterns and your fears?

This full moon brings major decisions that let many step onto their life path and that will move people leaps ahead. Especially it has a big impact on the collective masculine energies.

Being Healed or Hurt by Communication.
Overcoming Self-Neglect, Emancipation of the Individual & Freedom Through Masks Falling Off. “I Might Be Inappropriate But I Can't Be Arsed”

    19 April 2019 23:47 UTC: Mercury conjunct Chiron in (Aries)
Astrology Report
Louis Comfort - Tiffany

Opening up to communication and being heard or not. Standing in for your truth and speaking your truth, no matter how inappropriate others might think that it is. Where have we been wounded by giving authority to our mind and neglecting our inner truth in order to fit in, to be appropriate and to be seen as good? This transit can let the masks fall apart. Not because they are being ripped off our faces, but because they break due to the inner tension and growth. It let's us find the proper balance between mind and body: the mind surrenders to the body. Inner strength can be gained back and slowly built back up where we previously lost it through adapting to the wrong people, rules and belief systems.

You might have tried to be this and that, you might have tried to share your initiation with others, but ultimately, what does it help. You don't need to be of value to anyone through your initiation and show them the way, unless it truly feels authentic. You don't need to turn to your people and try to convince them of taking the way that you have already taken. You don't even need to make them accept or believe your experience. You are just being you and you don't give a damn if that is going to be inappropriate or not. That's the essence of this transit. It is about the empowerment of the authentic Self and nothing else.

It doesn't necessarily bring healing only, it can also bring wounding. It can bring wounding by a lack of communication. It can bring wounding by communicating carelessly and despite better knowing. It can bring wounding by making dumb mental decisions that turn out to be devastating not only to ourselves, but potentially also to others. It can bring wounding because we are finally speaking up, but we are not being heard in our voice. Especially when the people who we are dealing with are not of a very high vibration, if could easily happen that they are offended by us getting out of line. They might respond in ways that are very destabilizing. Just make sure it's not you who is destabilizing others when they make their first steps towards their Self and that it is not you to nip their attempts in the bud to speak up for themselves.
Under these transits it can well be that people try to dim your light because they envy you of the courage to speak up of yourself and to quit a slave life that is not your's. They might envy you of the life that is waiting for you if you only dare to take the first steps. Even when people do not hear you and get in the way, you need to stand true to yourself. You cannot allow these people to stand in your way and to take away your purpose from you. You have a right to YOUR life path and purpose. It's not them who have to live with the consequences when they fuck up your life, it is you. You have to live with the consequences if you do not follow through with what calls you, and you can't allow that to happen.
It's easier said than done, but the most important thing is that you stay true to yourself, that you overcome your fears and that you did the first step of daring to speak up for yourself. If you continue to speak your truth, sooner or later you will meet people who will be delighted to hear it. Your life will shift. There are thousands and thousands of other people going through the same right now. Although you might not know them and although you might not have found your people yet, they are out there waiting for you to meet you as yourself. They will start to align to you and life will lead you together when you start to live YOU.
Empower yourself to be inappropriately unique and to not fit into any stereotype. Empower yourself to not give a shit on what other people think about you.

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On the other hand, if we are going to do something, or more likely if we are going to communicate something and people are going to be severely damaged along the way, it can be truly devastating. Those people doing it won't be arsed though – that's the more difficult possibility of how this transit might turn out. For example publishing data of a witness protection program might be very damaging for the witnesses.
This is a whistleblower aspect. Edward Snowden has a Chiron-Mercury aspect (a 4° sextile). As we are moving closer to the current Mercury-Chiron conjunction in the gate of innocence, the EU parliament has strengthened whistleblower protection.
This is also a transit that can demask people who were in only for the money or other ulterior motives (on a larger scale, but also on a personal individual level), and that can bring a deep feeling of hurt and wounding.
It can bring out false innocence and inappropriate actions. We can hurt others deeply by acting inauthentic, acting despite better knowing from a nonsense-mental decision. Likely those decisions could arise out of the fear of stasis and out of the need to seek progress on the outside instead of letting the inner progress sink in in order for the outside world to slowly align. It might be especially tempting to switch sides and to betray those we were teamed up with or those we promised to, out of an unhealthy self-obsession. It might destabilize them and break their spirit.
If it is authentic, if you are leaving something that simply does not work for you, if you are simply over it, if the terms are unacceptable or if you are leaving the wrong thing for the right thing, then it obviously is alright to change sides. But if it isn't, if it comes out of fear, pain, jealousy and envy, the need for revenge, personal enrichment on other people's cost or generally a corrupt and messed up value system, then it's probably going to be a bad idea to change sides and betray people. Most people who will be doing this won't have the awareness of it, at least not in the moment. But you can. If you are aware of what the transits possible can bring out in you, you can catch yourself when you are acting in destructive ways out of your shadows instead out of your calmness of being.
Coupled with the 50.3^/3.3 full moon, in the shadow frequency, this can lead to leaving someone in the cold who is broken, needs nurturing and tries to align with you – which can break that person further. If it is the karma it is the karma and they might deserve that and need to experience how it feels. But pay attention that you are not saying no to things and break bonds, that you'd rather say yes to if you were clear-headed and less hurt. In job projects it can be a changing of sides, that destabilizes those who relied on what we said we would deliver because they built their further plans on that agreement.
This transit might bring difficult situations where there is a need to return to reason. Don't destroy someone who is already destroyed just because you can. Be realistic with your capacity to care and don't give more than you can, especially if you don't see any value in it, but also don't misuse your power over others. Apply it wisely, especially your social power. There is always the option to temporarily withdraw, and people might be afraid of that because the current transit field brings the fear of the silence treatment – yet sometimes it might be the best option to prevent destructiveness or to find the inner meaning of something. That doesn't mean to internalize things and to keep them bottled up, but to state them and then give the time and the distance to process that and to heal.

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Together with the current upset dream energies it can mean: if you dreamed about someone having a crush on you this week, and you are thinking “oh well maybe”, but it is not authentic and you are not ultimately into this person, or not ultimately sure – you are likely being fooled and manipulated by the program to move in a direction that is not right and healthy for you.
With enough awareness you don't have to be a slave to the transits. You'll be able to recognize the potential threat of them and keep still.

Cycles have been closed last week.
In many cases reconciliation might either be slow or difficult. We might face a time where we need to meet the challenges alone, because there are still too many shadows around, because we would rather wait for someone to level up and to return the investments rather than dealing with something that is not mutually beneficial. Sometimes we need a couple attempts together with someone to get it right. It simply can be that we consciously decide to take things slow and to let them unfold naturally.
If the other person expects you to move quick at their demand and at the speed that they want things to happen, that's a red flag. It tells you that they are not ready and not respecting your perspective and needs. It can still be helpful and wonderful to have some kind of open exchange and closure by speaking things through, though. Knowing where we are at can also bring the motivation to do the work necessary to either resolve a situation or to make it work.

Astrology Report
Sir Edwin Landseer - The Monarch of the Glen

This transit also has to do with the recognition that innocence alone isn't enough. When somebody is not reliable and dependable, they are not trustworthy, regardless of how innocent and natural they are and regardless of how well they might mean in the moment. Trustworthiness doesn't equal meaning well. Trustworthiness comes from having some basic quality of reliability. Trust has nothing to do with love. You can trust someone with certain things who you don't like and who doesn't like you. If the person is generally trustworthy, you can trust them in being authentic and honest with you about their dislikings. But you probably can't trust them with handing them your office keys. Trust is something that has to be earned. It takes time to recognize what is trustworthy on the outside. It takes time, such as the emotional authority does take time in order to recognize what is trustworthy inside.
Especially when trust has been broken before, it takes time and honesty to rebuild it. There can't be any hidden things and secrets, there can only be full authenticity.

The other thing that this transit brings is the freedom in spirituality and religion. Every one of us has our own unique spiritual path that doesn't match with anyone else's. It's not a spiritual path to be followed, but a spiritual path to be experienced and observed. I could well imagine that these transits are going to put people on the stage who will be talking about their own unique mystical experiences to be an example far off the homogenized religious field. They might not necessarily do this because they want to, but because they feel the old paradigm needs to be overcome. This brings people further away from blindly being guided by others. Others can never know what is right for you. Someone else will never be able to fully understand your spiritual experience because they didn't experience it themselves – and that's okay. Your experience is for yourself in the first place. Only the result is for others.

This transit is very fitting for Notre Dame going up in flames. It is a symbol for organized religion and monotheism burning down. It is also a symbol for the gender imbalance and suppression of the divine feminine in women and men. Notre dame means “our lady” and refers to Virgin Mary. That nice sweet innocent pure lady who will be a blind servant to god is now burnt to the ground. What emerges out of that space is the wild feminine, more of a Lilith archetype. This is the feminine saying: “I'm going to be my most authentic self and I don't give a fuck if you like that or not. I'm going to behave the way I want to and I'm going to use my power in the way that I want to.” This is about people finding their voice. It is about women healing and empowering other women through their own inappropriateness and men healing and empowering other men through their own inappropriateness.
Divine feminine awakening doesn't only mean that the women of this world are finding their power. It also means that regardless of gender we are learning to surrendering to the body, which is the divine feminine principle.
Yet, with all these gender transits this is especially about women speaking up: “I've never said anything and never raised my voice, but now I'm saying it how it is and how I perceive it and don't give the mildest of a fuck what you all think and whether you think that's appropriate or not. I won't fit into this gender role and I don't give a damn what you think about it. I won't be like this and that anymore, I will be me - and either you accept it or I am gone.”

The result of that can be, that we don't care about norms. Either we can be a role model in that, or we can't, but ultimately it doesn't matter if we are or if we aren't. What matters is that if we experience the freedom to be who we are.

20 April 2019 8:54 UTC: Sun enters Taurus
20 April 2019 16:10 UTC: Venus enters Aries

Next week is about caring and taking the right risks.


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