This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Giovanni Segantini- Lebensengel

Last week brought shock, a clean cut, healing, exploring direction, understanding and a leap of faith.

The new year started with decrease and a fantasy. This week's theme is increase and temporary expanding the resources in order to fulfill the maximum potential of where we are going. Over the next weeks we can see real progress. This weeks brings transformation and recognition of potential. It is about closing an old cycle and growing out of it. It can be that we have grown out of a job or a relationship, that doesn't do us justice anymore. It can also be that we are being called to invest energy into something that demands a lot of effort or fear to be overcome, but that leads to more understanding and profound change.
On a sidenote, thanks for mostly leaving me alone last week. I figured anger tells me that I need to change something and exit.

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10 April 2019 22:08 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 42) – channel of transformation (Earth 32-54 Saturn)

Progress Through Taking Opportunities

    12 April 2019 4:18 UTC: Mercury in (Pisces) square Jupiter in (Sagittarius)
    12 April 2019 5:33 UTC: Sun in^ (Aries) square North Node in (Cancer)

A potential for growth and for finding a more detailed understanding of where we are going through identifying trends and opportunities and taking them. - or missing potential opportunities.
Supporting others in difficult times; or provoking others with poorly conceived attempts to solve their problems, which then triggers crisis.

Astrology Report
Edward John Poynter - The Corner of the Villa

Direct Openness

    12 April 2019 15:07 UTC: Venus in^ (Pisces) sextile Saturn in^ (Capricorn)

Growth and new beginnings in potentially mutual beneficial relationships through directness and openness. Pay attention to the red flags though and take your time to figure things out before you commit. Some relationships that form right now will be mutually beneficial, but some will not because something (e.g. maturity and real investedness) is still missing, but the lack of it is being covered up and masked:

Accepting Past Mistakes and Misunderstandings as Part of Growth

    13 April 2019 8:06 UTC: Sun in (Aries) square Pluto in^ (Capricorn)

Finding hidden truths and occult knowledge through relationships. In some cases these will be reconciliations and those relationships can only establish by accepting past mistakes as part of growth. In some cases errors on the way are supposed to be turned into learning opportunities, especially errors in understanding. When we thought we were right, but we weren't, it's never too late to change. Misconceptions are natural in life.
On the other side, there is a tendency to be overly cautious and moody because of past mistakes and fallacies and to hide that side from the other person. There can be a tendency to either lash out out of moodiness or to rather not open up fully and to hide behind a mask, to hide one's pain and to be very secretive while at the same time wanting to know everything about the other and wanting to control. Hiding partially and flinching from open confrontation is the fear mechanism of playing safe in order to not feel the pain of potentially losing what has been gained or of not being accepted for whatever mistakes we might have made. It can become a self fulfilling prophecy and actually make us lose what we gained. Once we recognize the mechanism though and push through the fear, we can turn it into something more productive.

Uranus re-enters gate 27 - The Way to Freedom. Innovating Care & Breaking Free of Restrictive Gender Patterns and Roles

    13 April 2019 17:48 UTC: Uranus re-enters gate 27
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This opens a cycle of learning about care, explicitly self-care and caring for oneself first. The following times can bring up a lot of envy.
Ideally we maintain a cycle throughout the mistakes that we make instead of getting fooled by second thoughts and dropping out. The more solid our foundation, the more relaxed and the less fear-driven we can be.
Over the coming times it is going to be a challenge to overcome the collective shadows of competitiveness, power struggles and the need to control, that comes out of a lack-mentality, insecurity and weakness. Especially this is about men who are not able to surrender to their place and try to dominate and overpower women out of insecurity and feeling inferior. This is a generalization and there are always exceptions, but women are naturally more independent, stronger and self-sufficient if you let them. They build fairer societies with less futile power struggles, it is in the genes, in the vehicle, in the body - and the body is the life and frames the potential of the witness consciousness. It's not that the female is superior because the male comes out of the female (like Ra says) - when that logic would apply, we would be superior to the raves. It simply is the hormone cocktail of women that is better designed for the social-emotional realm and for surrender to the form. It is better designed to surrender power struggles, to meet the other in peaceful ways and thus to lay the foundation for sustainable and fair structures in order to organize humanity. Ask transgender people about the effects of transition. Recently even science is catching up on the differences and doing first studies.

As long as the male doesn't give up the need to control and to dominate, as long as the male can't surrender to the social power of the female on a global scale, there can never be peace.

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That's why I have so much respect and appreciation for the aware men who lead other men out of weakness into strength within and into a healthy sense of applying their power. They play a non-replaceable key role.
To the religious people among you: it is Ra who said that women are or can be far superior if they are properly educated, and it is true. Women naturally know it, but they are conditioned away from it by political correctness and by thinking it is arrogant and disrespectful to claim such a place. So many dim their light in order to not stir shit up, in order to be a good human being or in order to not push men further into their collective inferiority complex. It has nothing to do with female arrogance though, and it does not make the male less worthy, valuable and great. When men surrender the need to control, both genders emerge as equal, yet different. It is just the way the healthy hierarchies work and everyone has their unique place in it. There is no end to hierarchies. Positions of power bring resistance and interference, there is always someone who resents you, no matter how just you are. In addition, well-applied power always brings a great burden of responsibility. It simply is nothing to be jealous of, that defies logic and common sense. We are standing in our own way and preventing our own potential to blossom if we don't overcome the power struggles. Trying to dim the light of forces, that want to see you shine, is self-sabotage.

Back to the transit: in a generalized sense, just looking at the empty body without its planetary programming, the female holds the vision. Ideally more women play leading roles and men surrender to that. So part of the envy that comes up can be vagina envy, which is basically pointless because the point of societies that are lead by women is that the resources are more fairly distributed and there generally is less lack and thus less of a base for envy. Envy and egotistical selfishness though can manifest a lack because it complicates integration into common material approaches and projects. Money and the corresponding resources always comes through others and through the outside, that we have to deal with. No human body is built to internally produce money and to shit it out. So if we can't truly and authentically recognize the value and contribution of others and specifically of those we work with and directly relate to, there is a cost to that and that cost is likely going to be resistance over resistance and fuckup after fuckup.

If as a man you surrender to a mature woman who is well educated and self-aware, she nurtures you and challenges you to become the best version of yourself by enforcing healthy boundaries, but caring for you where she can at the same time. And she will love you so much for being strong enough to be vulnerable with her. There is no good reason to be intimidated by it, logically it just doesn't make sense. Zero. For men, there is a lot to be won in that and little to be lost. It's a pretty good return on investment. Giving up pride might be very difficult to do, but pragmatically seen it is such an incredibly low cost, it's almost a joke. Giving up pride it the way to freedom.

"The man who is truly free makes no choices. He does what he must do." - Dane Rudhyar

Correctness and integrity of action automatically leads to being respected without having to use brute force. There will be no need to control and to overpower.

Astrology Report

Mediating Pragmatically, Working Things Out and Saving A Situation

    14 April 2019 1:58 UTC: Venus in (Pisces) trine North Node in (Cancer)
    14 April 2019 13:40 UTC: Sun in (Aries) trine Jupiter in (Sagittarius)
    14 April 2019 23:51 UTC: Venus in (Pisces) sextile Pluto in (Capricorn)
    15 April 2019 23:14 UTC: Venus in (Pisces) square Jupiter in (Sagittarius)

Being mature and pragmatic enough to work things out despite difficulties – or not being mature and pragmatic enough and either having an intense blowup or wasting one's resources on the wrong things.
Helping others through difficult times and emergencies when something really, really needs to be fixed. There needs to be a realistic approach to problem solving. Not always are we capable of helping to fix something, not always do we have what it takes. When the person who wants help doesn't make an effort themselves and relies on others to save them, it ultimately might be a waste of effort to even try. Be careful to not let yourself be used. On the other hand it doesn't help to be overly cautious and greedy when the problem is really evident and urgent and when it is clear that we have what it takes to turn a situation around for someone who is at one's wit's end.

By the way, if you are dreaming of dying or being killed this week, don't be worried too much, there is nothing wrong with you, it's just the transits.

Next week will bring emancipation & recognizing the right relationships.


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