This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Edmund Dulac - The Garden Of Paradise

Last week we experienced transits of structural reset and crash. It also brought a awakening of the sacred masculine. This week brings further wake up, especially of the masculine energy. It brings healing of the sacred feminine and a deep exploration of direction and identity – collective and potentially also individual.

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I don't follow the news a whole lot, but I had a closer look at them when Pluto was moving into conjunction to the South Node, watching out for the 21.6-sun as an outcome, which is the main mutative theme of 2019 (as in the rave new year report). So I'm biased because I'm strategically looking for big systemic shifts, but nonetheless:
A week before that transit, Monsanto was ordered to pay 80 million dollars to a farmer who was damaged by pesticides. I don't have a good recollection memory, but I think people warned against that stuff 15 years ago already? Back then I was really into all of that, so it's a delight to now see something happening.
Venezuela is in chaos (21.6 gone wrong). Here in Europe, a controversial and non-practical copyright reform is in the process of being passed. Lots of young people took to the streets to protest against it. Then there is Brexit. Today, South Korea launched the first nationwide 5G mobile network. In Europe it is still being discussed and negotiated by the telephone companies. Yesterday a German petition ended and reached the required amount of votes to be potentially discussed. The petition requests to halt the 5G implementation without further investigation on the health damage that it causes. Funnily enough the petition reached the required amount at exactly the time where Pluto and the South Node conjuncted - I was reloading the page and watching the petition go from hopeless to successful on an exponential curve within only two days. It might not be such a big thing, because in itself it doesn't necessarily bring any consequences, but it was funny to watch and multiple of these small things might be fuel for further discussion around the health damage of 5G. Many doctors of environmental medicine are warning against it and there are tons of sensitive people who have made their own difficult experiences with far more harmless waves, from simple tiredness to epilepsy. (environmental medicine is one of the few classic medical branches that gets to the root of systemic diseases instead of trying to fix the surface with drugs, it is the medical avantgarde)
In Berlin (Germany) a petition for a referendum to expropriate housing associations for the common good is starting tomorrow! A theme of the age we are moving into is: “power is only great if it serves the common good” and that is exactly what yesterday's transit and this whole year moves us towards.
By the way, does someone know the exact birth time of Andrew Yang? If so, please let me know! Many thanks 🙂

Usually, this week's energy would be a more rough one, but with three times gate 22 (Mercury, Venus, Neptune) there is a certain balance to it. Yet, it could also mean that people aren't closed when they should be closed, because we are out of sync with their inner authorities and intuition, so they are open to the wrong things which hit them even harder.

5 April 2019 4:54 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 51) – channel of the brain wave (Earth 57-20 Mars)

New Moon square Saturn on the Cross of Penetration!

5 April 2019 8:50 UTC: NEW MOON in (Aries), Earth in, square Saturn in 54.6.2

    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous full moon: 30.1.5 (Aquarius)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS new moon: 30.3.3 (Aquarius)
    (Black Moon Lilith of this coming full moon: 30.5.1 (Aquarius)
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The new moon started us off into a month of true shock and into (potentially) accepting fate. Emotionally, it's not the easiest place at the moment, especially for those who are facing broken relationships and have regret. This either brings withdrawal or feeling strong enough to handle the coming difficulties due to all that we have been through and having been forged in the fire. Forward movement happens through the right relationships. The coming full moon will be about finding and taking responsibility, healing and recognizing the right partner and projects. Healing can also be forgiveness and to come to a place of self-forgiveness and to a place where we feel that we can be forgiven. The full moon in two weeks can bring the awareness of what we care for and the awareness to adapt to nurturing and protective forces when we can't make it through the shock alone, even though we might envy or even resent them. There is nothing really to envy in someone who is protective and well-meaning. I have no good reasoning for that other than common sense, but ultimately when people help us through the shock, why would we resent them. Also, the likelihood is quite high of them having walked a similarly difficult route in order to get to a place of being able to nurture. Success doesn't come from nothing. It comes from effort, staying true to oneself and more effort.

Talking things through. Direct yet sensitive communication. Finding understanding on our relationships

    7 April 2019 9:17 UTC: Mercury in^ (Pisces) sextile Saturn in^ (Capricorn)

A lovely transit for communicating, be it sorting through intimate things or talking out business agreements. Understanding where each of us is coming from. Especially when it comes to worldly things and business relationships, this brings mutual modesty, considerateness and great energy. Sorting out agreements is great under these transits since the energy to listen, to really take in what each other is saying and to pierce to the actual point is there.
This is also about taking alone time to ponder the mutative potential or on the restrictiveness of our relationships. Being open to those relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Maturing into One's Life Path

    9 April 2019 20:04 UTC: Mercury in (Pisces) trine North Node in (Cancer)

Matured yet very dreamy perspective and understanding of our life path through detailed examination

Clearing and Healing of Wounds, Deep Connectedness & sensual Daydreams

    10 April 2019 6:13 UTC: Venus conjunct Neptune in (Pisces)

This can bring up great talkativity, but not necessarily always about things that make sense or that have depth.

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Grief comes up in order to be healed, especially for the feminine collective.
For me it is a lot of anger and annoyance. Last time I “heard” of him was on Dec 30 where he energetically involved me in some uncomfortable stuff I didn't enjoy to be involved in. By the end of January I got an apology in dream state, and I think then followed 2 months of dream-silence. Two days ago at the day of Mars trine Chiron that I labeled as divine masculine awakening, he reappeared and I got the silent stare in dream state – his specialty. Now I am very angry and pissed, I'm so pissed that I'm having a hard time writing this report. I have this clay figure of him, a statue that I made as a teen, that incidentally looks like him and matches the symbolism of his sun/moon/ascendant. We rediscovered it one year ago in my parents basement and in December I have been trying crystal healing on it out of necessity and oppression, which worked, so there is a connection. At the moment I could throw it right out the window! Grr
I'd suspect that Venus conjunct Neptune will release a lot of that. It might release a lot of whichever might come up over the coming days for you.
Generally, it likely will release A LOT of wounding and hurt that was inflicted on the feminine collective.

My recent Mercury conjunct Neptune experience
For me, the past weeks something shifted and for a while I had the feeling of being clean in my own energy for the first time in 2 years. Then I started to float through lots and lots of positive emotions and memories ranging from childhood to my 20s (they were mine though). Then emotions started to mix and I would suddenly feel a lot of my Twin's. Now I can't tell anymore if it is his or my stored and gone wild memory, though. It might just be chaos in my system. The day when Mercury conjuncted Neptune in gate 22, his emotions started to get really present and at some point I started to panic without really knowing why, but partly also because of what happened in the past (my Pluto in 44, which is the main fear and shadow pattern that I have developed over the past two years). The panic started to grow real big while I was just sitting there, watching and wondering what was going on. Then my spleen (where gate 44 and its stored cellular memory sits) suddenly pulsed a few times in a very, very strange way. My spleen sent a couple of shock waves. Then the fear was gone and the emotions, as well. I have no idea what's going on and mostly I am too grumpy and annoyed to really care, the emotional rollercoaster also has come back and little things trigger a whole flood of forgotten emotions, but I see that as potential processing and annihilation of fears through gate 22!


    10 April 2019 8:47 UTC: Sun in^ (Aries) square Saturn in^ (Capricorn)

Surviving it alone and silently separating from relationships that are not mutually beneficial. Separating from them and meeting the difficulties on our road alone.

Jupiter Retrograde - Learning Social Temperance and Vigilance. Overcoming Naiveté

    10 April 2019 17:02 UTC: Jupiter retrograde in; fully open G, channel of openness
Astrology Report
Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter will wander retrograde for the next 4 months. This Jupiter retrograde is about exploring where we are heading and learning some social caution. Where is the right call that is AUTHENTIC and not just some other bullshit? It brings the energy to meet the challenges of the shock alone, especially for many of those who have been rumbled through by Pluto conjunct the South Node. When a company has been shattered, each fights on their own. If we teamed up with someone who didn't do their part or who worked towards a different goal, last week might have brought the chaos and this week might bring the gall to say goodbye and to survive it alone. For many, something crumbled to the ground (the tarot tower card in its finest) and through the shock they will be pushed into something more authentic. This Jupiter retrograde is about making it alone for a while in order to ensure survival first. It is about the vigilance to retreat from those relationships that aren't mutually beneficial. This is not a cuddly transit, yet it brings social change, likely through those relationships that are indeed correct and mutually beneficial. It can bring transformation and mutation through others. First and foremost it brings a change in how we approach other people and our relationships.

On 11th August Jupiter turns direct. The outcome of the Jupiter retrograde is to surrender to one's path, to play the roles that one is supposed to play and to apportion power in just and authentic ways.
It can bring fakeness and false masks on the one hand. It can bring attempts to put on a mask and to harmonize relationships in order to at least get the reward of the relationship and to get along without going at each other's throats.
But it can also bring a certain amount of adaptation and making compromises that are authentic, trustworthy, just and healthy.
This whole Jupiter retrograde is about learning to compromise and to be attentive in order to keep on making it work. Either in honest ways or in dishonest ways. Making compromise and playing roles can only work if the roles are authentic, healthy and trustworthy. If they are not, things blow up. Relationships can not succeed without trust. They can never succeed if one tries to overpower and dominate the other. If one tries to be the authority for the other, tries to decide for the other, and takes too much care of what is the other person's business, the relationship fails. Relationships can only succeed if we objectively proportion the power of all parties involved and allow them to have their own responsibility and freedom as separate individuals. The potential outcome of the Jupiter retrograde is to surrender to that. To surrender to openness to listen and to surrender to shared power within a relationship. In autumn this year will be another wave of unions.

The Jupiter retrograde brings us deeper into surrender, into patience and into being fixed on maintaining our rhythm instead of trying to escape and distract ourselves from what's right for us.

Mental and Emotional Growth Spurt

    10 April 2019 21:43 UTC: Mercury in (Pisces) sextile Pluto in (Capricorn)

Understanding, maturing and moving deeper into humbleness and compassion through emotional crisis.

The next week will be about growth, maturation, endurance and recognition of potential.
On a side-note to those who are wondering and complaining about the this and that and whatever thing that don't fit into your perception of HD. Just see it as entertainment or ignore it and act as if you didn't read anything, right now I really can't be bothered with going through the text and editing it out. I'm happy I got a report done at all. At least you are not reading about Jesus encounters!


Juli (Transparent Matrix)

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