This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Nikolai Petrovitch Bogdanov-Belsky - At school doors

Last week was about the unexpected, influence and leadership. This week is about retreat, revelation, remembering, finding understanding and speaking about what we experienced. Long kept secrets could be revealed. On the 1st of August, Mercury is going direct less than one hour after the super new moon. Both carry the same energy:

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31 July 2019 2:20 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 33)

Super New Moon of Surrender and Revelation, Mercury going direct & Venus trine Chiron

    1 August 2019 3:12 UTC: NEW MOON SUPER MOON (#1/3) in 33.2.1 square Uranus in 27.5.6, Earth: 19.2.1, South Node in 54.3.4 conjunct Saturn R in 54.1.4 // Cross of the four Ways
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous full moon: 37.3.5 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS new moon: 37.5.3 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of this coming full moon: 63.1.2^ (Pisces)

    1 August 2019 3:58 UTC: Mercury goes direct in (23°57' Cancer)

    1 August 2019 16:57 UTC: Venus in^ (Leo) trine Chiron R in (Aries)

The new moon starts a new monthly cycle that is about surrender. It is about recognizing and admitting one's errors and misjudgments and surrendering to superior forces in order to lay the foundation for future success. These superior forces can be one's inner authority and inner pull. They can be people who are ahead of us. They can be the synchronicities and signs from higher powers to be acknowledged as existent and real. They could even be psychic powers that we previously couldn't make sense of or that we tried to shut out because that unknown world was too scary. August can bring up the fear of chaos and non-structure, the fear of letting go of certain mindsets and the fear of the divine and of god's cruelty.
In most cases though, it will bring a surrender to one's inner authority, to one's actual dreams and needs and to the right relationships with the right people: The coming week we will be entering the yearly quarter of duality, which brings a new direction for the future, especially in terms of our relationships.

Astrology Report
George Frederic Watts - The Happy Warrior

Speaking of revelation: it just occurred to me that the two past eclipses with Black Moon Lilith in gate 37 brought and will bring a shift in the masculine energy. This is the sacred feminine awakening within men. The masculine energy is finding more balance. Many men are brought to accept their feminine aspects, their emotional vulnerability, what they truly value in their relationships and who they value as their family. Many men are taking a big leap from closed off and brutal towards tender. It brings empowerment to the feminine energy in women, but mostly it's the feminine energy in men that is and will be waking up. Practically that means that many men are gaining access to their emotions and to some kind of bigger vision that lets them turn towards a higher direction and service to humanity. Through their new found emotional presence and feminine within, many men are recognizing the need to surrender to the female instead of trying to dominate her, gain control over her and take advantage of her. August brings transits that can end physical and emotional abuse through slow and steady inner growth. They can help people to overcome projecting out their own weakness and denied character aspects onto others, only to punish them outside of themselves.

This new moon can bring acknowledgment of the feminine energy and her capacity to lead, to nurture, to protect and to organize society – if she first serves the bigger picture instead of trying to impose herself onto others. The big big question will be: can this positive influence be fully accepted, valued and recognized as being of selfless service to the family and community? Or do we carry hate and resentment against those who nurture us because of their strength and our own errors, that make us feel inferior? Do we even project our own incapacity and manipulative tendencies onto them?

Vice versa, if the feminine energy is not nurturing and leading according to a higher vision, but if she is just seeking to pump up her ego selfishly by her actions, then she will probably be perceived as that and later be in the position where she carries resentment to have to admit that she was wrong.
Surrender is one thing. Letting oneself be pushed around and overrun by toxic feminine energy is another.

Collectively we are moving towards more balance between masculine and feminine principle in between both genders and within people of all genders, especially so in men. Women are stepping further into their power, men are coming further to a place of truth and understanding. Men are becoming strong enough to surrender their false sense of pride and superiority and becoming strong enough to feel, to open up emotionally and to truly open up to a woman. Men are becoming strong enough to be vulnerable. Both genders are further dissolving limiting gender stereotypes, starting with “a man doesn't cry” and “a woman doesn't rebel”.

As I wrote in a previous report on the gender differences (report on Uranus in gate 27, April 2019-May 2020):

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If as a man you surrender to a mature woman who is well educated and self-aware, she nurtures you and challenges you to become the best version of yourself by enforcing healthy boundaries, but caring for you where she can at the same time. And she will love you so much for being strong enough to be vulnerable with her.

There is no good reason to be intimidated by it, logically it just doesn't make sense. Zero. For men, there is a lot to be won in that and little to be lost. It's a pretty good return on investment. Giving up pride might be very difficult to do, but pragmatically seen it is such an incredibly low cost, it's almost a joke. Giving up pride it the way to freedom.

"The man who is truly free makes no choices. He does what he must do." - Dane Rudhyar

Correctness and integrity of action automatically leads to being respected without having to use brute force. There will be no need to control and to overpower.

From now on and the further we move towards mid August, the big question will be: who is authentic, who considers the other person and who is willing to serve the larger framework? Who is really looking to find new relationship principles that do work for everyone by sharing experiences and concerns and by talking things through until a solution is found? Who is thus right to accept into our life in love, friendship and work?
And who is masking themselves, making stuff up and bending what happened in the past? Who is trying to hijack our memories, denying that certain things happened, bending the truth, telling other people made up nonsense about how things went down with us, keeping major secrets that would be a deal-breaker, making empty promises and selfishly using people's naivité and lack of understanding for personal gain or for a very narrow agenda that has little objective value? The full moon in the mid of August will bring these themes to the surface. Right now, there is an opportunity and a need to apply what we have learned during the past Mercury retrograde: social selectivity and the willingness to cut hypocritical and false people off. Until September we are still experiencing a Saturn retrograde, that is all about learning a hard lesson on what it means for relationships to be mutually beneficial, fulfilling and authentic.
Some needs of this moon cycle will be fulfilled and some needs and principles will be rejected. For some, a road might open up and for some a certain road might be blocked, at least for now.
Shortly after the new moon, Mercury goes direct in line 62.4, which is directly opposite the lunar eclipse of July. This is supposed to be the outcome of the eclipse, so to say: collectively, we are guided to investigate the details and data in aloneness before stating and sharing anything. Yet, it is important to recognize that we can't force to gain any understanding. Patience is needed. Insights come in their own timing. Neither can we force progress and act against better knowing with the wrong timing.
This month, the investigation might as well be necessary to discern some people's whitewashed or dramatized stories, justifications and fairytales from the actual facts.
Of course not everyone will have the same memories, especially not if they are or were emotionally colored. Each of us perceives things differently and this month brings the potential for lies, but it also brings us a proneness to simple misunderstanding - or the potential to resolve misunderstandings. Ideally, we can sit together and talk things through. How did you perceive it? I perceived it like that. The result will often be that we interpreted the same thing very differently and came to very different conclusions.

Those who already have the details together might wait for the right opportunity to act. These aren't transits of blindly rushing ahead without having a solid understanding of what it is that is truly right for us to fight for. The current time quality brings more of a slow but lasting progress. In tarot this would be the knight of pentacles.

The lunar eclipse in gate 61.4 brought and will bring huge internal shifts and changes. The solar eclipse in gate 39.2^ triggered and will continue to trigger those inner changes, as well as outer changes, through letting us confront obstacles and through talking about obvious issues right out in the open.

On the problematic side August brings broken promises. Saying yes passionately and then running away.
On the productive side, August is about admitting past mistakes and joining together with the right people now or at a later point in time. There is a need to be willing to serve something bigger than ourselves. There is no place for holding grudges against people who are a step ahead of us on some level or another. That only hampers successful cooperation. There will be no progress if we cling to an unhealthy and false ego, pride and self-importance.

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Supporting and Being Supported in Working on something bigger

    2 August 2019 10:00 UTC: Venus (Leo) square Uranus R in (Taurus)

Problematic: Taking advantage of other people's selflessness and of their resources - or being taken advantage of.

Productive: Applying the resources of ourselves and others productively. Concentrating on practical measures and actions to make things a success. Working on things that can can later be of positive influence and impact to others.

Staying stuck or finding a new order

    4 August 2019 15:59 UTC: Mars in (Leo) waning quincunx Pluto R in (Capricorn)

Problematic: Being irresponsible and making stuff up that justifies being irresponsible and careless with situations, relationships and projects where we should rather invest in, or at least listen. These can be the most illogical and nonsensical justifications that prevent people from doing the right thing. Some people might try to forget what actually is the most important to them, simply due to fear or pessimism.
Especially, this is about being irresponsible with hidden knowledge and truths. A real life example: someone could be saved from a severe traffic accident by a deceases person's voice that made him stop in the street, look back over his shoulder and keep him from being crushed by a car. They could repeatedly hear these kind of stories from others, as well, but still insist on it being a random coincidence out of being afraid of something greater than themselves that has power over them and could butcher them in the blink of an eye. By refusing to investigate the patterns of these encounters and of the Maya, they'd never discover that these patterns actually offer some kind of greater certainty, safety and non-chaos than nihilism does. Ironically, understanding the patterns takes away a lot of the fear that prevents us from investigating them in the first place.
On the other side, this is a transit where people can truly get lost in researching alien invasions and other fear-based delusional propaganda. They could lose themselves in darkness over investigating the wrong things and sticking to answers that do not serve them at all.

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Productive: Yet, this also offers the opportunity to trash outdated answers and belief systems that kept us stuck in darkness, fear, denial and the convenient comfort zone. This can bring sudden insights and answers that we previously never might have considered.
This can be the final step and turning point in overcoming the irresponsibility and lethargy that might have kept us stuck up until now.
It can put a halt on irresponsibly over-investing one's energy. If this is a masculine energy investing into a toxic feminine energy, the masculine is going into idle mode, refuses to be invested and might simply be trying to forget. The feminine might be realizing her mistakes.

The next week will start the yearly quarter of duality and relationships with a need to really listen openly and with empathy.


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