This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Always trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Peter Newell - Fairyland

Last week might have brought new directions for relationships. This week is about relationship transformation and answers.

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This week is the peak of a moon cycle that can bring people back to admit their past errors and that can bring in new people who want to learn from another. In the worst case scenario, it brings empty promises made only for personal gain, even outright lying, and people either dropping out or being rejected in insensitive ways. Even when people really mean well, there is a potential of really being unrealistic and overextending oneself. In a better case scenario it brings sensitivity for the needs of a situation, rejection of something old and replacement with something that works better and is more just. This can be about letting old relationships go, maybe even getting divorced, and accepting new ones in. Yet, often times it will simply be a process of transforming the old ways within an existing relationship or community into something more productive and fulfilling. For example, if the neighbor next door always makes an incredible noise late at night, this is a week where people might complain and explain themselves to try find a solution. This full moon also brings a fixation on a certain idea and fantasy, which can turn out to be true - or not. A good question to ask is: do we have this answer because it truly makes sense and feels right, or is it a mental justification or construct that is supposed to give us a false sense of certainty, maybe even as an excuse? For example, we might inauthentically drop out of relationships because we are afraid of the needs and demands - and then make up some kind of irrational excuse and false justification to which we cling.

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11 August 2019 20:13 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 4)

Uranus retrograde until January 2020

    12 August 2019 2:28 UTC: Uranus retrograde in (Taurus), 1/3 Cross of Explanation, fully open Ego and Spleen (Channel of Surrender)

This Uranus retrograde is about caring about the resources of others selflessly or selfishly caring only for oneself and sticking all in one's own pocket.

If there was a transit that could bring really unexpected family heritages and funding or support for projects – this would be it. It also can be a time where people start to think more deeply about their testaments and what happens to their belongings once they die, or how they can now distribute their wealth in ways that help, nurture and educate their immediate surroundings or even the world and humanity.

The cross of explanation with a fully open spleen and ego is about surrender, but first and foremost it is about explaining and transmitting something to others. “These are the ways in which we can care to make things work” and “and this kind of caring or relationship behavior doesn't work and isn't sustainable”. This can bring emancipation from caring too much about all the wrong things. It can bring defying the status quo. It can bring avoidance of commitment, but it can also bring commitment to the things we truly care about.
The coming time can also bring clearing up of misunderstandings in a (more) polite and emotionally controlled way. This is not necessarily such an emotionally explosive energy, it is about committing to something, that we truly care about, and then patiently moving towards it while talking those things through, that are unclear and that could create trouble. On the other hand, without patience, without mutual sensitivity and without open communication, emotions can easily become repressed and bottled up leading into a big explosion at the end.

This brings a period of being patient while searching for better understanding of a situation, a better understanding of the people involved and a better understanding of one's inner truth. It also brings a period of waiting for the right time to act and to explain oneself, maybe even to explain that one cares (or that one doesn't).

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Uranus goes direct in January 2020 and brings the energy to independently care for ourselves first. It also brings new beginnings that are mutually beneficial.

Sun conjunct Venus exactly quincunx Pluto (to the minute)

    14 August 2019 6:07 UTC: Sun conjunct Venus in^ (Leo)
    14 August 2019 6:07 UTC: Venus in^ (Leo) waning quincunx Pluto R in (Capricorn)
    14 August 2019 6:07 UTC: Sun in^ (Leo) waning quincunx Pluto R in (Capricorn)

This is the feminine energy trying to not be totally over-invested and to get by with minimum effort – at least until truth is found. It can range from rationalizing a lack of responsibility right up to overcoming irresponsibility through understanding oneself or the situation on a deeper level.

As an example, a stereotypical situation might be that someone from the past returns and apologizes. The other person might be bottled-up and says: alright, you can tell me a lot, but it's best if you show me over time that you are really invested, trustworthy and that you mean what you say. Before that happens I'm not making much of an effort, or even no effort at all. On the more problematic end, this might be the neighbor, who is noisy at night and disturbing other people's sleep, refusing to change his ways. The more sensitive the explanation is, the more likely it might be to fall on open ears.

Astrology Report
Frederick Cayley Robinson - The Bluebird

A Full Moon of Answers and Lying

    15 August 2019 12:29 UTC: FULL MOON in 49.4.5, Sun in 4.4.5^ conjunct Venus in 4.5.1 // 4/6 Cross of Explanation
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous corresponding new moon: 37.5.3 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS full moon: 63.1.2^ (Pisces)

I already introduced this full moon in the beginning of this post. It carries the energy of promises and lies, but it can also lead to resolve misunderstanding, even misunderstandings that made it look as if someone was bending the truth when they were not. It is essential to take the time to investigate doubt in detail, to not let doubt turn into self-doubt and to let things unfold naturally.

Healing Recognition - or not

    15 August 2019 21:12 UTC: Mercury in (Leo) trine Chiron R in (Aries)

Being recognized in one's potential to lead, to organize and to nurture – or being seen as manipulative, overly rigid and thus not being able to influence others positively or even hurt them.

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Externalizing influence

    16 August 2019 17:06 UTC: Mercury in (Leo) square Uranus R in (Taurus)

Caring about one's own project versus caring about other people's resources – what is the right balance?
Trying to bring one's influence to the world and trying to innovate. For example: Explaining one's projects and gathering support or funding for them. Trying to make one's own project or other people's endeavors influential.
(or having no external ambition at all)

The next week will be about committing or not.


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