This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

Last week was about surrendering to one's inner pull and to people from who we can learn. This week is about leading and following. It starts the yearly quarter of duality and relationships with a need to really listen openly and with empathy and with a need to share power justly instead of trying to overpower each other.

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As we are moving into the quarter of duality with the Sun moving into gate 7, we are experiencing a lot of aspects of Venus and the Sun in gate 7 forming with the outer planets. Most of these aspects we already experienced in a similar setup two weeks ago with Mars (masculine principle) instead of Venus (feminine principle) and the Sun.
This week is about values and purpose. Standards are being met or not.

5 August 2019 23:22 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 7) – channel of the witness (Earth 13-33 Venus)

Staying true to ourselves and to our standards

    7 August 2019 7:31 UTC: Sun in (Leo) trine Jupiter R in (Sagittarius)
    8 August 2019 0:24 UTC: Sun in (Leo) waning quincunx Saturn R in (Capricorn)
    8 August 2019 20:27 UTC: Venus in (Leo) trine Jupiter R in (Sagittarius)
    9 August 2019 8:23 UTC: Venus in (Leo) waning quincunx Saturn R in (Capricorn)
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Problematic: Letting other people decide your way against your inner authority and better knowing. Impatience and a total lack of self-restraint. Feeling superior, becoming arrogant and having an overly pumped up ego, often out of impatience with the other person. Not being satisfied with the success that came through others, but wanting more. Unable to let go. Insisting that a relationship needs to have an official status, even in cases where the foundation does not work and would better be turn down. Burning down the wrong things out of fear of failure.

Productive: Recognition in one's capacity and future potential through acceptance and patience. Slow manifestation.
On the other hand: Ending secret relationships that weren't authentic (from affairs to brown-nosing). Accepting that not every otherwise authentic connection, that we have with others, can or needs to have an official status, be publicly known or become more. Accepting a “no” for an answer (work or love) and following the needs of a situation.
Some roads will be blocked and others will open if we can bring patience along with us.

Astrology Report
Fernand Khnopff - the Sphinx or the Caresses

Jupiter goes direct - Passive Hunting

    11 August 2019 0:44 UTC: Sun in (Leo) waxing quincunx Neptune R in (Pisces)
    11 August 2019 13:38 UTC: Jupiter direct in (Sagittarius) on the 6/2 Cross of Masks (13.6 p-earth, previous black moon lilith)
    11 August 2019 17:42 UTC: Venus in (Leo) waxing quincunx Neptune R in (Pisces)
    11 August 2019 19:43 UTC: Mercury enters Leo
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Moving into the future with patience.
Jupiter's retrograde from April to August was about overcoming naivité. It was all about learning social temperance and vigilance, often times through being absolutely incautious out of boredom and not knowing when to stop. Bigger, bigger, bigger, followed by a crash that might have required total and absolute separation and distancing oneself from a situation.
Jupiter going direct ideally brings to application a lesson learned about patience and about the need to stick with one's own rhythm. It plays together with the current Chiron retrograde that can bring healing by taking the longer but more rewarding route that honors the details. The Chiron retrograde can also bring suffering through trying to take inauthentic shortcuts out of impatience.

The past Jupiter retrograde and the eclipse suggest that some of these illusionary shortcuts might be social and cooperative nature. They could appear in the form of people and connections, that are very tempting for the mind, but that clash with our inner authority and pull. These shortcuts might come through people who are not being fully open, hiding parts of themselves and wearing a masks just to get their own benefit of the relationship. That doesn't have to come from a malicious motivation, it can also be that they simply can't show certain parts of themselves or that they might hide their pain. The question is: are the roles that we play in these relationships authentic or inauthentic? Are they honest or dishonest? Thus: are they trustworthy or not? When being authentic, with the right people there is no need to be afraid of being unmasked and seen. This can bring a cautiousness in commitment instead of blindly rushing ahead. Careful and patient evaluation might be what is needed in many of these situations.
Even with the right people we might be tempted to hurry and to skip steps, which often might put the whole relationship at risk. Jupiter going direct can bring a slow evaluation of who can be responsible in relationships and who can not. Who tries to dominate and who can meet es equals?
By the way, I feel like a broken record, but that's just how I personally interpret the repetitive energies. Let's see if next year's transits will be different. This year's transits appear to offer a major turning point for people with slow inner authorities, that are dependent on patience, but also for saturnian people.

Next week will see Uranus going retrograde, as well as a full moon.


Juli (Transparent Matrix)

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