This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report

Last week was about patience and progress or impatience, misguided hunger and a lack of progress. This week brings trickster energy for the good (sacred trickster and transmitting truth) or the bad (taking advantage). It brings a full moon that is about transition, a potentially big crisis and forgetting things from the past that were selfish, futile and had no future. In the low expression it can also be about censoring information in order to influence a group direction for purely personal benefit.

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In the high expression, this full moon is about gathering together the right people and being able to bring a positive direction to a group environment. It is about influencing the direction of a group for the higher good.

09 December 2019 09:35 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 26 ䷙ (Sagittarius) – channel of the beat (14.6 Mercury-2.1 Moon)

09 December 2019 09:40 UTC: Mercury enters Sagittarius in ䷍

Growing in strength to survive everything. Being spoiled by power - or not

    10 December 2019 09:31 UTC: Mercury in ䷡ (Sagittarius) trine Chiron in ䷘ (Aries)

Problematic: Being spoiled by power. Getting emotionally carried away when victory is in sight, maybe losing the necessary vigilance to anticipate obstacles, interference and threats to survival.

Productive: Being called to power. Staying innocent and motiveless despite being handed more power and responsibility. Simply enjoying to work towards something great, or to be called to something great. Understanding proper power use and how to externalize power. Power for survival. Growing in power and survival capacity.

Ambitious Relationships. Kingmaker transit and triumph. Subtle power use and selective nurturing with magnanimity or self-worth issues leading to power abuse and depleting others

    11 December 2019 10:04 UTC: Venus conjunct Saturn in ䷵ (Capricorn)
    11 December 2019 11:53 UTC: Mercury in ䷡ (Sagittarius) waning quincunx to Uranus in ䷚ (Taurus)
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Problematic: Deluded career opportunism: expecting others to help us to success where they might not and reacting off when they don't help us. Being expected to help others to success and being restrained by certain relationships. Giving out misinformation to either keep people away, or to make them think that we are the power behind the throne. Being so on guard, that we do not recognize the right people to invest in, to support and to empower them.

Productive: Having fruitful relationships with others when being in a position of power. Rising through magnanimous caring and real commitment in relationships. Helping the right person to succeed (only if that is correct for us!) by recognizing their potential and talent. Kingmaker transit. Focusing on ambition, working towards success through loyal relationships. (Potentially) having learned the proper use of power and being fixed to use it for nurturing purposes instead of abusive and detrimental actions.

Full Moon of the big Goodbye

Gathering together for the Service of higher Principles – or selfishly influencing People's Direction and being de-selected. Transition through Darkness and a big fat Crisis. Transmuting sexual Blockages. Letting go of what was lacking higher principles, of what and who was selfish and of what was one-sided and futile. Having found the power to forcefully fend off exploitative people. Maintaining one's survival strength through forgetting

    12 December 2019 05:12 UTC: FULL MOON in ䷬ (Gemini), Sun in 26.4.1, square Black Moon Lilith in 36.3.3, Mercury in 34.5.2 // 4/6 Cross of Rulership
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous corresponding new moon: 36.1.3 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS full moon: 36.3.3 (Pisces)
Astrology Report
Sydney Long - Spirit of the Plains

Problematic: Trying to influence joint effort or group effort out of self-serving agendas for personal gain without having proper values in place. Not burning to the ground what didn't work, be it a relationship or a relationship pattern, and taking it over into the new situation, where it might find back to new strength and make things difficult. Not being able to let the past be the past.
Especially self-serving agendas could and probably should bring the big crisis, recognition of futility, cutting out those self-serving people and eliminating our memories of them.

Productive: Directing joint effort or group effort towards a higher purpose. Accepting transition towards a new order. Letting go of the past and maintaining one's strength through forgetting. It is darkest before dawn. Transitioning from a broken and futile foundation to a new one. Gathering together the likeminded and leading them according to higher principles. Creating synergistic effort.

Once again, this is guiding us to tune into our inner authority and to trust our body wisdom. Without doing that, annihilating resistance in life is a pretty futile project.

Chiron direct on the Cross of Confrontation: Maintaining Innocence and Finding Ways to Survive in the World through having taken the long Road and having done solid Research

    13 December 2019 03:48 UTC: Chiron direct in ䷘ (1°26' Aries) on the 5/1 cross of confrontation with the Sun in gate 26.5, a totally open Spleen and the channel of exploration
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The initial Chiron retrograde was in gate 17.3. It brought and can bring healing to those who took the long road and resisted the temptation to take shortcuts. Chiron going direct brings the hurt or the healing through whatever we have had going on over the recent months.

Some might face a loss when they jumped right onto the seemingly short and more exciting path without proper evaluation of data and detail (and if it was only about waiting for more emotional data in order to make a solid decision). When we ask for respect that we have not earned yet, when we claim a leadership role that we can't own and live up to yet, when we ignore our survival instincts and inner knowing, and when we refuse to adapt to the situation out of a lack of detailed understanding, Chiron direct might confront us with a challenging situation. Emotions might pull us towards one way, instinct might pull us towards the other way. There can be an inner conflict. Sometimes it might only be rooted in a misunderstanding, that can be resolved. Sometimes things might not be able to be solved. When we refuse to see what we need to survive, when we don't solve the issue and when we let others sap us empty, survival can be threatened.

Others might experience healing when they resisted temptations and when they made sure they have everything that is necessary to succeed at the end of the road. Healing might come to us when we took our proper time, despite a feeling of impatience and of missing out on exciting things.
To those who resisted to blindly follow the sparkle, Chiron brings healing through finding ways to survive in the world. For example, this Chiron retrograde affects me and my chart. So far, over here it has prevented a thwarted beginning (the evolutionary obstacle of 2019) and a solid foundation to break. It seems to have built and preserved a foundation through waiting for the proper and uncannily exact timing. That was made possible through understanding the global orchestration pattern and adapting to it, which to me seems to be the best potential that a 26.5 can bring out. The Sun is in 26.5 while Chiron goes direct. (Yes, that's my heresy for you with Jupiter in 10.5^ - strategy and authority is the essential entry point, it is nowhere near perfection and it is a shortcut in itself)

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Through looking at the data and through investigating the details of their patterns despite the absence of thrill and emotional excitement in research, Chiron also has helped many of us to find our spirit, to find a piece of inner truth and proper place. We are rewarded with the capacity to maintain our spirit despite the decadence around us and to have a better resistance to conditioning.
Chiron going direct ensures survival through being ourselves authentically in the now, through potentially understanding ourselves, understanding others, even understanding the matrix, through knowing how to adapt to others and through being able to lead selflessly.

Astrology Report
Alfons Mucha - Dusk
Astrology Report
Alfons Mucha - Dawn

Problematic: Resisting change. Not knowing when enough is enough, not defending our energy, refusing to adapt and losing strength through staying in detrimental situations, maybe even being depleted. Refusing to understand the mechanics and reality of a situation, refusing to adapt and thus risking survival - or doing the opposite: getting absolutely lost in a search for hidden data and misguided knowledge and becoming unable to deal with reality and survival.

Productive: Having the strength to endure temporary difficulties and crisis. Being able to maintain balance in between the extremes, that are being experienced. Either having gained a good understanding of life and the situations that we are facing. Or looking for hidden knowledge where it helps, but listening within first for discernment. Surviving the most difficult situations. Maintaining innocence and motivelessness despite the decadence around us. Spitting out when we have bitten off too much or when the meal turned out to be rotten.

Brilliant creative Flow

    13 December 2019 11:54 UTC: Mars in▲ ䷀ (Scorpio) trine Neptune in ䷾ (Pisces)
    13 December 2019 15:16 UTC: Venus conjunct Pluto in ䷼ (Capricorn)

Sticking to what is right and letting the creative process flow despite doubts. Brilliant inspiration or shallow babbling.

The next week will be about peace, ideas, beliefs and social caution.


Juli (Transparent Matrix)

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