This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Ilya Repin - What A Freedom

The last solar week was about finding the right behavior and self-love through integrating our extremes. It was about breaking out of homogenization into our own pattern and path towards purpose.
This solar week is about joy, vitality, service and the drive to invest into the right projects after proper assessment. It is about loving life as a process of refinement and improvement. It is also about sitting still within difficulties, anchoring in potential change and calmly investing energy into what nourishes our authentic direction. Do we manage to maintain our identity and defend our energy against what is not for us – or are we losing ourselves and focus our energy onto things that are not correct for us?

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To sit still and to wait also means to look at the patterns and to gain understanding in order to be well prepared for the future. The better we know who or what we are dealing with, the better we are prepared for upcoming difficulties and for coming crisis. Understanding does enable us to circumvent some (but not all) of the obstacles to begin with.
This week opens a major, major, major moon cycle. This coming moon cycle from the end of December to the end of January brings two eclipses, the beginning of the calendar year and the energetic beginning of the new yearly cycle. Eclipses are special new moons and full moons that highly effect our environment and our developmental path. They will open doorways, that will stay open for passage far into 2020. This moon cycle opens the door for big new beginnings and service to humanity, especially through collaborative efforts.

25 December 2019 23:34 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 58 ䷹ (Capricorn)

Solar Eclipse of Loving Life and Joy mixed with Crises

    26 December 2019 05:13 UTC: ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE (NEW MOON) in▽ ䷹ (Capricorn) conjunct Jupiter in and South Node in▲▽ opposite North Node in▲ and Earth in▲ // 1/3 Cross of Service with a fully open G and Throat (the first time I have seen this in the major transits of 2019)
    The eclipse (and Jupiter) is trine Uranus in, square Chiron in and semi-sextile Venus in Mercury is in in 11.3.6, Mars in 14.1
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous full moon: 36.3.3 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS new moon: 36.5.1 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of this coming full moon: 36.6.6 (Pisces)
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The last moon cycle was about gathering together and giving direction to a joint or group endeavor, transition through crisis out of what was futile into a new future, leaving the past behind and starting with a clean slate. It was a major turning point that either let us welcome change or resist change. Having resisted change probably lead or will lead into a dark night of the soul. The last moon cycle was about endings and transition. The coming moon cycle is about huge new beginnings, ideally authentic ones and mutually beneficial ones. The coming moon cycle doesn't simply bring us a new moon and a full moon, but two eclipses that open longer lasting doorways of change. One lunar eclipse in January is about beginnings and so is the Rave New Year, that falls at the very end of this coming moon cycle and starts a new experiential yearly cycle. Today's solar eclipse opens this cycle of beginnings with the joyful love of live (or absence thereof).

The previous moon cycle was about personal crisis, about our own crisis and transition through darkness out of the old into the new. This moon cycle and the coming months (eclipse doorways) still bring crisis, but it's going to carry a different flavor and it is going to be transpersonal crisis. It brings the triggering of growth in others after having had the big crisis oneself.

Since the eclipse directly hooks into the 2020 energies, the full text on the eclipse is available as a tiny add-on to those of you who have purchased the Rave New Year 2020. Nothing big, just a little extra. You'll be able to read it after logging into your account. I think I might keep it this way for the lunar eclipse as well. I'll put the eclipse descriptions on a separate page together with the content of the 2020 report, so that everything is easily accessible in one place and not only by PDF.

Explaining our direction with precision and sensitivity, but determination. Not buying into blame

    27 December 2019 02:09 UTC: Venus in ䷒ (Aquarius) waning quincunx to North Node in▲ ䷳ (Cancer)
    27 December 2019 18:25 UTC: Sun conjunct Jupiter in ䷹ (Capricorn)
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Problematic: Blaming others for being confusing or needy. Demanding too much and being insensitive. Being called and saying yes to the wrong things because we are afraid of not being accepted when we say no. Less off-track, but still messy: not being able to say no to the wrong sacrifices, being afraid of other people's reaction when we make our point, coming up with confusing excuses instead of simple truth and getting stuck in projection and chaos. Not being able to state a clear no and giving a part of our energy to people not because we really want to, but so that they go away and leave us alone. Wasting too much energy in the wrong places.

Productive: Being called to investigate freaky stuff and work on potentially unusual projects that really speak to us individually and give us an opportunity to make use of our natural talents and preferences. Learning or having learned interdependence and having learned not to lose identity (not to be conditioned and brought away from ourselves). Overcoming fears of being rejected and working through them, often through having come closer to finding the proper words to explain ourselves and to make statements that are on point instead of confusing. Being able to explain and defend ourselves and our direction in life tersely, even when others meet us with incomprehension. Often times though, these might bring the necessary clarity to closing conversations of situations and relationships that did not work out and had to end.
Finding optimism and enthusiasm for the path that truly calls us, no matter how strange it may be. Not buying into other people's blame, protecting our energy and standing strong in our individuality, yet being able to work together and to explain ourselves on point. This might be and have been a helpful transit especially for people with channel 43-23.

    29 December 2019 04:54 UTC: Mercury enters Capricorn in▲ ䷉

Confident Self-Defense and Self-Entertainment, caring for ourselves first and maintaining Purpose - or Overconfidence and Decadence, depending on others for Stimulation, losing Sight of Purpose and risking Security and Survival

    30 December 2019 04:57 UTC: Mercury in▽ ䷉ (Capricorn) square Chiron in ䷘ (Aries)
    30 December 2019 09:52 UTC: Sun in▽ ䷹ (Capricorn) opposite North Node in▲ ䷳ (Cancer)
Astrology Report
Giovanni Segantini - The Punishment of Lust
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Problematic: Giving in to other people's selfish demands on our energy and seeing opportunities where there are none. Giving up healthy defense out of purely mind-based and disconnected decision making. Not staying true to ourselves, being tempted by the money, by a quick fix to a problem, by a questionable romance or by something else that looks quite tempting, but that encourages decadence or that can even endanger survival. Playing hit and miss with the fates and risking security. We are currently in energy that is about resolving sexual blockages and together with this Sun-South Node-Jupiter conjunction these can be “skip the condom, get HIV or pregnant from an unbearable person”-transits. This can also bring up unhealthy sexual patterns that aren't just some fetish, but that you would not want to be the target of and that in the extreme case might be a damage to sanity or survival. Ego distortions can become really big under these transits. Don't get me wrong: If someone has the age, the funds, the stability and the desire for having children, pregnancy might be a gift and it might not become a survival problem – but for a family who is already starving, for someone who is having a fling with a yet-to-be-demasked covert narc or for a youngster incautiously messing around, it certainly is. This is also a transit that can peak substance abuse and addiction or anything that prevents us from doing the work we need to do. Whatever people overindulge in at expense of survival - the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January might bring a massive crash that requires a total reset. For example, someone who misuses substances might experience liver damage, other physical health symptoms, black outs or hallucinations even when they are not in withdrawal, that makes them realize they might die if they continue like that and that forces them to do something and to seek help. Power abuse can also become an issue with these transits, be it the above example that pregnancy ties someone to a narc, or be it the ayahuascero and self-labeled-“shaman” who isn't exactly centered, abuses their power over people and does more damage or unhealthy conditioning than healing in their ceremonies.
It might become problematic if we have an attitude of thinking that life will magically work things out for us although we don't do the right thing and indulge in questionable stimuli or invest our energy into things that can endanger our survival – and if survival is only endangered through having no more energy left to care for what is important. This is not a prompt to overwork, to push our limits too far, to skip breaks and to not treat ourselves. It is only a prompt to find the right balance and to practice discernment on what to spend our energy on. Especially when we are balanced within ourselves, people might want to have what we have, either out of envy, or they might simply want a piece of our cake and call or invite us to things that are not for us.
When people are in their shadow, they might blame us for the decisions we make, for taking good care of ourselves and sticking to our path, for defending our energy (potentially against inauthentic “opportunities”) and for not fulfilling their expectations. They might act as if it was their business and be really self-entitled, selfish, bossy and demanding. It is not their business. You do what you need to do to free yourself.

Productive: Not being tempted and taking only the right opportunities. Knowing who we are, what is correct for us, what to indulge in and what not to indulge in. Purposeful creation. Not letting ourselves be pressured to invest energy into what lacks purpose to us individually. Waiting for the right survival opportunities or for the right opportunities where change can take place and support survival. Accepting what is and understanding what is needed, what is safe and what isn't. Understanding and explaining that we have to care for ourselves first. Overcoming people pleasing and finding independence. Sticking to our path against resistance and despite being blamed. Rejecting other people's interference with determination and strength.

The next week is about tension, provocation, aggression, fighting for purpose and individuation.


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