This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
George Frederic Watts - Choosing

Last week was about revolution and gathering support. This week brings yearning and a fear that fate might not decide in our favor. These are just the transit energies, don't mistake those fears for reality. This week also brings clarity, a knowing of which path we need to take and a commitment to authentically follow through with our deepest desires and callings. Commitments are made to those things that we truly want. Everything else falls away.

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Some hours into the coming week, there will be a full moon which is about breaking through to the other and feeling strong enough to do so (or feeling weak and needing more time to find inner strength). It is about being strong enough to be intimate, transparent and honest, and so this week and this week's decisions lead up to overcoming weakness, dishonesty and lying. A relationship that is not honest and authentically outspoken has nothing to do with intimacy, it's just mindfuck and that can never last and be fulfilling.

13 February 2019 12:19 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 30)

    14 February 2019 10:51 UTC: Mars enters Taurus in (he conjuncted Uranus 6 hours before)

15 February - It is what it is

    15 February 2019 10:51 UTC: Sun in (26° Aquarius) exact waning quincunx North Node in (26° Cancer)

This is the aftermath of the eclipse, which set the tone for the year 2019 and brought the theme of dealing with limitations (LINK to the 2019 forecast). This aspect is about having accepted what is, it is about having accepted the limitation that we are facing. It is about accepting karma and the harsh times, which we experience in life, in the awareness that we will learn from them, be renewed and that there are also brighter times on the horizon. There is a recognition of what is valuable and practical and what lacks practicality because it is chafing against what what can't be changed and undone.

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On a sidenote, this is also why it is nonsense to pressure people into forgiveness, acceptance and all these things. Trying to be there or making oneself believe that one is there is not the same as ultimately being there. You can't pull grass to grow. In relationship, what is needed most is understanding of oneself and the other person so that we can take more considerate actions and be more understanding and loving with each other.

These are energetic shifts and they come naturally when it is time, such as they are coming right now. What matters is how we respond to it and from what level of awareness and self-knowing we act upon it. What we make of it and if we know each other well enough to not screw up again, that's another story and the receptivity to this kind of knowledge is also not given to everyone at any time, it is naturally predetermined. That's why some of you are here, reading these reports and knowing your design very thoroughly – because you have been guided to it when the time was right. You have been invited to co-create life in a more aware manner.

This aspect can bring emotional closure to the old cycle, in order to emotionally make space for the new one that is opening right now. It is what it is.

17 February 2019

    8:44 UTC: Venus in^v (16° Capricorn) exactly sextile Neptune in (16° Pisces)

Letting things unfold naturally, calmly and privately, and being understanding - or doubting everything and forcing public acknowledgment of a relationship as some kind of proof that the other person is invested, or out of a need for status. There is a danger of rushing ahead too fast and of involving too many people and the public in a matter between two.

The moon also conjuncts the north node on this day, shining a mild light on the path we are on and helping us to see clearly where we are supposed to go.

18 February - Authentic Destiny and Purpose, Making Big Changes

    18 February 2019 7:54 UTC: Sun in (29° Aquarius) exactly sextile Uranus in (29° Aries)

Maintaining right action: choosing and committing to the right authentic path that calls us. Breaking free of conventions that kept us stuck on the wrong path. Leaving behind everything that does not serve purpose and that is not authentic. Overcoming negative feelings that stand in the way to where we want to go. Meeting people who can guide us and help us to map the new territory we are stepping onto.

Chiron enters Aries. New Chiron Healing Cycle – Existentialism and Maintaining Right Action (or not)

    18 February 2019 9:07 UTC: Chiron leaves Pisces (the last sign of the zodiac) and enters Aries (the first sign of the zodiac) in gate
Astrology Report, Chiron enters Aries
Chiron enters Aries

Gate 25.2 brings the theme of existentialism and naturally being oneself in the Now without focusing on what was or what could have been.

    // This is a theme that will take over in 2027 when the global background frequency shifts away from planning towards the sleeping (or then awakening) phoenix and integration circuitry (channel 34-20). This is also what having a right-oriented cognition is about and what we are moving towards as a species.

To me this means we are now truly leaving behind the old Chiron cycle. Chiron won't come back to Pisces and to the end of the zodiac in the next 43 years.
We are fully entering the new Chiron cycle in which healing and finding one's spirit and innocence will be a process that is massively accelerated.
It is very telling that this happens while the Sun is in gate 30.6 sextiling Uranus in gate 3.4 (the aspect described above). The 3.4 is finding a new order with the help of others. Gate 30 brings in the fates and the 30.6 is all about maintaining right action. “Right action” is authentic action with a higher purpose and perspective. It is about following individual destiny that is in coherence with who we are.

Chiron and gate 25 are alike, they both are shamans and they both are bridges between two worlds. To me gate 25 is Chiron's home gate.

    // Chiron is the bridge between Saturn (who ruled the 7-centered being before 1781) and Uranus (who rules the 9-centered being – us who have 9 main chakras). Gate 25 is the bridge between the last degrees of the zodiac and the first degrees, between the end and the beginning. Chiron is all about learning patience and about finding oneself and one's innocence in that process. Being oneself and being allowed to be oneself is what heals. This is a process that is rapidly heating up now. Pluto is essential in this process of mutation, but Chiron is, as well. On a side note, Chiron and Pluto both conjuncted in gate when the 21st century began. Gate 5 is the gate of the life pattern, the rhythm of life and time. Pluto and Chiron joined forces in the foundation of that gate.

Dedication and Discretion

    18 February 2019 10:52 UTC: Venus exactly conjunct Saturn in^ (Capricorn)
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This is an aspect of committed relationships with substance and dedication – no place for superficiality or meaningless flings. It is about acknowledging responsibility and who we are loyal to.
Many are now reaping the rewards for long battles and for their endurance in matters that were delayed - especially so in regards to difficult relationships that needed a lot of work, persistence and patience. This is also an aspect where where the intimate relationship and work (life purpose) merge easily into a common goal and aspiration for success. A relationship where our partner is not separate from our purpose, work or mission, but where they are included and where both work together. It's simply a shared life and a practical committed approach to it. It is about being discrete and not taking advantage of what happened in the past. It is about not gossiping around about all the things that went wrong and all the things that the other person previously messed up, be it accidentally poisoning the dog or infidelity. And that doesn't apply to intimate relationships only. It is about not letting everyone know about some really incompetent actions that our boss took last year and that they managed to iron out. Past is past, present is present. That is also Jupiter's opinion and focus as he is transiting gate 26.4. Building upon our future starts with leaving the past behind and eliminating certain memories that keep us from reaching our full potential.

The full moon on the following day is about intimacy with a partner from who we can learn and with who we can grow. For some, February will bring back lost loves. It can also bring all kinds of people who make attempts.
On the other hand, it can bring all talk and no action. Some might also stay stuck in relationships that are harmonious and uncomplicated, but that don't offer much potential and growth as they are devoid of intensity and tension. Those can be very empty relationships that are safe and that do not hurt because we are not invested that much.
It is also about feeling strong enough for relationships and friendships with people who challenge us and our perspective. Often this will be a wiser person who truly cares about others and takes into consideration all perspectives. Black Moon Lilith urges us to be sensitive enough to take the other person's feelings into consideration, to transform together and to find new principles within our relationship that meet the needs of all parties.
After that full moon, the lunar nodes will shift and the channel of mutation will be gone. The channel of mutation accompanied us through the last months and lead us into a new life. (LINK to the article-> "Oct’18-Feb’19 NODAL SHIFT: Breaking Silence & Global Transition in Consciousness")
We are now set up with the general framework of a new order, which we will refine over the coming months.

18 February 2019 23:04 UTC: Sun enters Pisces in

The next week will be about intimacy, finding the spirit and finding a new perspective. It can bring moodiness and volatility.


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