This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

5 Jan 2019 18:35 UTC: Beginning of the new week (Gate 54)

6 January 2019 1:28 UTC: Solar Eclipse in gate^

Astrology Solar Eclipse 6 January 2019Solar Eclipse

This is an eclipse that happens exactly before bigger shifts take place and might bring challenges, yet slow progress. It brings the drive to be successful materially and in love.
The eclipse is like a door way whose impact can last for months or even years, but particularly until the next eclipses in summer. The channel of mutation is still active and so this eclipse is a slow but huge doorway to a new order and to recognizing what can survive.

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Chiron, is in the gate of crisis and shifts into the gate of innocence 20 minutes after the eclipse takes place. Mars is in the 6th line of the gate of innocence squaring Mercury in the 10.4v. This can go two ways and everything in between: On the down side it can bring opportunism, sneakiness, difficult communication and quarrel from misguided and destabilizing helter-skelter actions out of ignorance and immaturity, false innocence and not walking the talk. That can lead to major crisis and maybe also to a feeling that life is unjust. That can apply to our private relationships in general and especially to those who are in the stage of new beginnings. This also refers to the widespread ignorance in the field of professional health care and healing people with methods that do not work for them (paying people just to get fucked up by them).

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In order to heal you first have to be wounded, so on the more pleasant end some will already have overcome the not-knowing and the refusal of wanting to look closer. They might have found deep answers, solutions and patience with their own process. If we have already found something that is individuated and that can truly work for people, Mars brings an immense drive and determination to get our healing out into the world, which can lead to profound change and influence, especially when it comes to getting through to people and giving them a basic introduction to show them the possibilities and give them hope. Yet it brings the patience to wait for the right opportunity to pop up and it brings the patience with other people and their process. This eclipse can open up new channels of holistic ways of seeing and approaching the well being of a human being.

The eclipse itself brings the ambition to move up the ladder, to become a success and to make things work for oneself, but also for others through secret interaction. It brings the drive to succeed and to help others succeed. It brings the hope and the potential to be recognized. This too can play out both ways depending on the (in)appropriateness, hidden agendas or motivelessness and realness. This brings the energy to recognize people further up the ladder who can be of help towards success. It brings the energy to see who we can profit from and who we can't. This can be very conniving and selfish, but in being so it totally misses the point. It can also be selfless and simply oriented towards the larger goal that can be reached when both cooperate: it can be about being supported and being supporting because someone's potential to bring real change into the world is being recognized and patiently empowered.

I Ching Hexagram 54, Marrying Maiden

The eclipse takes place in gate 54, which is the gate where in January 2018 Pluto was resetting and transforming our ambition and our way to bond in the sense of what we are attracted to.
This is about the ambitious beginning of something new not from scratch. It is about beginning something new that is based on the old. In the simplest expression this means that as long as things move forward and as long as we have a new beginning, we do not need to be in the spotlight. With Uranus in gate 3.3, for many this will be romantic new beginnings, and for others this will be work-related new beginnings, a calling. For many it will also be both. Over the course of 2018 as we might have felt the change in ambition kick in. Love and work have started to intertwine and to form one huge thing that is called “living”. If you ask me, we will see this trend continuing on a much larger scale, especially with all the self-created independent job opportunities that technology nowadays provides.

Whatever new beginnings this kicks off – some people will be ready and honest, some won't and will just see this as an opportunity with no hard feelings. For those who won't, it might end in broken promises, big words but no action, being rattled, disappointed and hurt. For those who will be selflessly motivated on both ends, it might bring difficulties because there might be a lot of inner work left to do before teamwork and respectful relating is possible. It will be important to meet the other person as who they are, to adapt to unexpected twists and difficult surprises without being thrown off course, to cut back some overreactions, to think before you speak and to reflect upon the past, but to not get overly stuck in the drama of what went wrong. If we expect everything to be easy and effortless without being willing to examine ourselves, the thing might not work and it will just stay at the surface and break apart. If we get stuck in constant criticism of and bickering about the past instead of seeing the potential of the new beginning, it will be difficult as well.
Venus is forming a great water trine with Chiron and the north node, which can move us forward in very productive way if we can find humbleness, see what is needed and tame our tongue. It can also move us forward unpleasantly by bringing us more emotional turmoil than necessary if we don't pay attention.

Astrology Report Solar Eclipse

With Venus in gate 14.5 quincunx Uranus, the main culprit is to be overly rebellious, to oppose too much and to feel superior to our partner and to those who we are supposed to work with, because we are not satisfied with their talents and contributions. This can bring forward mature and progressive relationships and big lessons about balancing relationship with individuality. Many of the relationships that start in the next months might be unconventional, which can be a challenge on its own because it forces us to break free from old thought patterns – be it exaggerated clinginess or commitment phobia. This brings the need to learn not to constrain each other's individuality and to leave each other space. Once we have learned this, these kind of relationships can be the most honest, authentic and satisfying because it is not expected of us to sacrifice ourselves. A relationship like this bridges the joy of individual purpose with the joy of intimacy and/or friendship. On the down side, it might also bring impatience, the want for more and the dissatisfaction with the general situation. This can bring out affairs, infidelity and (attempted) secret relationships. Without deep patience, I don't see much success this year.
In the theme of secret relationships, a big theme is the ability to accept a background position, which brings good fortune. Don't claim a place that you do not have earned yet or that is not your's to begin with.
If you have helped someone to succeed through secretly being in contact with them, through secret exchanges and secretly working together, which is likely considering that Pluto has transited this gate for a long time and also brought the theme of "do for others what you want to be done for you or for your loved ones", then this eclipse brings the energy to keep it secret and to not insist on formal recognition in order to keep the good direction for the community or for humanity going.
The underlying energy of this eclipse is pretty karmic, for the good or for the bad. It is inbetween Saturn and Pluto, so past some of the hard work and karmic lessons or duties, but prior to the reset-button. I see it as reaping some rewards, yet having some challenges ahead, especially since Pluto soon will be in conjunction to the south node.

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6 January 2019 1:41 UTC: Chiron enters gate 25

Dependent on where we are in our process, we could either be wounded by hidden agendas and a lack of innocence and fair play, or we could be healed by facing motivelessness in others or “simply” by rediscovering ourselves and finding our inner child. Likely, we will experience both with different people.
In the long perspective and especially with Pluto in gate 61, this is about finding our selves, rewriting the story of who we think we are, finding healing, regaining our innocence and our true nature.
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6 January 2019 2:27 UTC: Venus in 14.5v (28°36' Scorpio) exactly quincunx Uranus in 3.3 (Taurus)

Breaking with old patterns and a danger of arrogance. Learning dignity.

6 January 2019 20:27 UTC: Uranus stationary direct in gate 3.3

Letting change sink in

7 January 2019 11:18 UTC: Venus moves into Sagittarius

8 January 2019 10:04 UTC

    Mercury in 58.2 exactly square Mars in 17.2

Bickering over narrow minded opinions and valuing opinions higher than people. - Or the drive to deepen our understanding through relationships, especially on subjects that are a bit unusual. Especially with subjects where there isn't much information to be found freely available, discussing experience and opinions with others can be gold.

Jupiter now is in the great attractor territory, bringing unexpected change and potentially also bringing up A LOT of the shadow of impatience. On 29 October 2016, Venus and Saturn conjuncted in the great attractor and brought up this shadow for many, which lead to compulsive actions, dropping out of otherwise functional relationships, an inability to wait and learning harsh lessons in relationships. The hard lesson of learning patience. Jupiter transiting this spot 2 years later lets this theme resurface in a very big way. Now we might have learned this lesson and can do it better this time. Can we just sit with the process and not act upon every thought, but instead just dream about what could be and to what heights we could go if we are just patient enough?

The next week will be about inner truth.

Juli (Transparent Matrix)

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