This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
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Last week was about inaction and concentration versus distraction and indulgence. This week brings a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer. It is about tension and confrontation. It can bring out counterproductive stress and aggressiveness, but it can also bring productive confrontation. And if it's only in order to know where you stand with someone, to have clarity about one's relationships, about mutual versus one-sided commitments or about the right or wrong people.

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1 July 2019 14:56 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 39) – channel of openness (Neptune 22-12 Venus, Moon)

1 July 2019 23:19 UTC: Mars enters Leo

Total Solar Eclipse in a 7°-Conjunction with the North Node
Tackling the Obstacle Head-on, that are in the Way of Destiny and New Beginnings

    2 Jul 2019 19:16 UTC: Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in 39.2^, 38.2 Earth, square Chiron in 17.3.2 over ~Uruguay, Argentinia, Chile. South Node conjunct Saturn R in 54.3 // 2/4 Cross of Tension
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous full moon: 55.6.1 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS new moon/eclipse: 37.1.6 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of this coming full moon: 37.3.5 (Pisces)
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Tackling the elephant in the room, potentially disturbing things and maybe also temporarily being uncomfortable – but at least having done it! Especially the masculine energy might express themselves recklessly and disturb a situation more than to help it. When we are being overly aggressive we might stir shit up way too much in brutal and disrespectful ways. Bringing healthy tension and progress or unhealthy tension and chaos either into our environment or into our own bodies.
Temperance is needed when confronting obstacles. The feminine energy might not have any expectations (anymore) and simply is focused on duty and necessity. Extreme but harmonious relationships. Often times, but not always, this lack of expectation might have occured after having gone through some experiences and disappointments of the recent times. When we look back at the first half of 2019 and even further, the transits weren't necessarily easy.

This energy and eclipse doorway will stay open for months to come – until the next eclipse season in January or even longer.

Problematic: wanting to take shortcuts and skipping the details in the hope to arrive earlier at the road's end. Having opinions that aren't rooted in details and that totally lack substance, yet being afraid of being challenged and of listening to other viewpoints. Being insensitive and crude - or avoiding the obstacle and problem all together, being overly polite, submissive and conflict avoidant. Thus staying stuck and sucking in all the tension for oneself. If you are under tension and in need of a good massage, it might be productive to ask yourself: what issue are you avoiding that should be tackled head-on?

Productive: tackling the obstacles and problems in calm and sensitive ways that do not necessarily disturb harmony. Bringing healthy tension and self-reflection into our environment. Looking into the data and details that back up our opinions. Sometimes we might realize that the data actually doesn't back up our opinions, but we might realize that we have been wrong. Accepting to take the long road, to do the detail work and to gather the necessary experience and understanding, even if it may be long, full of unpleasant work, monotous or even boring.
Here is an example how it plays out for me: I couldn't rely on anyone who said they want to do and are going to do things that I need to be done, so I'm now attempting to learn a new set of skills and going to do these things on my own. In the long run I wanted to do this either way and it seems that now is the time for it. These transits will play out differently for everyone, but I think my situation is a typical example of this solar eclipse, especially since we are heading towards a final 3rd conjunction of Saturn and the South Node in gate 38.5^ by the end of September:

3 July 2019 15:17 UTC: Venus enters Cancer

Saturn Conjunct South Node #2

    4 July 2019 7:27 UTC: Saturn R conjunct South Node #2 of 3 in gate (Capricorn), Mars in 56.6, Moon in 31.1 conjunct Mercury in 31.3 // 3/5 Cross of Tension
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This is the 2nd of 3 transits where Saturn conjuncts the South Node. The 1st one was about restricting our relationships to those that are mutually beneficial and about restricting relationships that hinder ambition.
This current one is about helping someone to succeed in order to succeed oneself. It also can be about being blocked and using secret means and relationships to fulfill one's ambitions. Unexpected events could take place that change our rhythm and patterns. First and foremost it is about waiting, being modest and about allowing others to be extreme, instead of constantly pointing out quirks that aren't even important.

Problematic: nothing gets manifested what has been promised. The masculine energy doesn't stand by their commitment and word, but instead they break their commitment and wander to the next, or they distract themselves.
Selfishly using others for personal success and failing to make a sacrifice for the right thing. Letting others do all the work and putting in minimum effort oneself, but wanting the reward all for oneself. Accepting any alliance or follower, even those who feather only their own nest and even those who don't stand by their word.

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Productive: manifesting together with others and helping each other succeed. Considering the larger framework first and making the right sacrifices for the larger framework (instead of simply being selfish in an unhealthy way). This can be standing up for others, or it can be making sacrifices for an alliance or project that can go a long way. Choosing the RIGHT people to be with and to work with (not those who aren't mutually beneficial and restrict our ambition to success)

The 3rd aspect will take place in September and it will bring the energy to stubbornly fight alone and to unilaterally end conflict; yet to receive and give support to the right people with whom it is mutually beneficial. Supporting each other's ambition, but still fighting for one's own purpose/separate purposes. On the problematic side: to insist that only oneself is right and to withdraw even from those where it is mutually supportive.

Next week, Chiron and Mercury will go retrograde!


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