This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report, Chiron Retrograde 2019

Last week brought a total solar eclipse about tackling obstacles. This week brings the Chiron retrograde of 2019 and a Mercury retrograde. It is all about new beginnings, often times based on the old.

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You know one of this typical Venus retrograde sentences that people confusedly preach like a mantra with every retrograde there is: "People from the past are going to come back". For this particular Mercury retrograde this sentence is absolutely true - at least on a global scale, not necessary for every single individual on the planet.
With the ongoing Saturn retrograde, the theme was and will be mutuality. During this Mercury retrograde the big theme is selectivity. The big question is: can you separate the wheat from the chaff in people?

As with every Mercury retrograde: be careful to catch yourself when your mind is trying to drive you into making a mind-based decision. The mental space can be louder and more chaotic than usual. Falling for those mind-based decisions might lead you right into the stereotypical messy Mercury retrograde experience and you might end up in a mess. Usually mind-based decisions don't feel thorough and grounded. There is some mental stress, nervousness and anxiety to them and they are rooted in attempts of logic explanation and reasoning (trying to talk yourself into something or out of something, doing something out of being afraid to miss the boat, etc.).

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It's true that technical blowups can happen more often during Mercury retrograde, but if they are following you around and if electricity is blowing up around you, that can be a sign to really take some time for yourself and to balance out your energy and mental space. Especially that can be the case if you have a very strong energetic field, if you usually come off as a very strong character to others and if you didn't feel balanced to begin with. It might be a hint to take more breaks whenever the situation allows it and to find balance within.

7 July 2019 12:29 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 53)

7-31 July: Mercury Retrograde in Leo & Cancer - Selectivity

    7 July 2019 23:15 UTC: Mercury goes retrograde in (Leo) conjunct Mars in

Problematic: Impatience and misjudging others. Misfiring and either verbally making a mess out of a lack of emotional control, being overly critical and accusing, only looking at the negative aspects of the past that went wrong - which then prevents new beginnings and can lead to escapist decisions to get with the wrong people only to later witness them break off. Being sucked into the wrong thing that stays on the surface out of impatience with the right thing. Trying to dominate each other in unhealthy ways mentally and emotionally, without really hearing each other out.
Excerting pressure on a road that is supposed to be a slow and long one because it requires detail work (Chiron retrograde) is not necessarily the most productive approach.

Productive: Taking the time to discern the right from the wrong people and commitments.
Not setting others under pressure. Making a pause and holding back energy for the benefit of others, either for them to catch up and to give them time for inner renewal, or for them to go about their necessary business, or for them to meet the right choices in their own timing in the absence of pressure. Taking our time to move, even when something or someone touches us to the very core or makes us all excited.

    8 July 2019 11:42 UTC: Venus in (Cancer) square Chiron in (Aries)
    8 July 2019 15:31 UTC: Venus in (Cancer) sextile Uranus in (Taurus)
    8 July 2019 15:47 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) waning quincunx Jupiter R in (Sagittarius) // Sun waning quincunx Jupiter
    8 July 2019 22:27 UTC: Mercury R conjunct Mars in (Leo)
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For the feminine archetype these aspects bring impatience, yet to some degree the acceptance of waiting for a greater outcome and dream. These aspects and this Mercury retrograde especially effects the masculine archetype and helps them to understand who is right for them and who isn't. Who has what it takes and who hasn't? Who is committed and who isn't? Dependent on awareness, this might be a lesson being learned through trial and error: making a stupid decision, feeling trapped and breaking off, while the feminine archetype is hurt by being left out, forced to wait and forced to take a long road alone because she misjudged the investedness of the other party. She(he) might have difficulties with accepting that what happened can't be changed.
On the other hand it can also be that the masculine archetype doesn't go for instant gratification and takes the long road of self-discovery and growing up, but the feminine archetype is impatient with having to wait and with having to hold back energy. It's important to remind yourself of your own path and progress, to focus on the work ahead of yourself. These periods of aloneness are needed for progress and change. If you are meant to be with somebody, you are meant to be and you will find together at a better time.
Even if there is no other person involved and you might simply be impatient with your own path and progress - some things require time. Often we desire things (a job, a house, a responsibility, a relationship), but if they were handed to us right away, we would not be equipped and experienced enough to handle them well because we didn't even prepare ourselves for the basics.

Chiron Retrograde until 13. December 2019 - No Shortcuts, but Patience.
Seeing one's path is not the same as understanding all of it, already having what it takes or being there already.

    8 July 2019 23:40 UTC: Chiron goes retrograde in (5° 56' Aries), 2/4 Cross of Penetration, fully open G/51-25/Ego & Ajna (underlying transits: 11.2 & 51.4).

The big theme of the Chiron retrograde is understanding that solid opinions are rooted in detail, not belief, and that the best road isn't necessarily the most interesting. Can you do the research and investigation necessary without being overly opinionated and afraid of having your opinions challenged? Can you accept to walk a road that isn't necessarily exciting but prepares and equips you for the challenges at the end? Or can't you accept it and try to take shortcuts?
The combination of selectivity (the Mercury retrograde) and understanding (Chiron retrograde) together with Sun-Rahu opposite Saturn can mean to really make a focused effort to understand oneself and get on one's authentic path, but it can also bring big inconsistency and irresponsibility: the wrong people are going to be those who are enthusiastic first, but then lack motivation or commitment and break off. The wrong people might be those who are not willing to take the long road, which tells a lot about how little invested they are. You probably know it from yourself: if something is really important to you, you are willing to go a long way for it and you are also willing to wait for it.
From the perspective of the person breaking off, it can mean: are you trying to escape the long road that you have to put effort into and instead seeking instant gratification, but not seeing the lack of commitment in others - and reaping what you sowed. Are you tempted to go for someone because it seems like the easy quick fix that doesn't require you to grow internally, even though you can't go deep with them? Is it really worthwhile in the long run, or does it prevent you from stepping into your power and onto your authentic path?

We can be breaking free of an endless loop(hole) that we might have been stuck on. We are breaking free by equally committing to the unpleasant or unexciting parts of the way. Either that puts us on the right path, which ultimately can lead to a place that is truly rewarding and makes up for the unpleasant part of the long road we walked, or we try to take shortcuts and stay stuck in a loop.

Problematic: Shallow opinions and instant gratification. Being hurt by taking the short cut yourself, or by others trying the short cut and ditching you. Being hurt by taking a detour. Not having the patience to invest energy into the thorough but sometimes uncomfortable road, that isn't necessarily exciting and satisfying. Gossip and bad talk.

Productive: Looking for the details and understanding that good opinions are based on details. Healing through detailed understanding. Healing and slowly rising in strength, understanding and power by taking the long road and doing the necessary investigation and work. Being discrete and letting things unfold naturally and slowly.

You can't influence what other people will do and how they might hurt you with it. But for yourself you can meet the decisions that are authentic. In many cases there will be a situation where people are facing a road that is not exciting and requires detailed attention instead of a YOLO-approach. If you can accept the longer path that might not necessarily be the most exciting one and that requires a lot of detailed attention, without doing stupid things out of an impulse to break out of the situation and force progress, then it can be quite healing.
In work this can be the realization that you need to do things that require a lot of effort or detailed attention and that aren't pleasant, but that will bring you a solid foundation. (E.g. learning all these anatomic details when studying medicine or chiropractic. Learning to deal with a computer and set up websites properly for bringing your own business online. Feeling stuck in a really long project you committed to that will bring you the necessary job experience and expertise to take the next step in your dream direction, but that really bores you from time to time and that requires a lot of routine. Whatever it is, if you manage to not ditch the long road and go for instant gratification, the result can be very healing and bring you advancement.

Astrology Report
Giovanni Segantini - Lebensengel

In love this could be accepting that you need an internal upgrade before you can meet the other person as equals, that you need to learn a lesson and that you can't just jump into the next thing to fuck it up over and over. Since a lot of people are coming back now, it could also be the realization that it takes time and detailed attention to repair trust that previously was broken – there are no shortcuts for instant trust.

Whatever the long way is for you - if it is the right path it will be worth it. It will prepare you for what's to come and lead you exactly to where you need to be. Nothing comes from nothing. If you plant seeds and then don't water them, there is nothing to reap. If you plant seeds and then discover that you planted a vegetable that really tastes disgusting to you, there is something to eat, but you might have greatly benefitted from looking at the seeds labels or other details before planting them.

To everyone who is overcoming some deep routed shadow patterns and pain right now, to everyone who is trying to become a better version of yourself: it's not a quick fix, it's a process that takes time, but don't let yout doubt get the best of you - you can do it! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a strong balanced character. It's easy to fall back into old patterns and to get lost in that, but it is worth persisting! When you feel impatient with yourself, remind yourself of the things you already have learned, understood and overcome. The road in front of you might be long, but the road behind you has been long as well. How do they differ and how do you want them to differ?

    9 July 2019 17:06 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) opposite Saturn R in (Capricorn)
    10 July 2019 3:37 UTC: Sun in conjunct North Node in (Cancer)

Similar to the the Chiron retrograde: in between the new purposeful beginning and us, often times there might be an obstacle, a time delay and some effort to be out into. This effort brings reward though. It might be necessary to overcome a situation where we feel blocked and restricted. The path might be pebbly and long, but it is purposeful and the sight is getting clear.

    11 July 2019 4:31 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) trine Neptune R in (Pisces)
    11 July 2019 7:29 UTC: Mars in (Leo) trine Chiron R in (Aries)
    11 July 2019 18:00 UTC: Mars in (Leo) square Uranus in (Taurus)
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Leading oneself and living for oneself instead of trying to lead others or follow others. Especially for the masculine archetype who is and will be undergoing great transformations, this can bring a focus away from the outside and from running away from one's problems. It brings a focus on the inside and on one's own experience, even if it means to say no to things that we are expected to care about, but don't.
The opposite might also be true: having found something that we care about, but having to overcome difficulties expressing that care or acting upon it.

By the end of this week all outer planets except Uranus (innovation through being side-tracked) will be wandering retrograde. Mercury retrograde turns our mental process inwards and amps it up productively or unproductively. Chiron as a healer and a bridge can bring healing or hurt - and most of that might depend on the state of our mind and on how well we can comprehend and act on the need to take the road less interesting.

Next week will be about mystery, details and the necessary data that is missing and that we need to look at when taking the long but rewarding road. It will be about inner truth, language, holy sound and misleading sound.


Juli (Transparent Matrix)

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