This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Always trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Edmund Dulac - Arabian Nights

This week is about withdrawing to think things through. We already had a few weeks like this, maybe in preparation to this major one. This week a lot of anger and rage can bubble to the surface, most of which is probably best not to be acted on. This can be anger towards oneself for one's shortcomings and for what one destroyed, but also anger towards others for their shortcomings and betrayal. Although the energy is about withdrawal and temperance, it also is about being social in the right moment and bringing about huge change and renewal through speaking about things. It's a week of important conversations. These week there are a lot of Mercury and Mars aspects, which are all about understanding and communicating the nature of new beginnings and going for them in the possibly most authentic ways.

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The transits brings a lot of third party situations that interfere with beginnings and prevent them. Especially they bring quick endings to inauthentic beginnings that were based on rash not-self decisions. This week is about self-analysis, really learning the lessons, leaving the wrong thing and turning towards the right thing. Many people might simply sneak away, go silent and leave requests to meet and to communicate unanswered. They simply will be gone, at least temporarily out of a need for aloneness and for centering themselves.

This week is interesting to me because it is the peak and accumulation of not self screw up. It is the recognition of it and the learning from it. It also brings karmic retribution/payout (justice).
Again a reminder: these are just the energies of the transit field that plays people like puppets. With enough awareness and a balanced and aware environment nothing happens and you won' notice anything of these transits. It's all just potential and if nothing applies to you this time, you might want to be quite happy that it doesn't apply and that this report is useless to you.

13 June 2019 22:27 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 12) – channel of openness (Neptune 22-12 Sun), channel of surrender (26 Jupiter-44 Moon)

Tension, Masks and Fakeness. Especially the masculine archetype is under tension. Back and Forth. Determination, drive and discipline is needed to succeed. Frustration and anger over a lack of progress and third party situations that thwart potential beginnings. Or (sometimes) being handed opportunities. Having some kind of higher mission and beginnings in mind, yet having to deal with tangible reality, people and projects that might often lack a sense of purpose and farsightedness.

    14 June 2019 6:11 UTC: Mars in (Cancer) trine Neptune in^ (Pisces)
    14 June 2019 15:50 UTC: Mars in (Cancer) opposite Saturn R in (Capricorn)
    14 June 2019 15:53 UTC: Mars in (Cancer) waning quincunx Jupiter R in (Sagittarius)
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Problematic: making too many demands and expectations, not being respected, on-and-off drive and being forced to pause despite drive for progress. Having to deal with people who are a threat to what we want to start (which we either saw coming, we didn't or we ignored it).
Thwarted new beginnings. If everybody is involved in what isn't their business, people who are easily influenced by that might allow those people to prevent their new beginning. It also can be that other people simply sabotage someone's plans. Potentially this is the masculine archetype having learned to distinguish the right people from those who are a threat. If they haven't though, or if people go at it too selfishly, the new beginnings will be thwarted.

Productive: succeeding with what we start through being able to properly discern the right people from the wrong ones. Gathering support. Recognizing who will sabotage and oppose our progress and leaving those; and recognizing who either will pull the same rope, or who at least will allow us freedom of action and movement without attempting to hinder us on our path. Being open only to the right influences and people. Not allowing people to get us away from what is right for us any longer. Especially this applies to the masculine archetype and is the learning theme of the masculine archetype.
Having learned what it means to be in the right place at the right time and what it means to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Having learned about serendipity and people valuing our ideas (or not). Ideally, now it is about freeing ourselves of those people who thwart those ideas and new beginnings that we want to manifest.

SOCIAL TROUBLE AND NUISANCE. Parting ways over unnecessary conflict. Rigorous withdrawal from negative people and influences. Being blocked.

    15 June 2019 17:57 UTC: Mercury conjunct North Node in (Cancer)

Problematic: starting trouble. Mindless action or talk to escape oneself. An inability to be in still and to face our demons that come come up in stillness. Provoking conflict as some kind of fake escape and mask in order to justify leaving and blocking someone who isn't right and who troubles us too much. (Instead of simply being honest)
Creating unconscious conflict and only realizing it later. Those goofs didn't happen for us to be ashamed about them forever. They are here for us to learn from them and to correct ourselves.
Being blocked doesn't have to mean to be blocked by a person. I've been blocked on facebook yesterday after a long time of undisturbed sailing. Possibly that happened due to posting too inefficiently and unorganized in the wrong places and letting my posting-routine go sloppy. Now my name has a moderator-label next to it in every group I'm in. That's a bug I suppose, no worries to all of you group owners, I don't have the actual moderator rights. The résumé: not every occurrence of being blocked must be transparent and involve humans. In fact the current transits can bring a lot of non-transparency. Yet, they might often serve for self-reflection and reorientation.

Productive: Avoiding unnecessary conflict and friction and seeking out environments and people that can offer harmony, enduring development and productivity. Understanding how we ourselves provoke unnecessary trouble and disturb the harmony that would bring growth and advancement. Really seeing clearly how we can be our own worst enemy by either creating trouble and conflict, or by tolerating the company of people who always create unnecessary trouble. This is also about simply seeing incompatibility. It is about the potential to recognize where we can't be alone, where we feel bored and empty and where we seek stimulation that makes no sense, only to escape and replace the emptiness (potential addiction).

Self analysis. Learning from mistakes. HUGE CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE, FINALLY LEARNING THE LESSONS OF THE PAST, TRANSFORMING OLD PATTERNS. Purging unjustified vanities, arrogance and self-entitlement.

    16 June 2019 11:43 UTC: Mercury in (Cancer) trine Neptune in^ (Pisces)
    16 June 2019 12:02 UTC: Mercury in (Cancer) waning quincunx Jupiter R in (Sagittarius)
    16 Jupiter 2019 14:00 UTC: Mercury (Cancer) opposite Saturn R in (Capricorn)
    16 June 2019 15:21 UTC: Jupiter R in (Sagittarius) squares Neptune in^ (Pisces) #2 (#1 and #3 on ~6Mar and ~21Sep)

Problematic: Continuing to run from the darkness and continuing to deny one's part in things. Deluding oneself with great blablabla. Blurting out mindless stuff and creating conflict. Feeling inhibited and restricted but extremely driven. Having trouble to understand the why and the reason for a lack of progress. Raging against one's karma and having difficulties to see one's own role in it. Often it might in fact be Karma that comes back around to teach us a lesson, to show us how certain things feel, which we did to others, and to humble us.

Productive: Learning from the past. This can bring the recognition about where we inconsiderately misbehaved. It can bring the recognition of unhealthy selfishness, self-obsession and greed. Coupled with black moon Lilith and the full moon the coming day, it can bring the recognition that many things one experienced before weren't love, but were just superficial crush stuff without any depth and substance, to mask a closed off heart. People can start to see and learn what love truly is and learn to love, through analysing themselves and meeting themselves as who they truly are first.
This can be especially revelatory for people who are fickle and indecisive by design and who hunted from fling to fling, relationship to relationship, crushing them all. This can also be very revelatory for people who are deeply self-obsessed.

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The potential is to accept moodiness without acting out every single mood and brain fart. It is about recognizing that many blunders can be prevented when we don't do what we are not in the mood to do, or for those with emotional authority: when we don't react on temporary moods and wait out the emotional authority.
The potential is to overcome the fear of darkness and to sit with the darkness and pain instead of trying to escape it through inauthentic action and instant gratification. Drugging oneself or fucking around to escape terrible feelings of hopelessness and purposelessness doesn't do it, it only makes things worse.

This transit brings self analysis and a potential for self acceptance without shame. It brings big sudden inner changes, healing and shadow transformation. In may cases people learn from the things that they initiated or said yes to from the mind and from a not-self decision within the last two weeks. The new moon, that preceded this full moon, was about making not-self decisions out of impatience and hunger for progress. I don't know about the not-self “options” the program teased you with, but on the day of the new moon I walked past 2 attractive men (which never happens, I'm in the middle of nowhere) and when I got home and shut myself off from the world, there still was this guy in front my of kitchen window parking and getting something out of his car every time I would walk in the kitchen to drink something or to make food. He looked like a clone of my ex, who I'm still in some way connected to and I still feel in my body when he sleeps with someone. The man in the parking lot at my kitchen window, who I think was visiting his parents across the street, was the closest clone of the ex that I have seen so far. Mind-bogglingly close, it was quite disturbing. It was as if the program said “hey the past one doesn't reciprocate and love you the same, he doesn't care about you and looks like a totally hopeless not-self case, but you don't need to stay alone: here is another one that you can replace him with, who might care and give you the illusion that the old one cares - how about that? Small print: create more chirotic karma for yourself.” It was ironically similar to the 2017 sequel of Blade Runner, if anyone saw that movie. Pretty cruel, especially to the guy in the parking lot if I would have attempted to use him to replace someone else, which obviously isn't possible, instead of being with him because of him. We met one previous time two months ago and crossed eyes for a second, which put me into quite a shock and withdrawal. The transits at that time would have pointed to a setup of him not getting his experience and having to make a sacrifice, so there would have been something that thwarted it or maybe I would have realized my errors in choice. What would have happened is all just hypothetical, but the temptation alone and the potential not-self-action based on incorrect underlying motivation is a very good example for the energies of this moon cycle. Out of these energies, awareness can emerge during this week and especially around the 16th.
That's my demonstration example. Did you experience similar “opportunities” or more so: temptations, as well? That's an opportunity to learn about the program and about yourself. Especially if you took an opportunity that was not exactly authentic and thus is not supposed to last, you will be able to observe it go to trash and to learn from it in retrospect. What tempted you to take it in the first place? Was it a fear? Emotions? Pressure from other people? What prevented you to stick true to yourself and what made you deviate from your truth? How can you apply that realization for future awareness in action and decision? What would have been or what would still be the RIGHT new beginning for you that is based on what you deeply resonate to?

Missionary Full Moon in the Center of the Galaxy: Regaining Hope or Putting everything on halt. Letting others know what was learned, overcoming sheepishness, taking back one's inner authority and refusing to listen to false gurus. Leaving the wrong thing, turning towards the right thing.

    17 June 2019 8:31 UTC: FULL MOON in^ (Sagittarius) conjunct D-Jupiter in 11.1^, Mars (53.6.6) & Mercury (53.6.1) conjunct North Node (53.3.5v), South Node ( conjunct Saturn R (54.4.6), Sun in // 4/6 Cross of Eden
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous corresponding new moon: 55.4.4v (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS full moon: 55.6.1 (Pisces) while Uranus is in 27.4!

No communication and being met with refusal by some; reaching out or being reached out to by others and transmitting peace and ideas.

Many will be sneaking away from the things they might have indulged in out of not-self decisions after pausing them and taking alone time for reconsideration. Often times, what was started inauthentically with this new moon might now cease to be answered with this full moon (12.4v). It might be a quick and abrupt realization of not being content and satisfied with the situation because people realize that it was a shitty decision to get there, so they sneak away and simply disappear (which is not the good english style to begin with, but if we are facing too much interference and opposition despite informing and apologizing for the mistakes, it might even be necessary).

Astrology Report
Edmund Dulac - Dreamer of Dreams

Leaving the wrong thing, turning towards the right thing.
Understanding and going for authentic new beginnings and either succeeding or falling on deaf ears because the other person is being closed off and shut down emotionally. Often times they might be closed of an unwilling to listen due to past mistreatment and due to the things that might have happened previously. They might be afraid that there can never be hope and that there will just always be darkness and pain and close down the heart. They also might have realized that they deserve to be treated better and block everything and everyone out that doesn't do them justice.
Many people and particularly the masculine archetype will have had some kind of realization and self-reflection that leads to inner change, especially realizations about where we might have done people wrong or where we might have behaved socially devastating. At the same time, we might be getting it back full circle and experience the situation that we caused. That's not necessarily the case, but it can be.

Problematic: Obsessiveness, hording and unhealthy selfishness/greed. Hidden inauthentic new beginnings out of trying to fill up a chronically empty cup with distractions. Making people naively believe stuff that is utter bullshit. Sharing unsolidified beliefs and wanting people to follow. Obsessive hording without any willingness to share, obsessive (over-)caring, obsessive yearning while feeling empty at the same time. Caring too much for the wrong people who don't even deserve it or who can't give us back something of interest, and then not being able to take proper care of oneself, which leads to the obsessive behavior above. Hiding new beginnings out of a fear of losing past support. The masculine archetype trying to begin something new and asking for beginnings, often reconciliations with a soul connection, but hiding information (e.g. potential flings and recent not-self decisions) out of fear of losing the sympathy of the other person and being rejected. That untruthfulness in itself can actually lead to rejection and to falling on deaf ears. Being to impatient or approaching the other person in pretty inconsiderate ways might also result in being turned down and being blocked and given the silence treatment. For many, being put on the back burner equals the harvest of karmic backlash and reaping what one sowed. What goes around comes around. In many cases the tables have turned and the other party might have closed down their heart after having endured way too much to stay open and engaged. It might take some time and patience to get out of that stalemate.

If you feel you have messed up out of nervousness and words just didn't come, or they came stuttered, chopped and all thumbled up, you can always let them know. The right people will understand! Sometimes and for some people it is easier to write an email or a letter, especially if it's a topic that requires a lot of thinking. Sometimes it's also a questions of waiting for the time when it really feels right to reach out and talk.

Productive: Taking back one's inner authority. Balancing care. New beginnings of higher nature. Finding those who value our ideas and getting them on board of the peace train. Sharing the painful lesson learned in the hope for peace and overcoming darkness. Especially people, who made huge mistakes due to other people's advice or pressure, are now refusing to listen to other people's bullshit advice. Refusing to listen to false prophets after we might have learned that they might have lead us into the deepest mistakes and the deepest darkness. In that sense, our mind is also a false prophet, or can be. Stopping to listen to people who have beliefs, ideas and tell everyone what to do, but who don't have the details. Not listening to people unless they have a real game changer: Seen it all, done it all, recognized that it is useless and false.
Learning to distinguish the right from the wrong people and influences. Learning who and what is truly worthwhile and authentic to care for and who we should not put energy into. Overcoming obsessive selfenrichment and learning to care. Overcoming the emptiness by communing and sharing with the right people. Authentic new beginnings. Recognizing the true soul connection and going for it. Moving towards sacred unions, even if it's not an easy journey and requires to sort things out and to ride out a couple of odd situations on the way. Being determined to transform and to succeed, no matter what. Reaping the rewards of past efforts.

Coming Back Down to Earth with a Bang. Overcoming Delusion.

    18 June 2019 11:47 UTC: Saturn R in (Capricorn) sextiles Neptune in^ (Pisces) #2 of 3; Mercury conjunct Mars in 62.1v, fully open Spleen
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Problematic: What goes around comes back around. Transformation caused by karmic lessons (especially things from January and earlier this year).
Facing closedness, artificiality and contrivedness where we might have given that to others previously. Not seeing the other person clearly. In many cases, people who previously gave the silence treatment to others are not having to deal with being treated like that themselves. That's a lesson to learn from, a lesson that teaches us social considerateness and always considering other people's feelings with what we do. Finding Understanding and sympathy through recognizing how it feels and being more considerate.

Productive: Transforming our social and emotional approach and foundation. Career opportunities through the social realm and gracefulness. Answering our deepest drive and ambition to succeed and to build a solid foundation for success. Recognizing what's practical, what has informative value and what's delusional woo-woo.

The next week will be about loving or hating oneself and humanity. It will be about integrating one's extremes through finding the right behavior.


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