This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Fernand Khnopff - Silence

The moodiness, potential anger and rage of last week passes into hatred and terror – or acceptance of oneself and others. This week is about facing self-hatred, finding self love, finding love for humanity and for the extremes of people.

Last week was about self-realization, reaching out to others and sudden big shifts. This week is about integrating our extremes through finding the right behavior. Sometimes we might have realized some things about ourselves that need to be tweaked and adjusted a little. In reaching out to others our behavior and the humbleness or lack of considerateness and humbleness, in which we deal with our own and with other people's extremes, is also a determining factor of social success.

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This week we are having transits that relate to the names of things (also secret names), light language and the likes. There is a HUGE transformative evolutionary plutonic pull, especially for the masculine energy, to look at the details of occult knowledge and to look within to understand one's truth opposed to one's fear patterns that prevent living the truth.

If you already read the transit reports in February, you might remember the 2-month-period of lightfield infiltration with dream programming and acoustic programming that often times might have attempted and managed to pull people off their authentic path. This week we might experience that energy again, it is in the transit field. This week there is a renewed sense of acoustic information and potentially also brainwashing. Just because the gods and programming agents behind the veil are above us, it doesn't automatically mean that all of them always have our best interest at heart. Sometimes they might give you relevant and important information, but sometimes they might just confuse you and try to get you off path with irrelevant things that are being laid in your mouth or your brain. Ultimately, you need to trust in yourself and decide for yourself.
You might be given a lot of information and impulses to act, but it something doesn't ring true for you, don't act upon it! Not every impulse needs to be followed. Some things might be true, but they might be none of your business or not even of proper interest for you. If you feel you are being talked into something by forces or synchronicities, if you feel manipulated towards or made aware of something that isn't in resonance with your core and that triggers resistance (not as a nervous and anxious pull because something is too important to mess it up, but as a real blockage and “huh? no thanks”), you don't have to do it. Sometimes things fit and sometimes they don't.
Working with names, words, light language and taming things through voice, language and sounds was a theme of last week, but it also is a theme of this week. Don't allow that you will be the one that is tamed incorrectly. You are not living for the gods, you are living for the unique purpose and pull that you feel inside yourself.

19 June 2019 19:53 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 15)

Having Difficulties to do necessary detail work in order to understand the Maya and find love. From Worry, Tension, Rage and Frustration to Focused Discipline and Working to Transform the World.

    20 June 2019 3:26 UTC: Mars in (Cancer) opposite Pluto R in (Capricorn)

Problematic: not being able to focus and being confused over the data. Having difficulties to focus on and research the detail, data and statistics. WORRY. Worry about not being able to find the point of the matter, worry of not being able to finish a paper on time, etc.
Productive: Finding ways to lessen our worry in order to maintain a good work approach and discipline, but being accepting of ourselves where we can't. Taking breaks when needed and not making concentration difficulties worse by trying to force attention and concentration. Finding antidote and soothing for the worry in order to maintain (emotional and mental antidote and soothing input, rather than alcohol and drugs). Relentlessly and uncompromisingly working for truth, the higher cause and the world.

This transit is deeply transformative, especially for the masculine archetype. It is about getting to the detail or not. Transformation through seeing the detail or staying stuck through denying the detail and denying one's inner truth.
Once truth has been realized, it is like a torpedo that can catapult you to realization, inner truth and that can bring you an enormous drive to transform, to implement and to succeed for yourself and for the world – if you can focus on what is truly important to you.

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Neptune goes retrograde on the Day of the Summer Solstice until November. The coming months either bring a standstill or a metamorphosis (a rebirth and rising of the masculine archetype in isolation).

21 June 2019 14:37 UTC: Neptune retrograde in (Pisces) on the 2/4 Cross of the Vessel of Love

Finding Balance between darkness and light. In the mystic sense potentially connecting to and being called by holy darkness, the Divine Mother/pacha mama and the akashic consciousness field as her cellular memory.
Neptune says: don't be Afraid of the Darkness, it's where you come from.
Detail work is a must to stop projecting and for starting to see the other person clearly, so that we can move from being blocked to new beginnings.

Neptune goes retrograde until November. These coming months are all about inner discovery and self realization especially in regards to misaligned values, inner balance, social authenticity and considerateness. Exploring what love truly means, finding grace, leveling up in spirit and in perspective.

Often times, the feminine archetypes might need to sacrifice personal progress in reaching their goals or in getting to what they wish for. Not every goal that we work towards might manifest quickly. Often it might require a lot of work and effort to set up a work, project or career and people might not necessary support it, although you yourself see that it is totally going to be worth it and bring a lot of joy, satisfaction, financial return or transformation to the world. If you sense it is going to be worth it for you, keep going.
In love, some might feel as if there was a lack of personal progress because their counterpart seeks truth in aloneness and isolation, or because we are taking people to places of inner or outer discovery that are not very new and stimulating to ourselves anymore. It's not necessarily a stall, even if it might feel like that at the surface, it's often going to be an intense inner search for truth that can bring immense progress by the end of the year, after it has given the proper time and space to unfold.
On the more hurtful side, the feminine archetype might also have to watch their counterpart go through promiscuity, making faulty choices, being deluded over someone else and going through a trial and error experience in order to find truth. This is one potential big transit coming up in July. It can bring disillusionment in love to both parties, especially if it happens to a connection that just started over with big promises and the hope of getting treated fairly this time – and then the person doesn't live up to it. Again, it all depends on the awareness of someone, we are not doomed to live the not-self – once we have found our self. The transits won't stop pushing us into creating problems, but we can grow up and stop to follow them and our shadows so blindly.
When we look at the masculine and feminine archetype within us as one person, it might just be that there is so much inner discovery, that the physical progress is paused for a while. Preparation mode. Some things might not work out as intended and some will, but this is about keeping the eye on the target. [Rave New Year 2019, login to view]

Demolition: Denying to learn the lessons (of this moon cycle) and repating them again. Denying to see one's detrimental behavior, denying to see the red flags. Trying to take shortcuts and taking action without having one's shit together. Trying to avoid the long but worthwhile road and trying to take a road that looks more easy. Mostly, we won't see the baggage that comes with the attempted escape, whitewash it and gloss it over, only to be disappointed later. Deluding oneself and others. Not seeing them clearly, not being open to them, not listening, being false, assuming they want and should do what we do, talking over them and saying really inconsiderate things - which results in relationship crashs, being blocked or silence treated and being in angry exile. Refusing to learn the lesson, to change ways and to be more considerate of others. Unconscious standstill. Being impatient with others when they take their time off and retreat into aloneness.

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Potential: Mutation and Metamorphosis. Being called to big changes and to rethink things in big ways. Attracting valuable guidance and mentors. Looking at the details and looking for the spirit. Patiently allowing others to take their time for investigation and transformation.

The retrograde brings A LOT of inner change and transformation, especially when it comes to accepting and processing emotions more openly/willingly and also when it comes to our own shadows and getting deeper into social considerateness. It can lead to more awareness of how to behave and how to live our extremes in an authentic way in stead of living them in ways that are damaging and detrimental to ourselves and to others. It can lead people deeper into love (or hate).
Often times these changes are triggered by being blocked from contact and needing to isolate oneself from those who don't let us be who we are. Understanding will be gained in isolation, exile and retreat to aloneness. That's how the change comes, especially for the masculine archetype this will be a very transformative time and there is a lot of missed detail and understanding to be found. This is about getting to the facts and developing more gracefulness towards others through finding facts and developing MORE SOLID opinions based on detailed understanding. These can be details about people's designs, which helps us to more understanding and acceptance. It can be understanding about people's past which helps us to understand them better and meet them more openly. It also can be understanding about our own past and about our own archetypal blueprint that helps us to handle ourselves better.

21 June 2019 15:53 UTC: Sun enters Cancer

Big dreaming time and dreaming BIG, but are our own values aligned?

23 June 2019 16:44 UTC: Venus in (Gemini) in opposite Jupiter R in (Sagittarius)

Attracting people, educating them, sharing one's dreams and visions with them.

Problematic: Dreaming or talking big, not being satisfied with the current situation and persuading people aggressively to manifest progress and money. Talking big and charmingly, but not being able to back up. Being desperate and taking foolish risks, only to find out that things didn't work out as easily as we thought. Taking way too big risks without being able to back them up. Then being distracted and overindulging in trivial amusement and trivial social/sexual connections, yet at the same time feeling empty inside and lacking the drive and discipline to work for our dreams and for what truly gives us purpose. Going out on a limb and tossing money and energy out the window.
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Productive: Thinking big and not loosing the patience and discipline to get there bit by bit, but gaining extra motivation through dreaming about how it could be. Appreciating what we have (relationships and material possessions) doing the educational work that might be necessary to get the right team members on board, to win new clients, etc

Do we really value and want the same thing or is it just wishful thinking?

    24 June 2019 2:31 UTC: Venus in (Gemini) waxing quincunx Saturn R in (Capricorn)
    24 June 2019 9:58 UTC: Venus in (Gemini) square Neptune R in (Pisces)

Learning to discern those who have similar aspirations from those who just talk about it, but don't have the ambition and transformative drive to act on it because their priorities, interests and aspirations lie somewhere else.

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Problematic: Not seeing people for who they are and over-idealizing them or having too many unfulfillable expectations. Not accepting the material path of others and not being accepted in one's own path in return. Rebelling and being rebelled against.
Supporting others, but not being supported in return and naively not seeing the one-sidedness and people's masks that hide their actual motivation. Working a lot, but also giving and losing a lot of money, time and energy to the wrong people and being taken advantage of without seeing it because they act so nice. Especially for the feminine archetype this can bring a challenge to recognize whether we truly have common interests and a common basis, or whether we don't and whether the other person just goes along with what seems convenient. Over the coming months it will crystallize – either through success or through disappointment.

Productive: Coming up with techniques and applications that support others on their path and being supported in return.
Seeing others clearly from a more inclusive or developed perspective with all problematics and all gifts. In the not self world we live in where almost no one knows themselves, disillusionment can actually be a good thing. It can help to overcome naivité, to learn more social vigilance and to stop taking things for face value that people do or say out of inauthenticity and not knowing themselves. Paranoia is problematic, but a healthy level of suspicion can be great.

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Dreaming about new beginnings.

    24 June 2019 18:28 UTC: Jupiter in (Sagittarius) quincunx North Node in (Cancer) #2 of 3; Moon in 36.4v, Cross of Prevention 10.6 Earth, 15.6 Sun.
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Problematic: Refusing to be satisfied and creating conflict and difficulties.
Productive: Being satisfied with what's there and not creating unnecessary conflict.

This can also be dreaming and fantasizing a lot about new beginnings rather than going for them. Whether that would be productive or not depends on you and your inner guidance. Pressuring people or yourself certainly is not productive, but fearfully avoiding the inner pull to reach out to someone and to have a conversation isn't productive either.

The next week is about inaction: thinking things through before taking action. The week after that will bring an eclipse that is about taking the bull by the horns and confronting obstacles.


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