This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
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John William Waterhouse - The White Feather Fan

Last week was about gaining or losing support and recognition, focus and a shared higher vision.

This won't be a popular report, but it is a very relevant one. June is going to be about opportunities for new beginnings that we either take or miss. It is about self-sabotage and learning the lessons in order to stop sabotaging ourselves. It is about the core of the not-self: acting against better knowing and against one's inner truth because one is not being able to wait and to be patient.

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It starts with a new moon on Monday, that is about taking action that makes no sense, that doesn't further progress and that maybe even stifles the right new beginnings. The major energies through which the program might attempt to drive us into not-self decisions and seeking “progress” with the wrong people are:
- boredom, fear of emptiness and fear of having no one to love
- plain old impatience and not knowing the proper limits / lack of self-restraint and instant gratification (no long-term investment and vision)
- lust and moodiness
- survival fears (e.g. sacrificing our big dream for money and for a career or relationship that doesn't make us happy)

Many people might begin something, simply because they have been waiting for that and their patience is up – not because it is authentic and in any way right to them. Then they will recognize that this isn't what they wanted. They will notice what kind of crappy decision they made and learn from it. Some people will learn that from the mistakes that they are currently doing, and some people will learn that from the mistakes of the past and then leave them behind.

2 June 2019 4:18 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 35) – channel of openness (Neptune 22-12 Mercury)

The channel of openness is still active for the first two days of the week. The spleen is fully open and we are exploring ways to survive in the world, especially with the south node still being in gate 54.4. Some are facing their deepest fears. Many are letting go of the past and old baggage that we carried around with us for a long time. Often these even might be ancestral patterns that hold us back and that are being resolved.

Trouble New Moon: Knowing no Limits or Finding Balance and Patience

    3 June 2019 3:41 UTC: Venus in (Taurus) trine Pluto in (Capricorn)
    3 June 2019 10:02 UTC: NEW MOON in (Gemini) opposite Jupiter R in; Pluto in 61.3.2v; Mercury in 12.6.1 // 2/4 Cross of Consciousness
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous full moon: 55.2.4 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS new moon: 55.4.4v (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of this coming full moon: 55.6.1 (Pisces)
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Throwing out the baby with the bath water and leaving people behind. Being talked into things that's aren't it. Ending the old, beginning the new, which can be great if we walk towards the thing that pulls us and that we sense is right. Otherwise, it's a setup for difficulties.

Potential: A lot of energy for assimilation and recognizing the right person to be with and to grow together. Where and with who is authentic progress to be found? What and who do we value emotionally, on a far deeper level than having a superficial crush?
Either we are recognizing that, or we stay stuck.

Problematic: Dumping others, sometimes even people who are important to us, at a speed that doesn't make any sense and that neither truly resonates.
The new moon can bring impatience and it can bring the urge to escape the emptiness, to force progress and to take action that makes no sense. It can drive people to do things despite better knowing.
Wanting way too much way too soon and not knowing the limits. For example someone could waste their money by shopping for meaningless things. Someone could seek new business partnerships that aren't as solid because the old partnerships and projects are a bit stagnant. Someone could be intimate with the totally wrong person (or multiple people) because they hunt for a temporary feel good in the moment, or simply want to feel something beside emptiness. That person might not necessarily be the right person. It might not necessarily be someone with who we have a real connection, with who we can truly grow and find abundance.

So if you have been connected to someone who is a master at making inauthentic decisions and getting together with people they don't even love because of an inability to be alone, just to feel something and to have a crush - then this is being brought back up. On the other hand, if that person is aware enough to self-reflect, they can sit with it, recognize their fear and forbid it to drive their process and to wreak havoc.
Ultimately, everything that you get into, you also have to get out of when the initial crush has faded, when you realize that this is not your person and when you ask yourself what the fuck made you do that. That takes a lot of energy and sometimes also brings nasty consequences. As you are being aware of the energies pulling at you, you are in a better position to decide upon proper action or inaction.

The underlying energies from 3 months ago is the masculine energy being overly suspicious and missing out on a legit opportunity for a new beginning. Which means, many were running off and searching some temporary satisfaction or career opportunity, often under romantic camouflage. That could not heal the feeling of separation because it was not authentic to begin with. Some will learn the lesson of this experience in June, some will create themselves a new nonsense-experience.

At that time (3 months ago) we had a new moon that was all about doubt, potentially ignoring the wisdom of the higher self in the favor of the ego, and thus moving towards disharmony and atrophy. We also had light field infiltration and conditioning at that time (from 20. February to 24 April). People might have acted upon dreams against better sensing, or they might just have received random epiphanies or insights, that felt really urgent to act on, when in fact they might not have been urgent at all.
More often than not, missing the proper opportunity and having taken that wrong direction will be the reason for the current standstill and for a felt lack of progress and stuckness. It's of question if it will help anyone to repeat the same mistake again. But the energetic potential is certainly there to do it. Currently it can be very tempting to get pulled away from what is right for us.

However, not everyone is living a lie. Most of you will just be alright and calm. Those who stick to their truth won't notice this much at all – other than if you are being single or in an unfulfilled relationship, you might feel the loneliness, lack of progress, and emptiness really heavy this week. If you have your shit together, you won't act upon that emptiness by creating half-assed opportunities, though. You will only act in such ways that deeply resonate. Maybe you will just wait for the shifts and proper timing while you go on with your everyday business and stay in your flow. Maybe you will confront an obstacle that really needs to be tackled for the wellbeing of others.

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The theme that brings change, mutation and true progress for some is to accept responsibility (this also has been the theme of last week's black moon lilith), to consider the larger framework first, to confront injustice and to provoke through self-sacrifice (instead of thinking that others are more at risk if we do confront the obstacle, so we don't.)

The problematic theme is to close our eyes to injustice, to take no stance, to deny our responsibility and to simply do nothing when it would matter the most. The problematic theme is also to escape into trivial things that don't matter and to say yes to the wrong calls. Just because someone wants to be with us, it doesn't mean we need to say yes if it doesn't ring true with us.

The potential is to be patient and to fight the right fights instead of the wrong ones.

Mercury either brings that lasting mutation, metamorphosis and true change - or we are staying stuck.

The success strategy for those that it applies to is: letting the past be the past and surviving through forgetting. This can go many ways, depending on which side we are on (leaving, being left, asking someone out, etc). It can also bring the leaving out of information in whatever new thing is being started. If it's an inauthentic relationship or affair, people might not tell you that they actually love someone else. Toying with people's hearts. Don't let your heart be toyed with. If it's a work agreement, people might forget to tell you important administrative things.
Don't toy with people heart's.
Ideally though, this can bring elimination and letting go of traumatic experiences. Breaking away from the past and old memories that keep us chained.

4 June 2019 20:04 UTC: Mercury enters Cancer

Healthy or Unhealthy Pause

    7 June 2019 14:16 UTC: Mercury in (Cancer) sextile Uranus in (Taurus)
    7 June 2019 21:52 UTC: Mercury in (Cancer) square Chiron in (Aries)

Productive: Not caring about all the wrong things anymore. Withdrawing from those things and people that don't serve the highest values. Resting and holding back energy that we previously wasted on things or people that didn't matter to us.
It can also be vice versa: holding back because we care and because we know that someone needs some alone time.

Problematic: Denying to see one's place and being overly opinionated. Selfishly holding back from what is authentic, not caring about the right thing/person and instead giving the energy and care to all the wrong things/person.

Next week is about attracting the right people. Mars will be conjunct the North Node.


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