This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Alfons Mucha - The Bulgarian Tsar Simeon: The Morning Star of Slavonic Literature
(funnily enough Simeon initiated "Zlatostruj" (“Golden Stream”),
a compilation of scriptures that had lasting educational impact back then)

Last week was about uninspired Not-Self decisions and escapism with the wrong people, or patience with the right ones.

This week is about attracting one's tribe. It is about attracting likeminded people and being able to meet them properly for mutual benefit. It is about education, tribal leadership and material manifestation. Mars meets the North Node in the gate of new beginnings. Many new beginnings might be healing, but many might also be challenging, or both. During the previous week we already had many waxing quincunxes to the outer planets. This week until mid June there are more. Over the coming weeks and months, there is a lot to learn, most of which will be a challenging lesson to many. Often times this is a necessary part of the way, that can't be avoided if we want to head into the right direction, though. Life is learning.

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8 June 2019 1:15 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 45)

9 June 2019 1:36 UTC: Venus enters Gemini

Losing Oneself and One's Purpose – or Finding a Higher Approach

    9 June 2019 19:33 UTC: Sun in (Gemini) square Neptune in^ (Pisces)

Problematic: Losing oneself and one's purpose. Not seeing clearly in the relationship realm and being deluded over people. Escaping and being overly pleasing and artificially graceful, or being unaccepting of other people's material approaches and techniques. It can also be both: fakeness and people pleasing on the surface, but rejection underneath. Letting people in who we otherwise wouldn't, because we don't see that they are not good for us; or drifting away from people who are in fact right for us, potentially out of an inability to accept their different approach to things. Ghosting and being ghosted. Being temporarily deluded in regards to love and being fooled into jumping into something with the wrong person - if we don't trust our inner authority and follow the mind or the emotions in the moment. This is the big theme of not-self decisions that this moon cycle brings (LINK: previous report)
Just sit out the confusion, and any potential uphill battles you might be facing. Don't act on momentarily dissatisfaction and disappointment in ways that you know you might later regret.

Potential: Attracting exactly the right people, mapping common ground, inventing techniques for the benefit of others. Having a common project or goal that unifies the material and spiritual aspects of life. Being selectively open and learning to listen and to learn new techniques and approaches that make sense and that can be directly beneficial.

Doing everything to be included in the right things with the right people and to begin the right things with the right people. (Those are the right things with the right people, are they?)

    10 June 2019 9:04 UTC: Sun in (Gemini) waxing quincunx Saturn R in (Capricorn)
    10 June 2019 15:27 UTC: Sun in (Gemini) opposite Jupiter R in (Sagittarius)
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Problematic: Dissatisfaction, frustration and feeling at the short end of the stick. Aggressive reaction to exclusion, being left out, being blocked or being ghosted. Confusing what's important with what isn't. Having arrogance, but no self-discipline. Pleasure seeking, overindulgence, laziness and lack of proper judgment, which ultimately might lead to a lack of progress followed by a feeling of burden and burn out. Tackling the wrong things and leaving out the right one's that could bring true success. Messed up priorities. Being excluded, maybe due to past or previous messed up priorities, due to making too many demands, or due to having too many demands put onto oneself, that can't be fulfilled and would only lead to burnout.

Potential: Keeping perspective and a big outlook even in difficult situations. Doing everything necessary to be included and abandoning all the stuff that isn't important and necessary. Slowly learning to see what's important, what deserves attention and what is a distraction. Starting to recognize what is nice on the surface, but not important and essential to have. What is self-serving ego want and what is service to the community or to a far higher good? This is about people who bring internal and external transformation, education, manifestation and benefits, but who are not being recognized for it and not being supported in that capacity to lead and to be in power. Either they break the bond because the recognition and ambition simply isn't there equally on both sides; or they do everything to be included and they adapt to people in order to educate them and to bring their positive influence across through the back door. Just pay attention that you don't lose yourself with Neptune squaring the Sun and Jupiter. There might be a tendency to do way too much of the wrong kind, to put efforts into the wrong things and to invest into the wrong people and endeavors.
This can make people a bit too optimistic when it comes to other people. It can make them overlook or sugarcoat the obviously problematic aspects and make them a bit too naive. Limitless optimism, thinking outside the box and a bit of healthy hubris/overestimation of self/self-confidence is needed in order to become deeply successful – these are often the people who are going to make it, simply because they dare what others don't and because they aren't interested in other people's self-imposed limitations. But if we overestimate and idealize other people that we rely on when we better wouldn't, it can get really difficult and disappointing. Everyone has a different set of limitations and it's best to see those realistically.
There is a need to be open, but to be open selectively only to the right calls. Often these might be calls of higher meaning and purpose. Higher education.

Blocked or open. Being driven to succeed materially. Helping others to success and to new beginnings in order to succeed oneself.

    11 June 2019 5:01 UTC: South Node shifts from 54.4 to 54.3 (conjunct Saturn R in 54.5 waxing qqx sun in 45.4. Jupiter R & earth in 26.3&26.4 in waxing qqx to north node in NN 53.3v)

Being afraid of the silence treatment has been a theme for a while. Last week we moved deeper into these themes with the nodes shifting to the 3rd line.
This week, for two days we are going to leave that energy of potentially being blocked from progress, from communication and being ghosted (9+10June) but on the 11th of June we are going to move deep, deep into it again until August.
Those things that were started this moon cycle and were inauthentic, might simply be dropped and the other person involved might be blocked. Especially in love, but also in all other social realms. People might simply sneak away from the inauthentic commitments or flings that they started spontaneously and they might ghost people and give them the silence treatment. Unrequited love.

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That does not have to mean that people WILL be blocked, it is not a definite thing! It always depends on the awareness of everyone involved. If everyone involved plays well and has a very healthy level of awareness, it is unlikely that there will be a need to cut someone off and to block someone. Everyone will simply work towards shared success in mutual cooperation and synergy. Those who don't play the game masterfully and who spit around all their shadows aggressively, especially the shadows of selfishness, self-absorption and not considering the needs of others and the higher purpose - they might learn a big lesson by being locked out or by locking themselves out in the belief to be right over the coming months.
It always depends on the mental health and balance of both people, and not everyone needs an authentic and sensical reason to block people. Not everyone operates at that calm and objective level, so if you happen to be blocked from someone who doesn't see you or the bigger picture – it's not personal.

Often those who expose the shit are seen as more of a threat than those who create it. Pointing it out is necessary though - without that shit being pointed out, spirit consciousness would never emerge, the coming mutation would never take place and we would stay collectively stupid. If you directly confront(ed) the dirt under the carpet and are being blocked, it might feel shitty without question and there is no point in downplaying it. What remains though, is the knowing that you did the right thing and that without you there would be no potential to kick off an internal process of reevaluation and shifting of perspective in other people. Without you there would be no progress.

All my fellow shit disturbers, please don't stop disturbing the shit that really needs to be tackled - unless it really puts you in danger. You are the one's to bring the big changes and change is always met with resistance (regardless of aura type). Without you, people will stay stuck in unhealthy self-obsession, lower values and lack of higher principles, that leads to damaging of others

So the possibility for exclusion and being blocked is always there, it depends on individual trajectory. Why blocked from a project, group or simply from rising into a higher leading position? Most likely due to selfish behavior and wanting to influence others for one's own benefit without any higher purpose or agenda. In order to lead one first must know how to serve. Making too many demands might lead to being blocked. It can be personal in the sense of being a good opportunity for introspection and weeding out weak points, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. Dominant weak points to be worked with might be selfishness on the one side, and gullibility or naivité on the other side: the naivité of not being critical and careful enough with choosing the right trustworthy and reliable people and alliances. The naivité of having put all the work into something or someone and then being cut off after the other person succeeded.

Ultimately, this is about finding ways to make it work and to help each other out first so that we can get to material approaches, collaborations and projects that actually work and that help us to succeed for ourselves. Vice versa it doesn't work, we can't leech people empty without proper balance. It's about doing everything necessary to be included into something promising. It is also about being unthankful and ignoring those who helped create success versus being fixed on success, yet maintaining it through the right people and sharing it with the right people.

Astrology Report
Abel-Dominique Boyé

Going after new beginnings. (Leave your pride at the door. Humbleness needed especially in reconciliation)

    12 June 2019 22:46 UTC: Mars conjunct North Node in (Cancer)

The masculine archetype (mostly men, but also women) is attempting to start something new, which can only ever work if proper values and self-analysis is in place. The success depends on the approach and on the level of awareness.

In some cases a broken connection can start to be healed.
In many cases people will simply mess up (again) because they don't approach it correctly. If someone approaches a new beginning with arrogance instead of humbleness, they are likely to be shut out. Especially if this is a new beginning with someone who they mistreated, it will take some introspection, refinement of values and honest care for the other person in order to work things out this time. Simple hardheadedness without the proper internal alignment won't bring people very far, regardless of what and with whom they are trying to start something.
If someone doesn't have the humbleness to admit their wrongdoings, but if they are soaked in arrogance and downplaying mistakes, they won't succeed and they are likely to be blocked.

Many might apologize and recognize their past errors, but often times they might not bring it across in very sensitive ways and end up blocked. Put some thought into what you are doing and what you are saying, consider how the other person feels after what you did and allow them room for their concerns instead of running over them. If you come from a considerate well-meaning place you might be able to actually heal the connection instead of ruining it once again.
Ideally, but not necessarily, we are going after what we truly value and care for.

Devoted Reconciliation

    13 June 2019 17:09 UTC: Venus in^ (Gemini) sextile Chiron in (Aries)
    13 June 2019 21:44 UTC: Sun in (Gemini) waxing quincunx Pluto R in (Capricorn) while the channel of surrender is active (Moon 44.3-Earth 26.6v)

Being challenged to integrate someone, who admitted their mistake in previously rejecting you - or not. Most often this will bring a difficulty of integrating someone and of making the new beginning work. It will take some time to figure it out. The difficulty is to not try to make them someone who they are not, but to accept them as themselves. If someone wants to go to the army, they won't benefit if we want them to join us in an art career. If someone talks about the same things all day, it won't work when we ask them to be silent or to talk about something else. If someone has a tendency to be depressed, it won't work if we ask them to cheer up. Are the conditions for new beginnings authentic and responsible, or are they just plain unrealistic? The feminine archetype, who is facing a potential new beginning with their energetic counterpart, is getting wise about recognizing the proper place of both parties involved. She is getting wise about opinions and mental differences. She is also getting wise about devotion and the (im)balance in devotion. Under these transits there might be a tendency to sacrifice and to just go with the flow, even when it is obvious that the other person is not as devoted. There might be a tendency to unhealthy self-sacrifice and complaining later on when we figured what we sacrificed to. It's better to take some time to figure out if your devotion is being used and exploited, or if it is being met equally. The feminine energy is learning about a healthy level of acceptance, versus constant complaining and being opinionated. She is learning about devotion to awareness and authenticity. We cant make someone who they are not, those parts simply will have to be accepted. For the coming weeks and months when the new beginnings are unfolding, this might be a challenge to learn for the feminine energy.

The next week will be about aloneness and standstill, but also about reaching out, bringing change through social interaction and bringing resolution by talking things through.


Juli (Transparent Matrix)

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