This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Always trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Jessie WiIlcox Smith

Last week was about love versus hate and brought reflection of our behavior. This week can bring further reflection through sitting still and observing patterns (our own patterns and patterns on the outside) in order to truly utilize them, to perfect them, or to simply strategize about future plans. This week can bring a closure to a mental process of finding sense in past experiences, especially for the masculine archetype that is collectively going through a bigger transition. Often times these might be experiences, that a not-self decision in the beginning of this month lead to. Sometimes the patterns that we lived out are rooted far, far back in past traumata and fears. This week can bring closure to an experience on a mental level and it can bring the pressure to express what happened and to share the story with others. There might be a lot of talking about that after having learned the lesson. This week also brings a lot of pressure and energy to invest in stimulating projects while sitting still and finding joy in it. If you have clear aspirations and goals, this can be an incredibly productive week of heading towards them excitedly step by step by step, and then rewarding yourself with small delights that really stimulate you. This could be a bath, a piece of chocolate or going out to watch a movie. Whatever it may be for you, I think for some of us it might be important to not forget self-care and treating yourself, because the energies this week are pumped with stress energy and can easily let someone exhaust themselves while forgetting their own needs.

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If you have nothing particular to work on, or if you sense a great need for self-reflection, this can be a great week to simply observe and learn about your own patterns, about other people's patterns and about all kind of other patterns that are not related to people (from linguistic studies via entomology to electrical engineering). If you have a lot to come to grips with about yourself and about your past, again, there is no need to be afraid of the darkness. If something comes up out of the unprocessed internal forgotten reservoir, immerse yourself in it and go through it until you come out at the other end. When we process thing properly, it lightens the burden and after the storm has passed it lets us properly focus on the tasks ahead of us. This can be incredibly productive and helpful, although it doesn't feel pleasant at first.
If we don't process things properly, we continue to carry them around with us like a rock that weights us down. This can be a great week to look at all those fear patterns and internal blocks that hold you back from going after what you truly wish for – because the solar eclipse next week, which acts as a doorway for the coming months, is about tackling blocks and obstacles head-on, often times in the hope for a new beginning.
That being said, a quick reminder: by no way is it wrong to act on something or to start something new this week, if it truly resonates with you and if you don't do it out of impatience or out of feeling pressured to do it. The transits are not an instruction manual to follow, only you can know what is right for you to do or not to do.

If we don't know where to put our energy and if we can't be still this week, the energy is easily wasted: the shadows of the transits and all that stress energy brings an incredibly strong urge to seek meaningless distraction. In the shadow this is a week of binge watching on netflix and endlessly prolonged coffee breaks in the office kitchen because people can't stop talking and telling stories, regardless of whether there is something to say or not.

25 June 2019 17:24 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 52) – channel of acceptance (Mars 62-17 Moon)

27 June 2019 0:22 UTC: Mercury enters Leo

Choosing the Right Focus, Awakening of the Feminine Archetype, Reconciliation or Withdrawal

    27 June 2019 8:20 UTC: Venus in (Gemini) waxing quincunx Pluto R in
    When Venus wanders into gate 12 shortly after this aspect, the channel of openness is active for the second half of the week.
    27 June 2019 17:45 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) trine Uranus in (Taurus)
    27 June 2019 20:00 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) square Chiron in (Aries)

From the 27th of June, for a couple of days, the feminine archetype is sporadically going through a sudden awakening and shadow clearing, such as it happened to the masculine archetype some weeks ago.

Again, the big question is: what are we putting our energy into and what do we concentrate on?
Either we are independently doing the work in stillness and observing patterns – or we feel pressured and stressed, yet we distract ourselves with all the things that don't matter, and thus we miss the movie.

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Often times it might be that people unexpectedly are asked to work with other people's resources or funding. Often times it might be that people are asked to work on other people's projects. Often times, there might be or might have been the assumption that people can invest into something and help to save or to further it because they care. This might be true or not. It might turn out that someone, who was handed something important, only cares about his own interest and not about the interest of the other people involved. For some, this might lie in the past and the recognition of that selfishness leads to temporary inaction and searching for a different strategy to realize the goal.

For others it might be about collaborations with new people, though. Currently, there is a strong energy of expectation and assumption that other people care – when in fact they don't. Under these transits, it might be good advise to take your time to get to know people before you hand them control and power over something that is important to you. You might not see the dirt under the carpet and the warning signs immediately, or you might be tempted to ignore them. Someone who you think will manage your resources well and consider your interest, might selfishly put it all in his own pocket.
In the less productive expression our energy and focus is wasted and we are deeply impatient and tempted to take shortcuts that won't necessarily work. Probation times are there for a reason. Also in love it can be wise to take things slow and to not be tempted by lust into something that we haven't properly looked at yet. There will be many coming back to reconcile with someone who they previously didn't recognize and who they rejected – in love or in work. It's totally up to you what you do, but in many cases it might be wise to take it slow, to go bit by bit and to not be gullible. If your ex is coming back, which under the current transits most often will be men coming back, they left you for a reason and they are coming back for a reason. Sometimes it helps to investigate and understand these motives before meeting a decision.

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At what cost are you integrating them? Is it to your own detriment, are you going for less than you want and deserve? (you deserve someone who sincerely cares for you and who is really here for YOU - not because everything else didn't work and now they see you as a nice person to get along with, but they don't see you for your lovable uniqueness).
This transit is about figuring out what we value and what we can't tolerate in relation to the existing needs or demands when we take someone back or when we integrate an outsider into a group endeavor or society. What are unhealthy demands that violate our inner truth and what are healthy needs of a situation or person?
Often times people might turn out to be paper tigers. When one has been handed something to work on, then either they will fulfill the expectation and contribute selflessly, or they will work only for themselves in disregard of others and be all about “mine, mine, mine” and “me, me, me”. When one has been reconciled with, there can still be a lot of selfishness that is very difficult to work with. Sometimes it can bring a challenge of not being overrun and dominated. You do not have to take people back, you have a right to say no and to reject everything that isn't mutually beneficial. Do not allow someone to pressure you into something that feels wrong. Just because someone has a demand that feels urgent to them, it doesn't mean that it is a justified demand.

Astrology Report
Herbert James Draper - Young Girl By A Pool
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As I mentioned in a previous report: these are times that can lead to being blocked from contact and communication. Obviously it's not something that is going to be happening for everyone, though. I just want to make that clear again. When people are being blocked and not integrated they might take secret means to be included (if that rings true to them and if the thing is somewhat important to them). They might gather information secretly, they might network with the right people who have something to say, they might harass you energetically or in your dreams, or they might even be grown up enough to seek a therapist to help them overcome their issues that lead to being blocked in the first place. If you have been in such a situation of covert interaction recently, you are probably not paranoid – watch and enforce good boundaries.

On the other hand, when someone comes back and sincerely apologizes, and one's inner truth is to be with them – it's not very productive to make demands that are not necessary and that would bring them away from themselves.
With the right people and with a good sense for people, you might land a bingo and meet someone who selflessly considers the larger situation, who considers the interest of all parties involved and who is great at caring and helping each other succeed, without constantly clinging to your coat-tails for input.

Problematic: being restless and not having the patience. Rather taking the shortcuts instead of looking at the details and taking the long road. In the end, the solid foundation and having it all together will most likely come through taking the long road with all the details and challenges, though.

Productive: recognizing an outer standstill as a possibility to redefine one's strategies, to change one's approach and to get the small things done while we are waiting for the big things to move.

This week can also bring messages and inspiration through dreams, most of which might not be to act upon. Yet here and there, some of them might be truly genius and worth realizing when the proper time has come. It might be a good idea to keep your dream diary and a pen next to your bed, just in case.

The next week will bring the solar eclipse that is about tackling the elephant in the room.


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