This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Always trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
John William Waterhouse - Hypnos and Thanatos, Sleep and his half brother Death

Last week brought a full moon, universal love, a deep transformation of relationships or parting ways. This week continues to be potentially difficult and very argumentative. It brings “know it all” energy.

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Last week I overlooked that Venus was in conjunction to Black Moon Lilith in gate 30.1.6 – freedom recognized as an illusion and limitation accepted as fate. This might have brought us to recognize and to accept the deep limitations and disorders that we are facing. Especially this applies to limitations in relationships with an often more immature, egoistic and reckless other person who is or has been stuck in the shadow energy of Mars and the masculine archetype.
This week, the feminine archetypal energy is either balanced or indecisive, moody and nostalgic in the face of the limitations that fate brings. The masculine archetypal energy is eager to stand out of the crowd, to step outside their comfort zone, to make a unique contribution and to be initiated into how that contribution can be made. A big theme of this week if to explore where our pride, will power and hardheadedness keeps us from following through with what truly calls us. It is about finding the courage and initiative to express ourselves uniquely.

Yet: are we a dictator and expect others to agree and to submit; or can we stand tall on our own and just do our thing in the hopes that it will be recognized and of value to others?
This week brings the energy of opinions and correction. It can bring the fear of false authorities and of having our opinions and world views challenged. This can make people overly fixed on their views and on how they think their company, their family, their local club, their country or humanity as a whole should be organized.
In an environment that is not aware, we are going to have everyone's opinion of what's wrong with us being shoved down our throat. Don't take it personal, people don't know what they are doing.
In a life environment that is self-aware, this week can bring progressive communication, constructive organization and real progress.

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Conflicts might either be deepened or resolved, doubt might be overcome and the path might become clearer.

24 March 2019 19:42 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 17)
The channel of acceptance is being defined throughout the whole week (Sun 17-62 North Node)

Understanding through Aloneness

    24 March 2019 20:05 UTC: Jupiter in (Sagittarius) waxing quincunx the North Node in (Capricorn) #1 of 3
Astrology Report

Finding understanding of something. Potentially finding acceptance of the way. Big boredom and retreat.
Staying vigilant and not necessarily expressing everything – or cranking other people up about stuff that we say and that might not even mean much at all.

I don't know about you, but I'm really feeling the boredom combined with the nostalgia. It will feel different for everyone, but recently, I've been remembering all sort of random experiences and how they felt. I'm also mentally remembering anecdotes that aren't usually in my consciousness, for example old stories of a former friend throwing their belongings out their window during a psychotic manic episode. This kind of stuff. I'm thinking back in appreciation at the mental stimulation and funny stories. I'm not missing the time back then, but there is this sense of boredom with the calmness in the now. That's the transit field. And it might well trick us into thinking the past was better than the present. In some cases this might be true. In some it isn't.

26 March 2019 19:43 UTC: Venus enters Pisces (

Ducking Away or Standing up for Ourselves

    27 March 2019 16:45 UTC: Venus in (Pisces) sextile Uranus in (Taurus)

Being overly focused on harmony in relationships instead of progress. It can also mean to be with people who do lower us and bring us into unhealthy patterns, instead of uplifting us. Do we give in to what other people want, although it is not good for us and although it goes against our inner knowing, or do we stand up for ourselves and for what we want?
This transit might bring a tendency to give in and to harmonize, when it might be necessary that we stand by our beliefs and needs, no matter how unusual they are.

Mercury turns Direct. Overcoming Doubt and Untrue Relationships, Projects and Cooperation

    28 March 2019 13:59 UTC: Mercury goes direct in (16° 6' Pisces) conjunct Neptune on the 4/1 Juxtaposition Cross of Opinions
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Being fixed on opinions, being fixed on correcting something, but not being able to correct it. The feminine energy might either have made mistakes in action, or in overemotional decision. Some might also feel trapped and caged by their relationship because they have to adapt too much and because they are not allowed to be who they are. Some might simply have made the wrong romantic decision out of an over-emotional state. The question is how to deal with it: do we deny responsibility and selfishly protect ourselves, even if it ruins others, or do we apologize, admit that we made a mistake and try to find the best solution for everyone involved? It is the same with jobs and cooperations that you agreed to. People might have different goals than we thought and different opinions about how to organize the project or the company than we have. For many (but not all!) of those who experience this transit, there might not be a solution because one party or both are so fixed on what they think and not open to talk and negotiate at all. This is what happens when we value our fixed opinions more than the person we relate to. Let this not become a self-fulfilling prophecy, though. What the general transits bring does not have to apply to each of us individually, and someone out there will always be able to dodge the bullet due to their depth of understanding and compassion.
If you are in this situation and want to save it, truly put yourself in the other person's shoes and try to understand how it feels.
If you are in this situation and it cannot be saved, see it as a lesson that was necessary for you to learn. Even if its purpose might not be clear right now, things have a way of making sense in retrospect once enough time has passed. When something fails, it does not mean that there is something wrong with you. Not at all. It only means that there is a lesson to learn in order to leave something behind that does not work. Be it a behavioral pattern, an opinion, an inauthentic way of making decisions, a lack of compassion or selling yourself short.
There is a new set of values to be learned about relationships and about right action.

Drama vs Talking Things Through Together and Letting Go

    29 March 2019 12:40 UTC: NEPTUNE enters gate 22, 5/2 cross of upheaval. Moon conjunct south node and pluto in gate 61.3^, Venus in 55.4, Mars in 8.5

Not seeing anything much. Learning to let go when the lesson is being learned (which can be now for some, but it doesn't have to be).
Either we are open to listen and to sort things out together in productive ways, or we are not and create a lot of turmoil. This can bring lots and lots of drama (drama that can initiate transformation), mental instability and an inability to let go.

The lessons to be learned from this week: Evaluating the common ground before making future commitments. Only committing to what brings out the best in us, not to what weighs us down and leads nowhere. Taking it slow.

The next week will be about control, rebellion and service through depth of solution.


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