This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Focus please. Clyde Tombaugh who discovered Pluto

Last week was about being busy. This week is about focus, detailed attention, finding tools, recognizing potential or recognizing a lack of depth and cutting non-approval.

Through focus and detailed attention we are recognizing depth and talent in ourselves and especially in others - or a lack thereof. Often times we might recognize mutual interests, depth, expertise and potential. But often times we also might recognize shallowness in others and refrain from involving them or collaborating with them. When someone thinks they know it all and claims expertise that they don't have, then this is a week where it shows bluntly and blows up in their face.

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The transits this week can be a bit biting, especially to those who think they know but they don't. It can appear to be a bit harsh to those who need to be humbled. It can appear to be a bit harsh in response to topics that need to be learned and truths that need to be found and understood. Either way, this week can be really progressive and productive – externally and internally.
This week also brings some really beautiful transits that can open an opportunity to recognize the higher path and to go for it ambitiously.

One side-observation for those located in Germany/Europe:
The previous full moon was about establishing a solid foundation that allows us to step out of our comfort zone and that protects against assaults. It also was about empowering one's network to make a contribution. Today was the elections for the European parliament. One week ago, here in Germany a popular person on youtube called Rezo made an hour long video, called “the destruction of the christian democratic union” (conservative party). He collected some data to demonstrate his point, including lies, corruption and refusal to acknowledge and apply current scientific data on the climate change. Seems like he had a solid foundation, but the conservative party didn't 😀 He even called Angela Merkel out on bending the truth and lying, which is her Pluto – in 1-2° conjunction with his Sun. He was shining light on the lie and asking the young people to go voting, but not for a party who didn't have their best interest in mind. It was very entertaining to watch for sure, especially how the media butchered his statements and distracted from the really important points.

27 May 2019 7:35 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 16) – channel of logic (Earth 9-52 Mars)

Confusion about having a common ground or not. Supporting others or not. Recognizing authentic new beginnings of higher nature or getting lost in hunting for the money only. Only going for the big thing and doing everything to be included.

    30 May 2019 1:22 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) square Neptune in (Pisces)
    30 May 2019 11:51 UTC: Venus in (Taurus) sextile North Node in^ (Cancer)
    30 May 2019 15:18 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) waxing quincunx Saturn R in (Capricorn)
    30 May 2019 16:50 UTC: Venus in (Taurus) sextile Neptune in (Pisces)
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Either having similar interests and helping each other along with techniques and skills, or only acting as if. On the down side people might seem open at first, but then not find a common ground and may even be intolerant towards the work choices of others.

Finding a higher material direction or supporting others to find a higher material direction and call them to what can be a potential - or being closed minded and trying to talk people into or out of something, although it doesn't resonate with them. Are we in alignment or trying to bring others out of their flow and right direction?
If someone has something that can work for you – great. If they are trying to talk you into things that don't resonate, ditch it. Only you can know what is right for you and you really need to trust yourself in that.

Venus is directly in between the north node and Neptune in the gate of the driver and the vision. She brings us the proper individual direction and vision for spiritual new beginnings – or we are being lost in the mundane and in money questions without seeing the higher path. Again - if someone tries to talk you out of what you are truly passionate about and tries to hook you with money or whatever else – do not buy into that. This can be the child who wants to be an environmental scientist or a social worker, but the parents want it to be a dentist or the future head of the family business. This can be the person who enjoys their fixed employment, who loves to stay in the same place and who enjoys their fixed community, but their entrepreneur partner wants to travel the world and visit many different places together.

There is the energy to do everything to be included, to rise up the ladder and to succeed, especially with the help of others – but it can't happen out of self denial and denying your own needs and authentic direction.
Some might also refuse to adapt and responding with anger and aggression to being excluded (often times due to intolerance, a lack of common ground or expertise). Obviously, such behavior doesn't exactly motivate people to help each other succeed and it might prevent new beginnings.

Ideally, we are going for something higher that is authentic and in alignment with who we are. For those who are in tune with themselves, this can be a very good time. We are selectively being open to the big thing only.
On the other hand people might refuse to see the bigger picture and get bribed by the money. Totally deluded people might even be thinking that a purely material direction can replace the lack of purpose and freedom. Having more and more and more doesn't really help if the direction is misaligned and inauthentic to begin with.

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Gaining support or losing support

    31 May 2019 3:11 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) opposite Jupiter in (Sagittarius)
    31 May 2019 15:26 UTC: Venus in (Taurus) trine Saturn R (Capricorn)

Expression without real understanding and depth.
Not having earned the skills and understanding to lead or guide others, but claiming it and then not being able to understand the other person, having nothing to offer to them and babbling shallow nonsense or things that have a destructive effect. That can result in alienation. People might also make too many demands.

On the other hand, people might show real leadership capacity and gather support through truly understanding others, being able to adapt to them, leading selflessly and expressing insights that make sense.

Opinion Clashes (one of the more challenging transits with lots to learn)

    1 June 2019 3:14 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) waxing quincunx Pluto R in^v (Capricorn)
    1 June 2019 9:19 UTC: Venus in (Taurus) waxing quincunx Jupiter R in (Sagittarius)

Learning to speak our truth. Learning to express ourselves openly and to counter people's animosity instead of holding back our truth and censor ourselves for the sake of fake harmony. Learning what needs to be spoken because it is our freedom of speech. Learning what doesn't need to be spoken because it is intolerant towards others, because it is manipulative or motivated by lower ego frequencies. Sometimes we might be left or might leave situations with deeply intolerant people that simply can't work and where we might be well advised to let the past be the past and to move on to greener pastures.

Self imposed exile and playing dead.
Being in absurd hermitage and aloneness. Often times people might end relationships because they think that they know it better than the people they withdraw from – which might not be true most of the time.
If someone has claimed to know and to be able to lead others, without being able to, now they might withdraw and hide.
Not all situations won't be as severe; but if you speak up and defend yourself against someone who has oppressed you for a long time, often times that person is going to be stuck so deeply in their habit and shadow that they are totally irritated and don't accept that they can't dominate and push you around any longer. They might just leave, distort reality and feel a victim. Either they will get it at some point in time or they wont. Either way they are doing you a favor in case they stop terrorizing you and leave. No matter how emotionally close and important they might be to you, no amount of emotional glue gives someone the right to treat others disrespectfully and to even abuse the emotional investedness of another person to play dirty mind games on them. It's your right to speak your truth and it's your right to be heard in it.

Next week will be about progress through and with others.


Juli (Transparent Matrix)

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