This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
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Last week was about building a solid inner and outer foundation to break out of our comfort zone. This week manifestation starts. The transits bring an influx in energy and a drive to be busy. Either we are mindlessly busy with things that don't matter, or we attentively invest that energy well into doing things that bring us true progress. People can be all over the place this week, they can also simply disappear for a while.
The G and the Spleen Chakra are fully open, yet the channel 34-20 is active all week long. I'm under the impression that, in some way, what's missing and left to explore and to change this week is the perfected form and the behavior that actually works - instead of sticking with behavior that blows everything up.

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21 May 2019 11:06 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 20) – 3 integration without gate 57 (Sun 20-Earth 34-Moon 10.4)

Chatterbox Alert

    21 May 2019 13:06 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in (Gemini)

Superficiality and expression without depth. People with these tendencies can turn into blabbermouths even more than usual. Not all of us know how and where to invest our energy meaningfully. If you catch yourself in aimless hyperactivity, it might help to take some contemplation time, to listen within and to go with your inner authority (LINK), especially if you belong to the majority of people that is meant to respond to life. This can be a really productive week for you, but you got to listen within on where to spend your energy and drive.

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Gaining Certainty of Destiny and Manifesting Dreams

    22 May 2019 5:00 UTC: Neptune in (Pisces) trine North Node in (Cancer)

Being open to a change in direction for a greater purpose. Gaining certainty on where life is supposed to take us and what our higher calling is. Recognizing our right path and the meaning of it. Bring driven to move towards our destiny and the new beginnings that this brings. Doing what it takes.
On the down side we might not have any sense of where we are supposed to go and we might substitute a lack of substance with style. We might be restless, don't think before we speak and create difficult situations, maybe through saying deluded things. Generally, the more inner work we do, the clearer it becomes who we are and where we are going.

Focusing (nor not) on our Having and on a Solid Foundation that Allows us to Break Free

    22 May 2019 14:46 UTC: Mars in (Cancer) sextile Uranus in (Taurus)

Breaking free physically through building a solid material foundation and breaking free mentally through exploring knowledge and hidden truths. On the other side, especially if we don't know where we are supposed to go and where to focus our energy, this can bring an inability to hold still, a lust for money, wanting more than is good quicker than is good, so we create turmoil because we act impulsively without having thought things through.
People who don't see the bigger picture yet and those who are deeply egotistic are likely to act out of greed and lust for power without any higher outlook under these transits - which might be quite alienating to others.
In intimacy the masculine energy might be very tempted to try to force progress on the other person, to go from zero to hundred - be it despite better knowing or out of ignorance.

Denial to Rethink – or Understanding the Pain Inflicted Through Narrow-Mindedness and Discrimination

    23 May 2019 18:04 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) sextile Chiron in (Aries)

Truly understanding our wounding and maybe also understanding the problematic of half-assed shallow opinions that we might have shoved down people's throat and that lead to pain. Gaining a deep awareness of the wounds caused by intolerance. Grasping that understanding is there to serve others and to show them their place in the world – once we are asked and invited to do so. Knowledge and understanding is not there to overpower, rule and dominate others.

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In the high expression this transit can bring healing (and) awareness through relationships. In can bring more tolerance through talking about the pain and learning to see things from the other person's perspective.
In the shadow this aspect is about being narrow minded and overly discriminating. In the shadow we deny to see beyond our own nose. We leave others behind just because we think we are right and because we value some mental concept more than our friends or partners.
Such kind of realizations can come with a lot of embarrassment. People don't like embarrassment and confuse it with blame or guilt, but it's not the same at all. Embarassment can be a great teacher and sometimes we really need it. Especially when we are in denial about something it can be the last resort of getting the lesson through to us. Most people don't look closer until they themselves feel uncomfortable. Embarrassment brings exactly that, and it signals us: better stay attentive and watch your behavior, so that you don't hurt someone again in such stupid ways - how embarrassing would that be, especially now that you know better! If it wouldn't trigger any uncomfortable emotions in us, we would have a harder time to learn the lesson because it wouldn't have such an emotional priority. If you are embarrassed for things you said, embrace it, look at what it teaches you and when the lesson is learned let it go for good. It's not supposed to stay with you forever, but only until you learned the lesson and grew into a new version of yourself that would not do such things anymore. New day, new luck.

Astrology Report
Paul Robert - Mauersegler

The Masculine Hiding Away and Self-Sabotaging. Refusing Necessary Change and Selfishly Holding Back at other People's Cost

    23 May 2019 23:10 UTC: Mars in (Cancer) square Chiron in (Aries)

This is the masculine energy refusing change and transformation, so they cowardly ghost people because that's the easy route (unless you consider the long term damage that this can cause). It's not always going to be a man, it can also be a woman with tendencies to live out these shadow archetypes in her chart. There are going to be situations where holding back will wound others. Ultimately it also wounds the person doing it because they will never find purpose if they deny to face their demons and simply run away. They run towards a very empty and unfulfilled life full of regrets for prioritizing their fears, for not having the courage to face their fears and to go for the life they wished for. Even if it isn't something we wanted and it would just take that we say “no”, it is better to actually say “no” (unless we are dealing with someone dangerous who we need to ghost for our own safety, but that's the exception). Karma always comes back to bite us in the ass at some point, just so that we know how it might have felt what we did to others.
If this is you sabotaging yourself instead of going through the inner transformation, be very aware of what you are doing and where this is (not) leading you. If you try to run away from life, usually it simply hits you harder (with little balance on the good end of the spectrum) - until you get it.

In the healthy expression, we do face the shadows that come up. We take the pause necessary, we communicate that and we are being granted the pause necessary, but we don't just ghost people or lie and leave a chaos around us.
At the same time, the feminine energy is overcoming mental worry and stops to come back to the same old stuff. Either because things are being communicated clearly – or because acceptance and equanimity is found within oneself – or because it's too one-sided and just not worth the drama and worry. The current transits bring a strong fear of being ghosted, blocked and getting the silence treatment. When people blindly act this aspect out, through the transit field they trigger all that fear within us in order to be overcome and to find back emotional tranquility and peace.

Awakening to awareness and the highest values. Applying gained understanding and wisdom for the common good.

    26 May 2019 16:37 UTC: Sun in (Gemini) sextile Chiron in (Aries)

That sounds really nice, it doesn't mean that most people will do that. But some will. Some will get stuck and deny transformation, and some will undergo the change, experience progress and bring progress to others.
Once again, this can bring an ego struggle for being right – or it can bring understanding that there are many ways to Rome and many ways to live. Sometimes we can err. Sometimes we can be right and the other person might not get the full picture yet – but it doesn't really matter unless they want to explore that.
This can bring healing through wisdom being shared – finally we get it and we can see the situation in a whole new light. We can become wiser through learning from others.

The next week is about detailed attention, identifying with something or not, recognizing talent and depth in others or cutting non-approval of others.


Juli (Transparent Matrix)

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