This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
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This week's main energy is the genius to freak and the expression of individual knowing.

Last week we might have received the vision and contemplated the direction we are heading towards. We might have recognized wishes and dreams that might have been hidden and repressed. This week is about expressing our vision and standing our ground when it comes to stepping onto that new path. People might think we are totally nuts, but what do they care. What interests you and what fulfills you is no one else's business but yours. You need to live with the consequences of your decisions, also with those that lead you to lead an unfulfilled existence. You need to insist on living life the way you want to, even if you might be the biggest oddball in your community. To the people in your current environment it might be incomprehensible, but if you start living you and moving towards your authentic path and true desires, you will meet those people who will love you as you are and who will be inspired by your authentic freakishness, which is a rare good in today's world. Most people do not dare to be themselves and to follow their vision.

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This week brings mental noise and pressure. It can bring the overwhelming urge to express ourselves. It can be a week of great blabla where even those have something to say who usually are calm and reserved. The main thing to recognize is: as long as that blabla tolerates other people's blabla and other people's ways, it's fine. Everyone has a right to express themselves, even when we are not particularly interested in hearing all of that. Live and let live. It only becomes problematic when other people's freedom of choice and being is being undermined through intolerance or through aggressive persuasion. If we want to be accepted in our individuality and freakishness, we need to accept other people in their individuality and freakishness. The acceptance of our own extremes is a major thematic by the end of this week and during the next week, especially for the masculine energies (and thus many men) who have undergone huge shifts and reorientation last week.
Ideally, these transits can help to express ourselves and to talk things through without getting too far off track.

The main theme this week is: let other people judge, it's not your problem. Simply move on.

9 May 2019 19:06 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 23)
The channel of structuring is active the whole week (Sun 23-Earth 43). The channel of maturation (Venus 42-53 North Node, Moon) and the channel of openness (Neptune 22-12 Mars) are active in the beginning of the week.

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Meeting opposition in new beginnings or finding support

    10 May 2019 6:41 UTC: Sun in (Taurus) sextile North Node in (Cancer)

Hard-headed self-expression and missionizing, that let's people oppose and thwart our new beginnings - or self-expression that communicates and demonstrates higher values and gathers support. These are times of thwarted beginnings. If you don't have the discipline to follow through with it in the face of resistance, then don't tell anyone who might not agree. Often times it might be best to not say anything and to just do it. Especially if you are dealing with dragons and sneaky people who might not agree with you, don't let them lightheartedly in on your plans. Not everything needs to be expressed and it doesn't need to be expressed to anyone, especially not to overly possessive parents, ex partners and even current partners. Possessiveness is still a major conditioning theme in the global energies. Sometimes it might upset people so much, that they counteract you and prevent new beginnings to unfold. You have every right to start something new if that is your truth. If that means to end an old situation or relationship that doesn't work any longer and that is unhealthy, that's okay. You are not a sacrificial lamb, you are supposed to live your purpose and to be with people who encourage you to move towards your purpose and life's work, not with those who would rather keep you small. You have a right to be in emotionally fulfilling and supportive relationships with those with who you can grow together. Your family in spirit.

Stand Your Ground in the Face of Intolerance

    11 May 2019 9:18 UTC: Sun in (Taurus) trine Saturn in^ (Capricorn)
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Potentially facing hostility simply for expressing ourselves. If we are forcing people to agree and to conform, their resistance is legit. But if we are just saying what we think and get a resentful and intolerant backlash, we need to abandon tolerance and stand our ground. Those relationships might not be for us any longer, they might have served their purpose because they hinder our ambition more than they promote it.
If people don't tolerate your individuality, if they take harmless things as offense, that's got nothing to do with you, it has everything to do with them. You have every right to express yourself freely and to be you.

Learning to Share our Knowing with those who Might Value our Ideas

    13 May 2019 18:27 UTC: Sun in (Taurus) in waxing quincunx to Jupiter in (Sagittarius)

Adjusting to others and expressing individual insight that can potentially benefit them and lead to change. On the down side we over-adjust and leave our knowing at the door because we are afraid of being rejected. If we do that, we can never find those who truly value our ideas. If we never open our moth, those you might appreciate what we have to say, will never know that we have to say something. Only if we speak up, can we find those who value what we have to say.

Deepening of Understanding through Collaboration and Cooperation, Recognizing what can be fertile and productive

    14 May 2019 3:07 UTC: Sun in (Taurus) trine Pluto in (Capricorn)
    14 May 2019 13:57 UTC: Venus in^ (Aries) sextile Mars in (Gemini)

Through what is being expressed and through what is being learned, there can be a recognition of what can be productive and fruitful – what collaborations, partnerships and intimate relationships can actually lead to something other than disaster?
If we are not in the right place with the right people, what we say might be perceived as exaggerated claims and alienate them. Yet, there is the recognition of who might be the right people for us instead. There is a recognition with who it can be fruitful.
Some of that rejection might be self-created, though. This week's energy is not about being a salesman, it is simply about individual expression that is not a threat to anyone. The learning theme is to confront challenges through extreme yet harmonic relationships without expectations.

Next week there will be a full moon about building a solid foundation to empower our vision and direction in order to then step out of our comfort zone. It is also about respecting the contributions of others, and especially of those who lead by example, regardless of their status or position. What counts is the contribution, not the label and pigeonhole into which people are being put. By the end of the day we are all equal in our helplessness.


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