This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
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Henry-Jules-Jean Geoffroy - En classe, le travail des petits

Last week was pretty mental, this week is as well, but in a more flexible and fluent way.
One thing I forgot to mention about last week: it brought the fear of rejection and the fear of not being able to articulate ourselves. If we can't express ourselves, we easily might be misunderstood and rejected. The transit field was not only set to bring these fears up, but also to annihilate them, or at least for us to push through them. Only when we can overcome those fears can we move towards purpose, especially in a world where most people try to fit in, try to live by established standards and take on “the horse shit handed down on from high.” That's an expression of Terence McKenna and we have had strong Terence energy last week and this week. The current energy is extremely individual and empowers individual being, perspective, approach – and mutation. It is pushing us to overcome any fears that stand in the way to bring about our individual perspective and vision into manifestation, and if that means that we have to go at it alone and need to rely on ourselves only to navigate. That's very frightening to most, it requires taking responsibility. It is the only way, though. No one can find your purpose for you, only you can find it.
Very worth watching on this subject and the current energies: “Terence McKenna: Culture Is Not Your Friend” (6 minutes long), Link:

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With the sun in gate 2 we entered the yearly quarter of civilisation and manifestation in the beginning of May. The vision unfolds to be manifested, but it needs to be structured, understood and communicated. First we need to understand the mental anxiety and worry that stands in between us and the dream. This week is about exploring that anxiety and overcoming it. It is about building a solid foundation. The most solid foundation you can build is not an external foundation, it is within yourself. If you can just do yourself without giving a fuck about what other people think, you have the best prerequisite to ground your purpose in the world. That's the theme this week: self-empowerment and stepping outside of our (mental) comfort zone. It also is about communicating insights to those who are open to hear it. The moon is wandering through the gates of the spleen chakra and so this week can trigger a lot of survival fear. There might be the fear of losing support when we speak up, or there might be the fear of something or someone not having potential, and so on and so forth.
This week it is about expressing the vision. The coming week and June is about actually manifesting it.

Many people have understood things that they haven't before and more striking: many are actually saying things that they have never dared to say before.

15 May 2019 9:45 UTC: Venus enters Taurus (this slipped by in last week's report)

15 May 2019 14:54 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 8) – channel of the beat (Earth 14-2 Mercury)

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The Bigger Vision Only

    16 May 2019 1:20 UTC: Mercury in^ (Taurus) sextile Neptune in (Pisces)

Being open only to the right call and to the direction that really brings change. This can be a transit that can bring understanding of one's spiritual quest, understanding of one's life work and understanding of what one is supposed to build or to create. It is the understanding of authentic purpose and the recognition and dissolution of mental imprisonment, imprisonment that keeps us from following through. There might be many options, but if it isn't it and if it doesn't make a real difference in the world – no thanks.

On the down side, through focusing solely on the material matters and denying the spiritual side of life, this can keep people stuck in a mind trip without seeing anything clearly at all – simply hunting for the dollars without any higher outlook.

16 May 2019 3:09 UTC: Mars enters Cancer

Furthering or Throttling New Beginnings by Expressing Individual Insights

    16 May 2019 9:13 UTC: Mercury in (Taurus) sextile North Node in (Cancer)

Expressing where we are heading, or saying other things that produce negative effects and stifle new beginnings. Often times, people might drop their plans of new beginnings because what has been stated makes them afraid that something might have no potential to succeed – self-betraying cowardice. This transit can also bring in people who don't agree and who try to prevent new beginnings.

On the other hand, things can be stated that undermine the established way of thinking, that help us to understand certain things and that can lead to gathering support for new beginnings.

Expressing Mutuality, or Facing Hostility and One-Sidedness

    16 May 2019 23:08 UTC: Mercury in (Taurus) trine Saturn in^ (Capricorn)

Expressing one's hard-earned knowing, expressing mutuality.
Defending oneself against people interfering with our individuality, our expression and our path. If they can't let us be who we are and survive as ourselves, then they might not be for us.
Mutually beneficial relationships can only be built on a foundation of tolerance. If someone is not tolerant towards us and is constantly discouraging us or throwing spanner in our works, it can never be productive for us. If we think that we can teach them what they are missing, we are up for a ride. Most often it might not turn out as expected.

The Challenge of Killing Hypocrisy. Being Challenged to Learn to be a Natural Authority Through Authentically Embodying What We Say and Sell

    17 May 2019 21:49 UTC: Mercury in (Taurus) waxing quincunx Jupiter in (Sagittarius)

Knowing standing the test of authenticity and authentic embodiment – or not. If we are fixed on telling and selling people something that we can't live up to and that is totally unrealistic, we are going to have a difficult time making them accept what we say because we have no natural authority whatsoever. If we are no example of the claims we are making, we are not credible, we are just a jumping-jack on stage. Then the likelihood is pretty high to be rejected.

Knowing Being Deepened Through Others

    18 May 2019 5:48 UTC: Mercury in (Taurus) trine Pluto in (Capricorn)

Getting one's knowing and truth across through adapting to others. Accepting the diversity and deepening one's knowing through discussing it with others and by learning through others – or denying the value of diversity and leaving people behind because one thinks one knows it all.

Astrology Report Foundation

Full Moon in Scorpio. Being Driven to Build a Solid Foundation, Greed, Overcoming Distrust, Getting Others on Board, What Goes Around Comes Around

    18 May 2019 16:16 UTC: Venus in conjunct Uranus in (Taurus)
    18 May 2019 21:11 UTC: FULL MOON in^ (Scorpio), Sun in, conjunct Mercury in 23.6.6; 4/6 Cross of Contagion // underlying influence: Venus conjunct Saturn in 54.2^ - Discretion
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous corresponding new moon: 55.1.1 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS full moon: 55.2.4 (Pisces)
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Being incredibly driven to build and maintain a solid foundation, that is secure and that can protect us from assault, be it materially or skill- and knowledgewise. When the foundation is stable, we do have the juice and determination for new beginnings. When we feel secure enough in our foundation, we can step out of our comfort zone and dare something. This full moon is also about recognizing those who empower others by being a role model and a natural authority.

Proving through continued example that one's intentions are correct, that one can be trusted and that one's spirit is upright. Being acknowledged for one's authentic contributions through continued example and through being a natural authority. Sometimes recognition takes time.

Stopping to deny volatility, moodiness and indecisiveness, recognizing and acknowledging that oneself might not be as stable as one thought. In some cases, it might have been this indecisiveness and volatility, hopping from one flower to the next and spreading one's energy too far, that might have prevented people to build a solid foundation for themselves, to contribute something and to be acknowledged for their contribution.

It also brings unhealthy greed and wanting more than we need, without having the proper values to balance it out. It's just the energy though. If you feel this, it is likely not something to act upon. Security yes, but within a balanced approach.

The full moon energy it very beautiful, in my perception it feels way more beautiful and stable than the previous weeks. Part of it though, looks like a possible sequel of the toxic-femininity transit some weeks ago. (LINK) For those who are in some kind of ongoing legal battles or an argument of similar nature, the feminine energy might want more and more and more, not knowing the limits of what is reasonable to take.

It also brings turmoil in what we yearn for, wanting more love, wanting a different kind of love, wanting to break out, wanting to explore intimacy freely, wanting to be cared for and to have a quality of life, looking for that care and quality somewhere else because the current situation doesn't work, etc. It can bring the unexpected. In many cases this transit might help us to clearly see imbalances and dissatisfaction within existing relationships and help us to break free of it and from what restricts us. Other times it might simply be lust that drives people into stupid decisions and decadence.

Overall this is about building a solid and secure foundation, and if there are people sapping your energy, but they don't care for you in return, that's an indirect assault and your foundation can't be solid.

21 May 2019 7:58 UTC: Sun enters Gemini
21 May 2019 10:51 UTC: Mercury enters Gemini

The next week will bring busyness. It can bring a great influx in energy and a drive to get things done.


Juli (Transparent Matrix)

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