This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
John Albert Bauer - Tyr and Fenrir

Last solar week was mentally busy and brought a potential for insight and breakthrough. A full moon brought the thematic of self-defense and the need to abandon tolerance in the face of hostility.

This solar week is about power with a focus on material resources. It is about attracting opportunities and resources through making a contribution. We attract what can help us to realize our vision through acknowledging other people's contribution and stepping out of our comfort zone. Throughout the week there can be a strong sexual undertone.

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At the same time, especially towards the middle of this week, the transits bring a tendency to suck other people empty and to not know the limits, to profit at the expense of others, to make too many demands and to potentially be abusive and manipulative in that. Ideally this results in being booted and blocked from access, so that no one can be harmed any longer. In a less ideal case, people move on to the next person after there is nothing more to get, but they still drain the original person energetically. This happened to me during my Saturn return when I wasn't aware how things worked and that this was possible to such extent. I had years ahead to spend in that cage in order to track the events according to the transits and other patterns, to analyze what was happening and to understand it before I managed to get rid of it. It taught me the life patterns, energetics and it planted my incarnation cross and purpose, but it was extremely draining. Energetic vampirism and these kind of things are real, don't take them lightly, especially not this week and in relationships starting this week. A less ideal scenario might be that the victims might not have the power to cut someone off and are being massively conditioned. One person could endanger the other person's survival by taking so much and leaving nothing for the other person to sustain themselves. People could ruin others through leechiness and living on their expenses. They might empower themselves and disempower others. This can be materially, emotionally or energetically. Again: These transits can bring situations, that endanger the survival of those who are over-giving and don't know their limits. Often we might not even notice it because it operates through covert manipulation – energetic manipulation, emotional manipulation or more obvious verbal manipulation such as ideological manipulation, gaslighting or flattering. Watch your energy with people you meet during this week, especially if things will be developing towards an intimate encounter. We are still maturing through the current moon cycle's thematic of having to defend ourselves in cases where our survival is threatened. It is best to have an open eye to the potential of abuse and to recognize the warning signs early on.
Only give your energy to what feels correct for you.

This week brings a huge opportunity to learn to deal with all forms of energy efficiently and to learn not to waste it. We can attract all the wealth that we can, but if we spend it for things that do not matter instead of investing it carefully, that wealth won't be able to help us in manifesting our direction and purpose in life – because it's gone. If we waste all our time and our physical energy for things that do not matter, we won't get anywhere either.

Ideally, this week brings the proper sense of balance and satisfaction with one's place in the hierarchy. It brings the potential to empower others individually, no matter what their position is. It brings the potential to maintain harmony, contentment, efficiency and working structures through meeting everyone where they are and through acknowledging everyone's contribution without taking too much of them. Only proper balance in interaction leads to empowerment of our individual or mutual vision.

17 November 2019 4:10 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 14) – channel of preservation (Uranus 27.2v, Mars 50.3), channel of surrender (Mercury 44.6-26.3 Venus)

Jupiter is transiting the Galactic Center

~18 Nov 2019 7:18 UTC: Jupiter is in more or less exact alignment to the center of the galaxy

Jupiter is wandering through his home sign bringing large returns, and this week he aligns to the center of the galaxy and expands its impact. They bring forward the energy of peace and philanthropy. A danger might be to give too much out of defense, and to give more than we have so that people are satisfied for now and leave us alone. This approach does not work, at least not in the long run. Yet sometimes, setting people off on a different quest by giving them ideas on what else they could do, might work.

19 November 2019 7:39 UTC: Mars enters Scorpio (mutation!)

From abusive and self-centered Manipulation to empowering those we work with

    20 November 2019 19:12 UTC: Mercury direct in (Scorpio), on the 4/1 Cross of Empowering
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Last year during this time, a Mercury retrograde brought unexpected events and interruptions. This year, it is all about maintaining and enforcing stability, maybe after having restored the stability that was lost.

3 weeks ago, Mercury turned retrograde in gate 14.4.3 while the Sun was in gate 44.1.2.

Now he goes direct in gate 44.5.2, while the Sun is in gate 14.4.6.

To those of you who understand the number, this will be very peculiar: we desired to establish a solid foundation through finding a proper framework of conditions in interaction and defining the foundation of coming to meet with the right people, that can ensure survival. Now we might (or might not) live the practical perfection of that and by doing that, we can watch that solid foundation being reinforced.

Problematic: Manipulation and heavy power abuse. Exploitation of others keeps them small and controllable, yet also angry and potentially putschist. Selfishly securing one's own strength and well-being at the expense of others, which equals the risking of a solid foundation because at some point people won't tolerate abuse anymore and cut off the king's head. Tolerating power abuse and tolerating negative relationships. All negative relationships must be rejected, especially so if they are abusive and exploitative!

Come to think of it, this applies to all aura types, but this also is quite the Generator-Projector/Acknowledgist-transit. If you are an energy type and you let someone manipulate your energy, make sure they are doing it for the benefit of both of you, and not only for their own self-serving interest and success.

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With Mercury going direct, there might be a temptation, especially for the masculine archetype, to break with what has brought success and to trash a solid foundation. The feminine archetype might be equally tempted in the realm of intimacy to find more power and empowerment through promiscuity, while the masculine archetype might be more focused on friendship and non-sexual connection. Through recognizing those who lead by example and not just empty phrases, we can recognize what can be stable.

Productive: Practical teamwork. Respecting and acknowledging everyone's contribution. Making everyone feel content, rewarded and appreciated for their contribution, whether they are the court jester, the knight, the peasant or the king's counselor. Only when everyone knows and likes their place, will there be no revolution and plotting and can stability be guaranteed. Only when everyone is happy with the work they are doing and when they are recognized for it, can mutual projects be efficient.
The peasant feeds the king and his court. The king and his forces secure the peasant's protection and build community structures that can benefit the peasant. None of them can be replaced. Each involved from the very bottom to the very top makes a valuable contribution in preserving the whole and bringing stability.

Astrology Report
Viktor Vasnetsov - The Flying Carpet

Masculine Energy re-emerging as the sacred Warrior with newly found Values, Spirit, Dignity and Leadership Capacity

    21 November 2019 19:30 UTC: Mars in (Scorpio) waning quincunx to Chiron in (Aries)
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Problematic: Being overly moody, bitchy, cold and emotionally absent or cruel and thinking this is alright out of arrogance and a superiority complex. Having ulterior motives and not recognizing the contribution of others. Sticking to inauthentic values or not walking the talk. All of this can endanger effectiveness and survival, especially if it is the reason for important relationships to fail.

Productive: Inner renewal and healing of the masculine archetype. Finding or having found authentic values, that are in alignment with our spirit and the highest principles. Learning or having learned to maintain the highest values in the midst of the most severe decadence and chaos. Learning or having learned humbleness and how to act in positions of power. All of that ensures relationship harmony, preservation of relationships and survival.

22 November 2019 14:58 UTC: Sun enters Sagittarius

The next week Venus joins Jupiter in the center of the galaxy and a new moon cycle starts. These are really big transits.


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