This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Alfons Mucha

Last week was about power skills and attracting resources and opportunities through making a contribution, empowering others and stepping out of our comfort zone.
This week is about raw and great power. It brings the possible awareness of how to apply such kind of power. Such power can easily misused, but ideally it serves the common good. Be it that you have the strength of a bull, psychic and energetic capacities or simply great work endurance - life supports you if you use your power and gifts for the greater purpose of evolution and if you trust your body to lead you. If we are misaligned, this week can bring out nervous chicken business or towering rage and unguided berserk frenzy.

edit: This is a week that really shows the possible spectrum and the extremes that the transit field brings out in us, from the very low end to the very high end, dependent on individual awareness. With great power comes great responsibility.

22 November 2019 17:57 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 34) – channel of charisma (34 Sun-20 Earth), channel of judgment (58.6^South Node-18.5 Moon)

Venus conjuncts Jupiter in the Center of the Galaxy (Gate 11/Peace, a very complex Place)

    24 November 2019 4:54 UTC: Sun in (Sagittarius) trine Chiron in (Aries)
    24 November 2019 13:33 UTC: Venus conjunct Jupiter in (Sagittarius)
Astrology Report
Edmund Dulac - Shakespeares Comedy Of The Tempest

The Sun trines Chiron and heals or hurts by shining light on our path and by allowing us to not lose perspective and to grow in power while we deal with difficult situations that need to be dealt with.
Jupiter and Venus join in the center of the galaxy, which is also called the galactic womb. Important transits to the galactic center can be felt very strongly, and this is one. This is energy that has increased impact. Two years ago there was a new moon in the center of the galaxy and I felt that energy strongly, it made the veil quite thin. The center of the galaxy brings intense energy and this is where the male and the female energy meet.

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This is a big transit, not only in regards to spirituality and material abundance, but especially in regards to relationships and intimate pair bonding.

The last conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in gate 11 was in 1960 and it was during the quarter of mutation as well. In 1960 the conjunction was in a personal line (11.1), this time in 2019 the conjunction is in a transpersonal line (11.6v) going beyond the hexagram process itself and going beyond the fear of darkness, temporary heaviness and fear of the mother womb.

In 1960 Venus and Jupiter joined in gate 11 on the transpersonal 5/1 cross of distraction with the Sun in the gate of limitation (60.5), the channel of curiosity and wandering (11.1-56.5), the channel of mating (6.4v North Node and 59.6 Pluto), the underlying south node in gate 25.6 and a totally open Ego. I'm not going into detail with all of this, or I would still be sitting here tomorrow, but I'll try to sum it up quickly and hopefully not in length. The event that probably describes this transit the best (to be exact: the shadow side of it) was the opening of the first Playboy club in 1960 one month after the initial conjunction. On a side note, around the Saturn return of Playboy club, the clubs closed.

In between the 1960- and 2019-conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in gate 11, which is the gate of the galactic center, Venus and Jupiter joined in gate, which is still the area of the galactic center. They joined on 27 January 1984 on the transpersonal 5/1 cross of the alpha – once again in the quarter of mutation, but this time after the beginning of the Rave New Year.
And at the core of it is the need to correct one's behavior according to the needs of a situation and the needs of others - but having to wait until that correction becomes possible. There was a LOT of oppression as the undercurrent of the 1984-conjunction: transpersonal oppression through 47.4v and 47.6 for the feminine archetype and self-oppression through 47.3v for the masculine archetype. Mercury brought a potential issue of quantity over quality and of not paying attention of who is the right person. The outcome: recognition of potential for a new experience despite limitation, or being dissatisfied with it (41.5). We are still on the experiential way here. The crown chakra/head, the Ego and the Solar Plexus were completely open and undefined, which made community, agreements and contracts, family balance and delivering for the family a big (and potentially very oppressive) learning theme.

Astrology Report
Frederick Cayley Robinson

2019 is different, this conjunction takes place on the cross of the sleeping Phoenix with the underlying energy in gate 59.5^ - overcoming obstacles through love. Let's first look at the recent transits of the outer planets through the center of the galaxy:

In 2006/2007 Pluto transited the center of the galaxy and brought some kind of reset whose effects we are now starting to see (after karma was dealt around 2017). Me Too was initially used or “started” in 2006.
In 2017 Saturn transited the center of the galaxy and brought decrease, difficult lessons, restrictions and karma being dealt. This is when Me Too got really big and when there were many public allegations and prosecutions against sexual harassment and abuse.
In 2019 Jupiter transits the center of the galaxy and brings a potential to be called to victory and power expansion. It brings increase, potentially good karma and reaping the benefits of those difficult lessons when it comes to oppression of the feminine and hopefully also oppression of minorities, when it comes to relationships, spirituality and career. Jupiter transits the galactic center together with Venus, who brings in the values and newly found standards. In vedic astrology (with tropical calculation), these are husband and wife joining in the galactic womb and the gate of peace. To me this is, or at least can be, about facing the darkness, facing the yin and making peace with it. It is about accepting emotional difficulties as part of the way, pulling us out of despair and not losing hope when we encounter them, yet staying realistic. It is about having the inner balance to accept inner and outer transition and change.

Both in 1960 and 1984, Jupiter and Venus joined on a 5/1 transpersonal cross.
In 2019 Venus and Jupiter join on the personal 2/5 cross of the sleeping phoenix, potentially starting with a clean slate. This looks like a potential to receive the call to awaken the Phoenix (within the limitations of the current state within the global mutation). The channel of charisma is active and the chart has a fully open G (as opposed to fully open Ego in 1960 and 1984!). The conjunction takes place square Chiron in, sextile Mars in, trine Uranus in – it is very selective energy, but can be very determined, nurturing and caring for the right things. Ultimately, it is about learning to be self-sufficient first before entering a relationship. The phoenix determines the flavor of the coming era. We are collectively moving further away from the oppression of the sacred feminine. Are we collectively moving closer to something while our own restless exploration decreases and while the world and other people's stories are getting less close and seeming more distant? Now it is time for the emergence of “my story”. We are moving towards the awakening of the phoenix and with this conjunction, we are moving towards overcoming obstacles through love (59.5^ underlying Sun), yet the challenge might be to not lose momentum and to not get emotionally carried away when victory is in sight (34.2 Sun).

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For those of you who are confused with the numbers – explaining all of it would take too long for a weekly report, but what it basically means is:
The Venus Jupiter conjunction is really BIG energy. On the down-side it is about taking advantage of each other, sapping each others energy, ruining each other and making it impossible to survive
As a potential though, it is about realistic caring and nurturing. It can bring relationship growth and a renewal of hope. We can reap the rewards and benefits from the last years and finally reach a state that works in relationships. Many might be starting to build something totally new and potentially wonderful from scratch. This week brings the potential for sacred unions and partnerships.

Problematic: Staying stuck in hopelessness, emotional absence and a cold nihilism, that allows or encourages people to take advantage of others. Speculating at other people's expense and playing games with the naive and self-deluded. Taking advantage of others through selling them false statements, false ideas and concepts that lead them down a restrictive path. Emotionally being carried away from the smell of power. Impatience and impulsiveness. Reckless action, risk taking and risking survival.

Productive: Knowing what ideas are helpful in any given situation and knowing what to do in any situation, yet being a nurturing force instead of depleting people. Being present in the moment and being able to adapt to changes in situation and direction. Growing power when victory is in sight, despite or maybe even due to challenging situations. Finding our own power where we might have been oblivious of it and finding our natural flow. Being in anticipation as our strength grows and being in anticipation of what is to come.

Astrology Report
William Blake Richmond

Being called to a nurturing purposeful alliance and risk; or accepting a distasteful and exploitative alliance

    24 November 2019 16:50 UTC: Mars in (Scorpio) opposite Uranus in (Taurus) & Moon conjunct Mars in
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Problematic: anti, emotionally immature and irritated, hot-tempered and emotionally uncontrolled, hypocritically arrogant and cruel or even violent, restless and impatient, taking rash and nonsensical risks. Getting side-tracked into manifesting the wrong things, possibly out of emotional agitation. Abuse of trust, treachery and misinformation. Breaking alliances to take questionable risks and to join another team that might look like the winning team, but might not necessarily be that. Letting ourselves be called to a risk and distasteful alliance, that exploits us and sacrificing ourselves to the point of depletion. Ignoring the red flags, ignoring our inner warning signals, sacrificing higher principles against our own better knowing and agreeing to alliances and risks that aren't authentic. Your body signals you what or who you need to survive and who endangers your survival. You have a right to say no! Trust your own discernment!

Productive: intense drive, energy and excitement. Innovative manifestation, potentially for the common good. Passionately fighting for what we care for and sharing our emotions enthusiastically. Helping others in their struggle and potentially watching ourselves provoke struggle between others – and if it is only through leveling up. Leveling out of something dysfunctional into something very functional and promising and not caring about whether the people from the old dysfunctional bond perceive it as treachery. Listening to our needs. There is a third party element here, but that can be very productive and triggering growth if it is not driven by fear and ulterior motives and values. Assertive innovation and a game change due to the willingness to take the right risk (only if it resonates and if something truly calls us, not taking a risk only because it is in the transits!). Most likely, this is going to be a risk that is about working for something greater, that can do its part in changing how the world operates. Shaking hands and joining forces with someone who is truly surrendered and willing to work for the world is very different than joining force with people where we have to sacrifice higher principles and values against our own better knowing. The underlying energy of this transit is about the masculine and the feminine archetype joining forces to work for something they love.
There is the potential for a mutation and innovation in caring. With this transit, the masculine archetype approaches caring in relationships from a feminine viewpoint and we can deepen our understanding on the principles of community, authentic commitments and also emotional bonds.

Astrology Report
Solomon J Solomon - Ajax and Cassandra

Abusive Wreck or calm and centered Triumph

    26 November 2019 0:28 UTC: Venus enters Capricorn
    26 November 2019 1:59 UTC: Sun in (Sagittarius) waning quincunx to Uranus in (Taurus)

Problematic: Erratic, paranoid, nervous, violent, power abuse against those who are weaker. Creating drama and lashing out. Tormenting others due to one's own self-worth issues and being oblivious to one's own shitty behavior – and if that behavior “only” is to selfishly suck other people empty, to use their naivety and to take their good will for granted. Not being able to accept the judgment of others. If there is a third party situation, the party left behind could have difficulties to accept the rejection and become abusive because they can't take the hit on their ego and artificial pride.

Productive: Knowing our place, knowing how to behave and knowing how much power to exert when and with who in response to interference and exploitation. Knowing what to rebel against and not wasting or abusing our energy to fight the wrong things and people. Fighting for the powerless rather than abusing those who are weak. Using power subtly and being fixed and driven to use our energy and work force for the common good and for something purposeful. Independently working together and delegating work where it makes sense, yet not getting all pumped up with self-importance when something bigger is being handed to us, or when a relationship is being acknowledged. Channeling possibly erratic and nervous energy into doing something productive and purposeful. Calmly enjoying accomplishments, be it material accomplishments, relationship accomplishments or the accomplishment of being an individual, doing our own thing and breaking free of what other people think.

New Moon of facing Resistance and annihilating it, especially intimate Blockages

    26 November 2019 15:05 UTC: NEW MOON in 34.5.2v, Mercury in 1.2.1, Venus in 10.3.5^v conjunct Jupiter in 10.1.3^v // 5/1 Cross of Duality
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous full moon: 22.5.5 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS new moon: 36.1.3 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of this coming full moon: 36.3.3 (Pisces)

This week brings a new moon of annihilating resistance and a potential frustration with the situation and with having to do so.

Problematic: It brings an uncomfortableness with needing to release power, even when it is absolutely necessary, for example when someone is abusive, or when someone is lusting for sex too much so that important things don't get done. This moon cycle can bring up rage when people interfere with us and don't simply leave us alone to go about our own business – people might simply get blocked off and shut out. It can bring frustration with the reality we see. It can also bring up frustration with relationship situations where we are facing emotional difficulties and blockages, especially when people are overly resistant and reject necessary change.

Astrology Report
John Singer Sargent - Carnation Lily Lily Rose

This week and new moon can bring out a lot of potential for violence and the feminine energy clinging on to detrimental relationships. Violence or other forms of power misuse can't be tolerated. Often times people who are married to physically or emotionally abusive people endure and think they can't leave because of shared property, shared belongings and fear of the war of the roses. This energy can also bring about the assumption that someone has great power, thus we leave them alone and don't feel strong enough to battle with them. This kind of assumptions can be true or not. If you are facing an abusive situation or person, do not silently tolerate it. Please search help from outside or fight back if you know that you can silence the person, dependent on what rings more true for you. But please do not simply accept this kind of treatment. You do not need to suffer in silence alone. It can be very tempting under these transits to just sit still and do nothing, but under such heavy energetic conditioning, you can never find your center and power - you deserve better. If your social environment can't help, there are institutions that can help and that specialize on these kind of situations, such as (women's) crisis centers and domestic assault shelters. There is always a way. Value yourself enough to take the right action and opportunities that call you!

Productive: Annihilating resistance. Bridging individuality and relationships and exerting power for the benefit of our relationships. Having the emotional strength to face difficult situations and change, to endure crisis and to persevere despite resistance or even opposition. Not letting others run over us and forcefully fending people off if they are trying to mess with us. Often though, the resistance we experience might be in regards to intimacy, family, friendship or other kind of emotional relationships and it will be vital to find a sensitive approach in eliminating resistance in others (neither insensitive nor oversensitive). Working through blockages and fears with sensitivity. Desires and passions have their place, but not at the expense of creative implementation. It's the creative implementation that brings the mutation. If we don't put if effort nothing gets manifested and survival won't work properly. Another component of this is to tune into our inner authority and to trust our body wisdom. Without doing that, annihilating resistance in life is a pretty futile project.

Are we selfishly holding on against the interest of other people, or are we considering everyone involved and fight for the benefit of everyone involved? That distinction will make all the difference for this moon cycle. The full moon, that follows this new moon, brings up the theme of annihilation once more. Futile situations with people who are self-serving and who try to influence others for personal gain only, come to an end and might best be forgotten.

Neptune Direct – Affirmation of purpose. Sticking to the right values despite doubts and having patience

    27 November 2019 6:27 UTC: Venus in (Capricorn) square Chiron in (Aries)
    27 November 2019 12:33 UTC: Neptune direct in (Pisces) on the 6/2 Cross of Duality
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Problematic: Being hurt by cold and fake people who use each other for survival and career opportunities. To me this transit carries marrying maiden energy – being in an intimate relationship for the money and status only, not for its substance. People might change their behavior and play a fake role, just to take an opportunity, that they think can bring them success. They might be very determined in that. At the same time, there might be a tendency to be suspicious of the right things and of our authentic path, despite better knowing. Being dissatisfied with the current situation, being in a hurry and not taking the time to evaluate and to look at the detail. Maybe even leaving a soul connection for something fake. Being hurt by winning-team-joiners in relationships when we think they are seriously committed, but then it turns out it was nothing but empty words. Not enforcing our newly found values that allowed us to transcend old, possibly often karmic, situations of the recent years. Not knowing one's place, not knowing the limits, not knowing restraint and taking off over-enthusiastically, only to crash later.

Productive: Rejecting and removing those from power, from our community and from our relationships who deserve it in order to defend the group or to defend ourselves.
Healing self-hatred through relationships and having patience with integration. Seeing the behavioral needs of the current situation and waiting for the right moment when we can change, especially in regards to our own behavior or to other people's behavior. (e.g. being sensitive and patient with others and with resolving their blockages instead of being a bulldozer). Waiting for the right survival opportunity that is authentic. This can range from the right invitation for a project to the appointment for important surgery. Valuing our projects and life's work more than risky intimate flings and focusing on creative implementation and survival first, which can also mean to first watch and see whether someone turns out to be fake or serious – and then decide and behave accordingly. Knowing to ask the right questions. Accepting doubts as part of the process, but sticking to what is right and walking the talk. Knowing one's place. Having the wisdom to know when enough is enough. If a relationship is detrimental, it needs to be rejected. This is can be a transit of waiting for the right timing to sneak out of a violent situation in order to survive. Again, value yourself enough to take the right action, to seek help and a way out.

The next solar week is about letting go of old and inauthentic identification and conditioning, calm focus and creative work.


Juli (Transparent Matrix)
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