This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Full moon in Taurus opposite Sun and Mercury in Scorpio
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Last solar week was about creating through our higher vision. We moved from the quarter of duality and relationships into the quarter of mutation.
This solar week is mentally noisy and can bring structure, breakthrough and explanation. It brings a confrontation with the fear of rejection and it brings a full moon of self-defense and needing to abandon tolerance.

11 November 2019 14:01 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 43) – channel of structuring (43 Sun&Mercury-23 Earth), channel of transformation (54.2 Saturn-32.5 Mars)

Patience with understanding ourselves and our purpose – or impatience and superficial understanding. From irresponsibility to finding new answers

    11 November 2019 15:21 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in (Scorpio)

Nodal Shift: Pressure to sit still and to create something of lasting influence

    11 November 2019 21:45 UTC: Nodes shift from 38 and 39 into 58 and 52 (Cross of Explanation). Fully open Ego. They will be in these gates for 4 months.

This brings the energy to fuel research, to fuel correction and to find joy. Over the course of November it can bring professional new beginnings, projects and research. Over the course of November, it also brings new beginnings in intimacy and it can bring an increased amount of sacred unions coming together. Those newly emerging intimate beginnings can either be joyful, calm and sustainable when we leave each other the necessary space – or they can be destructive when we lose ourselves in the other person and thus let ourselves be conditioned in ways that are not healthy.

In situation where things have gone wrong:
Moving ahead and finding peacefulness through rejecting approaches and behavior within our relationships and within ourselves that did not work. Letting go of false pride, admitting past mistakes and starting with a clean slate. A bad conscience and a false direction both isn't very satisfying and calming, even when we manage to delude ourselves and tell ourselves that we are moving into the right direction. When we are not objective in evaluating what can last, when we go for the wrong things, we can bring darkness and will meet rejection, resistance or simple non-understanding. When we go for the right things with an objective and sensitive approach, we don't need to fear rejection and failure. The right people will accept and embrace us. With the right people it will be mutual. We move towards new beginnings through recognizing, sharing and expressing our feelings, not by suppressing them. Being open about how we feel can move us from a delusionary but false tranquility about being blocked or blocking someone out towards being included and towards experiencing joyful new beginnings.

In newly emerging situations, this simply is about starting with a clean slate and not taking the baggage of the past with us.

Full Moon of Self-Defense. Needing to abandon tolerance and behavioral codes. Straight and direct explanation that brings productive social change, or hasty communication gone utterly wrong – take your time to think things through. Careless action brings a need for self-defense in those who are being threatened

    12 November 2019 13:34 UTC: FULL MOON in 23.2.1v opposite Mercury R in 1.5.5 and Sun in 43.2.1v; square underlying Transits: Venus conjunct the Sun in 4.4^; Saturn in 54.2.2v, Mars in 32.6.1, Venus in 5.3.1 // 2/4 Cross of Explanation
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous corresponding new moon: 22.3.6 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS full moon: 22.5.5 (Pisces)
Astrology Report
Edmund Dulac

This full moon brings a tendency to softness, wishy-washy and tolerating too much. In many situations that we might be facing, this tolerance needs to be overcome. There is this disempowering lie in the spiritual community, that spirituality equals niceness. This lie is keeping people victims and open to all sorts of abuse. It is basically opening the door to evil. This full moon is about overcoming that lie. Spirituality is not about niceness and tolerating everything. Spirituality is about awareness. It is about being centered in your core, standing firm in your power and having the necessary awareness when to be tender and when to fight with determination.

The major learning theme of this full moon is to abandon tolerance in the face of threats and to strike back if it becomes necessary.

When someone tries to get access to you energetically and threatens your survival, fend them off full force and have no mercy or bad conscience. Karma strikes back when we do bad shit, but in defending ourselves against bad intentions and hostility, the situation is totally different. I'm not saying to use magic if you don't know what you are doing or if you are doing it out of transference, self-serving motivation without proper values in place, e.g. to send out spirits or curses just randomly. That can heavily backfire. Karma always gets you. I'm just saying that in some situations it is absolutely legit and much needed to strike out in order to defend yourself and to protect yourself from being harmed.

When you are facing hostility, it is necessary, for example when you are dealing with emotionally retarded stalkers and psychopaths. For those who are tempted: being blocked and stalking is still in the transits, don't do this. Don't degrade yourself to that level, don't violate people's boundaries. Rather focus on relationships that are mutual – only those relationships can ever be fulfilling for you. Just write people an email and leave it up to them whether they want to reply or not. Not everyone is for us and we are not for everyone – and that is not personal. Sometimes people are just there for a lesson, to realign and to prepare us for something to come and to prepare us for those people who are truly for us. Sometimes the lesson is to recognize what we might have missed and what we might have taken for granted in the past.

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In regards to the need for self-defense and abandoning tolerance: if someone physically attacks you with the aim of taking you down or violating you or someone else, defend yourself and strike back. You need not have an iron fist and tons of muscles like Duke Nukem, you can always stick your keys through the fingers of your fist and poke it in their eye. Being an assassin is enough (for self-defense only, don't get me wrong here!). Some people will not let you go if you just keep on fending them off without giving them adequate counterattack. Some people will damage you if you stay peaceful and just allow them do what they want.

It seems I'm always dealing with difficult people (it's my design, what to do) who don't make up for the trouble, and these examples might be a bit extreme for most. In the everyday life of most of you, this can simply mean to say NO. NO NO NO NO NO. And: FUCK OFF!
Self-defense. If someone feels entitled to occupy you and your time, or to tell you what to think, say no. You have a right to think differently. You have a right to spend your time on whatever you want.
If a cute puppy shits in front of your door, it's very different from a fellow human being shitting in front of your door. From human beings, we can and should expect and demand a certain level of social intelligence.

If people are not hostile, but just a bit idiotic or simply confused and not getting it, we can be direct in our explanation, but nice. We can be nice as long as the other person is nice. But if they are hostile, niceness is not fitting anymore. Once we meet true hostility and malicious intentions, there is a need to strike out, even if we are perceived as crude.

Some of these confrontations, battles, rejections and endings might even be a necessary event to trigger the inner transformation, that this quarter of the year can bring. It can be a catalyst for old and false parts of the self to die (e.g. self-entitled and demanding parts in us, or overly tolerant parts in us), in order for the new and more authentic self to reemerge as we are heading into the new year. Our old or current self might not yet be equipped for the new experiences waiting for us in 2020, and so the coming months can bring an inner transition, maturation and preparation. It is a cleaning out and preparing the garden before new seeds will be planted. Our coming experiences can only be as fulfilling and as good as the maturity, that we are bringing with us.

Calmly accepting change and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel – or depression and self-destruction

    12 November 2019 18:20 UTC: Mars in (Libra) sextile Jupiter in (Sagittarius)
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Problematic: not being able to get people to understand, being frustrated and short tempered, losing hope. Not seeing any potential anywhere and seeing only darkness. Unable to accept change and transition, even if it is transition away from false potential towards real potential and authentic transformation. Being utterly depressed and slowly destroying and sabotaging oneself. (“One bottle a day keeps the doctor away”)
Pursuing the wrong things with determination out of false beliefs and belief systems. Wanting to believe something and deluding oneself.

Productive: accepting change and impermanence. Facing transition with calmness and tranquility. No longer being afraid of failing and no longer being afraid that darkness will never end. Finding new hope, optimism, confidence and drive instead. Getting others on board. Helping others to accept the transitoriness of life.

Being inspired and driven to create, to express ourselves and to find truth. Drive for creativity, ambitiously getting things done. Loyalty and discretion – or betrayal and backstab. Valuing quick or big money over a solid foundation and mentally deciding to jump ship. China Copy transit, industry espionage and content stealing

    13 November 2019 14:35 UTC: Mercury in (Scorpio) sextile Saturn in^v (Capricorn)
    13 November 2019 18:00 UTC: Sun in (Scorpio) sextile Pluto in (Capricorn)
    13 November 2019 22:34 UTC: Mercury in (Scorpio) trine Neptune in^ (Pisces)
Astrology Report

Problematic: Not having proper boundaries in place, especially mental, and being too open to the wrong things and people. Being side-tracked out of misguided ambition, lust for power, control and having more without any sense of responsibility. Stabbing those in the back who nurtured us and who helped us along our way. Letting secrets slip out, or not knowing the limits and taking advantage of secrets. Being indiscreet, unrestrained and disloyal in order to influence and to get recognition. For example presenting prototypes before they are ready instead of working on refining them, which can put the company at risk of idea theft. This could even be about selling secret prototypes to the competitors. The current Mercury retrograde is about building a solid foundation, that protects us from assault and can be sustainable. Content stealing without having the actual knowledge, yet ruining the relationship and access to it, is probably not how something sustainable can be build. Vice versa, trusting the wrong people and letting the wrong people in on secrets is also not how a solid and protected foundation is being built.
On the flip-side, sometimes there might be situations where it is necessary to re-align. For example when you have a solution and the people who initially backed it up turn out to be very exploitative and now interfere with its implementation, which endangers the whole project – then it might be necessary to seek support elsewhere. Yet, this is not the main component of this transit. The main component of this transit is to sustain what already exist and has worked so far. The main component is to trust in our own creation and path.

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Productive: Being inspired and driven to create, to express ourselves and to find truth. Unlocking great potential within and finding our power. Standing by our truth against critique an condemnation. Trusting and affirming our direction despite doubt and sticking to what is correct for us. Trusting this undefinable sense of rightness and validity inside us, when it comes to where we are going and what we are creating in life. Defending ourselves against interference and false sidetracks. Sustaining creative work. Understanding the need for aloneness and discretion. Social restraint and discretely taking time off to create and to implement our projects. Understanding our social responsibilities. Discretion, restraint and being loyal to the people who trusted us and who helped us to succeed. Investing our ambition and creative energy in the right places. Honoring enduring relationships over competition and recognition struggles.
Sticking to the people and projects we committed to and taking alone time to work on them (to work on the projects, not on the people 😉 )

Patience with purposeful relationships, love and new beginnings. Affirmation despite doubts and sticking to our values – or disillusionment and frustration with our place in the flow

    14 November 2019 17:06 UTC: Venus in^ (Sagittarius) square Neptune in^ (Pisces)

Next week will be about attracting resources and empowerment of individual direction through making a contribution and stepping out of our comfort zone.


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