This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Edmund Dulac - Arabian Nights

Hello to all of you 🙂 Crunch time is over and I'm back to my usual routine. Here comes another report for you:

Last solar week was the week that might have lead us to the “risk” or adventure to take in 2020. It was the underlying energy of the year 2020, which will start by the end of January with the gate of fantasy. Last week brought the possible awareness of what is worth struggling for in 2020, be it a change in location, a certain career path, a relationship or health. To those who missed it, the 2020 forecast is out, enjoy 🙂 :

Rave New Year 2020

This solar week's main energy is gate 44 - “Coming to Meet”. It is one of the four ways: it is the scorpionic/plutonic way and it is the way of survival instinct and of succeeding materially. This kind of energy determines that we are the most successful on the material plane through our relationship(s) and teamwork. The channel of awareness and the channel of the archetype are active this week. It brings individual insights and the establishing of conditions that can make our relationships work.

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This week can also heighten the fear of the future due to being afraid that painful or dangerous things from the past will happen again. It also activates the fear that we or others will never find understanding (especially when we come to meet and the meeting doesn't go well and falls apart). This fear is a week of focusing on survival over dealing with past relationship failures and emotional baggage. People who come back to reconciliate might often meet a lot of resistance, and rightfully so when they create(d) a lot of drama that endangered and endangers survival, or when the caring was one-sided.

The Mercury retrograde this week is all about securityand setting survival standards.

31 October 2019 8:42 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 44) – channel of awareness (Pluto 61.1-24.1+ Earth)

Mercury retrograde from 31 Oct-20 Nov: Investing into educating oneself or building an otherwise solid base

    31 October 2019 15:42 UTC: Mercury goes retrograde in (27°38' Scorpio) right after he met Venus

This Mercury retrograde is all about being fixed on security, protection and desiring to build a strong foundation. It is about developing skills to establish a solid foundation and protecting ourselves from assault and competition. If we have a particular vision, that we want to implement by ourselves or that we want to support in others, this solid foundation enables us to do just that.

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For some, it might be helpful to consider what we really need. We don't get wealthy only through the money we earn, but also through the money that we do not spend. By this I don't mean to be greedy, but to have a healthy caution and to consider if the 20th pair of shoes, that we are about to purchase, is truly something that we need and that serves us – especially when we have more important plans to implement, that require our energy and money. If we are about to start an online business after quitting our job and living on savings, it might not necessarily be the best idea to keep on going to restaurants and bars – time-wise and money-wise. These are individual examples, take it as it resonates. The question is: what do we really need to live and to have a fulfilled life? What are we willing to sacrifice in order to maintain our power and to reach more power - and what aren't we willing to sacrifice?

Mercury goes retrograde on the 1/3 Cross of the 4 Ways with the Sun in gate Gate 44 is the only way that is healthy because it is the way of survival. The 44.1 is about coming to meet with the right people who appreciate our ideas and share common ground. This time the masculine energy instinctively ensures manifestation and the feminine energy can bring in problematic thematics, especially if she is in a position of power: the feminine energy could be arrogant instead of humble. She might be dissatisfied with the gifts of others, feel superior to them and be incredibly arrogant. She might have a difficult time to value other people's ideas and contributions.

On the down side we underestimate the competition and threats out there and we risk security in November. This can bring about shock, chaos and the need to adapt to it, which ultimately might lead towards ourselves and understanding ourselves better through seeking for secret knowledge. Self-knowledge is also a solid foundation that can be built or maintained during this retrograde. The potential shock might also lead away from established structures onto our unique material path.

Problematic: Randomly dumping what grounds us out of a mind-trip, or randomly giving up some kind of foundation or belongings. Thinking things will turn out magically, although we don't know our shit and don't invest into educating ourselves or into making things work. Underestimating market competition and general threats. Ignoring our body wisdom.

Productive: Understanding the benefit of establishing a solid foundation. Not risking security, understanding that there is competition and that it's good to invest energy into education and being ahead of the game. In the first place this is about following our body wisdom.

1 November 2019 20:24 UTC: Venus enters Sagittarius
→ new horizons in relationships after the death and rebirth of Venus in Scorpio and especially after all the recent transits to bring karmic justice and balance things out.

Powerful Healing. Withdrawing to heal the wounds of the past. Taking the path with or towards the people that feel truly correct through temporary disengagement and healing

    3 November 2019 1:10 UTC: Sun in (Scorpio) trine North Node in (Cancer)
    3 November 2019 13:19 UTC: Venus in (Sagittarius) trine Chiron in (Aries)

Problematic: hurting others through misinformation or power abuse. Not being vigilant enough to see such problems coming. Not being alert enough to deal with others, with difficult situations, with potential aggression and nonsensical opposition from others. Having unrealistic expectations, making a scene when they are not being fulfilled, going silent and breaking bonds in the face of obstacles. Being provoked and offended when people withdraw, go silent for a while and simply take their time. Not being able to let go and to overcome irrational fears that come up when they disengage, for example past experiences of being left behind.

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Productive: healing or being healed through power that is well used. Being healed through energy work, psychic information or shamanic work. Breaking with unhealthy people that are not worth struggling with and struggling for (for us personally, every Jack has his Jill). If the relationship is otherwise correct, this brings only temporary disengagement, but not a permanent breaking of the bond. Being able to deal with difficulties in other people's character and recognizing their value nonetheless. Calmly accepting temporary silence and standstill.

Annihilation of resistance. Service through knowledge and caring. Taking a huge opportunity to work together

    5 November 2019 7:08 UTC: Venus in (Sagittarius) waning quincunx to Uranus in (Taurus)
    5 November 2019 10:27 UTC: Mars in (Libra) square Pluto in (Capricorn)
Astrology Report
Frank Xavier Leyendecker - The balance of power

Problematic: Being afraid that something lacks potential and being afraid of failure. Missing a collaborative opportunity due to that fear, potentially an opportunity to work on something big or to work with someone who is truly surrendered and worthwhile to work with. Trying to find secret knowledge in order to provide security and to seize potential. Being jealous in relationships out of being afraid that it can't work out. Having to defend oneself against other people's jealousy, or needing to burst through it and calm the other person down. Unreasonable fear that a relationship can't work, which drives the other party to bust through the mindfuck and defenses.
Outside of functioning relationships: tolerating interference and aggression because we are uncomfortable with releasing power in order to reject interference. Being hesitant to fend off those who should not be tolerated, instead of speaking up. Withdrawing when it would be necessary to confront, to nurture and to care.

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Productive: Recognizing that the fear of failure is a temporary mindfuck sponsored or strengthened by the transits. Not being fooled by our fears and not being held back from recognizing what truly has potential. Taking the opportunity instead of missing it. Potentially this can be a huge opportunity to work together. Understanding the root of jealousy and working through our fears. Powerful service to others through knowing what is hidden or gathering more information. The service might also be to bust through other people's irrational fears, when necessary.
Outside of functioning relationships: Having learned to be respected and to be avoided without the need to release power. Annihilating interference of people who only want to take more from us without giving back. Having learned to defend oneself from interference and demands that stem from other people's lust and greed (also jealous lustfulness and possessiveness). Claiming independence. Breaking free within or from relationships and people who try to mess with us.

The next week moves us into the yearly quarter of mutation. It is about creating through our higher vision.


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