This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
James Jebusa Shannon - Lady Violet

Last week was busy, this week is of a more passive and calmer nature. Things come into focus during times of inaction or sitting still. It is about the recognition of talent, the recognition about what we are enthusiastic about and what we identify with, that we want to focus and concentrate our energy on.

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There are lots of well-flowing Mercury aspect to the outer planets: a trine to Neptune in 63.5, a sextile to Saturn in 54.3, a sextile to Pluto in 61.1. Venus conjunct the South Node. This week mainly is about sitting in calmness and understanding what we can no longer identify with.

28 November 2019 7:23 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 9) – channel of logic (9 Sun-52.6 North Node), Mars 28.5

Creativity and going for our dreams. Not being tempted by the money. Finding Self-sufficiency and a healthy level of aloneness within Relationships. Nurturing authentically – or two-faced bottomless depletion

    28 November 2019 9:51 UTC: Mercury in (Scorpio) trine Neptune in (Pisces)
    28 November 2019 18:27 UTC: Venus in (Capricorn) trine Uranus in (Taurus) // Venus conjunct Moon in 10.6.3 and Jupiter in 10.1.6v

Problematic: Being tempted by the big and easy money although it is not authentic. Most problems can't be solved by money alone. Not knowing one's place and inauthentically breaking alliances for the cash and big promises only out of an irresponsible deluded over-enthusiasm or boundless hubris. Being two-faced in that. Acting like and saying that we care, but then we don't (as a mild example when we do not listen within and are tempted by the money only). Acting as if we care and pleasing to get taken care of, but ultimately caring for ourselves only. Taking way too much from others without giving back and filling them up in return. Being a bottomless pit or dark hole that eats away the life force of others. Moving on from a soul mate because of these kind of imbalances within the relationship. Or on the other end of the spectrum: not knowing how much we can give. People-pleasing.
Not asking or not being asked the right questions. (For 70% of the population, the right question is a focused question to which their gut energy can respond with yes or no: “do you want to work on this project?”, “do you want this job position?”)

Productive: Self-expression despite our own doubts or other people's doubts. Affirmation of our creative path and endeavors despite doubts – everyone said it's not possible and then someone came and did it. Dreaming the doubts away. Sticking to what we value and committed to, instead of going for the money only. Creating something that either feels right, or that even gives us a feeling of fulfillment, joy, satisfaction or purpose. Actions speak louder than words. Authentic nurturing and finding authentic ways of caring and problem solving. Knowing our own limits - we can only give when we have – and acknowledging the limits of others. They too can only give what they have. Finding self-sufficiency and freedom within relationships (not from relationships). Being able and driven to authentically nurture from a place of contentment and love within oneself.

Eccentric creep and distraction from creative implementation - or getting the work done / attracting public recognition for the benefit of a joined endeavor

    30 November 2019 6:12 UTC: Mercury in (Scorpio) sextile Saturn in (Capricorn)
Astrology Report
Carl Spitzweg - Der arme Poet

Doing everything to attract somebody's attention when we are blocked from access to them. This reads like an eccentric follower transit. At least the first thing that comes to my mind are those people who follow famous people and do everything to get their attention. For example, some time ago a friend of mine stumbled upon someone a bit deluded (by design) who back then had a blog to analyze and doubt the authenticity in the public display of the intimate relationship of someone well known (who probably has a 5/1 profile, surprise surprise). In her blogs she had no foundation for her claims and suspicions, but she presented them as if they were proof. She also kept on making inappropriate public comments on the 5/1's social media posts where the envy poured through, while at the same time she claimed that it was all for the purpose of researching social media relationships, not subjective interest. For that reason (?) she had saved every post of that public 5/1 and made up connections and synchronicities that were simply not there.

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Problematic: Whatever this current transit brings out, in the problematic expression it can be eccentric and totally miss the point, make molehills out of mountains, be a drama queen. It can make people unable to lose to abdicate and to accept that they are being blocked and that the game is over. It can make people angry about a situation. that they perceive as unfair and unjust, but that might in fact be of their own making. They themselves might have caused it through their insensitive behavior or decisions, but now might have trouble acknowledging their role in it and accepting cause and effect. People might deny their part in things and blame the other party who excluded them for their bad behavior, or they might simply make a scene.
All negative relationships must be rejected. That can be the big learning theme on both ends.

In a less extreme case, it might simply be eccentricity and the lack of focus that makes it difficult to maintain creative work and to fulfill expectations despite attracting attention. A paper tiger.

Productive: In the productive expression this can be about attracting attention to our creation where before we might have been blocked from recognition. This can be the drive to create something for a project, mutual goal or even for someone else. It can be about helping others to be seen and to public recognition in order to be successful as well.

Learning dedication to detail. Learning to patiently focus in stillness before taking action towards purpose

    1 December 2019 4:42 UTC: Sun in (Sagittarius) waxing quincunx to North Node in (Cancer)

Problematic: Skipping steps that would be essential in our process. Deluding oneself and claiming inner tranquility, yet confusing (the absence of) authentic body signals to act with mind that wants to act, which might easily move us out of the flow. Rushing into action without proper preparation and without having the details together – thus wasting energy or having improper timing.

Productive: Really learning to focus in stillness. Proper investigation and preparation before taking action. Learning to sit still and to focus on the detail instead of rushing into action too quickly. Learning to make peace with periods of inaction and with detailed and focused attention. Absence of stress or pressure.

Establishing interpersonal structures that lead to the manifestation of our goals and our direction – or forging alliances with the wrong people

    2 December 2019 12:38 UTC: Mars in (Scorpio) trine North Node in (Cancer)
    2 December 2019 18:19 UTC: Jupiter enters Capricorn
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Problematic: Focusing on the goal only, not on having the right people on board or ignoring obvious issues with them and failing to apply restrictions. Being with the wrong people, or simply not valuing the people we are with, despite their obvious value and contribution. Going for our goals, maybe together with people of questionable character, sometimes at the expense of important and working relationships.
Especially this might happen when we skip the details (see yesterday's transit), when we act blindly and just go for the next best relationship and alliance without proper evaluation. If we don't recognize negative relationships as such and avoid them, or if we play the negative part by being self-serving, by ignoring the value of the people we work with and by creating a mess, this can create a karmic backlash. You always meet twice: once on the way up and once on the way down – or vice versa.

Productive: Finding the proper structures that help us to implement and manifest our goals, yet paying proper attention to the social component, not blindly stepping onto other people's toes, recognizing the right people to work with and knowing how to manage and organize them in teams.

Astrology Report
Herbert James Draper - Pot Pourri

Relationship Karma and Transformation. Sticking to inferior values, old conditioning and being conditioned – or understanding and letting go of all, that has served its purpose, with acceptance and gratitude

    3 December 2019 1:31 UTC: Venus in (Capricorn) conjunct South Node in (Cancer)
    3 December 2019 5:22 UTC: Mercury in (Scorpio) sextile Pluto in (Capricorn)
    3 December 2019 15:46 UTC: Venus in (Capricorn) sextile Mars in (Scorpio)
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Evaluating the past, letting go of conditioning and letting go of what has served its purpose. Understanding the consequences of relationship choices and cutting out what didn't work. Wrapping up relationships from the past and letting go of people that don't meet our values and that have served their purpose in our lives. Especially letting go of conditioned value-sets and of seeing relationships from a purely earthly and worldly perspective. Gaining a better understanding of what we (don't) want in relationships. Refining relationship values and social standards. Letting go of old relationship entanglements or behaviors, patterns and way of being in relationships. Letting go of old relationships standards and progressing in the relationship realm. Endings in work situations, or in regard to projects and career situations that we are invested in.
Reaping relationship karma. What goes around comes back around (for good or for bad). Coming to meet with the right people who are a gift, or with the wrong people who are a drain. Being rewarded or restricted for good or bad relationship choices. This doesn't only apply to intimacy, family and friendships, it also applies to career. When we chose to go for a high paying job with a toxic work atmosphere in the beginning of the week or before that, now we might start to notice the effect and either have the strength to maintain our identity and pull ourselves up and out – or we might not have that strength, lose ourselves, be heavily conditioned and continue to invest our energy into what isn't authentic.

Problematic: Tolerating too much in relationships and being dragged down by it. Losing oneself in stimulation and tolerating what obviously doesn't work in order to be able to experience the pleasure. Missing the point where we need to retreat and take time for ourselves – and being conditioned. Losing identity and sticking to the wrong people, or disregarding the right ones out of conditioning. Following someone else's goals that are not authentic to us. Not having the courage to speak our truth.

Productive: Knowing when to retreat despite stimulation. Simply joy. Truly enjoying what is correct and authentic. Maintaining identity and calmness. Breakthrough in knowing ourselves, finding insight. Working towards goals that are truly, truly worthwhile and joyful. Having the courage to speak our truth.

The next week is about patience and progress.


Juli (Transparent Matrix)

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