This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

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Last week's report got lost when the unexpected hit me in the form of trauma from my Saturn return bubbling up and out. This new moon (Moon and Sun) was opposite Uranus. My natal Sun is already opposite Uranus, so I'm somewhat used to this kind of energy. I thought I would just be doing fine like usual, but I was pretty much on edge. Right now I'm back to normal and doing fine, but everything that is no binding commitment where people rely on me is delayed. At the moment I am holding a workshop for a couple of days. I probably won't find the time to write the report of the week ahead - at least not on time.

The good news is:

The Rave New Year 2020 Report is ready and available!

Astrology Report, Gate 28
Edmund Dulac - Morning, The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam

Last solar week brought the theme of value refinement and responsibility. This solar week brings the unexpected. It brings sudden and unexpected events, interruptions and surprises – good or bad. Through the right approach to caring we find the right risks to take. This week's new moon determines the right battles that lead up to starting the new yearly cycle of 2020.

25 October 2019 17:30 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 28) – channel of struggle (Saturn 38.6^, South Node 38.2-28 Sun), 48.5^ Mars, 43.3 Venus

Finding oneself and healing purpose. Reconnecting to our eternal child and seeing authentic purpose more clearly

    26 October 2019 3:28 UTC: Sun in (Scorpio) waning quincunx to Chiron in (Aries)

Problematic: Researching illness without having it. Münchhausen syndrome transit. Trying to be one's own best expert and not collaborating with each other in healing actual illness. The patient not collaborating with the doctor and the doctor not collaborating with the patient. Superficial solutions or refusing to correct illness altogether. This can be the irresponsibly uneducated doctor who prescribes outdated therapies or who just tells you it's all in your head. Especially if someone was labeled a hypochondriac without basis and didn't receive the necessary help, this is a transit to retreat from those who project their distorted mind onto others and to do one's own investigation:

Productive: If necessary, taking alone time to do detailed investigation, especially in regards to physical illness, mental illness or simple self-discovery and finding our true nature. Recognizing transitoriness and the fugacity of the physical form, yet finding the eternal child within (“young at heart”). Recognizing the effects of aging or illness, yet desiring and preparing to heal or to do damage control. Desiring to take a risk towards individual purpose and planning it. Having the awareness of when to retreat from other people's influence and heal. Desiring to heal or to be healed and helping each other in the struggle. Recognizing the benefit of working together with the right people who acknowledge us for who we are. Being able to give through receiving. Finding deep solutions. Recognizing the need to correct a situation where something needs to be healed physically or emotionally and where we might be projecting onto each other.

Stealth mode and going under the radar

    27 October 2019 14:30 UTC: Mars in (Libra) square Saturn in (Capricorn)

Problematic: Intuition overpowered by emotions, feelings and mind. Total confusion over relationships, over what we are supposed to channel our ambition into and who we are supposed to be or work with. Wanting to be seen, wanting official status and risking security.

Productive: If necessary, intentionally keeping relationships secret and going under the radar to be safe. Helping each other to succeed, to transform and to move towards reaching full potential.

This is part of the underlying energy and the collective stage for 2020. I have written more on this in the Rave New Year Forecast, which you can get here:

New Moon: Individual purpose and finding the like-minded. Carefully evaluating the right risk to manifest purpose and freedom. Volatility, impulsiveness and egoism or individuation and innovation.

    28 October 2019 3:38 UTC: NEW MOON in 28.3.4 opposite Uranus R in 27.3.5, square underlying Transits of Sun conjunct Venus in 31.5.5 and 31.1.2^; Mercury in 14.3.4 // 3/5 Cross of the Unexpected
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous full moon: 22.2.2 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS new moon: 22.3.6 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of this coming full moon: 22.5.5 (Pisces)
    28 October 2019 8:14 UTC: Sun in (Scorpio) opposite Uranus in (Taurus)

Unexpected events and encounters. Evaluating the proper risk to take in order to find purpose. Often, this process could have gone on for a while and started a few months ago, be it about relationships, business or other projects. The masculine energy has clarity or is caught in confusion. The feminine energy might have a mental breakthrough that carries over into a change on the outside.

Problematic: Restless and unstable on-off. Being high-strung. Gambling. Rationalizing risk taking and being side-tracked into the wrong things, potentially out of restlessness, falling for flattering, lust, greed and not getting enough. Not knowing the limits. Decadence. Charming or letting oneself be enchanted without proper evaluation and then being caught by surprise when the person breaks off, everything falls apart and we face separation. Following the money only or impulsive following lust only against better knowing and having to live with the consequences later.

Productive: Breaking out of the old into totally new endeavors after careful evaluation. If the evaluation is or has been conservative and considerate, the actual risk to take is probably going to be quite the opposite – a game changer. Transition towards purpose and freedom from the known. Seeking for more. Carefully assessing individual purpose and the proper risk to take that fits us individually. Recognizing when we are missing information and looking for more understanding and secret information to be able to evaluate the proper risk – without losing touch with reality. Finding unexpected data and insights. Manifesting purposeful relationships and allies. Embracing the right people openly and with grace. After having gone through a year with major karmic transits that ended one-sided and restrictive relationships, these new adventures will likely be with people who don't hold us back and who let us have our freedom. Seeking the unusual. Breaking out of the norm. Breaking away from society to go on our own journey, that might at some point lead us to being able to give back to society.

Whitewashing the past or overcoming it

    29 October 2019 3:56 UTC: Mars in (Libra) waning quincunx to Neptune in (Pisces)

Problematic: hiding the dirt under the carpet. Not listening to our inner knowing. Refusing to acknowledge what is. Being stuck in the past and whitewashing the past. Being disappointed with a particular situation, sometimes maybe because we don't see our own role in manifesting the situation as it is, be it through difficult behavior, be it through inaction and not putting in the necessary effort, or be it through not putting up clear boundaries and letting ourselves be taken advantage of. Sugar-coating what happened and living in fairy land. Being afraid to let go and having difficulties to recognize that it wasn't all that easy and perfect.

One step further ahead: not really knowing what to trust and being confused.

Productive: sitting with any confusion and letting it run through without attaching to it. Clearing out old memories. Finally leaving doubts behind. Leaving the past behind. Leaving one-sided relationships behind and continuing to fight for purpose. Overcoming illusions on where we are heading. Recognizing past mistakes as such, but also not getting hung up on them and anticipating the future. Learning to listen within. Connecting to our intuition or inner knowing. Finding clarity on what to fight for.

Investing into educating oneself or building an otherwise solid base that points to authentic purpose

    30 October 2019 22:00 UTC: Mercury conjunct Venus in (Scorpio)

Problematic: Randomly dumping what grounds us out of a mind-trip, or randomly giving up some kind of foundation or belongings. Thinking things will turn out magically, although we don't know our shit and don't invest into educating ourselves or into making things work. Underestimating market competition and general threats. Ignoring our body wisdom.

Productive: Understanding the benefit of establishing a solid foundation. Not risking security, understanding that there is competition and that it's good to invest energy into education and being ahead of the game. In the first place this is about following our body wisdom. Giving only what we realistically can give and what doesn't risk our own security. Knowing what to authentically care for and fight for.

The next week is about coming to meet without conditions and establishing suitable conditions for survival. It is about the material way through life. With Pluto having left gate 54, the current times are a PIVOTAL point leading up to the great mutation in 2027 and a forking of the path, I can't emphasize this enough: do we surrender to the demands of the body, do we commit to feeding it properly and did we find the drive and material ambition to find the spirit through form? Or did we not, do we have no ambition at all to make the best of our individual situation, yet feel like a victim?
Next week brings deep ancient memory and fears, as well as mindfuck over it. It is the alertness to deal with others and to master interaction. It is about working with what we recently found to have potential, building structures of interaction and protecting them.

The Rave New Year 2020 Report is ready and available!


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