This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Always trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
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Edmund Dulac - The Alchemist

Last week might have brought a forking of the path and the obsession over the past or the acceptance that something can't be fixed. It brought the fear of power abuse and of having one's opinions challenged. This week can bring up self-doubts and fears of being inadequate and of not being good enough in order to work through them.

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If people refused to correct and to mentally explore last week, this week's solutions might be shallow, counterproductive or no solutions at all - plain ignorant. Rightfully so there might be a fear of not having enough depth and not being able to deliver due to not acknowledging what needs to be fixed and thus not getting one's act together. This might not necessarily be an issue of actually lacking the potential and the competence to fix it - in the first place it might simply be an issue of denying to establish the necessary competence. At the same time people might not see that depth is missing and provoke each other with repeatedly wanting to implement the same shallow solutions.
On the other side, if we were and are open to do the inner work and to listen to each other's viewpoints and opinions, this week we can find deep solutions. We might heavily provoke those people with our solutions, who refuse to listen and to correct. If someone is provoked by a sensitive and practical solution of yours and turns it against you instead of simply saying “no thank you, this doesn't work for me”, then don't take it personal. It's probably a simple but impersonal mismatch, or their own denial, not your own lack of depth. In an immature environment solutions create tension, especially when people feel ashamed, exposed in their own sloppiness or feelings of inadequacy and when they generally feel threatened by competence. Good solutions are supposed to create tension for everyone and especially for the project to level up. Progress is rarely easy, but oftentimes stagnation is not an option either.

This week's fear of inadequacy and the assumption that people might react overly aggressive could easily keep people from offering and implementing their solutions, even when their ideas and action is really needed.
At the same time, people can be really aggressive, obsessed with control and deliberately interfere with each other. This week might bring situations where there is a deep need to reject any deliberate interference, even if it means to be perceived as difficult, self-entitled or domineering. Basically, there is a need to not tolerate people's crap. It could be necessary to either put people in their place or – maybe even better – to come up with new approaches that circumvent the initial problem and make it irrelevant so that we don't get hung up on it.

This week can bring a fear of inadequacy and of lacking depth to the surface.
There are many different unfixable things that potentially could have happened recently. One of them stands out, though:
If you were ditched last week, this week there is a great danger to take it too personal, to think it must be you when it is not. This week there might be a tendency to think you are not being enough, to think you are missing depth and to think that you don't have what it takes. This is a week of realizing self-worth and recognizing your own depth of solutions or even emotions. It is a week of diving into what is hidden in the dark. What do you have to offer? Often times we tend to focus on what we can't do over what we actually can do. This is a week to acknowledge and celebrate what you can do and what you are good at.
Again, sometimes people are simply stuck in denial and refuse any sort of self-development or development of a shared space and relationship. They might simply dump all their accumulated aggression onto you or they might do the opposite and rather run than to look inside or to seek counseling. At the same time they might give you the feeling that there is something wrong with you. That's not the point and that's not to be believed. There might be a need to emancipate ourselves from self-restrictive thinking and from buying into other people's gaslighting and blame. There might be a need to stop swallowing other people's tension and take it as our own, to refuse to comply and to reject interference. These people are not here to keep you small forever. Their purpose in your life is to find a healthy defiance and to make you find your own power and inner strength.

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If there are new beginnings we are working towards to, be it in career or in love, this week a fear and a feeling of not being enough for it could linger within. That's bullshit. With the right thing and with the right people, all it takes is to show up in truthfulness and to find the right balance between refusing to make an effort and overburdening ourselves or being too hard on ourselves. If you are thinking of applying for a job that seems to good to be true, this is a week where you might face and overcome feelings of not being equipped.

If fears of inadequacy hold you back from following your inner pull towards purpose, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy: you could let yourself be held back and take that as a proof of your unworthiness, only to be stuck even deeper. Doing that would be missing the whole point. Only through facing the fears and pushing through them, only by pushing your boundaries bit by bit can you demonstrate to yourself that you have no reason to worry, that you have or can find what it takes and that you are strong enough to stay true to yourself. That can be such an empowering experience. Sometimes all it actually takes is the commitment to face our inner demons, the commitment to a process, and there is nothing inadequate except the fear of being such, which keeps us stuck exactly where we are and which prevents progress.
There is no need to rush anything and to let yourself be pressured into action, though. Things will usually feel right to do when we are ready and when it is the right timing to act.

The end of last week brought a strong mental occupation with values, responsibility, being afraid of taking responsibility, denying one's responsibilities, or recognizing one's responsibilities and refining one's values and intelligence.

This week's process is about responsibility in reference to other people and about finding the proper balance. Where don't we take responsibility for our own actions that might give people a hard time? Where don't we take enough responsibility for ourselves and simply let other people decide for us or run over us? Non-action is an action, as well.

3 October 2019 0:08 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 48) – channel of transformation (Pluto 54.6-32.3 Venus), channel of preservation (Uranus 27.4-50.4 Mercury), Saturn & South Node 38.5^

Judgment day. Applying and externalizing new found relationship truths, values and social selectivity. Understanding what we care for and what has potential, or being corrupted into caring for all the wrong things. Having recognized which relationships are one-sided, which hinder ambition and which are mutually supportive and putting our understanding into action.

    3 October 2019 6:40 UTC: Pluto goes direct in^ while Saturn and North Node are still in 38.5^
    3 October 2019 8:14 UTC: Mercury enters Scorpio
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Pluto and Venus form the channel of transformation and Mercury is in gate forming the channel of preservation with Uranus in 27.4 as Pluto goes direct in gate 54.6^. This enforces new found standards for relationships and truthful authentic relating. It brings new and sometimes unconventional understanding of ways to nurture and care. It puts a heavy focus on the further transformation and application of our relationship standards and values, especially through calling people out on corrupted values and also on bribability or double standards.

It can bring indecisiveness and together with the 38.5 it might feel as if we struggle alone, have to struggle alone or would be better off struggling alone. Indecisiveness and constant reevaluation because we might be afraid that it can't work comes together with the channel of preservation. People might go from one decision to another and be tempted to trash what has potential. At the same time, the energy to care, to nurture and to preserve is very strong. The big question is: do we nurture the people who nurture us as well in some form another? Or is it one-sided? This brings an understanding of who to (not) care for, but it can also bring an irrational going back and forth to relationships that no longer serve us. It is a slow process leading up to cutting off leeches, cutting cords and separating, which is the theme of the coming full moon.

Problematic: Giving when we have nothing to give. Nurturing the wrong people, being side-tracked and corrupted into relationships that keep us small and stuck. If something didn't work out and could not be corrected, this might lead to a change of values and redistribution of responsibility – or not. E.g. in the occasional environment of a family member of mine, they elected someone into an organizing position despite knowing of that person's incompetence. No one seemed to be willing to make an effort to look for someone better suited who might be willing to do the job. Now people seem to know they have got a problem, but no one wants to take the responsibility to tackle it and to be outspoken about it.
To the feminine energy this can bring indecisiveness, constant reevaluation and a temptation to trash her right and authentic relationships due to being afraid that it can't work out. This is what the energies bring, those fears do not necessarily have any actual foundation to back them up. It might be best to just sit them out and wait. Bringing your attention back to your awareness of these energies can help you to understand what's going on and to not act upon it impulsively.
For the masculine energy this can bring up inadequacy mainly in the form of body image issues and denial thereof, as well as the princess syndrome – hubris, having double standards, making unrealistic demands, impatiently skipping steps that are necessary towards success, trying to play on a far higher level than it would be appropriate in the moment and simply assuming that seeing one's path and potential equals already being there and to have earned the success, to possess the skills or to have acquired whatever it takes. This is the 1st year student who thinks they can already compete in the job environment. It is the freshly initiated healer who thinks they can already heal people, and so on, but instead they might harm others. This is about finding a proper sense of self-value and balancing out hubris with self-doubt. Maybe in some aspects of life we are really talented, skillful and genius and we need to recognize this - and in some other aspects of life we need to accept that we have a lot to learn and can't take shortcuts. It is not personal and it doesn't lessen our value if we aren't perfect, no one is perfect. It just is what it is.
These can be energies within the same person/within us, but it can also be two parties in a boxing ring: one might put unrealistic demands on the other person and swamp them with trivia and mediocrity, but expect to be treated like a princess and genius in return. The other person might feel unrecognized, alienated and be extremely indecisive and very tempted to just quit and disappear from one day to the other. In that case it might be pivotal to not let ourselves be overpowered and interfered with, but to know exactly what's what and lay it on the line.

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Productive: Reflecting on the past and learning the lessons of history. Being generous with the right people, yet knowing that we need to care for ourselves first and that we can only give what we have.
Nurturing mutually beneficial relationships that can last and be successful. Accepting that success doesn't come from day one. Biting through and putting in determined effort to reach one's individual genius and success. Recognizing the progress we have already made. Finding joy in step-by-step progress and in the small victories. Being able to discern impractical trivia from practical steps to take or to share. Not being shy and remorseful when it comes to fending off deliberate interference. Fending off certain people and their attempts to control and disturb can sometimes be a very practical and necessary step. Recognizing which relationships and projects have potential and sticking to them through times of fear, uncertainty and indecisiveness. Being able to preserve an authentic direction. Recognizing and working through issues of unworthiness and issues of having unrealistic and overly perfectionistic demands on our own bodies (Botox is neither practical nor healthy, people! It doesn't help with the right relationships either, those are not determined by superficialities)

4 October 2019 4:21 UTC: Mars enters Libra

Recognizing an alliance and call for authentic purpose – or not and making really dirty choices without proper evaluation: rushing into things out of restlessness, pressure to act, having the feeling of running out of time and a false sense of seeing security in others

    5 October 2019 16:05 UTC: Mercury in (Scorpio) waning quincunx Chiron R in (Aries)
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Problematic: Ignoring the circumstances and being corrupted or seduced into shaking hands with the devil far off from our actual material path. Distasteful and totally inappropriate alliance with people, not because it is authentic, but because we desire to get certain things out of it, or due to fear of losing power and influence - although we might not match with the people we team up with. Seeing a potential future as if it was real, selfishly using other people's generosity, potential power abuse and powerlessness if the devil turns out to be stronger and overpower us. These inauthentic alliances might not necessarily last long, but create a lot of opportunity for growth and inner development.

Productive: Developing awareness and solutions out of a difficult situation like the above. Or carefully evaluating one's actions and picking authentic risks instead. This can mean not to take action or it can mean to be called out to take a risk to find purpose and taking authentic decision and action. Freeing ourselves from inauthentic outside demands of other people and of society. Recognizing and following the right fight and call for purpose, even if no one understands it and everyone thinks we are nuts. Understanding and following our inner calling and taking any means to get there, even if there is no success guaranteed.

Just to make sure this is not misunderstood: these are not transits to follow and to take light-hearted risks despite being a security-oriented person. By all means, evaluate and tune into your own truth in your own timing. This is simply a transit to observe and to get more clarity in understanding – unless it really feels right to act. For most people with a greater level of awareness, that has been found through suffering, there might not be many things to act upon in the currents times as Chiron transits the 25.6. At least not immediately for the most part, because that kind of tension triggering internal growth isn't necessarily needed. For many, but not for all of us, it might be a time of wait and see while separating from the old and preparing for the new.

Temperance or forced standstill to restructure and to carefully assess the trustworthiness of potential allies and the right time to act. Not letting oneself be discouraged by aggressiveness, opposition or a standstill in big endeavors. Focusing on practical short-term activities instead

    6 October 2019 18:28 UTC: Sun in^ square North Node in
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Problematic: over-aggressiveness and acting from lower-ego against restrictions or temporary standstill that might be difficult to circumvent, especially when it comes to enforcing long-term plans that we might need to have patience with for them to be manifested. Being overly aggressive and predetermined. Allowing others to run over us aggressively instead of counter-acting. Cutting off those who nurtured us after having reached success.

Productive: accepting temporary obstacles to long-term goals and making good use of short term opportunities that arise. Being moved forward through restructuring, potential correction and/or short-term activities and projects. Tackling the right small steps and projects that lead up to or can help with our end goal. Carefully investigating if someone is trustworthy enough to join forces with them. Apprehending their personality and shadows and looking to understand how to deal with them.
Carefully evaluating the right bigger risks to take while ticking the small projects off our lists. Gathering support and either staying true to our commitments after being recognized and discovered by success, or forgetting about the people who helped us to get there.

Caring for my purpose, your purpose, our purpose – where is the proper balance and is your or our purpose part of my authentic purpose and fulfillment? Finding self-fulfillment and being able to give through receiving by being on or moving towards our authentic material path and clearing up misunderstandings

    7 October 2019 6:16 UTC: Mercury in (Scorpio) opposite Uranus R in (Taurus)
    7 October 2019 19:06 UTC: Sun in (Libra) square Saturn in^ (Capricorn)

Internal or external conflicts about proper investment of energy in order to find purpose.
There is a tendency to “me, me, me” and subjectivity. At the same time there is a need for objectivity and impartiality. Objective evaluation might ensure action and proper manifestation.

Clearing misunderstandings and conflict of interest without resenting someone else being right and us being wrong - or feeling lost, forgotten and unable to express that. Maintaining one's values with determination and knowing what to do – or withdrawing from opposition and conditioning without finding the proper action, even though there might be plans. Chaos or not. Sticking with what can bring success, or fearing rejection and dropping out. Breaking alliances, changing sides and causing chaos or finding oneself in a big mess and chaos.

8 October 2019 17:05 UTC: Venus enters Scorpio

The next week is about instinctive awareness, cutting cords, separating from shock and disorder in situations that can't be solved and confronting obstacles alone.


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