This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Konstantin Jegorowitsch Makowski

The last week was about growth, endings, change and fearing failure or recognizing potential in others. This week is about laws, values, responsibility and finding a new order. The nodes also move us towards taking responsibility and making the right sacrifice.

This week can bring up a fear of taking responsibility and of refining our values. It can also bring the fear of rejection, possibly due to flawed values or due to being very uncomfortable with having to tackle an obstacle. This week's learning lesson could be to recognize where we took too little responsibility for others and for ourselves. Where might we have acted carelessly without taking responsibility for our actions and their effect on others? Where might we have been too wishy-washy and tolerant without having strong values and boundaries in place? Where might we have taken on too much responsibility that wasn't ours?

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Being afraid of being inadequate and not enough is a huge theme this week. It can bring drastic change if we overcome it. At the root of this, again, is responsibility and the refinement of values. Without good values, people are superficial and their depth is limited. Do we feel a conditioned responsibility and pressure to be and fulfill what we are not? Do we lack a proper sense of standards and values, that makes it difficult to navigate life and that creates all kind of relationship trouble, resulting self-worth issues?

This week puts a focus on breaking out of outdated value systems that might have (had) deep roots in society. Only with the highest values can we be successful and find harmonic and efficient ways to deal with each other and to survive.

20 Oktober 2019 1:51 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 50) - channel of preservation (Uranus 27.4-50 Sun), Mars 48.1v

Trying to find common ground, or simply knowing our relationship standards and refining our values

    20 October 2019 13:58 UTC: Venus in^ (Scorpio) sextile Saturn in^ (Capricorn)

Problematic: not having proper values in place, yet insisting that we are right or even projecting the issue and our own lack of values onto the person we are arguing with. Letting ourselves be interfered with or withholding from arguments as long as we value artificial harmony more than the progress, that open conflict and discussion can bring.

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Productive: (seeking) relationship maturity, knowing one's standards and knowing what is worth fighting for. Resolving misunderstandings and divergent perspectives about pleasure and lust versus getting things done. Trying to find common ground in private and professional relationships, also concerning work-life balance, for example when one person is more focused on indulgences and can't resist inferior influences, and the other person is more focused on creating something of purpose and resists the temptation to get sidetracked and to overindulge.

Clarifying things and resolving misunderstandings about diverging values, ideals and understanding of purpose and creation. Not being side-tracked into things that keep us from implementing and creating something that feels purposeful to us.
Especially intimacy, sex and lust can't be more important than creating something or putting in effort towards one's life purpose. Understanding duties and one's contribution – or getting lost in desires. Having to understand that some relationships simply are not mutually beneficial and hinder ambition, especially when people don't channel their energy properly and efficiently and when they are only after the sex and other indulgences and feasts, but then don't utilize the extra power, stamina and motivation that comes through a fulfilled love and sex life to build something of value and to succeed. On the other hand, especially if we have a less charged chart and blueprint, we might also realize that the usual pleasures of life are secondary and that they actually aren't as fulfilling and satisfying as we thought or hoped them to be. We might be realizing that the most delight and joy comes from simply doing what we love and from creating and building something that brings us excitement and joy because there is always the next step to look forward to.

Creating, Remembering and letting go in Aloneness – or being pulled back into the past. Feeling forgotten or finding one's voice

    21 October 2019 19:39 UTC: Venus in (Scorpio) trine Neptune R in (Pisces)
    21 October 2019 20:18 UTC: Mars in (Libra) square North Node in (Cancer)
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Problematic: The feminine energy might be overly fixed on externalizing her influence, getting people to notice her and being social at the expense of creative implementation.

The masculine energy might feel forgotten, yet not communicating and avoiding conflict. He could be held back by the fear of not being good enough, yet not taking responsibility and not tackling an obstacle. Letting oneself be held back by fear and thinking that others are more at risk if the confrontation is avoided and nothing is being communicated.

Astrology Report
Edmond Aman-Jean - Giovane donna con pavone

Productive: The feminine energy might retreat, remember and be creative. She might let go of disturbances, that distract her from creativity and work.

The masculine energy might be moving towards the right-minded people and perspective by expressing himself or by offering solutions. Making a sacrifice by tackling an obstacle (maybe even standing up for others) in order to find security

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The masculine and feminine energy can be two people of all kinds of gender. But it can also be energies in the same person, for example we might feel inadequate in what we can offer the world and be under the impression that our solution needs refinement, so we might retreat to be creative and to refine our project. This transit can bring manifestation, or it can bring talking without action or even no action at all.

23 October 2019 17:19 UTC: Sun enters Scorpio

Dedication to our inner truth and to knowing the unknown

    24 October 2019 23:36:38 UTC: Pluto enters Gate 61 the 3rd time (Sun
    25 October 2019 9:52 UTC: Venus in (Scorpio) sextile Pluto in (Capricorn)

Problematic: Fearing to be rejected when we speak up and maybe even being rejected when we speak from hypocrisy and plain moodiness. Abandoning our inner truth and holding back our knowing. Being afraid that we might be wrong or that we might not have what it takes. Avoiding necessary confrontation.

On the other side: being incautious and not waiting for the proper moment when we really know what to say. Acting without proper timing before we are ready and structured in our knowing. Uncoordinated action and wasting energy without having clarity and without listening within. This can be blind and totally uncoordinated action to succeed in a work project. It can be trying to bump through blockages by sheer force, that aren't meant to be torn down yet and that require patience to resolve. It can be buying someone expensive things to be included back without having the proper attitude and relationship approach.

Tackling obstacles that need to be tackled is probably going to be productive, but it also is important to really consider the perspective of the other parties involved.

Surrendering to the process of being patient with finding truth and a new order. What helps is the realization that things do take time to progress.

Productive: Sticking to our unique mental process, even if it might look weird to others. Speaking our truth and being able to withstand rejection and condemnation. Speaking and acting on our values in ways that aren't offensive, yet determined. Taking action and confronting obstacles head-on – once it truly feels right.

The next week can bring unexpected changes and shifts. It brings a new moon that is about carefully assessing the right risk to take in order to find purpose. This decision and risk (if we take any) sets the tone for the coming year.


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