This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Always trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Edmund Dulac - The Sleeve Of Night, The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam

Last week was about finding self-confidence, biting through obstacles, finding solutions and restructuring.
This week's energy is not soft and wishy-washy, the energies are becoming even more plain and combative. It is survival and warrior energy, bare bones and straight to the point. Even if people we encounter are naturally soft and sweet, the energetic condition can straighten people up and make them courageous to hyperaggressive, even if we don't see it on the surface. This week can bring instinctive awareness (or denial thereof), initiation and shock. The full moon by the end of this week is about cutting cords, separating from shock and disorder in situations that can't be solved and confronting obstacles alone. Some obstacles and problems simply can't be solved, at least not in the moment. It can also bring the energy of 3rd party business and rising above 3rd party quarrel.

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This week is about centering us within ourselves and rising above the shock so that we can simply survive in the moment. It can bring emotional detachment from a certain outcome, from someone else or from our own overwhelm and despair with heavy situations. It can bring physical detachment and separation from collaborative situations and from one-sided situations to become the loner. Yet, finding structures and frameworks of interaction is a major process this week. Some things we might need to separate from and some things we might be in the process of building. It all depends on what we authentically commit to. The current energies are about carefully evaluating the right allies and knowing your fights.
We might be exiting the sinking ship after discerning that certain things are not our responsibility and not our battle. We might not be involved at all. Or we might courageously be fighting for exactly the right things.

8 October 2019 17:08 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 57) - channel of preservation (Uranus 27.4-50.4 Venus), channel of struggle (Saturn 38.6^, South Node 38.4-28.6 Mercury)

Broken Promises or Consistency with authentic Commitments

    9 October 2019 0:33 UTC: Mars in (Libra) opposite Chiron R in (Aries)
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Problematic: saying yes despite better knowing, letting others down and inflicting pain through inauthentic action, ignorance and broken promises.

Productive: committing only to what isn't restrictive and promising only what we truly can live up to. Having or finding the integrity to say no to commitments that hold us back. Saying yes only when it is authentic and then consequently sticking to it. Being able to recognize the potential challenges in those who can't authentically commit or who are having ulterior motives. Taking the time to evaluate. Courageously fighting for those few things, that are absolutely right and worthwhile to fight for, yet knowing one's own limits and committing to oneself first.

Having learned to trust our awareness. Cleansing the past

    10 October 2019 3:24 UTC: Sun in (Libra) waning quincunx Neptune R in (Pisces)

Problematic: sticking to old struggles, internal struggles and external struggles. Whitewashing the past and being unable to let it go. Thinking that “everything was better then”, although things might have been even more troublesome than back then. Seeing only what we want to see and wanting to turn back time.

Productive: inner cleansing and realization. Finding trust in our intuition and/or our inner truth. Finding a deeper understanding about endings and cycles closing off. Recognizing where true purpose might be found instead. Overcoming suspicion and doubts towards the right people and endeavors and leaving the past behind. Withdrawing from destabilizing situations. Having the awareness to set strict boundaries while still maintaining harmony.

Being called to purpose and new alliances, but being cautious with anything that could be hypocritical and dishonest

    11 October 2019 3:31 UTC: Venus in (Scorpio) waning quincunx Chiron R in (Aries)

Holding on to the fight for those who deserve it and who are mutually invested. Re-evaluation and going beyond. Finding the Spirit and the surrendered ego in others. Or being ignorantly arrogant and having difficulties to let go and to accept that something can't be corrected

    12 October 2019 8:00 UTC: Mars in (Libra) waxing quincunx Uranus R in (Taurus)
    12 October 2019 15:49 UTC: Mercury in (Scorpio) trine North Node in (Cancer)
    12 October 2019 22:06 UTC: Venus in (Scorpio) opposite Uranus R in (Taurus)
Astrology Report
Edmund Dulac - The Garden Of Paradise

Problematic: Not being able to accept that we burnt ourselves out by giving to and investing into the wrong people. Not being able to accept that we burned others out by taking advantage of them and giving nothing in return, not seeing our own mistakes that lead up to this week's separation. Refusing to accept that something can't be corrected and aggressively manipulating others in trying to fix a situation or in selfishly trying to maintain it. Manipulation doesn't have to be verbal and obvious, it can also be energetic manipulation and psychic attacks, but especially emotional manipulation and false charm, comfort and feel-good. Be careful, emotions can really be deceptive and drive us to censor and ignore the underlying threat!
This can also be about not taking responsibility and maintaining one's “strength” (or lower ego) through censoring one's own mistakes, especially one-sided taking and burning other people out. This is going to be tricky as long as it equals not learning the lesson and resorting into arrogance. It also can be difficult if it means to fuck other people up by withholding from them critically important information for their survival.
Feeling superior, insisting on one's opinions and shoving one's hypocritical arrogance into other people's face. This could be someone whose pride was hurt after being left behind because their ego isn't surrendered or because the situation was not mutually beneficial and burnt the other person out. This could be someone who looks down onto other people's chaos, financial disarray and disorganization and judges them harshly without having any sympathy for what it might be like to be in their shoes. When a project blows up, it is always easy to judge the person in the organizing position who is responsible, but most of the time people have no idea what stress and strength these kinds of jobs require. Oftentimes those who judge so arrogantly would have done a far worse job.

Productive: accepting that something can't be corrected and maintaining one's strength through forgetting the past. Solely focusing on survival and on surviving the shock.
Having or practicing sympathy. Re-evaluation. Going beyond what is and what was. Finding the right Spirit in others: recognizing the surrendered ego and the people with the right ego-quality to work with in order to birth something bigger into the world. Moving towards projects that can change the way in which the structures of the world work. Sometimes these might be projects that change our internal structures and perspective first, so that we can reach a new level of consciousness from which humanity can manifest and build totally new structures – which might be quite necessary after Pluto finalizes the reset of our old structures in January 2020.
Distancing oneself from relationships, that were based on lower ego, and moving towards relationships, that bring about growth. This can provoke those who are left behind and who are excluded from the collaboration or incapable of proper teamwork. This is a transit to challenge ourselves and others to change perspective, which basically means to overcome the lower ego and to move towards surrendering one's will power and work force to something far greater than oneself.

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The feminine energy joins forces with the right people and keeps on struggling and fighting for purpose and for finding something mutually nurturing. Keeping one's grip, often times for others and for the benefit of others. Great nurturing that doesn't go one way only, but that goes both ways or in a cycle.
The masculine energy can have great difficulties in accepting that something can't be fixed (a major theme in this moon cycle) and that they shared with or invested into the wrong people and even might have lost their stability or truly nurturing relationships through hat. For those to who it applies, this transit and current moon cycle might only be the starting point of this realization, it might take some time to overcome this. The healthy approach might be to forget the past, even if it is difficult to overcome certain memories. Right now it is about adapting to the shock and finding ways to deal with a situation that might require inventiveness and adaptation in order to survive.

Full Moon: Separating from one-sided relationships that hinder ambition and hoping to forget

    13 October 2019 18:01 UTC: Sun in (Libra) sextile Jupiter in (Sagittarius)
    13 October 2019 21:08 UTC: FULL MOON in 51.6.3 square Pluto in 54.6.6, Mercury in 1.1.5 // 6/2 Cross of the Clarion
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous corresponding new moon: 63.6.3 (Pisces) conjunct Neptune in 63.6.5
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS full moon: 22.2.2 (Pisces)
Astrology Report
Edmund Dulac - The Bells

This full moon brings the separation from one-sided relationships that hold us back, from disorder and from situations that can't be solved. It also brings the realization that if people don't have what it takes, if they can't do the job they are supposed to do, or if they can't surrender their false pride and face their shadows, in order to work together on and for something greater – then we can't force them to. This realization might bring a lot of frustration, impatience and destructive attempts to fix things out of the fear of being blocked and excluded, maybe also believing that style and charm can mask nature. But it might also bring the desire to separate from what is futile, to cut cords and to simply forget about the past.
This can be a full moon of detaching from a current situation and finding inner balance in order to make the right decisions and choices for the future. Oftentimes this might have something to do with our authentic material path and with authentic relationships, that we might be very selective about.
This can be a full moon of transitioning from a broken foundation to a new one, but patience is needed and the first step is to find one's own center.
This also can be a full moon of facing a shock and an obstacle that seems insurmountable and having a problem that can only be accepted, but that can't be corrected in the moment. Detaching from that shock and not letting ourselves be sucked into desperation and darkness is the first step to take. Only through that distance we gain, can we find sensitive and productive solutions to the problem. In solving those problems, or in any other kind of creative endeavors, patience is needed. Life has its own timing.

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On the other side we could also detach too much, forget everything and deny that we have a problem all together - which in the long run prevents the finding of possible solutions. Where is the middle ground and the proper amount of distance, that provides clarity in judgment and evaluation?

The best way to separate from what is futile and one-sided is probably just to cut cords energetically with determination and then to disappear and fade out. Maybe honesty and calm directness will be needed in certain situations, even if people take offense, but no drama and arrogance. Don't empower the people who cling to you and want to keep you small and caged. Don't empower them through provoking them and reinforcing them. Even the attempt to cut cords can lead people to energetically manipulate you, lull you with wonderful but empty words or comfort you emotionally to keep you trapped for further exploitation. Sometimes, if the situation demands that, for example if people are manipulative, abusive and a threat, and if you know that you are easily overpowered, then a silent exit might be the best option.

Some people might leave out information when things have blown up and when they distance themselves. It can be a silent exit. Others might not give each other the whole story and leave out things that are critical to know, only to not stir up shit and pull someone in who might leave if they were given full information.

Love is light and purposeful creation comes first

    14 October 2019 6:56 UTC: Mercury in (Scorpio) sextile Saturn in^ (Capricorn)
    14 October 2019 7:37 UTC: Sun in (Libra) square Pluto in^ (Capricorn)

Clarifying things and resolving misunderstandings about diverging values, ideals and understanding of purpose and creation. Not being side-tracked into things that keep us from implementing and creating something that feels purposeful to us.
Especially intimacy, sex and lust can't be more important than creating something or putting in effort towards one's life purpose. Understanding duties and one's contribution – or getting lost in desires. Having to understand that some relationships simply are not mutually beneficial and hinder ambition, especially when people don't channel their energy properly and efficiently and when they are only after the sex and other indulgences and feasts, but then don't utilize the extra power, stamina and motivation that comes through a fulfilled love and sex life to build something of value and to succeed. On the other hand, especially if we have a less charged chart and blueprint, we might also realize that the usual pleasures of life are secondary and that they actually aren't as fulfilling and satisfying as we thought or hoped them to be. We might be realizing that the most delight and joy comes from simply doing what we love and from creating and building something that brings us excitement and joy because there is always the next step to look forward to.

The next week is about recognizing potential for the future, transformation and temporary increasing efforts, energy and resources (if necessary) to close out old cycles.


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