This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Edmund Blair Leighton - In Time of Peril

Last week was about dedication and effort or not. It was about universal love or not. This week is about correction, that mainly comes in the form of endings or simply letting things be and internally separating from situations. It is about accepting that certain things can't be corrected because the dedication and effort is missing or one-sided.
Last moon cycle (September), we might somehow have gotten along with those who oppress us. This moon cycle (October) the realization might ripen that it simply is futile with certain people and that not all of those situations are correct for us anymore. October is a month that slowly leads up to separating oneself and cutting people off in order to fight for indiviual purpose, if necessary alone (survival of the fittest). It is about learning to accept what can't be repaired and starting to distance oneself from other people's self-induced mess. It is about separating from futile relationships and from situations that can't be fixed. It can be a month of cutting off people, who refuse to make it work with us, who refuse to do the necessary inner work and who prefer to stay in ignorance.

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This week's new moon opens a moon cycle that is about accepting that something can't be corrected. It leads up to a full moon that is about detaching and separating from any kind of shock and initiation to survive it alone and to face the challenges alone. Sometimes this kind of initiation might have come through a deep intimate encounter that might have struck us like lightning and opened our eyes to new realities, yet sometimes that's all someone is supposed to do with us: initiate us. Sometimes the shock might happen to a family member or to a fizzling out friendship, where their denial and their refusal to self-examine and to find solutions might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. That straw might lead people to recognize the futility and to distance themselves from family or friendships that have long served their purpose. It can equally apply to a job situation. For example, a company or department might face issues, that could have easily been avoided if the administration and management had listened to the employees and the people actually doing the work and knowing the practical details. These issues could bring all sorts of difficulties, shock and problems with competing – and the employee, who previously tried to help but wasn't heard, might either decide to say goodbye and search for a more fulfilling work place, or to fully disengage from the chaos and disorder and let those sort it out who are responsible for it.

This is not going to mean that you will run into trouble, these are only general transit energies, not personal ones. Nothing could happen for you, or you might simply feel the need to detach from a relationship in which you were treated shitty or where you feel it doesn't go anywhere anymore. Yet, some people will experience difficulties and painful situations. Murphy's law states that when there are two ways to do something, someone out there will do it the wrong way. Whether someone cut off a finger, whether someone died, whether someone broke up, whether we recognize past mistakes as such too late - it is what it is. Nothing endures but change. Yet, accepting that might be difficult. Saturn conjuncts the South Node a 3rd time and carries the energy to fight for purpose alone and in isolation. Either we can accept that something can't be fixed, either we can accept this phase of transition and either we can find faith in spiritual regeneration and correction for the future - or we stay stuck in obsessing about what has already happened and what we can't change anymore. What we can take with us into the future is the lesson learned.

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We can't help people to correct things that they don't even want to see and have their excuses for. We can't forcefully pull people out of their denial and get them to work on what obviously has been spoilt and would need fixing. Denial is the most difficult core wound to be overcome. Also, Chiron is still bringing potential hurt and pain through ignorance.
October 2019 is a forking of the path: one path is for those who move towards awareness and one path is for those who refuse to work on themselves and stay stuck in the old paradigm and in ignorance.
On a sidenote, someone who refuses to work on themselves might sometimes appear like the most spiritual person and sell themselves as spiritual, sometimes even to impress others or to land a hit. They might even be into Human Design, other systems, spirituality, psychedelics, occult knowledge – but they might justify their shadows with “no choice”. They might focus their corrective (un)awareness on the outside and on other people's not-self onto which they project their own issues. instead of trying to identify and work through their own shadows.

We can't force someone to see and to recognize that there is a problem. No matter how obvious it is, if they want to deny it, or if someone hasn't been equipped to see, they'll keep denying it. When people constantly want to throw themselves into the destructive abyss, when they create themselves a shitload of trouble and deny correction of real problems, there is nothing we can do. Period. We can only help those that can accept help. We can only work things out with those who want to work things out. Working things out and correcting problems always takes time and patience and thus expectations should not be too high, but denial prevents any progress to begin with.

Basically, this moon cycle's theme is: It takes two to tango. If there aren't two people involved in wanting to fix a situation, you can't fix it alone. This moon cycle doesn't lead to separating from everyone, but it means to separate from any chaos that other people created out of foolishness and denial, to separate from any chaos and disorder that is not yours and that is not authentic for you to be in and to work through.

This moon cycle might sound horrible and devastating, especially if you are in an emotionally dark spot - yet potentially it can also bring initiation towards innocence and towards our true nature. If we don't deny recognition and if we try to learn the lessons as best as we can, this moon cycle can help us to find our inner core balance and to center ourselves. It can help us to find centering regardless of circumstances. It might trigger dark night of the souls for many. These can be very heavy times in life that ultimately lead to more self-empowerment after we have crossed through those thunders. If you keep an open mind and keep trying to learn the lesson, you will likely find self-empowerment, rebirth and a greater purpose at the other end.

To sum it up: this week can bring the necessary recognition and acceptance that something can't be fixed and that we need to distance ourselves from it. But it can also bring a feeling of false safety and over-enthusiasm, especially if the triangle to the very left in your blueprint is colored white (open spleen chakra). This over-enthusiasm can bring an urge to cut off and move on from things that actually are good for us – especially out of a fear of power abuse, a fear of being judged and of having one's opinions challenged and out of intolerance for other people's path and opinions and the need to be right, no matter what. This month can bring real foolishness, the foolishness to dump everything and throw oneself into the abyss despite all well-meant warnings. Over the coming weeks, this can bring us to separate from these shocks, that other people pulled us into and that have nothing to do with us.
This is something to consider. Some people might leave impulsively due to being overwhelmed by fear, or due to feeling the need to clean up their life. The other person might be left with a broken situation that actually could have been fixed. Still, it takes two to tango. The person who has been left might need to focus all their energy on simply surviving a situation and on facing the challenges alone or with the help of the people that are left. In emergency situations, mulling over what has been might not be the right outlet to invest our energy. The ifs and whens of logical reasoning might not help to navigate this and to make the right decisions for survival – neither does fear that holds us back from taking necessary action. Our inner authority will show the way.

Saturn and the nodes in 38.5-39.5-54.3 are bringing out a lot of aggression and plain hardheadedness, especially in people with a predisposition who feel provoked and personally offended by a situation they are facing. Upon being excluded because a situation can't be fixed, they might refuse to acknowledge that it can't be fixed and they might do anything to be included. They might create conflict, infiltrate the network of the person who rejected them, physically stalk that person, or even threaten them. They might take any means to find a way to secretly be included, unable to let go and to accept that something can't be undone and corrected.

Basically, these are stalker transits, physical and metaphysical - at least this is one variety that it can bring out. For those who say: “but Juli, you are always writing about this crazy shit, none of it applies to me” - I'm aware these extreme cases don't apply to most, but they apply to many more people than those of us would expect, who don't work in certain social service professions. I first need to make sure that those who need it the most are being served. Maybe some day it will happen that you will know someone in your environment who goes through a heavy situation that matches with the transits, and you'll then know to measure the situation and to help fix it or take precaution. There is always someone who can help and who needs help.

This month can bring people to openly or secretly wanting the ex back and to stalk them. This can be the former boss who takes offense that their former employee quit and escaped their rigid control system, and who then takes disrespectful actions. This can be someone who didn't get a business deal and comes up with all kind of aggressive tactics to make it work.
If you are dealing with someone who is extremely impulsive and jealous, even if he can't openly admit it, or if you know someone who is dealing with someone like this – please don't take it lightly under these transits and rather take too many precautions than too little. These transits can really bring out aggressiveness in people who don't have proper self-control. This can end badly, but it doesn't have to. It's better to be on the safe side than to fail to take precaution. If you are trying to get away from someone who is physically or emotionally violent and abusive and who is not in control of themselves, make sure you escape calmly and silently without provoking their attention. These kinds of people can be extremely easily provoked under these transits.

I'm going to say a word on twin flames, soul mates and sacred unions – especially since there are still people subscribing to that email list via Google. Even if you authentically experience that sacred connection, if the love is real and even if it continues to feel as sacred as before – it might be that some of you are going to have to accept that you can't pull grass to grow and that you'll have to separate – be it only for a while or forever. (Emphasis on “some”, not “all”. I'm not knowing who is reading this, what kind of karma you carry and I wouldn't want to judge for you)
This transit is really about giving it all to God and the program – it's not as if we have a choice anyway, we can only work with what we are given.

27 September 2019 6:45 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 18) – channel of transformation (Pluto 54-32 Mercury)

Clarity. Inner cleansing and being victorious over doubt

    28 September 2019 2:49 UTC: Venus in^ (Libra) waning quincunx Neptune R in (Pisces)

Inner renewal and leaving old doubts behind. Cleaning out the dirt under the carpet, working through denied awareness, finding proper values and correcting a situation gradually. Sometimes this might bring correction and an end to attempts to control each other by slowly working things out together, overcoming doubts and recognizing the potential (not everything is lost in this moon cycle). Sometimes, this is about leaving a past behind, that simply didn't work and that was overly controlling and restrictive. If there is a situation that can't be fixed, this can bring the slow recognition of that and the gradual correction of our judgment. Sometimes this might be about overcoming doubts in regard to a new situation. Whatever the situation is, this transit is about overcoming doubt and denial and finding awareness and inner renewal.

Building a (new) solid foundation and fighting for purpose.
Reaping good or bad social and material karma, especially in regards to life purpose and a healthy foundation

    28 September 2019 6:21 UTC: Saturn conjunct South Node #3 of 3 in gate^ (Capricorn); 18.2 P-Sun, 6.6 P-Moon, 56.6 D-Mercury, Jupiter 26.1
Astrology Report
Herbert Draper - The Lament for Icarus

This aspect is closely connected to our past, to our material foundation, to karma and to slowly moving out of the old into the new and into something solid.

On the 4th of April 2019 Pluto conjuncted the South Node and reset the old foundation we were sitting on. That brought potential chaos if the material direction people were heading in was not authentic. It might have brought wounding and deeper conditioning through refusing to withdraw from the wrong company into aloneness. On the other hand it also might have directed us towards healing and recuperation through withdrawing from the wrong people and from negative influences.

Not even a month after that, a search for and building of new structures started with Saturn conjuncting the South Node for the 1st time on the 30th of April 2019. This conjunction set us off on a journey towards new mutually beneficial beginnings or it brought us difficult but necessary lessons when it comes through naivety and mutuality. This took place during the cross of the 4 ways and one main way to take was the way of overcoming old patterns, addictions and mind fuck. Many might have been taken on a trip with uncertain outcome where both parties were fixed on their material approach, but didn't exactly meet in the middle. One of them might have lacked higher principles, tried to push their own agenda onto the other and to influence the collaboration for their own personal gain and agenda. The other one might have either we well prepared for interference and for dealing with the other person's trouble – or not.
It might have brought hurt through narrow-mindedness and pushing one's own agenda only – or it might have brought healing and progress through being open to many different viewpoints and approaches, that were being talked through to find the proper form of organization and collaboration.

On the 4th of July, Saturn and the South Node conjuncted a 2nd time, bringing the themes of provocation, tackling obstacles, making a sacrifice, potentially making a sacrifice to be included, carefully assessing the proper people who would not randomly break off and then keeping our promises and commitments (or not). The 2nd conjunction brought hurt through trying to take shortcuts - or healing through taking the long road and having patience with the process and with building something.

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On the 28th of September, Saturn and the South Node conjunct a 3rd and last time. This transit brings transformation. It is about reaping what was sown over the course of this year or even earlier – for the good or the bad. Saturn and the South Node bring the energy to stubbornly endure and fight alone. Dependent on what routes we took in the beginning of the year, or even dependent on what kind of karma we collected earlier, people now might either feel deeply isolated and utterly alone because a foundation was ruined - or they might recognize that only they can find and build their own purpose, but they might support each other in their struggle to find purpose and a new working foundation. This transit looks like the bottleneck or rite-of-passage of the Saturn-Pluto-South Node transits, that are moving us towards authentic new beginnings and foundations – or towards finding purpose to begin with.
It lets us revisit the past and recognize that we can't change it – we can only accept it and try to learn from it. Making mistakes despite better knowing out of carelessness doesn't mean that we won't regret it later. Life remembers and most of the time we do, as well. Oftentimes this might bring a lesson of how it feels to be alone and isolated when we might have previously put other people through that experience. What matters is that we don't repeat mistakes and learn from them.
This transit can bring hurt through inappropriate, destabilizing and ignorant action, that mostly might come as emotional over-assertiveness, emotional immaturity and destructiveness, a lack of emotional control, insisting on getting what one wants and even trying to emotionally dominate others solely for one's personal fulfillment without considering the other person's feelings. My way or the highway, but don't you dare to actually take the highway and shut me out.
On the other hand it can bring healing through authentic self-empowerment, individual emancipation and through careful and considerate actions, that don't carry ulterior motives. It can bring healing when we either let go of conflict within our relationships, have faith for renewal and find more sensitive approaches to tackling obstacles and solving problems. Yet oftentimes it might bring healing through withdrawing and letting go of inauthentic, one-sided and destructive relationships in peace and acceptance. Oftentimes this might be about moving from a broken foundation to one that can actually work, or to simply separate from a broken foundation in order to explore what else life has to offer. If commitments were broken, if the investment was too one-sided, or if it was emotionally destructive, there might be a goodbye to what didn't work out.

Most of you will have treated each other fairly and might be coming to a point where your relationships clear out, some might have fallen away, and those relationships that stood in your life or who newly formed, are mutually beneficial and supportive of each other's individuality and purpose.
It could also be that through patient effort over the course of this year, things are starting to take physical form and material implementation or manifestation reaches a pivotal point. Things that are connected to your life purpose and that feel or felt like a struggle, might start to take form as we progress towards the end of this year - if you have nurtured them over the past months. A foundation might slowly solidify.
It is super important to acknowledge what we have already reached and not to destabilize it by taking hot-headed action that makes no sense.

This chain of Saturn-transits is leading up to the big conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020:

Astrology Report
Jan 2020: Pluto conjuncts and resets Saturn, Mercury and the Sun in Gate 61 (mystery and inner truth, a mitochondrial start codon)

Saturn will conjunct Pluto in January 2020: Initiating the final death phase of the remaining remnants of the 7-centered life. From then on it is just a quarter of a Saturnian cycle until the Great Mutation in 2027 takes place. This is one remaining cycle of cellular renewal after the big foundational reset.

SATURN CONJUNCT PLUTO conjunct the Sun and conjunct Mercury in gate 61 on the 12th of January 2020 can either bring a structural reset that lets everything fall apart and makes survival as well as innocence and acceptance difficult if we come from a place of conditioning. Or it can bring a reset and capacity for survival, through the recognition that we need to surrender to the transformation and go with it instead of against it, but without losing our identity. Globally, it will set us off on a path towards seeking what's hidden, exploring occult knowledge and finding inner truth and authentic identity. The next years bring initiation of mind and mutation through higher insight. From 2021 on, Saturn will start his transit through the gates that form the quarter of initiating the mind. This will bring about a new sense of spirituality and questions of religion - and much more. It will big a huge foundational reset that closes out old karma for good and moves us towards a new chapter.
What we are experiencing right now by the end of 2019 is a minor transition towards that bigger transition.

It is what it is. Revisiting the past and letting it go. Overcoming Remaining Doubts. We can't help others out of their ignorance. New Moon of Inner Transformation and Transition. Learning to let things be and Accepting that there is no Potential for Correction, Leading up to Separating from a Situation or Relationship.

    28 September 2019 18:26 UTC: NEW MOON SUPER MOON (#3/3) in 18.2.4v opposite Chiron R in 25.6.5 and Earth in 17.2.4, square South Node conjunct Saturn in 38.5.5^, waxing quincunx to Uranus in 27.4.6; Mercury in 32.3.5^ // 2/4 Cross of Service
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous full moon: 63.4.5 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS new moon: 63.6.3 (Pisces) conjunct Neptun
    (Black Moon Lilith of this coming full moon: 22.2.2 (Pisces)

    28 September 2019 23:40 UTC: Venus in (Libra) sextile Jupiter in (Sagittarius)
    29 September 2019 4:14 UTC: Sun in (Libra) waxing quincunx Uranus R in (Taurus)

Astrology Report
Edmund Blair Leighton - To the Land Unknown

This new moon can bring the awareness to be satisfied with what we have got and accepting that something can't be fixed. For many it will bring the opposite: it will bring the refusal to accept that there is no potential for correction and raging against the wind.

This can be a very difficult moon cycle, especially if wounds are still fresh and if the separation comes unexpected. In my environment, for everyone I'm dealing with, me included, it doesn't come unexpected and it is the accumulation of a long history of trying to stir the wheel around, being one-sidedly invested or simply trying to help someone who didn't want help. But the things falling apart this moon cycle can also be fresh relationships that unexpectedly crumble after having opened up to intimacy. Although there might be doubt and constant reevaluation, most people will know what they must leave behind because it simply didn't work despite best effort and because it may be too leechy or not on a similar level of consciousness.

Problematic: Unable to be satisfied with what we have and wanting more. Mentally deciding to go for what is very unlikely to work. Not being able to accept that something can't be fixed. Arguing with each other and trying to correct what the other person doesn't want to correct. “Let me tell you what's wrong with you” or “let me tell you what needs to be fixed”, yet not being able to fix it and falling onto deaf ears. Insisting on being right.

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Productive: Being satisfied with what we have. Dreaming and letting things be. Rejecting unwanted interference and attempts to be fixed. Seeking the arbitration of a third party. Accepting that something can't be corrected, that we can't get people to care when they don't and that we might have invested in the wrong people and shared indiscriminately. We can't get back what we gave. Yet, the process might have been necessary to go through and we might simply enjoy the newly found freedom.
To each their own perspective, but personally, I think it is worth a lot to be freed of one-sided caring and leeches that don't give anything back and only exploit - especially in situations where the other person didn't give, but still stalked or clung and was an energetic bloodsucker or even physical threat. That freedom is too precious to get stuck on the past! And who knows – what you gave might come back to you in some other kind or form.

Unable to solve relationship problems – be it temporarily or permanently

    1 October 2019 4:17 UTC: Venus in (Libra) square Pluto R in (Capricorn)

Understanding doesn't mean that we can fix a relationship, no matter how deep the love. Both have to understand and to be willing to make an effort.

Problematic: Overwhelmed by depth of feelings. Frustration, anger, hardheadedness, futile action (be it stalking or simply provoking conflict).

Productive: Accepting that we can't instill into our relationships and partner what the other person is missing. Both have to bring a solid mutually acceptable foundation with them.

It takes two to tango, and even when both want to tango it takes the right timing to find understanding and resolution. This can be about letting someone go, or it can be about talking things through, refining one's values, trying to find truth, working on things intensely, yet accepting that resolving issues takes time and will not happen immediately.

The next week is about social selectivity, tension and finding self-confidence.


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