This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Always trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
John William Waterhouse - Circe Invidiosa

Last week was about closing down or opening up emotionally. This week is about collective and individual impersonal love. It is about success in relationships and materially. It is about identity and love as a direction in life. Chiron is entering the 25.6 this week and can bring superb healing, but he can also bring wounding and breaking of the spirit through ignorance and inauthentic action. At the same time we are still in the yearly quarter of relationships and there is a lot of flirtatious energy and sexual tension in the air for the next weeks. We are also moving into the time of the year that energetically activates survival fears. There are a lot of things that people can do in relationships that hurt others deeply to the core. Knowledge and understanding isn't always power, but often times it is and it can prevent a lot of damage – especially knowledge of self.
For example there can be several ways of being a sugar daddy/momma/boy/girl – which is sort of a match for the current transit energies. It can be based on being a fuckboy or -girl. It can be based on manipulating people into being that and into total dependency. It can be based on scamming, abuse of generosity, exploitation and lies from either side, e.g. hiding one's consorts from one's wife. It can be mutually nurturing and simply supportive, meeting as human beings where one might offer financial help or mentorship and the other might offer emotional transition and recovery after divorce, or simply companionship, understanding and emotional safety.

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This week brings the love (or hate) of being incarnated in a body and experiencing life through it.
On the down side it brings conditional love, personal agendas and a lack of innocence - or it brings innocent unconditional love and action, as well as a melancholy that comes with the realization that so many people are not living their true nature and that so many people are not being accepted as who they are. It can bring an otherworldly distinct bliss of being ourselves and being accepted as ourselves – or a sadness about not being accepted in our body or in our spirit.
This week can bring up thematics like body dysmorphia, beauty surgery, debilitating injuries or natal handicaps. There is a deep need to accept ourselves and each other for who we are. That kind of acceptance doesn't mean we have to tolerate restricting and damaging people in our lives, it simply means to let them leave with love. It also is a week about healing the mind, spirit and the body from mental or physical sickness. It can bring shamanic and tantric energy.

21 September 2019 12:53 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 46)

Neptune back in gate 63 until the end of January

21 September 2019 15:57 UTC: Neptune moves back into gate 63.6, letting us revisit our doubts for a last time. It might bring the difficulty of finding self-expression and the feeling of being forgotten and left behind. That might make it easier to move on from all that nostalgia and to truly leave the past behind.

Naivety, delusion or doubt about the past or overcoming suspicion and doubt

    21 September 2019 16:43 UTC: Jupiter in (Sagittarius) square Neptune in (Pisces) #3 (#1 and #2 on ~13Jan and ~16Jun); 1/3 Cross of Vessel of Love; 46.1 P-Sun, 18.6 Venus, 47.6 Mars, 38.6^South Node (next Jupiter square Neptune is in 2025)
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This is the last aspect in a series of 3 that started in January 2019. It was about being patient with investigating our doubt and open questions over the course of this year, instead of blindly rushing ahead with the first answer we find. By June, it brought self analysis, caution and vigilance. Especially it might have brought the awareness on where we might have rushed into things too quickly in the beginning of this year, or where we can't trust others after they made these kind of impulsive decisions, dropped their masks and showed their true colors (e.g. selfishly exploiting other people's gullibility). This applied to career, love, old or new relationships and all other aspects of life. Yet, love and collaborative relationships are being highlighted right now.

Today's aspect brings nostalgia and remembrance. Being stressed out by it – or simply enjoying the memories.

Problematic: not being able to let suspicion and past doubts go, even after potential misunderstandings have been cleared up. Having an irrational focus on the past.

Productive: patience with overcoming doubts and resolving open questions. Accepting the rhythm of life and accepting one's own life rhythm, without needing to escape and to act on every impulse. In that it can sometimes also bring unexpected serendipity when we are just doing our thing simply for the sake of doing it.

Last week might have brought bickering and crisis. It was about opening up to intimacy or not, which means there are two main ways in which things might restructure:
If people closed themselves off from intimacy, now the feminine energy might recognize what is practical and move on to new horizons in the hopes of finding greener pastures. The masculine energy might feel heavily depressed and as if life is a heavy burden. Temporarily! Everything passes, this will too.
If people decided to work things out together, then the feminine energy corrects a flawed situation within the relationship, yet she might also recognize the validity of the process and that everything is alright. The masculine energy recognizes that it is a very difficult situation and relationship where there is a lot to heal, but that it is the right person despite all difficulties, and that it is a necessary process to go through.

Overcoming long held patterns of feeling unworthy, negative self-talk and procrastination. Either staying stuck – or clearing up misunderstandings and problems through seizing the possibilities and acting with directness

    22 September 2019 16:18 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) square Saturn in^ (Capricorn)
    22 September 2019 23:42 UTC: Mercury in^ (Libra) square North Node in^ (Cancer)
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Understanding what actions to take to solve problems, to find purpose in life, to clear up misunderstandings and/or to overcome isolation. Finding a depth in understanding and solution. Acting on it or staying stuck in fear. Overcoming the fear that we don't have what it takes and that we are inadequate and unworthy.

23 September 2019 7:49 UTC: Sun enters Libra
23 September 2019 8:50: EQUINOX

Inner renewal (or denying one's own intuition and shadows). Knowing what to do (or ignoring it). Daydreaming about what is unlikely rather than risking rejection

    24 September 2019 13:56 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) waning quincunx Neptune R in (Pisces)
    24 September 2019 21:00 UTC: Mercury in^ (Libra) sextile Jupiter in (Sagittarius)

Problematic: Hiding the dirt under the carpet and not being able to let go of suspicion, doubt or self-delusion over things that are very unlikely to happen and that keep us from living in the moment and seizing opportunities in the moment. Saying, but not doing, or not manifesting authentically.

Astrology Report
Warwick Goble - Tales of Bengal

Productive: Leaving old doubts behind and overcoming paranoia or other mental blockages. Overcoming delusion, wishful thinking and unlikely potential. Letting go of the past in order to live in the moment. Intuitively finding proper values, ideals and action to take. Manifesting through taking proper action.

Reconsideration. Loyalty despite difficulties - or not. Getting rid of feeling unworthy and taking necessary action. Forgiveness. Deep solutions

    25 September 2019 19:19 UTC: Venus in (Libra) square Saturn in^ (Capricorn)
    26 September 2019 2:00 UTC: Venus in^ (Libra) square North Node in (Cancer)

Taking action to help each other out and solving each other's problems – or each on their own. No longer being held back by inadequacy because the pain of separation or purposelessness is heavier to bear. Taking action in order to feel included or purposeful – or continuing to feel alone and isolated.

Understanding what actions to take to solve problems, to find purpose in life, to clear up misunderstandings and/or to overcome isolation. Finding a depth in understanding and solution. Acting on it or staying stuck in fear. Overcoming the fear that we don't have what it takes and that we are inadequate.

Problematic: Provoking others with shallow, superficial and inconsiderate attempts to solve their problems. Rejecting not only these shallow control attempts, but intimacy all together. Feeling provoked, upset and trashing everything that we cared for.

Productive: Moving forwards through solving problems, developing deep solutions for others and receiving back in return, which fuels and sustains further experimentation, development of depth and problem solving. Opening up to deep feelings and being loyal (this brings the change).

Accepting difficult situations in otherwise authentic and mutual beneficial relationships. Healing can take a lot of time. Hurting the body through ignorance. Broken commitments and inappropriate actions that can break the spirit. Recognizing what doesn't bring us to purpose and to ourselves and what we need to liberate ourselves from

    26 September 2019 23:52 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) square Pluto R^ (Capricorn)
    27 September 2019 1:21 UTC: Sun in (Libra) opposite Chiron R in (Aries)
Astrology Report
John William Waterhouse - Pandora

There are some relationships or relationship phases that are authentic and correct, but that are not necessary easy. For example the illness of a spouse, or a child in puberty. This transit can bring these kind of situations. If this is a situation of reconsideration, it might simply take time to heal. It might take time until one or both is ready to take the next step together and to actually commit and be able to back up the commitment.
This is about accepting that certain relationship situations can't be fully resolved, at least not now or not by us – even if we know what we want and what to do. Some things are simply beyond our power and resolve in their own time. This should not get anyone into transference “hope” though, and into the previously described fear of doing something - you do what you need to do!

Problematic: Saying yes despite better knowing, overextending oneself or entering inauthentic commitments. Not being able to carry through with them and having to break promises.
If you are struggling with health issues and are getting help that feels wrong and that makes you feel very uncomfortable, get a second opinion before you decide upon anything! There is much that can be done wrong in health and there are many incompetent practitioners out there. It's your health, your body, your decision to take the necessary action to become healthy and to trust yourself in determining who can help you to get your health back. Getting a second opinion is always a good idea!

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We are in energies that make people easily assume that you are aggressive when you are simply asking questions that are important for you to know. People might feel incredibly provoked and offended by normal behavior and questions, unable to recognize their own ignorance and lack of proper perspective – especially when they take a lot of pride on their degree and other labels.
You have a right to know what's going on with your body and to have someone explain it to you in ways that you can understand. Don't accept to be treated like cattle if it is important for your decision making process to be properly informed about what is going on with you. You deserve more.
If your doctor doesn't talk to you and refuses to work on your issues in cooperation with you, allow yourself to seek a doctor who does. Health does not only determine life and death. Health is the most fundamental determinant of your life quality. Often we take our health for granted until it deteriorates. Yet, if your health suffers, your whole life experience suffers. You owe yourself to take good care of yourself and to really trust yourself when it comes to choosing the right doctors/therapists/other allies. Don't allow people who makes choices for you when it is not them who will carry the consequences of those choices. You will carry the consequences of the decisions you meet.
From the flip side: thinking you are doing good to someone does not mean that this actually is true. People can think they save others, while all they do is to fuck them up mentally or physically.
The media coverage around Renee Bach and her orphanage in Uganda is a perfect example of this transit.

Productive: saying no to restrictive commitments and looking for healing that actually works and honors our individual constitution. Whether this restrictive commitment is your doctor who wants to sell you an outdated therapy, whether this is a reconciliation that takes time and more resources to work through, or whether this is a job offer – this is about only committing to what is authentic. Only authentic commitments can bring true heartfelt success.

The next week opens a moon cycle that is about accepting that something can't be corrected, detaching and separating from any kind of shock to survive it alone. This is not going to mean that you will run into trouble, these are only general transit energies, not personal ones. Nothing could happen for you, or you might simply feel the need to separate from a relationship in which you were treated shitty. Yet, some people will experience difficulties and painful situations. Murphys law states that when there are two ways to do something, someone out there will do it the wrong way. Whether someone cut off a finger, whether someone died, whether someone broke up, whether we recognize past mistakes as such too late - it is what it is. Nothing endures but change. Yet, accepting that might be difficult. Saturn conjuncts the South Node a 3rd time and carries the energy to fight for purpose alone and in isolation. Either we can accept that something can't be fixed, either we can accept this phase of transition and either we can find faith in spiritual regeneration and correction for the future - or we stay stuck in obsessing about what has already happened and what we can't change.


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