This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Always trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Madonna and Child - Marianne Stokes

Like last week, this solar week is about reflecting on the past and getting to potential understanding. While last week's energetic quality was mostly dreamy, confusing or doubtful, this week's energy holds a bigger focus on slowly gaining awareness and realization about our past experiences. Where last week the confusion came through the feminine archetypal energy, this week the masculine archetypal energy brings confusion, remembrance and the pressure to make sense of past experiences.

This week also is about dealing with oppressive or difficult mindsets, people or situations – in order to slowly resolve them bit by bit. This week triggers the fear of the past being meaningless and it can bring us mental and emotional oppression, especially as long as we do not find any sense and realization. Only through facing and fully experiencing our fears and pain, through understanding our karma and finding the grace to let it go, we transmute it. Doing that, humanity slowly puts an end to living through it over and over again.

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The energies of this week and last week bring straight access to the collective unconsciousness, to the shadows of the collective hive mind, and in that they can be really mutative and transformative! Change happens by creating an atmosphere of openness through listening, attentiveness and through letting others go first.
This week brings a chance to deepen our consideration for other people's feelings through understanding the pain of what it is to be human.
If we can't be open, though, if we can't listen attentively to the other person's perspective, then we won't find understanding, might stay stuck in disgraciousness and in a feeling that everyone is to blame.

9 September 2019 23:43 UTC: Beginning of the new week (gate 47) – channel of abstraction (Mars 64.4v-47.1 Sun, 47.6v Venus), Pluto 61.1, earth 61.1

More Self-realization

    10 September 2019 7:23 UTC: Sun in (Virgo) opposite Neptune R in (Pisces)
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Purpose, sense of self and direction is blurred. Objectivity and seeing things for what they are might be difficult as well. This transit might bring a recognition where we might have not been realistic in the past, or where we deluded ourselves when it comes to our purpose and the right direction in life. It might bring a recognition of where we might have created our own difficulties by demanding too much of others and the world. By demanding a fantasy image that no one could live up to, or that the situation simply didn't allow, or by trying to fulfill demands, roles and expectations that weren't realistic and authentic for us.

Problematic: Not knowing one's place, demanding too much, not getting it and generally thinking that the world is against you.

Productive: Exploring deep rooted survival fears, life direction and purpose. Overcoming negative thoughts. Overcoming a false sense of self. Overcoming burdensome expectations. Finding a more aligned purpose and direction. First comes the confusion, though.

Astrology Report
Alfons Mucha - Madonna of the Lilies

Patience with new Beginnings

    10 September 2019 23:27 UTC: Jupiter in (Sagittarius) waxing quincunx North Node in (Cancer) #3 of 3

Problematic: Being impatient with new beginnings and feeling burdened by having to wait things out patiently. Taking past criticism personal and being discouraged by past difficulties. Sulking in isolation about past rejection and criticism, which prevents new beginnings.

Productive: Finding patience with new beginnings. Finding joy and calmness in waiting.
Not taking everything personal after having realized how we might have oppressed and burdened ourselves. Overcoming past blockages that kept us from new beginnings – be it returning to the scene of the crime and making things right, or be it to make use of past lessons in brand new beginnings. Regaining ambition. Being busy with work while waiting, wherever it might help to keep us from falling back into old patterns of negative thinking.

Pluto back in gate 54 for the last time in over 200 years – Ambition and taking only mutually beneficial relationships with us

    11 September 2019 7:30:47 UTC: Pluto enters Gate 54 the 4th time. Sun in

For the last time in the coming quarter of a whole millenium, Pluto revisits the gate of ambition. The outcome in the Sun is: “ambition”. We are revisiting themes of ambition and drive to succeed versus being unmotivated and without drive. How do we achieve ambitious goals? Through having relationships that are mutually beneficial where the give and take is balanced instead of one-sided. This transit aligns with the current Uranus retrograde in gate 27.5, which is about balancing selfishness with selflessness and finding the right approach to caring. This Pluto retrograde is about leaving behind those who only took and didn't give. A key to that is forgetting: forgetting about the past, about broken relationships, about broken foundations and about people who were selfish - and instead concentrating on one's own material ambition and nurturing those relationships that are mutually beneficial.
At the same time, this can bring secret interactions and the attempt to be included by all means – especially when someone got shown the door because they were too selfish or sabotaging a mutual business project, but also when a project or relationship simply didn't seem mutually beneficial or authentic. Yet, if there isn't the motivation to fix a broken foundation, to balance things out and invest into a relationship, Pluto retrograde might simply lock certain people out, close old chapters and open new ones. This is about limiting ourselves to authentic relationships that don't hinder us, but that do support us.

Confusion, patience and promise in new beginnings. Discouragement and avoidance of confrontation - or seeking to resolve confusion and conflicts, when necessary with the help of others

    12 September 2019 0:20 UTC: Mars in (Virgo) sextile North Node in (Cancer)
    12 September 2019 9:05 UTC: Mars in (Virgo) square Jupiter in (Sagittarius)
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This is the masculine archetypal energy being confused about the right relationships, learning to be patient with the confusion and then slowly recognizing the right path over the coming time.

Problematic: Being held back and discouraged by past failures. Staying stuck, unable to face the necessity to make a move towards purpose and to fix things when necessary.

Productive: Recognizing where we are our own worst enemy, but that we are ok the way we are and that we can make things right and build a better future from here on. Having the awareness to seek the help and arbitration of others in order to resolve a conflict. Yet, we are still in the energy of secret relationships. If you have felt that you might benefit from counseling, therapy, energetic healing or simply from someone who can go with you through your experiences and make sense of them together with you and help you make the necessary changes – then go for it! There is nothing shameful and nothing wrong with getting help, we all need it. No man is an island and we are all here to help each other move along our path. Often times, other people can resolve what we struggled with for years and years and take a great burden off our shoulders. Being patient with the confusion and with clarity on what relationships are the right ones. Finding the inner strength for new beginnings with the right people. Being patient with those beginnings and with finding the right timing. Following our inner calling.
A balanced and responsible approach to new beginnings. Speaking things through. Sticking to the values we set and promised. Accepting when things aren't yet clear and confusion is still present.

Difficulties and being discovered

    13 September 2019 15:11 UTC: Mercury conjunct Venus in (Virgo)
    13 September 2019 19:42 UTC: Sun in (Virgo) trine Pluto R in^ (Capricorn)

Being discovered for innocently doing one's thing, or being discovered by people who want to benefit only for their own success (and not necessarily for the success of both parties). Temporary relationship difficulties that require strength to resolve. Being oppressed and facing difficult situations in relationships, that are either mutually beneficial or that are one-sided. Recognizing what's worth all the trouble and what isn't. Relationships always bring difficulty sooner or later. What is the right difficulty to face, and what is the wrong burden to carry?

Astrology Report
Henry Thomas Bodset - Jesus before his crucifixion

Full Moon: Directness & Grace with those who oppress us. More Self-realization, overcoming worries and insecurities, finding the strength for a direct assault. Being direct or crude in social interactions and handling other people's ungraciousness gracefully

    14 September 2019 4:33 UTC: FULL MOON in 22.5.3 conjunct Neptune R in 22.1.2^ opposite Mars in 47.1.2 and Sun in 47.5.3 (the Saint), square Jupiter in 5.6.1, South Node in 54.1.2^ conjunct Pluto R in 54.6.6^, Mercury in 46.2.4 // 5/1 Cross of Informing
    (Black Moon Lilith of the previous corresponding new moon: 63.2.6 (Pisces)
    (Black Moon Lilith of THIS full moon: 63.4.5 (Pisces)
    14 September 2019 5:25 UTC: Mars in (Virgo) opposite Neptune R in^ (Pisces)

This is the peak of this moon cycle:
Being direct in communication and not beating around the bush. Farting on social norms when it means that there is a possibility to reach out to someone and to bring change through listening, openness and informing. This can also bring out ungraciousness and being disrespectful. Flunging in like a bull in a china shop and spitting out information. Whether people are considerate or inconsiderate with each other, this full moon brings the energy to handle it well, to not take it personal, to realize the burden they carry and why they behave this way. This full moon brings the energy of handling crude and ungracious situations productively. It also brings the learning theme of not skipping essential steps and going with the first available answer, but to explore all doubts, all questions and all possible answers in detail.

14 September 2019 7:14 UTC: Mercury enters Libra
14 September 2019 13:42 UTC: Venus enters Libra

Nodal Shift: Tension, provocation and fighting for purpose. Resolving misunderstandings and solving problems

    15 September 2019 15:34 UTC: Nodes shift from 54 and 53 into 38 and 39 (Cross of Informing, 47.6v Sun). Fully open Spleen. They will be in these gates for 2 months.
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This starts out somewhat nice and productive through the energy to resolve misunderstandings and to solve problems. Over the course of the coming two months it can accumulate a lot of tension, though. The following months bring provocation, struggle, emotional outbursts, aggression. They bring either futile fights or fighting for purpose and for the right thing. They bring a lot of inner growth and change in perspective through reflecting on where we feel provoked, or they bring plain chaos and drama.

For now, the energies are about resolving present and past misunderstandings that made us feel isolated. They are about constructive or destructive problem solving through informing and speaking about things. This is about finding the strength for intimacy and enduring even difficult crises – or not. This is about the recognition that in order for relationships to be productive instead of burdensome, we need to be with the right people who are strong enough to endure productive conflict and grow together instead of simply escaping the bond. It can bring the recognition of what relationship can survive and can help us survive. It can bring recognition about attachment to the wrong people. That kind of recognition might come through tension.
It's interesting that in this particular transit there is a very clear energetic distinction between the masculine and the feminine archetype:

Masculine archetype: Being burdened and weighed down, but keeping oneself busy and focusing on work or ambitious goals.

Feminine archetype: Being fixed on success and impact, sticking with what can lead to success and acknowledging the people who helped to create it (no man is an island) – or leaving them behind, ignoring the value of their contribution and abandoning what works.

The next week will be about opening up to intimacy (or not), friction, sex and crisis.


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