This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

Hello to everyone. This is an extracurricular newsletter because I think Uranus in gate 24 (“the returning”) from last week's report deserves (or rather needs) some extra attention:

       Uranus transits Gate 24 until April 2022

Working through Irrationality, Substance Abuse and all sorts of Addictions and unhealthy Patterns. Relapses, Sidetracks and arduous Back and Forth of returning Patterns alternate with and lead to Sudden Breakthroughs. Finding Insights, Rationality and inner Renewal, and helping Others to get there

14 May 2020 12:12 UTC: Uranus enters gate 24 – channel of awareness (61.5 Pluto-24-1 Uranus), channel of structuring (43.6▲ Earth-23.6 Sun), channel of awakening (10.2▲ South Node-20.6▽ Mercury) // 6/2 Cross of Dedication

An Image of the Chart for Uranus in gate 24
Uranus entered gate 24

Last week, a few stories on relapses have been carried to me, mostly opiates and misuse of weed.
Uranus is now in the gate of looping back over and over again, for the good or the bad. Gate 24 also is about sudden renewal and shifts out of detrimental patterns and thought forms. It can bring sudden insights. Uranus will wander in and out of gate 24 and then finally leave gate 24 in April 2022.
In addition to Uranus in gate 24, Saturn and Jupiter in gate 60 bring the thematic of limitations and generally of “the old”. Existing and new limitations can be perceived as confining and depressing, but also parts of our past can return, that we experience as limiting and that make us restless. Past experiences and past childhood trauma. We might have thought we are done with it, but now they come back. It might feel heavy, it might feel disorienting, and if we had a say in it, sometimes we might rather be focused on the current moment and on the endeavors and challenges ahead of us. Sometimes we might simply want to forget and sometimes we wish we were further ahead of ourselves already.

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If we have found solid inner stability and if the outside circumstances are stable, none of this might be an issue. But for those of us who are struggling with external or internal difficulties and turbulences and who have a tendency to escape rather than sit with it, the current energy might prove challenging.

The transits can bring a feeling of being stuck with the same old things, with the same old loops and with our minds. Things feel very unstable for many right now. Life can feel purposeless, grey or empty, which can trigger depression or restless escape into unsustainable substitute satisfactions.

Transit-wise, this is a time of restraint and having difficulties with restraint, and this can make it very hard on people who have accomplished sobriety to not fall back into it.

If this doesn't really apply to you, lucky you! It is best if it stays that way and if we do not underestimate the pull of certain substances.

Auguste Levêque - Suzanne
Auguste Levêque - Suzanne

Often, people who struggle with addictions, underestimated the challenge and danger when they were given the substance for the very first time. When the experience or the reference from other people is missing, we can tend to naively think that it doesn't apply to us and that we are somewhat immune. Unless you have tested it out, you don't know the strength of your will power in regard to certain things. And once you have tested it out, it can't be undone, it is too late to go back and oftentimes people might find themselves hooked.
In the worst traumatic time of my life when my incarnation cross was planted through oppression, a then-friend offered me opiates, but I refused because life already was the worst it had been, life seemed pointless and I knew there was an unpredictable risk that if I would take it I could easily get hooked onto an instant gratification kick and escape. I could have gotten hooked onto something that temporarily took away the pain and felt incredibly soothing, but that was even more pointless and destructive, something that created a string of bad consequences and resistance because it wasn't sustainable AT ALL. I was lucky enough to experience a good upbringing and value-conditioning, that made me less vulnerable. I also was lucky enough to have myself thoroughly informed of the consequences long before I met the opportunity. So I was lucky in that, however, for the most part it can be generalized that the strength that it takes to initially say “no” is much easier to come up with, than the strength that it takes to say “no” further down the road.

Education and understanding helps us and others to recognize the consequences and to find the strength to dodge the bullet.

Ahead of us there are going to be many, many months of Uranus in gate 24 bringing temptations and sidetracks. These are months in which new addictions might be sown and people might newly get hooked. As the parent of a teen, as a teacher or as someone responsible for others, now might come a time where they might really profit from having been thoroughly educated in sensitive ways.

If you have recently relapsed, know that relapse and addictive patterns don't determine your worth as a human being. They are programmed into us.

Into certain people they are programmed more than into others, but be sure that those who don't struggle with addictive patterns struggle with something else, regardless of whether we see it or not. Everyone has a package to carry and yours is legit. It is your path in life to work through all of that.

Addiction and irrationality is the shadow energy, the problematic side, but if you experience that shadow side, there is no reason to feel guilty or ashamed for experiencing it, neither is there a reason to feel guilty for relapse. “Problematic” only means, that it isn't productive, or that it can create problems further down the road. It is not personal and being on the “problematic” side of the transits doesn't devalue you as a person. It does NOT mean that you aren't good enough and worthy because you didn't pull through with your resolution and it does NOT mean that you are a failure. Your value as a human being isn't measured by the numbers of times you failed. For most people failure is programmed into their progress, but that does not mean that they themselves are a failure. You are valuable as a human being, before relapse and after relapse.
Don't beat yourself up over it, rather acknowledge that resisting the temptation can be damn hard sometimes, and it didn't work out this time, but tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities. Especially right now, the energy is that of taking a step backwards, that can then lead to two steps forwards, if it is being well used as an educational lesson. People can be returning to the scene of the crime after a pause and some time to think things through, only to realize that this really does not work.

You are not useless and the meaning of an experience is usually not immediately apparent

Sure, in times where you don't “function”, you aren't as useful to the collective, to humanity or to your family, but focusing on that and giving yourself shit for it is not productive. There is more to life than being a functioning human and being of use. Life has its twists and ups and downs. In the life of everyone come difficult times, and it is the nature of being human to be interdependent on each other. We are all here to help each other out, knowingly or unknowingly. Oftentimes, those who have done the most transformative things for humanity, not necessarily on a big scale, but also on a small yet important scope that has direct but deep impact on someone's immediate surroundings; those people often have had life phases of deep destruction and crisis, that did not look very productive and meaningful at all. In order to learn what we want and what works, we often have to experience what does not work. Pain strips away what is false. It opens us up to be impacted and to be reoriented. Ideally we are being aligned to the most authentic path and to the most authentic version of ourselves. Dark times always offer this potential. That is not always a very pleasant process. Inner work can lead to awakening, but it is not pleasant, it is heavy and difficult. But it is so worthwhile when we come out of it at the other end and feel a lot lighter. Often times we do not even know the weight of the things we carry around with us, so we do not know what a difference it makes to lessen that weight. We do not know it until after we have worked through it and until we feel the difference when some of the weight has lifted.
We will also feel the difference in our everyday interactions with others, and, if that is something we strive for, in the positive impact we have on others. But we don't get there by numbing ourselves down when it gets difficult. We only get there through facing our shit and consciously looking at it.

I'm not trying to be the devils advocate, but it also is important for us human beings to experience pain and difficult times, so that we can empathize more with others and so that we can have a deeper understanding of other people's pain, and thus treat each other with more respect.
Often we have to experience destructive and difficult phases in life, so that we can safely guide others through them when they have those, or that we simply can be there and empathize with them when they need it. We cannot navigate what we haven't experienced. Sometimes difficulty happens when people have their life purpose planted around 30 when they go through their Saturn Return. Sometimes difficulty happens when people hit 50 and their Chiron Return after having been through the fire of life's forge, that made them wise enough to give back and make use of all that they learned. Sometimes, there is no obvious application and we might have no idea of the impact we had onto others throughout our life because it was simply a byproduct of our being, unknown to us. Maybe someone bought stocks of something that crashed, but that funding temporarily enabled people to work on an even greater project and solution. Maybe someone felt useless and meaningless his whole life, but when he could give back to someone who had problems, maybe even help someone to overcome his addictions, he felt purposeful and he felt that life can have more meaning. In this example, both profit. One finds meaning, the other one finds a more comfortable state of being. Maybe someone had a really suicidal day, but when passing by a stranger on the street and meeting a heartfelt smile, they decided to give life another chance. These are drastic examples, but also the smaller ones count. We just never know how life sets us up to play essential roles for other people and for the whole construct, because we never get the full picture of the plan. But each of us plays these roles. Even if it isn't obvious to us - no life is wasted and no existence is meaningless.

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The nagging Questions

Why am I here? Why did things happen? What is the meaning to life? Who am I and what is my role in life? Upon being answered, it can relieve the pressure that drives people into addiction and compensation. Some things can't be answered, but many can. The royal road to finding answers is Human Design. Giving people opportunities to find understanding of themselves, their existence and their experience can help them to cope better, to be more stable and to resist temptations. Finding self-validation of one's experience when a total stranger in front of a computer tells one's patterns, that we thought no one should be able to know, can also relieve a lot of the unresolved mental noise and pressure. It can help to calm a tortured mind, that otherwise we might be tempted to shut off with substances. Learning about and understanding the nature of the Solar Plexus (defined as well as open) can help us to accept its nature and to cope better, so that we don't silence emotions with substances. Learning about our general patterns, our potential, our shadows and fears, can help us to resolve the shadows and to come more into a balance in which we aren't so susceptible to quick fixes. The more and deeper we face and work with our fears, the more the urge lessens to escape them and suppress or alter them with substances.
Why do we need instant gratification? Because we are not gratified to begin with.
How can we cope with the urge for instant gratification? By slowly moving away from irrationality and not knowing the limits, to adopting more rational thinking patterns through repeated practice/reminding ourselves with awareness.
What else can help us in the long term, that is not dependent on outside circumstances? Seeking thorough understanding and choosing the path of mastering our mind. Things get easier when we find proper alignment, when we find deeper into our balanced frequency and energetic signature, so that we don't have to compensate or overdo with substances. My own dominant signature by aura type is “anger” to “peace”. There is no backlash to a peaceful frequency from within my being, and it is a frequency that lasts. But there can be a heavy, heavy backlash to substances that I can take to experience temporary peace, or other substances might push me into rage and slowly make a monster out of me if I used them. Gambling with all of that is not worth it.
Substances are no sustainable coping strategy, it makes us switch our tv channel for a for a few moments, but then it automatically switches back, and the program is even more shitty and our initial problem or difficulty is worse.
Be it human design, neuroscience, sustainable emotional awareness and coping strategies or substantiated understanding of a different kind. Everything that you can give others to help them to gain a new perspective, new insight and new way of seeing things can potentially be a game changer for them in these times. Their mind is returning because it is hungry for answers. It knows that pieces of the puzzle are missing, but it doesn't know the pieces and in that it is helpless. It can be game changing when it is being fed with puzzle pieces, with insights, understanding and also with practical applications, that truly can work and improve the situation.
Studying ourselves can relieve us of a lot of the pressure we experience. It can calm us and bring us to greater acceptance, thus less pressure, pain and depression. Giving others the tools to do so can bring them relief.
This is a time that can bring great depression and that can look very dark on the surface, but if we look at the potential that lies within that, then this also is a time, that can help people to find their inner flame and fire. It is a time that can bring great understanding, inner transformation and rebirth to truth.

Sympathy AND healthy Boundaries

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If your child or partner is very depressed and not getting out of bed in the morning for no apparent reason, it simply means that their being and chemistry currently doesn't cope very well with the chemistry that is coming from outside. It doesn't cope very well with the energies of restraint, that impact them from outside and restrain their energy and drive. It is not their fault, it is simply their trajectory to deal with that kind of challenge now. That doesn't mean that we should tolerate everything, especially we should not tolerate to be used or abused if that is a pattern, that someone relapses into. It doesn't mean we should make excuses for everything and slowly fall into patterns of using it as a crutch. Indeed it can be a narrow line between enabling people to stay stuck by supporting their bad habits and on the other side being understanding and supportive by supporting their productive endeavors, a line that is very difficult to balance. So this is easier said than done. What we can do as a first step is to recognize it as challenging for them and have empathy with them. People who feel misunderstood, unrecognized, guilty, ashamed, unaccepted and isolated are much more likely to compensate with addictions for a lack of human warmth.
On the other side, no one is going to change if they don't want to, and if people don't want to be responsible and do unpleasant but necessary things, no one can get them to change, it needs to come from within them.

Also, simplified, there are two kinds of people and then those who bounce back and forth between these two states of being. Some people gratefully accept help and try to make of best of it, despite difficulties, relapses, mistakes being made and everything. Some people are selfishly going to use, exploit and even betray others for sustaining their addictions. Certain drugs can make people selfish and narcissistic. Educating ourselves about the substances, those close to us use, can be vital in understanding what is going on, to make the right choices and find the right behavior. Not every intention might be worth supporting. And not in every situation it might be right for us to support.
In regards to inner transformation, we can try to get to someone's attention that there is more to life, but if they can't find motivation to change within themselves, they won't change their ways and we need to draw good boundaries and not allow them to pull us down with them, especially when they are of the selfish type.

If you are connected to someone with addictions and struggle with understanding, this might be interesting to watch:
How I Became An Addict | Sobriety | How To Help An Addict

Don't go from bad to worse. The best way is to not start to begin with

If your go-to is emotional and binge eating, don't start with alcohol, or stop at the point where it usually still tastes disgusting. Other substances tend to give people less of an opportunity to try and reject it, unless they really do not have an addictive personality, which isn't worth the risk to find out. Some substances don't give people the opportunity for trial and error, the craving is instant, so it is better not to touch them to begin with.
If you have struggled with alcohol addiction problems and in your worst moment someone offers you cocaine, opium, meth, prescription opioids, heroine, spice or legal highs through unpredictable synthetic substances, that can sometimes be very dangerous despite still being legal, then do not give up your autonomy, do not be naive and do not take it. Do not let yourself be peer-pressured or love-pressured into it. Most of the time, the people who speak about their experiences in retrospect, did not take the threat seriously and either were not educated on it, or downplayed the consequences in their mind and thought they could handle. These things really mess with the system, distort everything and withdrawal is hell if you manage to keep alive long enough to experience that. Often times, they were told the drugs they were being offered was something lighter than it was. Generally, I think it is best practice to educate oneself thoroughly before doing something that could potentially be risky. Education can't hurt also for those who don't ever intend to do anything of these kinds of things. It simply can be good to have heard of some of the things going on out there.

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Once you start and addiction mechanisms kick in, you need a whole LOT of discipline and you need will power to control yourself, which most people do not have, and if that even works is up to the stars. There is nothing wrong with not having the discipline, but it poses a need to pay attention, even more so if we know we have difficulties with will power. It is easier to say no in the beginning, than to battle in the mud for a prolonged time, in the worst case for the rest of one's life.
Addiction and returning to patterns that are better left behind is going to be in the transits for a very long time from now. "Only this one time and then no more" might be difficult to carry through once we start with something that we are weak to. Be careful not to be naive and regret it later.
On the other side, this will be a time that can help us to revisit unhealthy patterns and let them go for good.

What's the potential after recovery and is there something else worth living for than the kick?
Whats sobriety like after drug addiction? An ex meth addict shares the changes from quitting drugs:

Sadness in the global Energy Field

Sadness and melancholy will be in the energy field for quite some time. That sadness comes and goes and it can be a muse. Sadness is not to be escaped and there is nothing wrong with feeling sad. There are certain forms of sadness that can feel beautiful and be enjoyable, yet sad. Sadness is no reason to grab the bottle. Being able to enjoy that sadness doesn't mean that we are masochistic or hooked onto feeling shitty. Some people out there sell happiness, deny sadness and act as if there was something wrong with sadness. There is nothing wrong with being sad. There is nothing wrong with being melancholic. You do not have to justify yourself for it. You do not have to “cheer up”. Often there is no reason for sadness, it just is.
Sadness and melancholy can be very beautiful, very sophisticated and very enriching in its own ways, if we can accept these states of being. They can be deeply creative and full of inspiration.


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