This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Herbert James Draper - The Golden Rays
Herbert James Draper - The Golden Rays

The last solar week was about closure, growth and expansion through waiting for and recognizing the right opportunities. It was about recognizing potential and recognizing the right path to take.
This solar week is about mutation, responsibility, awareness and reorientation. It brings temporary confusion in times of sudden big change, while a new order is being found (a new order inside or outside, it can be both). This week can bring the awareness of what we value and the awareness of our own or of other people's responsibilities. It can bring the intelligent recognition of what we need to protect, nurture and care for.

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As explained in the 2020 forecast, the underlying energies of this week are the energies of the rave new year 2020. This is the time where big shifts take place, where new people might enter our lives and where things align for 2020. We are evaluating and adjusting the fantasy that we had. Now we are recognizing what and how it can come into form and how it can't. During this week, many things can shift by us stepping into the New, or at least by recognizing the New but not yet manifesting it. Things might have been stagnant for a while and suddenly they move, or unexpectedly everything shifts and turns out differently than we thought.

Change can be very confusing, especially if it came totally unexpected and now we are drifting in the emptiness that opened up and we don't know what to do and where to go. Sometimes it can feel so disorienting that we question our sanity. Things do get clearer with time, though. What we need is patience. Patience with life, but also patience with ourselves. If you are in that new situation and you don't know what to do, don't freak yourself out and know that there are currently many people in that same boat. This is the transition that many of us are going through.
Your path will unfold in the right timing.

15 April 2020 21:46 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 3 ䷂ (Aries) – channel of mutation (60.6 Saturn-3.1 Sun), channel of preservation (27.5 Uranus-50.1 Earth)

Progress through Service. Being above Rejection and recognizing what can work and what can't. Restraint and Modesty while Waiting for the right Opportunity (or sulking and missing it)

    17 April 2020 18:01 UTC: Saturn in ䷻ (Aquarius) waning quincunx to North Node in ䷎ (Cancer)
    18 April 2020 05:35 UTC: Mercury in ䷔ (Aries) sextile Venus in▲ ䷢ (Gemini)
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Being okay with slow progress and waiting for the right opportunities. Having learned restraint and modesty, or being overwhelmed and depressed. Feeling powerless in the face of rejection, or recognizing that it is simply part of the process. One rejection here might not mean that we will be rejected over there. Also, a no in the moment might not mean, that it is still a no in three days. Right now could not be the right time, people might have other things on their plate to deal with, but later they might be available for an opportunity. It could also be that something we hoped for was only supposed to be a temporary learning opportunity, that prepares us for something else that is to come in the future. We might need to take that lesson and walk the thorough path, that gives us deeper understanding and prepares us for the tasks ahead.
A no might make us feel powerless and defeated in the moment, but turn out to be a good thing when a better opportunity arrives, that makes us feel even more empowered than the old opportunity ever could have. Ideally, we are empowered and independent enough to accept rejection as part of the process and to simply continue to do our thing while we wait for the right timing and opportunity, that can lead to authentic change. Oftentimes, people might be waiting for big changes.
In some cases, we might reject or be rejected for really insensitive behavior. In those cases, the only way to truly fix the situation is to share our feelings openly, to admit our mistakes, to apologize and to give the other person their time to digest. If we are not capable of doing that, relationships can't survive.

On the other side, this is about gathering the determination, wildness and will power to bite rather than timidly bark when people cross our boundaries and are a disturbance. It is about powerfully fending off interference, even if it means to face the resistance from those who we need to fend off and if it means to face their rejection. Someone who is deliberately trying to interfere with us and trying to control us, is a hindrance rather than an enrichment to our life. Thus, their rejection either doesn't weigh anything, or it is freeing when people dispose themselves through rejecting us and do the dirty work of disposal themselves. Emotionally, it might not feel that way, but it certainly is a good mental reminder and approach.

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Service through listening motivelessly and through objective and impartial Judgment - or subjective Bullshit with hidden Motives

    19 April 2020 03:55 UTC: Mercury in ䷔ (Aries) sextile Mars in ䷌ (Aquarius)
    19 April 2020 14:45 UTC: Sun enters Taurus in ䷂

Jupiter in Gate 60 - Success through Preservation and Patience. Accepting temporary Confusion, surrendering to Divine Timing and finding Modesty

    20 April 2020 17:03 UTC: Sun in▲ ䷂ (Taurus) sextile North Node in ䷎ (Cancer)
    20 April 2020 23:16 UTC: Jupiter enters gate 60 – channel of mutation (60.6 Saturn & 60.1 Jupiter-3.6▲ Sun), channel of preservation (27.5 Uranus-50.6 Earth) // 6/2 Cross of Wishes, 17.4 Chiron
    21 April 2020 06:59 UTC: Sun in▲ ䷂ (Taurus) square Saturn in ䷻ (Aquarius)

The transits can bring a tendency to be overly foolish and to be unable to retreat, especially when overstimulated. These can be situations where people put their security at risk, but it can also simply be minor situations like a disagreement where someone refuses to be tolerant, to be less offensive and to tame their mouth.
It is a transit that forces us deeper into surrendering to the flow of life.

Surrender can mean to withdraw when the stacks are against us, instead of pushing through by willpower. It can mean to conserve, protect and defend what we have rather than wasting or risking it. It can mean to recognize when struggle is futile, to pause, reorient and adapt in a situation where the odds are against us. This is a transit about accepting that some things and transitions take time, and sometimes it might take time until a new and authentic path fully unfolds. Until then, we have the best chance for success if we rigidly but innovatively make the best out of very little and don't waste what we will later need.

Next solar week will be about caring, risk taking and purpose.


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