This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

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The last solar week was about answers, revolution and transformation of relationship principles and of cruelty.

This solar week is about commitment and perseverance (or saying no). It brings a new moon of error evaluation, evaluating commitment and learning through and about karma.

Last week, Uranus stationed retrograde and I forgot to post the text on it!
Let's go back a few weeks and then move towards the Uranus retrograde while looking at the headlines of the past weeks. That will paint a possible story leading up to this week's new moon.

Arthur Wardle - the Lure of the North
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The Past Weeks

The week of 24-30 July: [ LINK ]

“24-30 Jul ䷞ The Unexpected brings a Need for social Vigilance. Influence, Collective Leadership, Fantasizing, making the Best of what we have got, social Alertness and Rigor: sticking to the right Things and calmly cutting off what truly does not work”

“Jupiter back in gate 54.6 & Jupiter sextiling Neptune for the 2nd time out of 3: Fantasy & Illusion Mega-Factory, the false Self-Sacrifice and empowering those who engulf us in the Abyss and in Misery – or staying socially selective, alert and quickly but calmly cutting off those who try to sneak in with a shitty Agenda”

This was a point where many people (collectively, not individually) got lured into bad relationships that might have been very emotionally tempting but ultimately extremely unhealthy..
The healthy 54.6 is all about social selectivity and mutually beneficial relationships. In the shadow, into which it was fixed during this time, the 54.6 is about sticking to the wrong people and thinking one can teach them what they are lacking.

4 August 2020: [ LINK ]

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“Hitting the dead end and either chewing through to the other side with discipline, or not being able to deal with it and impulsively escaping into excess and new excitements
I find this to be quite a complex transit that can work out in many ways, one of the more painful ways involving a challenged narcissist seeing no way forward, trashing the relationship with the person who challenges them to grow and to become more considerate, or simply being hungry for new supply.“

5-11 August 2020: [ LINK ]

“5-11 Aug ䷆ Quarter of Duality. Collective Leadership. A Shift of the Lunar Nodes brings deep Impact and social Change. Moving towards better Balance in Relationships through listening, yet strongly rejecting what doesn’t work and what weakens Balance. This equally applies to rejecting bad public Leadership, as well as Power Imbalance and Domination Attempts within private Relationships”

“The NODES SHIFT FROM 10/15 to 11/12. Global Stage for the next 2 Months: Naive Gullibility meets despotic Darkness, resulting in lost Hope, social Withdrawal, Paranoia and Standstill; – OR Idealism, Peace and Hope nurture deep social Change through listening, being open to learn, and transforming inferior Values and Standards into something higher. Guiding and impacting with Authority and yet refusing to be Fodder to darwinian Speculators. Rejecting imbalanced and despotic Tyrants who think only they know best with an enlightened Iron hand in order to maintain Balance and Peace
The nodes will be in these gates for 2 months only, but in those 2 months, they bring huge social changes. They bring up paradoxes and friction in regards to existing standards, as well as changes in values and changes in how we treat each other.”

11-16 August 2020: [ LINK ]

“11-16 Aug ䷃ Relationship Transformation, Finding Answers and Formulas

Arguments about Knowing, Opinions and Answers. Arrogantly insisting that only oneself knows best and trashing relationships - or learning from Mistakes and not giving up Relationships impulsively.
Administrating and sharing power and responsibility fairly and seeing the rewards and payoffs of that (or being power-hungry and focused only on one's own advantage, constantly lashing into other people's business and getting a karmic backlash)
Again, forgiveness versus taking advantage. Understanding others, and thus being able to adapt to them and make our mutual search for truth really productive. Ultimately succeeding through the understanding of others that could have been gained through exchange and collaboration with others.”

Uranus retrograde: Seeking truth and inner renewal in aloneness

    15 August 2020 14:26 UTC: Uranus stations retrograde in ䷗ (Taurus)
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Uranus retrograde brings a fixation on finding insight and inner renewal, and it can bring really unexpected insight and renewal. On the other hand, it can also lead people into fantasy-land and into losing touch with reality, fitting to the Jupiter-Neptune sextile 3 weeks ago: “Fantasy & Illusion Mega-Factory, the false Self-Sacrifice and empowering those who engulf us in the Abyss and in Misery”

The “Forgiveness versus taking advantage” of last week in respect to the Uranus retrograde can mean to find inner renewal and the understanding that we might have been taken advantage of, and that not everyone has good intentions. Even in love, when emotions are high. This can be very painful to realize, but it is necessary to not lose oneself and be used as cannon fodder by others. The last weeks have been weeks of initiation for some, and they might have brought shocks, challenges or experiences that are extreme, often with people who are very far off their center. Initiation serves the purpose of opening our eyes to a higher reality and to make us ask questions and seek answers about ourselves and about the world. Initiation can set us on our path and can bring us closer to who we truly are. Sometimes these initiation experiences can be extreme, otherwise we would not pay attention. The magic of such an experience might not be meant to last, and if it would last it might be so distorting that we can't deal with the pain or further shocks that come with it, or that we simply might be so lost in energy that isn't ours, that we lose ourselves, our identity and our life path.

This does not apply to the majority of people, and it is not supposed to make you paranoid if you are in a loving and respectful relationship. But for some, this will bring a potential for initiation into the hidden mechanics of life, or it will just bring them more clarity in regards to what they value and how much they can care. There can be hopes, but not expectations on the outcome.

Uranus is about maximizing the potential of form (being incarnated into a body) through working with limitations, which is not possible within one-sided relationships.

This week is about saying yes and careful evaluation. Be careful what you commit to and say yes to (gate 29). Only authentic commitment will help you to live your full potential and to experience what you really need to experience on your life path. → [Find out your aura type and inner authority here]

Jupiter has been transiting gate 54.4 for a couple of days and brings lessons of transformation through karmic backlash or reward. One psychic called 2020 the year of the “karmic washing machine” - this is it, that is where we are now. It is the karmic washing machine, but also the purest fuel for transformation and evolving beyond.

In January 2021, Uranus will station direct in gate conjunct Mars in (fixed into detriment), square Jupiter in 41.5 conjunct Saturn in 41.2^ and Mercury conjunct Moon in 19.2v.
Ideally, that brings us the recognition that there are limits to caring and that we can't let ourselves be exploited and sapped empty by those who abuse our good intent (including energetic vampirism). We can only give what we have, but at the same time, bad experiences and the fear of being exploited should not make us ignore those situations where it truly, truly makes a difference to care.

Paul Jean Gervais - La Folie de Titania

16 August 2020 22:39 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 29 ䷜ (Leo) - channel of awareness (61.3 Pluto-24.4 Uranus), channel of openness (22.4▲ Neptune-12.6 North Node)

Peaceful Leadership, Organization and Research. Peaceful but disciplined Communication of Frameworks and Mediation between Parties

    16 August 2020 23:58 UTC: Venus in▲ ䷳ (Cancer) square Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)
    17 August 2020 05:28 UTC: Mercury in▲ ䷃ (Leo) trine Mars in ䷩ (Aries)

Problematic: Immature communication that is focused too much on maintaining an artificial harmony, rather than getting to the root of a problem and mediating directly but with kindness. Especially when a party is irresponsible or gets lost in excess and doesn't do their fair share, it might not be productive to re-enforce such behavior through avoiding confrontation and being overly focused on harmony.

Productive: disciplined work and temporary expansion of purposeful activity if needed. Having the restraint, maturity, and logical understanding to recognize the root of a problem and to mediate between the parties of conflict. Remember that we are now in the yearly quarter of duality, which is about relationships and about balance or imbalance. Mediating between two people, a family or even business partners can restore a healthy balance. If it can't restore the balance, then at least it can make people realize how they are beating a dead horse, which can be equally of value. It might help people to understand that they either need to find a different organizational structure (for example a different living situation or child custody situation), or that the relationship might not be able to work for either of them. It takes the willingness of everyone involved to make something work, and if one denies all responsibility or even exploits the other person and selfishly leads them into ruin while rationalizing such action in front of themself, then it can never be a balanced relationship and the person who is willing to make the effort might be well-advised to do damage control and remove themself from the situation and relationship.
Understanding the other person better, and either being able to work things out or coming to the conclusion that it is futile and that this simply won't work for us, or doesn't meet our standards. Currently (and for a long period before), the spleen center has been fully open and undefined in the transits. What is unhealthy to hold on to and what do we only hold on to because it temporarily makes us feel good although it is unhealthy?
It is a time to peacefully re-evaluate our standards through logical understanding and healing them where necessary.

To persevere or not to persevere (Correction)

    17 August 2020 15:07 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in ䷜ (Leo)

Problematic: not being able to leave fight-or-flight mode and continuing to struggle with each other even after a conflict has been mediated or even solved. Having difficulties in accepting critique and things that might have been said, taking it overly personally and not being able to let go of what has been said and of the struggle. Being overly cautious in committing to persevere. (Note that if one party does not commit, the other party can commit and live the productive side as much as they want, there is no relationship without mutual commitment, and without mutual commitment there can't be true balance, which might rightfully so result in correction through withdrawal of one's commitment)

Productive: Persevering and being able to fight when it is necessary and purposeful, but also being able to return to normal after a conflict has been solved, and maybe even recognizing the good intentions and the nurturing influence of the other person (or of the mediator). Correcting the situation, one's commitment, and one's (non-)perseverance, potentially through recognizing where one didn't give one's best while the other person did.
Or: seeking clarity and investigating what is truly authentic to commit to and what isn't. Being able to accept rejection and other people's conclusions that a relationship doesn't work. Or being able to accept rejection (and other people's judgment) within a functioning relationship as a part of the process and taking alone time to ponder, which empowers strong inner renewal and transformation of shadow patterns (that which might have been rejected). Rejection of one's shadows and unhealthy patterns is not the same as rejection of one's whole being and person. We all have work to do.

Only proper Evaluation in Aloneness enables us to draw the appropriate Conclusions and to confront the Obstacle in a suitable Manner, often very directly

    18 August 2020 09:16 UTC: Mercury in ䷜ (Leo) waning quincunx to Saturn in ䷻ (Capricorn)
    18 August 2020 19:01 UTC: Mercury in ䷜ (Leo) sextile North Node in ䷋ (Gemini)
    18 August 2020 19:27 UTC: Venus in ䷦ (Cancer) sextile Uranus in ䷗ (Taurus)

Problematic: being so restless that one is not able to wait things out and to calmly evaluate the situation, or that one is not able to temporarily let go of people and let them have their alone time. Either headless action that is crude and disrespectful, or skipping evaluation and withdrawing altogether, which leads to absolute standstill and cementing a situation that might be unacceptable.

Productive: Evaluation of limitations, evaluating one's past or future commitment and being able to accept the temporary standstill and inaction during evaluation.

Henry-Jules-Jean Geoffroy - le petit Pâtissier

New Moon of Error Evaluation and Caution in making further Commitments. Accepting one's Karma despite possibly yearning or raging against the Fates. Turning Mistakes into Advantages or hampering one's own Growth through excessive Brooding over Mistakes. Understanding the Laws of Karma and learning to work with them instead of against them (or not taking the Opportunity to learn)

    19 August 2020 02:41 UTC: NEW MOON in ䷜ (Leo) conjunct Mercury in trine South Node in waning quincunx to Saturn in
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous Full Moon in 42.1.3 (Aries)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in 42.3.2▲ (Aries) conjunct Mars in
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in 42.5.1 (Aries)
    19 August 2020 03:48 UTC: Sun in ䷜ (Leo) waning quincunx to Saturn in ䷻ (Capricorn)
    19 August 2020 21:07 UTC: Sun in ䷜ (Leo) sextile North Node in ䷋ (Gemini)
    20 August 2020 01:29 UTC: Mercury enters Virgo in ䷜
    22 August 2020 15:44 UTC: Sun enters Virgo in ䷜

Crudeness and offensiveness might keep stagnant social situations stuck, while simple but kind directness and straightforward perseverance might lead to a new social form.

This can be a time of relationship endings, and whether it is or whether we work things out together, there are signs everywhere in the transits that point towards learning the karmic lesson, using it to transform, and turning mistakes into advantages.

Black Moon Lilith conjunct Mars are the two places that can indicate deep shadows that take a long time and a lot of awareness to mature. Lilith is the potentially very unhealthy and denied feminine energy, and Mars is the potentially very unhealthy and immature male energy. Shadow meets shadow. This can be a challenging time for many, but it can also be extremely transformative and bring deep understanding and growth.

Next solar week will be about breaking through to the other and seeking union.


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